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Hang Me Up

bondage submission

My tiny frame makes me perfect for submissive phone sex! You can pick me up and throw me in whatever position that you want me to. Most guys hang nigger sluts like me and suspend them with ropes. White men love watching their slut monkey swinging as they force fuck her mouth and throat. I want to feel the tension of the ropes burning my skin as you abuse my pink fuck holes. The momentum from being hanged makes it easier to plow the shit out of each hole as I scream. It hurts so good when you rip open my backend department with your huge cock. I know I probably don’t deserve it but I want to praise your steel pipe! Please skull fuck me until my tits are covered in puke and spit! I promise I’ll clean up my disgusting mess right out of my doggy bowl. I just want to worship your superior white cock. I know my place as make a black slut, master. I’ll do anything to be used by you.

Shit Eating Monkey

scat phone sex

I thought he just wanted me to suck his cock but he had every intention of making me a shit eating monkey whore. When Austin came to my house his deep raspy voice made my cunt quiver. I knew instantly to drop to my knees and submit to my superior white daddy. I made sure to not make eye contact as I pulled out his big cock and started jerking him off with both hands. It was so big and thick I could barely get my fingers around it. As I stroked his thick manhood pre-cum dripped all over my face making me beg and yearn for just a taste of the tip of his cock. He only let me get a few sucks before he slapped me across the face and said, “that’s enough nigger!”. He tossed me over the edge of the sofa making it’s so that my ass was pointing straight up in the air. I felt three fingers plunge into the tightness of my asshole. I moaned with pleasure because my black ass loves to be stretched anally. What I wasn’t prepared for was for him to insert a spacer into my ass until my shit box was essentially a big gaping hole. He kept opening up my ass wider and wider until he saw shit. He took my feces and smeared it all over my fucking monkey face! He told me I better eat my stinky brown mess while he fucked my open stinker. I felt like he was scrambling my guts! Haha. He was so deep inside me that When he busted his nut it felt like I just had a four course meal. My tummy was full as fuck after being Austin’s dung gobbling ass whore.

Remember My Place

submissive whore

Daddy JH takes such good care of me. When he comes to me he immediately makes his black slut get completely fucking naked. He loves to watch me and his beautiful ebony wife be his two nigger whores as we suck on his thick white cock as we moan. His wife is a well trained slut that I aspire to be like but JH says that I have a long way to go. Mainly because I keep forgetting my place. When I forget to stay in a porch monkey‘s place, Daddy JH punishes me with black dick. He knows how much I hate jigger dick! The other day he let his two sweaty black gardeners shove their gorilla meat in my ass! He knew a slut like me would enjoy my hot pink pussy getting plowed so the punishment was rather fitting. While one BBC was in my ass scrambling my innards, the other was getting rammed down my throat making me gag. Spit and drool coated my face and tits as the lawn workers took turns choking me with their hard rods. By the time they were done with me, I was leaking out of both ends with monkey come. Daddy had to hose me down twice just to get the stench of ape seed out of my twat. The lesson that I learned that day was to stay in a niggers place and remember that a jungle bunny is only meant to worship a superior white cock. Backtalk is never acceptable!

Public rape fantasy

extreme fetish phone sexI was minding my own business when you snatched me up in the parking garage. Nobody was around to hear my muffled screams as you shoved your fingers in my mouth and began to rip my tits out of my bra. You eagerly squeeze my nipples as you drag me to your car. You whisper in my ear that you need a little nigger slut like me to rape in publicly humiliate! My pussy was getting so wet that it was basically dripping down my inner thighs as you force fucked me in the back of your shitty van. I could smell cigarettes and a little bit of liquor on your breath so I knew that this drunken stupor was going to cause you to fuck the shit out of this dark pink pussy. I knew you probably wanted to feel like you were a big man raping a little woman so I pretended to cry and struggle even though all I wanted to do was open my legs further and let you fall into the center of my slutty hole. When you shot your load inside of me you dragged me by the hair and tossed me on the ground like a cum filled rag doll. Then, you climbed in your van and drove away. I still can’t believe how well I was able to hide my massive fucking orgasm while you assaulted me.

