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Bare Bottom Spankings – Submissive Whore Gets Red Ass

Bare bottom spankings were how I paid for my naughtiness. This is a story about when I was a little one with a flat little chest and a hairless pussy. I somehow in my mind decided it was a great idea to draw on the wall. I knew what was going to happen. Did I maybe do it on purpose cause I liked it a little? Who knows. As soon as my mom saw it she sent me to my room to prepare for my stepfather to get home. That meant having to take all my clothes off and be waiting for him in the corner with my little ass exposed ready to be punished soundly. My little pussy was tingly. The routine was always the same. My stepfather walked into the room and took off his pants. I could see his hard cock through his underwear as soon as he saw my little naked body. He sat on the bed and positioned me over his knee. He positioned me in a way where my little pussy was on top of his cock. I could feel how hard it was through his underwear. As soon as the smacks began to rain down on my tiny defenseless ass I would start to wiggle and squirm on his cock. I could feel it pulsing underneath me. He spanked me until my ass was a nice shade of red. Now it was time for my little chubby cunt to pay for my misdeeds. He would make me lay on the bed and open up my little legs as far as I could. He had a great view of every fold of my little tender pussy and rosebud. My stepfather would set a timer on his phone for five minutes and say the same thing each time  “if you close your legs I will start it over”.  Having to hold my legs open and accept the blows was a great way for me to practice being submissive.

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I thank my stepfather, because of him I am the great submissive slave I am today. Then he would take a little strap and spank the hell out of my little pussy. Now that I am older I realized why as soon as I started to get hair it was a rule I had to be clean-shaven at all times, he did not want the hair cushioning the blows and he wanted to see my red pussy as he whipped it. I tried hard not to move and make my little cunt accept the punishment, but most times it was impossible. I normally ended up with a little red ass and a little red cunt to match after the timer was started over again and again. Next came, the part of the punishment that I think my stepfather liked best, I was forced to bend over the bed and take his huge cock in my little rosebud. He would fuck my ass very hard! When he finally came into my tiny little red ass, he would tell me he was going to make me feel all better after one more punishment. He would take his cock and ravage my little hairless pussy. He would cum so much in it and my pussy was so tiny that by the end cum was just flowing out of my pussy. Next, he would carry me into the bathroom and bathe me. He was extra rough washing my sore little ass and cunt. He would slip a finger in my little pussy as he washed. He wrapped me in a fluffy towel and put me on my bed. He would say “Princess I am sorry I had to do that but now Daddy is going to make your little pussy feel better”. He would take his tongue and lick my little sweet pussy till I fell asleep.


Spanking Phone Sex

Spanking Phone Sex RosalieI love to be spanked. I’m such a naughty girl and men love to spank me. I mean I practically beg for it; I love when men spank my perky little ass hard enough to make my it sore but good enough to make me cum from it. I was getting fucked by my boss in his office like usual. He makes me fuck him so that I can make more money, but I would do it for free because of how good he is. He loves fucking my tight little pussy hard and fast. He loves to make me cum first by spanking my ass so hard that everyone outside can hear. He spanked my perky little ass so hard that I was crying and screaming. He loves when I scream out in pain and pleasure from him smacking my tight ass. I screamed out and he smacked my ass harder then ever and shoved his hard dick inside of my tight little asshole. I love when he fucks my tight holes so hard that I can’t help but cum repeatedly. He loves to cum in my ass so he can watch his cum drip out of my while I pull my skirt up over my sore ass. He always leaves my pretty little ass sore that I can’t sit for days.

Gangbang whore

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Another fat cock pressed into my well-used pussy. I was already at my limit cum was dripping out of my cunt and ass. My thighs sticky from all the love juices unloaded in me.The blindfold prevented me from seeing anything. Hands touched me everywhere kneading and groping my soft tired body. Cocks being dragged across my face and pushed in my mouth. I sucked so much cock i lost count after fifteen. I could have been the same group or multiple I just know that I was flipped around and fucked hard in all my holes. All i could taste was all the salty cum being pumped down my throat till i felt like a balloon just bursting at the seams. Master’s breeding parties are not for the faint of heart and this one almost pushed me to far. I loved every second of it though because i am masters best whore!

Newbie Loves This Subby

Erotic BDSM Stories

Mister asked me to come over to his unexpected and when I arrived there was another sir there. I had a look on my face like what is going on. I was told to bend over and of course I did, being the obedient subby that I am. He let this new mister spank me and do a countdown with showing him how to do rope work. The new mister is going to be so good at rope work but he needs a lot of practice. It makes me moist to get spanked and tied up by a newbie and him seeing how obedient I am. I can’t wait to go back and have him fuck me hard. I love to be used and abused in any manner you see fit.

Submissive Slut at the Office and at Home

submissive slutI’m a submissive slut at work and at home. At work, I am submissive for my Master, my boss. He likes me to wear professional, yet sexy clothes. We don’t get many visitors at the office, but when we do, he wants them knowing I am a whore, if they are the sort of person to enjoy a whore. My clothes from above the waist look professional if you see me at a desk. When Master wants me to entertain his clients, I always know because he has me get up from my desk to do a task, revealing my slutty appearance from the waist down. Master asked me to get his client a cup of coffee, so I knew that meant please him in any way he desires. Master successfully landed a big client yesterday thanks to my slutty school girl outfit and my sexy under garments. I took the client to the back room and let him know that we would do anything for his business. I had to suck his cock for hours, take it up the ass, receive some nipple torture and a few bare bottom spankings, not to mention a jet blast of cum to the face, but I secured the deal with my body. I am a good submissive. I do what I need to do for my Master. At home, when I am working the phones, I wear slutty clothes so you know I am your whore. At my day job or my phone job, I am always willing to do whatever the man wants.