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Slave in Training

Bondage phone sex

Master says I am almost the perfect little submissive whore for him, he just needs to polish me up and keep training me so that I don’t get slack and start to fall back. His training routine is rather rigorous. Every morning I am to crawl to his bedroom on my knees and wake him up with a blowjob. Cumming in my mouth is how my master likes to start his day. Then I cook him breakfast and clean the house. I am to only speak when spoken to and be ready to submit to him sexually whenever he desires. I wear erotic lingerie and a butt plug while in the house so that I am pleasing for him to look at while I cook his meals and clean his house. Any mistakes I make are met with sever punishment. Sometimes it’s just a hard spanking, other times I’m dragged by hair and thrown into the closet and left there to think about what I did wrong. It depends on how lenient my Master is feeling that day. Sometimes he can be very cruel, but I know it’s for my own good. He wants me to be the perfect little submissive slut, and this is how it’s done.

Ultimate Submissive Slut

Submissive slut

My master likes to let his friends use my holes for their pleasure too. He enjoys watching them all use me and pass me around like a sex toy. He tells me my only use in life is being a whore for men and a receptacle for their cum. Recently, he had a little party for his friends and I was the center of the entertainment. While the men were inside of the house eating, drinking, and having a good time, I was left tied up in the backyard like a dog. They could come and go as they pleased. One by one they took turns visiting me in the yard to fuck me. The first one stumbled out of the house a bit drunk and horny and removed the rope from my mouth just so he could stick his cock into it and fuck my face. He pumped in and out of my mouth before depositing his cum in my throat and tying me back up and joining the others in the house. I was left outside the whole night while they enjoyed themselves in the nice warm house. Master didn’t even let me in once they had gone, I had been a bad slave and being forced to spend the night in the yard in the cold covered in their cum was my punishment. I was so cold and tired by the end of the night, but I am dedicated to pleasing him like a good little submissive whore. I stayed out there the whole time and when he finally decided to let me come back in, I thanked him for his punishment and begged him to please keep training me even more so I could hopefully someday be the ultimate submissive slut for him and his friends.

Master and My Little Sister

Cum Eating Phone Sex

Master demanded that I bring him my little sister. He wanted some young, tight pussy to force himself into. We waited until we were home alone and she was playing in her bedroom. I walked in first and told her she needed to take her clothes off. She did as I told her to and I got naked as well. That’s when Master walked in holding his throbbing cock in his hand. I told her not to worry about my friend as I sat her on the bed.

Master commanded me to lick her little cunny until she was nice and wet for him. He watched as I made her squirm and moan, showing her all these new sensations her body was capable of. Then, Master told me straddle her face backwards and hold her legs wide open; it was time. I pushed my cunt onto her little face and told her to lick it the way I did for her. Her little tongue felt so amazing on my clit.

Master rubbed the tip of his dick against her clitty, getting the head nice and wet, before squeezing his thick rod into her tiny hole. She screamed as she was ripped open. Pumping harder and harder into her little fuckhole, he was not concerned that she was in immense pain. While I felt bad for my young sister, I knew better than to question Master.

I forced her to keep her legs open so he could watch as his raw cock slid in and out of her, getting covered in her juices mixed with a little blood. He dumped a fat, creamy nut inside her bald slit before he pushed my face down into the creampie he left behind to eat it all up. I cleaned her snatch like a good whore while Master watched.

Triple Stuffed Whore

Light Bondage

I had been enjoying my punishments too much lately, so Master decided if one cock wasn’t enough to hurt my whore cunt anymore, three should be able to do it. He invited two of his friends over who also were known to take control of their slutty little pets. Master tied my wrists together and then tied my hands to the headboard. The rope was only secured to the center of the headboard, so I could still be flipped over at their whim.

I was completely helpless against three big men. They tore me apart and stuck their dicks in whatever hole was available. One fucked my throat while the others double penetrated me, making me squeal while I choked, trying to gasp for air. That’s when the guy in front of me went to join the others. He squeezed himself in with the other two, somehow, tearing me open.

Tears streamed down my face from the stinging, ripping pain of three rods in me at once. I was so full in between my legs, there wasn’t any room to spare. All of them grunted and continued on without any signs of remorse. Flipping me onto my back, they jerked their fucksticks until they were covering me in their jizz like a filthy whore. Hopefully, I’ll be more respectful to Master in the future to avoid the need for severe punishment.

Punished for Masturbating

Bondage and Submission

Master caught me touching myself, which made him very angry. I’m never supposed to play with my pussy without his permission, but I was just so horny and I knew if I woke him up in the middle of the night just to ask him that, he would be very angry with me. So I took the risk, but I ended up regretting that.

Wearing nothing but my panties, I was dragged by my hair to his bedroom. He threw me to the floor and held me down by stepping on my back. The pressure of his weight made it hard for me to breathe, so there was no doubt that he was really leaning down on my chest. I must have made him furious, I grimaced. He had dug out the rope from his drawer and fastened my wrists behind me, bringing the rope around my torso.

With amazing strength, he threw me to the bed and ripped off panties. Using clothes pins, he clamped my pussy lips and nipples. The pinching was almost too much to bare! Then forcing me to roll over, stick my ass up in the air with my face buried in the blankets, he spanked me until my cheeks were throbbing and red.

He shoved his cock into my ass, making me scream. But he didn’t care because I deserved the pain for what I had done. When he was close to cumming, he tossed me back onto the ground and made me eat his cum as it fell from the tip of his dick. I have now learned my lesson about touching myself without permission!

