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Slave Training and Punishment

Slave trainingMaster showed me the video of me rubbing and fingering myself to orgasm while he was away. He was very displeased that I’d been such a disobedient little shit, and he hung me from the ceiling again. Fully clothed, I was left there for a while, until he came back with the flog and little claw clamp. He lifted my skirt just enough to clamp that little tool to my clit, drawing a scream from me as I tried not to writhe fro the pain. Then, he walked behind me and started flogging me. He ran the flog over my ass over and over, leaving welts that I knew would be bruises the next day. I knew I would not be able to sit down for a few days. Then, he stuck fingers into me from behind, filling both my holes with his fingers. He started to fuck me, and eventually, it got good enough to overcome the pain the clamp was causing on my clit, and I started to really get into it. Just before I would have cum, he pulled out and walked away. He left me to dangle there the rest of the day, only letting me down that night. He had to carry me up to bed, my muscles were so weak.

Submissive Whore Masturbates

Submissive WhoreMaster’s due back from another trip out of town this week, but this sexy slave has been horny as fuck. No parties, no visitors, no playing at all were his rules for while he was gone this time, and I was about to go batshit. Well, a hot sex scene came on in a movie, and I realized I had the house to myself and access to free porn. I set myself up on the bed, and ran my hands over my body as the movie I picked started. Before long, I was engrossed, my hand playing over my tits, my stomach, down over my cunt, and back again. As the movie got more and more heated, my pussy got wetter and wetter. When I finally slid fingers into myself, I felt my juices running down my hand. I knew I was going to cum hard, so I started working myself over. I massaged my clit while my fingers rammed and played as deep inside me as I could force them. Every stroke drove me closer and closer, until I was cumming hard enough to leave a puddle in the bed beneath me. Damn me, I needed that!

Cheap Phone Sex Slave Slut

I love party nights!! Master was out of town, and he knew I was going to the party, so I was free to do as I pleased. I had a few drinks, took a few pills, smoked a J with a friend. I was feeling good by the time he got to me. I’d seen him watching me, had even hoped he would come over. So, when he did, I was excited straight through my buzz. My friend had spread blankets all over the furniture so that anyone could do anything, and he chose to make use of the couch. Cheap phone sexHe had me bent over it before I could even register that he wanted me. His dick was inside me, thrusting, and suddenly, I was full and horny and my pussy was hungry. I held on to that couch for dear life as I begged him to fuck the shit out of me. He grabbed my hips, then, and started driving into me as if his life depended on it. My orgasm was fast and hard enough to knock me off my feet. I hadn’t realized I wasn’t breathing til he patted my face and told me to breathe. I felt completely euphoric, and I cannot WAIT to do that again!

Extreme Bondage & Punishment

Extreme bondageI had cum without permission, and Master was not happy with me. So, he tied me down and laid the whip to me. He struck across my tits, my hips, and my thighs. Once I had been sufficiently whipped, he pulled out a little roll of cloth. When he flipped it open, it was full of needles, and I got really scared. The first thing he did was stick one through my right areola. He didn’t even give me anything to bite down on, so all I could do was bite down on my lip, because I knew he’d make it ten times worse if I screamed. He moved to the left areola after that, taking his time and making that one really hurt. I almost bit through my lip trying to keep from screaming out. When he moved between my legs, though, I knew I was in trouble. I shook my head, begging him not to. His fingers latched onto my clit, rolling it around a couple of times, making sure it was nice and sensitive. Then, he pushed back the hood of it, holding the large needle up for me to see what he was about to use on me. The needle stuck into the side of my clit, and I knew this was going to be a bitch. I bit my lip, waiting for it to really hit. The next thing I knew, he shoved it straight through. Submissive slutI tried to scream – my mouth opened, my breath left my body – but no sound came out. I couldn’t breathe at first, but when my breath finally came back to me, all I could do was keen and cry. I was still tied up, so I couldn’t even curl into a ball like I wanted. Once I’d been sufficiently punished, Master untied me, cleaned me up, carried me to our bed, and curled me into his warmth, holding me and snuggling me. He told me he’d help me heal tomorrow, and that I should try and rest some.

Bondage and Submission Sex

Bondage and submissionHe had tied me up and left me for his friend to play with. His friend came in dragging something with him. When I finally got to see what it was, my breath hitched. He was pulling a fuck machine with him. He situated it at the edge of the table I was tied up on, right where it would be able to drive up into me, gave me a wicked grin, and then grabbed something off of the table the machine was on. He pushed the head of the big dildo into my pussy, then turned the machine on. I felt it starting to slowly fill me up as he walked around to the head of the table. He climbed up on the table, undoing his pants and sliding his cock between my lips. He started fucking my mouth as his hand started playing with my clit. I heard and felt the machine slowly picking up speed, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was drilling me hard and fast with that big rubber cock. What I didn’t know was that he had brought a large vibrating pussy massager. He immediately held that to my clit, and had me trying my best to dive off that table. He held that to my clit the entire time the machine picked up speed. My orgasm just kept growing and growing, untiil I shot fucking cum out of my cunt. He’d actually made me squirt! My pussy was spasming, my body was shuddering, I was so lost…

Submissive Slut Gets to GO!

