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Spanking phone sex


Master tied me up and blind folded me in my panties and nothing else. I didn’t know if I was being punished or rewarded, but my pussy was wet and tingling in anticipation. He slid down my panties and exposed my bare bottom. I felt the soft leather of his gloved hand caressing my ass and I began to tense up in anticipation of a smack. He shushed me and whispered into my ear that it was okay. I relaxed and that’s when he smacked my bare ass HARD. I tried to cry out in pain, but he had gagged me. All I could do was whimper. One by one he gave my ass several hard firm smacks until it was red and covered in his handprints. My pussy was so wet it was leaking down my leg. He hoisted me up put my legs around his waist while my arms were still suspended from the ceiling. He stuck his cock in my dripping pussy and fucked me hard while I dangled in the air. He filled me with his cum and then left me to dangle for a while longer.

Pussy Torture

Submissive Whore

My Master can be so cruel in his punishments sometimes. I feel like I’m walking a tightrope, and if I fall and displease him, he’ll hurt me. My only desire in this world is to please him though. I made him so mad because I didn’t do a good enough job in my chores and then he tried to punish me with a spanking, but he could tell I was enjoying the spanking too much. My pussy was all wet and positively dripping with each smack on the bottom that he gave me. So he came up with a really devious way to punish me, one he knew I wouldn’t enjoy. He made me spread my legs and expose my bare pussy to him while he slowly added painful clothes pins to the lips of my poor pussy. One after the other he clamped them onto my pussy lips while I wiggled and squirmed in pain. He had my legs and hands bound with rope so I couldn’t fight back. He put the last clip right onto my sensitive little clit. I was in agony. Then he bent me over and pelted my bare bottom with a belt. Normally a spanking is something I would enjoy, but the cruel and painful clips attached my pussy had me in agony. After 20 licks he was satisfied and allowed me out of my ropes and removed the clips. My poor pussy is still so sore though and my bottom is covered in whip marks.


Slave training


My Master loves to see me used and fucked by other people, but only when he says so. When he’s away, I’m not allowed to fuck anyone or even play with my pussy. He pierced my pussy with a special piercing that keeps my pussy lips closed shut and my clit completely covered so that I can’t have sex or masturbate. Being a devious man like my Master though, he also takes and loops a strand of pearls through my pussy lips before securing the piercing. As I walk or move, the pearls slide around inside my labia and rub on my clit and sends me into ecstasy. Even just walking around the house doing my chores has my pussy dripping wet from the pearls. I know this is his way of torturing me and also testing me to see if I am a loyal pet to him. As soon as he’s back home I practically beg him to take off my chastity device and fuck me!

Submissive Toy

Submissive phone sex

Nothing makes me wetter than when my Master dominates me. Something about being tied up and fuck or given bare bottom spankings from him just drives me wild. He has total control over me. I submit to his every whim. Last night he had a few of his friends over and they had been drinking. I was in the closet tied up and gagged waiting to be used when he stumbled in drunk and dragged me out. I had made him angry earlier and the closet was my punishment. He bent me over a table so that everyone could use me however they wanted. His friends took turns fucking my holes and spanking my ass. When they were done, they would cum in me and pull out and leave me laying there like a used toy. It was humiliating and degrading, but I secretly loved it. I love being their little fuck toy that they can do whatever they want to with!

Public Humiliation

Submissive slut

Master bought me a new butt plug recently. It was much larger than any of the others I’ve ever had. It’s so uncomfortable and painful when he slips it inside of my tight ass. I can barely walk and can’t sit down at all while it’s inside of me. He told me that this is all part of my slave training and that if I’m a good girl, I’ll wear it without any fuss. Pleasing him is all I want, so I agreed. It took a little bit of work and a lot of lube, but he got the huge plug inserted securely into my asshole. Then he told me he was going to take me out to the mall and do a little shopping and get lunch. I couldn’t imagine walking around in public with this monster in my bottom! We browsed the stores and did a little shopping while I wore the huge plug. My ass was on fire from the discomfort, but my pussy was also tingling and wet. The plug hurt and felt good at the same time. I was wearing a short little sundress and no panties underneath. If I bent over or the wind blew, anyone would be able to see the base of the plug poking out of my bottom. Master told me he had a little chore for me to do. There was a group of men standing by the fountain in the mall talking and people watching. He told me he wanted me to walk in front of them, turn around, drop something on the ground, and then pick it up so the men could see my plug. I agreed to do it even though I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I did just as he asked and when I bent over the men began to whistle and cat call me. My cheeks were flushed and burning with embarrassment. Master was very pleased though and took me home and gave me a special treat. He put me in a new pair of leg chains and manacles and gave me a nice hard fucking. I squirted and came over and over while he praised me for being such a good little submissive slut.

