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Submissive Phone Sex with Grumpy Old Men

submissive phone sex

A submissive phone sex whore does as she is told when she is told. I was summoned on my day off to the office. I knew it wouldn’t be to type a legal brief. If he was calling me to the office on my day off, it was because he had clients to entertain. I was right. I arrived and he had four high-end clients with him. He promised them a good time, and I was the good time. I was not in the mood for a gangbang, but what I want is never taken into consideration. It doesn’t matter what I want ever. Master made me strip and suck cock. I did as I was told. I am an obedient submissive whore. They were enjoying my mouth on their old dicks. These weren’t young studs. This group of men was like the cast of Grumpy Old Men. They all popped Viagra before I arrived, so they could punish my holes with their old gray-haired dicks. They took turns fucking me on master’s old oak desk. These guys had harder dicks than they did 30 years ago thanks to a little blue pill and my expert skills. I knew if I didn’t drain their old balls, master would punish me. His punishments never fit the crime. I acted like a porn star and made those dirty old men feel special. Their dicks smelled old and their spunk tasted nasty, but I did what I was told. I made those old men feel special and young again.

xxx bondage doll

xxx bondageXxx bondage was fun. This past summer, I have learned how to be the complete submissive slut. I learned how to take control and become the perfect cum dump and take all the commands from the master. Master loves when I am on my knees and his beck and call. I want nothing more than to be his pain slut. I want to be used and strapped and fucked like the trashy whore I am. I a complete slut who has always thought I wasn’t. I ended up going to college and working corporate and thinking I was better when all and all I have always been a loser. I was born a woman, so now I should face that fact that I am nothing but a man’s slave slut.

Submissive Whore P-mommy and the BBC gangbang for Coke

submissive whore

Black cock P-mommy gangbang anyone? This submissive whore p-mommy is so fucking excited.  My husband and his big dick have a big dick fetish for me and his girls. Down to Tijuana, we go to get the good dope for him and his gang members. That’s right my husband is part of the Mexican Mafia and drug lords. He made me and my girls perform in front of them with a black cock. Me and my submissive girl brats took cock like pros to get some free coke. Coked up little ones and cum everywhere! My son and husband were yelling for their mommy whore to take more and more cock deeper and deeper. Our asses were gaped open and my throat was so raw. Not to worry my Dom in training son couldn’t resist licking out our assholes, mommies pussy, and his little sisters cunnys. Then we were tied up and put in the trunk of the car to go home with coke shoved up our asses and pussies like the worthless whores we are!

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreI am a bondage whore. I enjoy being tied up. My old master loved bondage games. My current master, however, is more hardcore. Bondage is not what he enjoys most unless it leads to hardcore fucking which it did last night. He tied me up on my bed.  I thought he would just leave me vulnerable and no way to get lose. He did tie me up and leave me, but he came back with reinforcements. He came back an hour later with about 10 men. Men I had never seen before. At first, they just circled around me like vultures waiting for me to die. I was scared and that is what my master wanted. He gets off on my fear. His friends liked smelling my fear too. I had no idea what they were going to do to me. I had no idea who they were either. I know most of master’s friends and colleagues, but these guys looked like men he picked up off the street. They were a rag tag bunch that master paid to fuck me. I was tied up, vulnerable and free game to their sexual depravities. The men pissed on me. They gang banged all my fuck holes. Fisted me. Fucked me some more. Laughed at the dirty bitch tied up. I asked Master why I was being punished. He just looked at me and said, “You aren’t being punished whore. I am being rewarded.” I was being used as submissive whore for his amusement and pleasure.

Killer date

submissive sexSwiping all day long I finally found my perfect match. I thought he was so cute exciting and felt like an excellent, honest person. It was a match, I thought. I ended up feeling a ton of regret super early on. I felt the mood change, and once we hung out, his dark side came to play. I assured him I was not going to give out the goods so easily. Submissive sex was what he wanted, and he was going to get it no matter what. I had no say so and I had to sit back and let him pound all my holes like the slut I was supposed to be. I didn’t think for one second it was real. Then I saw he meant each word. It was on, and his mind was set.

