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Submissive Slave and Kind Master

Master please, can I cum? I beg him as he removes the vibrator from my dripping slit. Did you superiors miss me? Ive been busy getting my black ass plowed and played with by my new master. He is on the softer side and only gives me light bare bottom spankings on my sexy round ass and edges me until I am about to cry. I try to make him abuse me more like the rest of my masters, but he would rather torture me with orgasms. He really likes to suck on my pretty chocolate snatch while I drip down his chin like a ripe mango. Master says he loves the way my nigger juices taste and that I’m his forbidden fruit. He says these things, but I know he secretly hates the fact that he loves to make his superior white tongue disappear in my slutty black holes. His favorite is to stick his fingers in my snatch while he tongue fucks my asshole! The only thing is master requires lots of control and only lets me cum when he says so. If I begin to soak too much, Master will bring me to the edge of my climax and then stop. I have to beg for more. I love begging master to make my nigger pussy cum!

Shit Eating Slave

Scat Phone sexI gagged and choked as he made me eat his shit and while I licked his ass clean. My most recent master knows exactly how to use his monkey! When we are together it is exhilarating because all the things that I know that I deserve he does to me. Yesterday I told him that my daughter and I needed a master that will take care of us during these hard times. I knew it wouldn’t be free so I let him break me. He stripped me of all my clothes at his front door and made me drop to my knees like the black bitch that I am. As I crawled on my hands and knees I got big whiffs of his stinky hairy ass. He made me his slutty toilet paper and required that I lick his ass crack until it was nice and clean. As I gagged, he yelled, “eat my shit nigger!” while my face was buried between his cheeks. After making me chew and swallow his nasty log of shit he let me wash it down with two mouth fulls of piss! By the time he got to using my black snatch it was dripping puddles! Master’s heavy white cock filled my shit hole and nigger cunt so well that I licked my mixed juices from his meat until he exploded down my throat. There are so many other fucked up and twisted things we did together that made my cunt cream, but I don’t want to tell too much! I don’t want these other nigger whores to try and take my master!

I Hate Nigger Dick

Torture Phone Sex“Please don’t let that ape fuck me master!” I begged as his fat nigger lips licked all over my cunt. I hate being hit on by black guys because they seem to be the lowest of the low. This sexy chocolate body, perfect juicy tits, and chocolate strawberry pussy should only be enjoyed by white cock. At least, that’s how I prefer it! Master knows this and uses big black cock to punish me when I do not make him happy. Yesterday, while Master was hosing me down my pussy began to leak without his permission. Before I knew it my legs were shaking and I was oozing from my honey pot down my fucking legs. Master’s look of disgust made me so ashamed of the mess I made. As a punishment for being such a disobedient slave, Master found a big black animal to ravage me. My eyes instantly began to swell with tears when master instructed me to take my clothes of and let this coon fuck me. It made me sick how much he filled me up and stretched my pussy. I cried thinking of how master’s pussy was being stretched out and deformed by a huge black rod. Every time that nigger stud slammed into me master would slap my face and make me say I liked it . It was so hard to convince myself I liked being fucked by this huge cock when I didn’t. I displeased master so much that he let a darkie cum inside of my black snatch. I began to sob as this black motherfucker dumped his enormous load into me.  I swear I will never cum without my master’s permission again. I never want black hands touching master’s property again! 

Dirty Black Whore

Erotic BDSM stories

I can’t even stomach the thought of having anything other than a fat white cock shoved deep in my midnight magic cunt! This snatch only gets wet for the superior white cock that is willing to make me submit on my hands and knees. I want you to tie me up with my legs spread apart and while I am in this degrading position you can slap my tits and pussy and make me call myself a worthless coon bitch. Nothing is too violent or abusive for this me because I know I am inferior to my master! I will let you act out your rape fantasy porn with all my holes without even preparing them to be fucked. I will cry so hard from being ripped open by your fat white cock. My tears will make you so angry it will force you to degrade me by filling me with your white come. I hate the way I feel after you use me but I don’t deserve anything more than to be your cum dumpster so I will beg you to hose me down to feel clean. Use the hose to pray my cunt so I no longer smell like a porch monkey nigger! Once the stench is off of me I hope that I am clean enough to use and degrade me again.

Popular Slave

Extreme fetish phone sex

Im quite the popular nigger whore as of lately. I have so many superior white freaks that want to come and act out their violent race play fantasies with me. They want to violate all my nigger holes while I beg for their mercy. This is my specialty because I am the type of coon that wants my master to fuck me until my asshole is raw and my pussy is completely stretched out. I know you will not care if I beg and cry, Master. I will love how you use and abuse your nigger slut for your personal enjoyment. Master’s love it when a bitch like me does not have a say in which hole is getting used. Even though I do not deserve to choose I do have a favorite master that loves to hang me upside down while he is skull fucks his darky slave. Even when I pass out, I hope he does not stop ramming his cock into the back of my throat. When I wake up, I am choking and gagging on spit and dick! I am the perfect whore to select if you need a black bitch to submit and worship you like no other bitch can!!  