Tied up and spanked

Spanking phone sex


There’s no sexier punishment than a good spanking. My Master gives me a good bare bottom spanking daily. He likes to tie me up and ball gag me before setting my ass on fire with his spanking. When he’s done, my poor bottom is completely covered in angry red handprints and welts. Sometimes if I’m really bad, he uses his paddle on me. It’s made of smooth polished wood, and on one side it has multiple rows of pointed metal studs. He has to gag me when he uses his paddle on me because he doesn’t want the neighbors to hear my screams. After I’ve been tied up and spanked, I’m ready for a good fucking. My pussy is always so wet after being spanked that he can just slide right inside of me. He fucks me while I’m still bound in ropes and covered in marks from the spanking. Sometimes I’m so sore afterwards, but that doesn’t stop him from giving me a hard pounding with his big cock.

Anal slave training

Submissive whore

Master loves to fuck my ass. Being able to take his cock in my ass at any time is part of being the best submissive whore I can be for him. This requires hours of intense training and stretching my asshole. He finds all sorts of ways to stretch me out! I am required to wear a butt plug at all times, except of course when he’s fucking my ass. He regularly changes the size of the plug, each is bigger than the previous one. At first it hurts so much when he slides the enormous plug into my ass, but then it starts to feel so good. The plug inside me as I walk around doing my chores and other daily activities keeps me wet at all times. I’m constantly aroused while in public from the feeling of the plug in my bottom. He stretches me in other ways too. He likes to fist me and work my ass to the brink with his whole hand buried up there. Or sometimes he’s in the mood for something more extreme and uses a speculum to pry apart my ass and make it gape. Then he fucks me with the biggest toys and dildos he can find. I’m always teetering between agony and an orgasm during m anal training sessions, but it’s worth it when he fucks me in the ass and his cock slides right in smoothly.

Whatever it takes to be his perfect submissive slut and anal whore, I will do. I have given my mind body and soul over to my master. I belong completely to him, in every sense of the word. If being the best slave for him means that I am punished and anally abused with intense ass fucking and anal training, then so be it.

Lesbian Domination

BDSM phone sex


I had been such a good little subby slut for my Master that he wanted to reward me with a little bit of fun. One of his favorite Doms to play with is a sexy lesbian Dominatrix. The two of them love to torture submissive sluts like me together. His treat to me was getting to spend a full weekend in her dungeon as her pet. From the moment I arrived, I was forced to crawl on my hands and knees and kiss and lick her spiked stiletto heel and thank her for allowing me to be her pet for the weekend. She popped a plug into my ass that resembled a fluffy cat tail and put a leash around my neck and led me down stairs into her dungeon. For the next 48 hours I was hers. She made me her perfect submissive little pet and it was my job to make her cum over and over again. I ate her yummy wet slit so much that my jaw ached. She was very pleased with my pussy eating skills and rewarded me with a hard anal fucking with a very large ridged dildo. It felt so good I squirted like a geyser. With my ass in the air and my head between my legs, all of my sweet wet cum drizzled down my body and into my face so I could get a taste of it too. I had so much fun being her little lesbian pet that I almost forgot how bad I missed Master and his hard cock!


Submissive whore


My Master had a special treat for me last night. He had a little party with some of his friends and I got to be the center of entertainment! I was placed in stocks and held there with my anal hook. My body was on display for them all to see and they could use me however they wanted. With the stocks and my hook firmly in my tight little ass, I was totally vulnerable to them and their desires. They stood around me and used various whips and floggers on me until my ass and pussy were covered in angry red welts. I couldn’t even scream out when I was hit, because I always had a cock in my mouth the whole time. Each of them would use my mouth to fuck my face while the others took turns spanking me or fucking my tight little pussy. Each of them had a turn with me and I wasn’t allowed out of my stocks or hook until all of Master’s friends were satisfied and had deposited their cum in me. Master was very pleased with me that night and rewarded me with a nice yummy load of cum for me to swallow. I just love pleasing him!

Slut Punishment

Submissive slut


Master is a cruel and jealous master. He felt that I was enjoying sucking another man’s cock too much and decided I needed to be punished for being such a whore. He brought me to a dirty glory hole in a seedy fetish club and told me that if I liked sucking other men’s cocks so much, then I would spend the entire night on my knees sucking cock like the whore I am. He handcuffed me and made me kneel on the filthy floor. At first I thought this would be easy punishment. I felt like I was getting off lightly because I love to suck cock! How wrong I was. For the entire night, over 12 hours, I knelt on the floor while my knees throbbed and my body ached. I sucked every single cock that poked through the bathroom wall. When he felt that I wasn’t sucking hard enough, Master would grab me by my hair and force my face down onto the hard cock until I was choking on it. No matter how much I begged, he wouldn’t let me get up or take a break. My jaw was on fire from sucking so much cock. My face, hair, and the front of my body were soaked in cum by the time I was done.

Eventually Master was satisfied I had been punished enough and let me leave. He kissed me on the head and told me I was such a good little slave and he was very pleased I took my punishment so well. I was so happy to earn his praise! I know he can be cruel and fastidious with his rules, but it’s for my own good. Master wants what is best for me and sometimes little sluts like me need to be punished so we know our place.

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