Cock worshiping

Cock worshiping“Get on your fucking knees bitch” my master slaps me upside my head and grabs me by my hair dragging me to where he wants me. “Listen here you stupid cunt tonight you’ll be doing some Cock worshiping and you better make me proud or I promise you’ll be black and blue for weeks bitch.” I nod my head, so he knows I understand what I have been told. He ties my wrists together and shoves a huge butt plug in my ass. He attaches my nipple clamps, and pussy clamps to top it all off. I am already whimpering from the pain. I get to work, starting with talking about his cock. ”Master, I love your cock it’s so big, juicy and in control.” I lick up and down his shaft as I continue. “Oh master, this cock is a dominate man cock, this is a real man’s cock. This cock can do anything it wants.” I start licking and sucking on his balls. “And these balls oh they’re heavy, full of so much cum my master’s cock needs to be drained. I promise I won’t waste a drop of your icky sticky breeding batter.” He drags me up towards the head of his cock, he’s ready to fuck my mouth. “That’s right you fucking whore, now let’s see if you can take cock like a good Submissive slut!” He spits on me and grabs my head hard slamming his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I don’t even have the ability to use my hands to push off of him, my hands are bound and I am helplessly getting my mouth fucked. He holds my nose and I start to panic, I can’t breathe and the smile on his face is beyond sadistic. Is this it? I think the end is near, but instead, he shoves his cock deeper, squeezing my throat as he blows his huge load, forcing me to swallow every drop as I told him I would. He slaps me across my face and pushes me to the side, I am no longer of any use now that he’s used me. This is my job, this is my life, this is why I am here.

Slave Milf Whore

milf phone sex

Mommy has an ass that is so fucking gap-able. My Husband is my master and he has taught my teen son to abuse my ass! I am a milf phone sex slave to my men. I am supposed to submit to any and all men who want me!

Today it started with 3 golf balls shoved in my ass, so I could go grocery shopping. I opened my purse and there was a note from my husband and five more golf balls to be shoved up my ass randomly as I shopped. I did as I was told and every few minutes I reached under my skirt and shoved another up my ass. It was very uncomfortable but I thought that would be the end of it.

I got home and was putting the groceries away when my little girl took my phone and said daddy wants me to film you pushing out golf balls so you can send it to him at work! The note on the refrigerator said to put my fishnets and red lipstick as I did it. So I dressed and had my little fuckdoll film me as I pushed 8 golf balls out into her little hand. I sent the video just as my son came home and saw my ass exposed. He picked up his sister and made her fist my ass with her arm before he shoved his cock in my mouth and used a flyswatter to beat my ass cheeks. Just a day in the life of a mommy submissive slut!


submissive slut

Bondage and Submission No Matter What

bondage and submissionBondage and submission are what I am good at doing. Tie me up and make me obey you. I admit that I can be unruly at times. I was not feeling well this weekend. I caught a bug or something, and master wanted to play. I told him I was sick; and I politely said I was sorry then goodbye. I crawled back into bed I should have known that it wouldn’t be that simple. Nothing ever is for a slave. I was fast asleep in some sort of sickness coma when I was yanked from my bed. Master was in my house and he was not happy. He tossed me on the floor and kicked me a few times before he pissed on my face to wake me up. I was alert then. He pulled me up by my hair and shoved me down on his cock. He said his needs come before anything else. Period. No excuses ever. He said he didn’t care if I had Ebola, if he wanted his cock sucked, I was sucking his cock. I ended up puking on his dick. I tried to tell him that I warned him I was sick, but he wanted no excuses, just results. He just wanted his cock sucked. And now, he wanted the mess cleaned up too. As if I was not sick enough already. I licked the puke up and struggled not to vomit again. I sucked his cock with a high temperature feeling like death warmed over. But according to my master, that is what a submissive whore does.

This Submissive Whore Needs to Make Money

submissive whore

I started out as daddy’s submissive whore. Honestly, I thought I had escaped his clutches, but I don’t think that is ever possible. He made me stop being a phone whore for the past year because he didn’t want to share me with you. He found out what I was doing and was not happy at all. He said he owned my pussy and ass. No one could make money off me but him. But guess what? Daddy got arrested. He is in jail now, so I am back to work! I hope you missed me. I have a master who I am working for, but he is way nicer than daddy. Not nearly as smart either. I must give him a percentage of my phone earnings, but he just puts it up his nose. Essentially, I support his drug addiction. Last night, I didn’t bring him enough money, so he traded my fuck holes for coke with this dealer he knows. I thought I was in the good with this guy, but he traded me like a bad stock the moment he needed coke. The guy he rented me out to was a big mean black guy with a monster cock. He sodomized my tiny pink asshole for hours. My butthole was sore and prolapsed when he finally couldn’t cum anymore. He took a Viagra even though he was a young guy. There was no reason he needed a blue pill; he just wanted to last hours for my fuck holes. He told my master that he might as well get his money’s worth. He sure as fuck did. I am sitting on an ice pack today. I sure do hope you guys missed me because I need to make a lot of money to keep my coke addict master happy.

Outdoor fun

submissive slutOutdoor fun was what you wanted to have. You needed a submissive slut like me to get you going. Being driven to a deserted area and being your pinata was all you have ever wanted. I love being a slut. I know I am being a little cum slut and being your pain slave. My screams echo and it makes your cock grow. When I get on my knees, I get a sense of importance because I am a pathetic bitch. I know that being in my knees will only be the thing I will ever be good enough for, I am a masters head slave because I make an excellent accomplice slut for him. It makes me happy to get him off with all his perverse needs.

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