Taught Some Manners

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

I was out at a party with some friends. I don’t know why, but I was in a bad mood so I was being a real brat. This guy came up to hit on me, but I kept up with that same bratty attitude. All night I made him get me drinks and complained to him. I wasn’t sure why he was sticking around, but then I started feeling a little woozy after I sipped my drink. Realizing I probably had too many, I asked him to take me home.

When I woke up, it wasn’t my house I was in. The man from the party was watching me as he stood over the bed. Dizzier than I expected, I wobbled as I stood up to ask where we were. That’s when he slapped me across the face, making me fall back onto the bed. Still dazed, I complied when he barked at me to take off my clothes.

He got naked, also, then pounced on top of me angrily as he forced my legs open with his knees and choked me with his strong hands. Shoving his cock into my dry pussy, he smacked me across the face again. He told me I needed to learn some respect and manners.

I screamed as he tore into me without mercy. Brutally throwing me to the floor, he snatched me up by the hard and jammed his dick down my throat. He fucked my face until he blew a fat load down my throat. I sure learned my lesson about being a brat!

Master Takes Out His Rage

Golden Showers Phone Sex

Master was upset with me, so I tried my best to diffuse the situation as best as I could. My attempts were in vain- I seemed to only make him more upset. Grabbing me by my hair, he dragged me across the floor and down to the basement. I tumbled down the stairs from his powerful kick. Landing like a rag doll at the foot of the stairs, I laid there, still dazed. When Master made it down, he picked me back up by the hair and forced me to kneel face down with my ass in the air. He secured the thick leather cuffs so that each wrist was attached to an ankle. With no slack in the restraints, I was stuck in this position.

Drawing his hand back, he spanked my bare ass with a powerful slap. My ass stung as my cheeks began to turn pink. Yelping with each strike, I endured the seemingly endless spanking until my ass was red hot and my nerve endings all screamed in agony. Jerking my head back, he came around and jammed his cock down my throat until he was about to blow his load. He then held my head in place so I couldn’t move around as his creamy jizz covered my face. Standing up, he lit up a cigarette, ashing it onto my ass as he let his stream of piss roll down my entire body. I’ll have to work harder not to make Master mad anymore.

Submissive Lesbian Maid

Female Bondage

I was starting a new job as a mouse maid for a rich woman who seemed to be in her early 30’s. Excited to start, I showed up eagerly in my maid’s uniform, getting right to work when she showed me where everything was. She had me start in the living room, where she watched me to make sure I would be skilled enough to keep the house properly clean, or so I thought. When I turned around, she had stripped into a sexy dominatrix outfit and was holding a tasseled whip. Slapping me across the face, she pushed me to my knees and told me she was to be my Mistress and I her slave. I really needed the job, and I knew I deserved the punishment, so I got on all fours as she ripped off my panties.

She started with just her hand as she spanked my bare ass, making me cringe with each stinging slap. After both cheeks were nice and red, she whipped me hard. Yelping in pain, I could only say, Yes Mistress, as she told me how much of a filthy slut I was. She then tied my hands to my thighs with rope before straddling my face, forcing me to eat her cunt. Her juices dripped down my face as she rubbed her clit against my tongue. Cumming in a gushing burst, she made me eat all her cum as she squirted all over me. Mistress says I must always swallow all of her juices.

Taken and Pissed On

Pissing Phone Sex

I was taken from an alley while walking home from work. A very strong man threw me into a van and tied up my hands and feet. He even gagged me to make sure I wouldn’t try to scream. A bag was placed over my head as I was taken somewhere I’d never been. He dragged me inside somewhere, pulling me down the stairs with him. When the bag came off, all I could tell was that I was in a basement somewhere. He tore off my clothes and left me naked on the cold floor. When he came back, he was holding a leather whip, which he lashed me with repeatedly. He kicked me before grabbing my face and snarling, saying I was going to do anything and everything he told me to do. If I didn’t, he would kill me.

Scared, I nodded yes. He whipped me a few more times for good measure before unzipping his pants. Warm liquid trickled down my body as he pissed on me, telling me I’m a worthless whore. His cock now hard, he freed just my hands and jammed his cock down my throat. Gagging on his huge boner, I gasped for air in between thrusts. Pressing a knife to my neck, he told me to milk his prostate while I sucked him. I slid my fingers inside him and massaged his prostate until he was shooting his load in my mouth. He kept me locked in the basement, forcing me to suck him every night for a week before leaving me to find my way home from the woods.

Master’s Fuck Slave

Gangbang Phone Sex

Master found me at a party. He knew I would be his good whore if tamed properly. He took me back to his home, fucking me hard all night long, claiming my pussy. With each thrust, he snarled that this was his property, and I was his to do with as he sees fit. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was! It stretched my tight hole, making me wince. He fucked me more times than I could count, each time dropping a fat load inside me. He said it was to mark his property before sharing with anyone else. Calling up three of his friends, they all showed up quickly when they heard there was a dirty whore ready to take on all of them at once. All of them towered over me. They were so tall and strong, it was easy for them to throw me around like a rag doll, tossing me back and forth between cocks. Having four cocks was a lot to handle, but they had no mercy and took which ever part of me they wanted. I choked on one fuckstick while two others double stuffed me. They then made me get down to the ground on my knees so they could blanket me in their cum. It was a teenage bukkake as they shot their loads all over my face and tits. I was a good skank for master!

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