Red Head Mini Slut

bondage and submission


I found some young fresh fuck meat for you to abuse! She’s barely legal enough to do anything without the chaperone but I couldn’t resist! She’s a hot little redhead that made my black snatch sopping wet as I imagine her in bondage and submission, I needed to know if the curtains matched the drapes, so I abducted her for you master. I know how much you love a good young snatch so this one will be perfect for you to sink your cock into. When I ripped her little pink panties off to my surprise, she didn’t have any hair on her cunny! Damn. She must be younger than I expected. Nonetheless, her hot little mouth still should be getting filled. Tie this choker around her little neck as I guide that beer can cock right into her highest fuck hole. I pull on the leash and watch drool trickle down your shaft and balls. Fuck that’s hot! Even her mouth is tight, and you can feel the inside of her cheeks massaging the sides of your dick. Her little tits are perfect for pinching so I grab some clamps and attach them to her puffy little mosquito bites. You’re throat fucking her so good her spit is trickling down her chest down to her twat. I use your spit to massage that clit. Her pussy is so wet that by the time you slide the tip in it starts creaming in her sweet honey pie. I’m going to snack on this cream pie while you rest. Just sit back and relax while I clean up your erotic mess.

I Need More Than Light Bondage!


light bondage

Light bondage is for white bitches! a chocolate slave like me can handle extreme BDSM and sex that’s so rough its assault. I’m used to being treated like dark fuck meat with holes made for a superior white cock. You always bind me by my tits and twat until they’re bulging through the ropes. I want to be your nigger cum dumpster so bad that I actually enjoy when you demand that I worship your lily-white dick. If my praise doesn’t seem sincere, you punish me however you see fit. You know how much I hate nigger dick so if/when your pretty porch monkey gets out of line you let 6 big black apes fuck me pink hole. I only want your cock in my filthy nigger pussy, master. “Please don’t let those silver backs touch me and force fuck my ass” I beg as they come closer with their swinging cocks. You still let them obliterate my fuck holes with their big ass nigger dicks because that’s what darkie sluts like me are good for. It is my job to figure out what makes master happy so I hope after I get all this nigger juice out my twat I can please you again.

Slave Training

Slave Training

I brought you a teen slut like you asked, Master. I caught my niece watching interracial porn while she rubbed her little clit so I decided to show her howe nigger sluts get treated by superiors. I was thinking that we can tie her by her ankles and wrist and continue to edge her twat. Most little jungle bunnies are ravenous sex animals so depriving her of her orgasm will be torture. Cover her head with a latex mask as you continue to play with her cunt and bringing her to the edge. I’ll bring you a whip and flogger to slap her inner thighs with. I want her skin to be welted, bruised, and torn like she is a runaway slave! You’re the best master to start her slave training, sir. I don’t want her black snatch to go to waste on a bunch of ape dicks that don’t know how to keep a bitch in place! Are you proud of me, Master?

Bondage Nigger Whore

Bondage whore

Tie up my big nigger tits and wrap a noose around my neck. I want you to hoist my black ass up and have my glistening pussy swinging from the sky beams like a chandelier. First, make your tree monkey lick your superior white ass crack. Force me to tongue fuck your shit hole while you spank my cunt and finger fuck it. Im always begging for master to use me as his cock worshiping slut. Most black cunts are only useful for draining nuts and filling their cunts with cum! I am more than happy to be a a white mans cum slut nigger whore. I’m willing to do all the shit white bitches refuse to do and then some. If Danielle won’t do it, you best believe Donatella will!

Master’s Gang Rape Fantasy


gangbang phone sex

Someone broke into my house last night and force fucked  my pussy right in front of my master! I was laying at his feet when we heard a loud boom at the door. Master immediately ran and left me there alone! The intruders immediately snatched me up and started slapping my tits and cunt. I started screaming and begging for the 3 intruders to not to take my slut holes me but my all the noise I was making really starting to piss them off so they shove their cocks down my throat. I had three dicks in my mouth, and I could not fucking breathe! Even though I should have been scared my fucking cut was soaking and one of the intruders noticed my slit dripping down my legs. They had me pinned down with their faces covered so it all felt like a gangbang phone sex fantasy! How could my slutty cunt not be soaking wet?  “We’re about to assault her cunt, boss” he says as he pulls his cock out of my mouth. Who the fuck is boss? When I look up, I see Master standing there stroking his dick as the intruder pounds my black snatch. He set me up! I soon came to realize that Master wanted to watch his nigger slut get violated! I kept my eyes on my master as the gang rape fantasy continued. When they shot their loads all over my tits and face they simply left. Master patted my head and told me i was a good subbie whore. I was so happy master was proud of me!

Prostate Milking Slave Whore

prostate milking

Did yu know nigger whores are amazing at milking the prostate. Even when Master uses me as his bondage slut and has both my hands and legs bound behind my back I can make him cum almost instantly! All I have to do is wait for master to spread his ass cheeks in my face so I can sick my long wet tongue in his asshole. As my nigger lips press up against his rim I flick the tip so that he can feel me massaging his spot. I love the way master’s ass taste! When he is about to come he makes me tongue fuck his shithole faster and faster until he turns around and shoots his fucking wad all over my face! I love when master uses me as his slutty black cumrag!