Submissive slutMaster was letting me go to the beach party all by myself! I headed straight for my walk-in closet, and I started undressing to put my swimsuit on. Just about the time I found the bikini I wanted, Master walked into the closet behind me, and he started rubbing my bared ass cheeks. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it up and down my crack and gash, asking me how I was going to behave myself today. I told him I’d be his perfect little slave slut, and I’d fuck and suck every person he gave me permission to. And, when they asked who had trained me so well, I’d be sure to let them know who my Master was. Master slid his cock into me then, grabbed my hair, and started plowing my pussy, reminding me that it is HIS pussy, and that no matter who else ever plays with it, fucks it, sucks it, and treats it like a little fucking toy, it belongs to him and ONLY him. He reminded me over and over again with deep, hard, slow strokes that made me cum so hard. Even then, he kept plowing into me like nothing had happened, forcing my orgasm to get even stronger, until I was screaming with it. Finally, he spanked my ass a few times, telling me what a good little fucking cum slut I was, and to enjoy my day at the beach. I love Master so much!

Submissive Sex at the Bridal Shower

Submissive sexI got to attend a bachelorette party, and thought I’d be seeing a stripper. Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting to be the highlight of the show. Not only was I made to strip, dancing and making it as sexy as possible for the bride-to-be and her party, but I was made to get down and dirty for them. Once I was naked for them, they pulled out the 2 dildos the bride had been given, and then had me start fucking her with them. One was in her cunt and the other in her ass. I worked them both in and out of her holes, making sure they bottomed out every time, and getting her all hot and bothered. Instead of cumming, though, the bride had me pull them out, and then I was forced to lick and suck them clean while the bride’s maid of honor licked her cunt and ass. I watched as the bride was driven to orgasm, and wasn’t even allowed to help.

Slave Training – Master Returns

Slave trainingWhen Master finally came back home, I was in a bad way. My pussy had my panties wet enough to seep through my pants, and I had to change several times. My nipples were sensitive as fuck, and I couldn’t get them to stop rubbing against anything I wore. So, I wound up topless wandering around the house, finishing up my housework. He walked in the door to find me like this, and I immediately dropped my panties and pants, rushing naked to the door to assume the proper position. I felt my pussy leaking down the insides of my thighs, and master sniffed the air, as though he could smell the heat I was in. He lifted me and carried me to the bed, spreading my legs and licking all of my juices, avoiding my clit. I was getting frantic, and he could feel it in how my body was trembling. He reached up and gently caressed my tits, using such light touches on every part of my body. I kept grinding my hips up, and I was begging him for release by the time he finally slid up my body. His hand trailed lightly down my belly and hovered just over my aching pussy. He barely touched my clit, and I was rocketing into orbit. That was when he slid smoothly into me and started thrusting, driving me ever higher, never letting me come down. Fuck, Master loves me so well!!

Slave Training and Punishment

Slave trainingMaster had me tied up and hanging from the ceiling again. He’d already spanked my ass and left welts and bruises up and down my ass and thighs. Master placed a shock collar around my throat, and demanded answers, and every time he suspected my answers were lies, he would shock the fuck out of me. My voice got very raw, very quickly. When Master finished questioning me, I thought he’d flog my ass, maybe take the whip or cat-o-nine to me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Master called out toward the door, and in walked this smug bitch holding a fucking cattle prod! At Master’s direction, she started the prod and slowly moved it closer to my body. I shied away from it as much as the ropes would allow. The first jolt hit my inner thigh, followed quickly by one to my abdomen. I was writhing already, as Master told me that I’d been the most conniving, manipulative little whore he’d seen. She went after my ass cheek next, then my left tit, and I was screaming so much that master put the gag into my mouth. He let her hit me with it 4 more times before he sent her away, smacking her ass on the way out just to show how out-of-favor I’d fallen. I was going to have to work so hard to get back into his good graces. I only hope Master can forgive me…

Sexy Phone Chat with Gretchen

Sexy phone chatHis big black cock was drilling into me over and over. He had me in the doggy position, and he was hitting me so hard from behind that I could hear the skin slapping together with every thrust. His balls were slapping up against my clit, and I was getting so close to cumming. It was just then that he rolled us, my pussy still swallowing his dick, until I was straddling him. Then, he had me spin around on his cock and grabbed my titties. He started driving up into me, but didn’t like how little control he had over it with his hands on my tits. So, he moved his hands down to my hips and ass, and started pummeling my cunt. I was so close, and when I touched a finger to my clit, I exploded around him, my muscles spasming, and my pussy starting to milk him. He never let up – he just kept drilling into me relentlessly, driving my body to another orgasm, until my body was nothing but a mass of orgasms and shuddering in his arms. Then, and only then, did he cum deep inside of me. I cannot wait until he visits again!

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