Brownie Bitch Knows Her Place

Cock WorshipingI’m a darkie slave whore that is obsessed with being screwed and bred by superior white cock. My nigger pussy is dying to be stretched out and filled with a hot white load. I only want half breeds mulattos because I refuse to let full-blown blackies come out of this snatch!! I love being owned and told that I am worth nothing more that my wet wet mouth and hot cunt. I have accepted my reality and I love it here! I’m a dumb little monkey that needs a master to take care of me. Because I’m not smart enough to acquire things alone I would use my perky tits and gushy honey pot to earn the things I need from my master. Being dominated makes my filthy black pussy soak. The only time I should be allowed to speak or open my mouth is to please and worship my master’s cock. I’m a good little coon whore that loves to be punished for being so inferior. My master can plow this gooey twat until I cry and fuck my pretty mouth until I choke with tears in my eyes. My life is better than most niggers because I live in my lowly truth! The only time I am of use is for a throbbing white cock and I am not ashamed to admit it!

Submissive Whore Accidental Gang Bang

submissive whoreI sighed a massive breath of relief as he pulled his throbbing dick out of my asshole, expecting to take a break. I’d been getting a fucking train run on my tight, sexy body for hours. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a giant whore and I can’t help but make lots of “netflix and chill” dates. By that, I mean invite a guy over who has a fat fucking cock and make sure i get filled with as much of his cum as I possibly can. I have a breeder kink, what can I say? But I got too drunk this time and made a mistake! I texted six guys, and ended up with the fucking gang bang whore scene of my life! There were constantly hands on my body, cocks rubbing over my skin, shoved into my mouth to make me choke. I’d swallowed at least four cum loads already, but that’s not where I wanted it. I wanted them to cum so deep up inside my pussy while they had their hands wrapped around my throat. I wanted to be bred, and this little alcohol-induced breeding gang bang was exactly what I needed to get in the mood. Another cock replaced the one from my ass, and the squelch of the cum leaking out made the man in my mouth bust his nut again.

A Whore’s Punishment

Erotic Submissive Stories

I’ve been a very bad girl! Master caught me playing with my cunt without his permission, so he locked me in the torture room. I couldn’t help myself, though; the only thing he allows me to watch is porn. A scene came on where a slut was getting brutally gangbanged and I couldn’t help but finger my wet pussy. Now, I’m getting punished for my misbehaving actions. He chained my arms above my head and chained my thighs up to where I was vulnerably hanging from the wall. He placed a ball gag in my mouth and clamps on my nipples and left me there for a moment. I knew he’d be coming in soon to give me further punishment.
He returned with a fuck machine and rolled it right up to me. I moaned as he placed it inside of me. He kissed my cheek as he pulled on my nipple clamps a little bit, making my moan louder. He walked over and sat on the chair in front of me while saying that the only time I can cum is when he allows me to. He sat down and turned the machine on. I moaned as this huge dildo stroke my tight pussy. He told me not to move and any time that I did, he turned up the speed. I moaned and pleaded, but the ball gag silenced me and my movements just made him drill me harder with no mercy. By the end, I was trembling and my eyes were stuck in the back of my head. I had squirted and came all over this thing! He came over and removed the nipple clamps and patted me on my head like a good little bitch. Then, he just left me there to hang, pussy sore and dripping. He definitely taught me a lesson!

Submissive Whore Training with Donatella

Erotic Submissive Stories

I’ll do anything to please my Master’s cock, and he knows it too! He gets so much pleasure out of making me do new things that he’s never done with any of his whores. The other night, he said that I had been being a naughty little brat and spent the whole day training me on the perfect way to suck on his fat dick. He pulled back my hair and held my head as he used his hips to pump his monster cock deep into my tight throat. He fucked my mouth until he was ready to fuck my tight little pussy. I stayed on my knees as he placed a gag inside of my mouth, he said there was no more use for my mouth. He then bent me over and proceeded to use my other holes however he deemed fit. He pounded my pussy and my asshole so hard, I thought that my eyes would permanently be stuck in the back of my head. My screams were muffled by the gag in my mouth, but he knew that I felt pleasure nonetheless.

Maybe he felt like I was enjoying it too much because he decided that I needed to be punished. He placed me on all fours in a small doggie cage, stuck his cock through the bars, and proceeded to fuck me like the little bitch I am. He was using my slutty little body like the dirty fuck doll I am.

Cock Worshiping Donatella

cock worshipingDaddy always fucks me like I desire to be fucked. As soon as he walks into the room, I drop to my knees and keep my head down, waiting for his acknowledgement. “You want me to treat you like the whore your are?” “Yes Daddy!” Just mouthing the words makes my pussy wet, this is what I’ve been waiting for. He ties my hands behind my back and my feet together before allowing me to worship his huge cock. I spit and suck all over his cock before he grabs me by the back of the head and forces it deeper into my throat. As I gag on his huge cock, he slaps me and calls me a good fucking whore. That’s what I love hearing; that’s all I want is to be your good little whore. When master is satisfied, he lifts me off the floor and bends me over. “Yes Daddy, please fuck me”, I beg, anticipating the feeling of his huge dick entering my pussy. He has a different idea, however. Instead, he begins whipping my back and ass as I continue to beg for his cock. He knows exactly how to treat me.