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A Whore For A Superior Man

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I see you are a man who understands man are more superior. I’m a filthy cum whore who is meant to serve you and be bred. Clean up after you and get fucked and used in any way you want. I know this because I have been used in every way even a toilet to get pissed on. Turns me on to be used by you. When you tie me up, I know I am in a for a treat. He likes tying me up and whipping me and he has this big dildo he shoves up my wet cunt. He will pound me with it while he whips my skin over and over until he breaks the skin and I feel blood dripping down. By then he will shove his cock deep in my mouth and fuck my throat hard until I feel his balls tighten up and start letting lose in my throat. I love when he uses me as his cum dumpster.  

Trained The Right Way

This slut has been trained right!

Golden shower phone sex

Master makes me clean on my hands and knees naked. While I clean, he likes to paddle me or whip me whenever he feels like it. He might pull his cock out and make me suck it just because I’m obeying just as he likes. He will piss on the floor and make me clean it up while he fingers my pussy and makes me tell him how much I enjoy cleaning his piss. If I have didn’t clean to his liking, he will piss all over me and comes in while I shower and finger fucks my ass. I have thought about not being a submissive but I love how master disciplines me and keeps me in my place specially when he rewards me with his big fat cock. I love when he sticks it in me. Whichever hole he picks I will love it just feels good when he pounds away at me and fills me with his cum.  

Submissive Slut In Training

submissive slut

Master has helped me understand that I was born to be a submissive slut to powerful men like him. He’s so right, too. When I think about being anything other than that, it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t even allow myself to have fantasies about anything other than serving my Master anymore. There have been times when I have fantasized about being just a regular person instead of submissive and it just didn’t feel right at all. I know my place and it gives me so much pleasure to do whatever it takes to make my Master happy every single day. 

Like the other day he made me scrub the entire kitchen floor with a toothbrush and I had to do it completely in the nude. Whenever he felt like it, he would just come in the kitchen, make me stand up, and he fuck me. Or I would have to get on my knees and suck his cock. He would pull out if my mouth or pussy to shoot his load on the floor and I had to clean it up with my tongue. I would be honored to tell you more about what happened when you call me, Sir. I think you will be very pleased.

The Gatekeeper Of My Cunt

Submissive WhoreI am a worthless whore with a cunt that’s meant for fucking!

It stays dripping wet just waiting for my Master’s thick hard cock to destroy it!

But I have to earn that pounding! Fucks aren’t free!

And sometimes, that means I have to take the pounding of a dozen cocks before he will allow me to even suck and stroke his throbbing meat.

My Master knows that men take one look at me and want to force their thick hard cocks deep inside my smooth wet cunt, violate my tight puckered ass, cover my body in dripping hot cum!

But he keeps me locked up like a caged slut, like a bitch waiting to be bred by the strongest cock, aching to be torn open and left in a pool of cum!

Don’t get me wrong, he loves passing me around to every Tom, Dick, and Harry in our gangbang fuck fest! He loves watching them rip my ass with each powerful thrust and using my gaping holes to pump and dump….. but only with his permission.

He is the gatekeeper of my cunt and nothing gets in or out of my fuckable holes without his permission!



In Need Of Stern Slave Training

slave training

Some girls don’t like to talk much about their slave training, but I do quite enjoy it. It’s nice to relive the best moments of my life. When my Master told me that he wanted to train me to be the most obedient little slut he’s ever had, I was ready for that challenge. Since I’d never had any proper training, it was a kind of rough at first. I still wasn’t used to being one hundred percent submissive and I kept getting sassy with Master. It took him a little while, but eventually we worked all that behavior out.

Do you love submissive girls just as much as my Master does? I hope you do! And the good news for you is that I’m already trained. I will do whatever you say, whenever you say, no matter how much it hurts or inconveniences me. What I want or need doesn’t matter anymore – my Master taught me that. I can’t promise that my sassy mouth won’t say something now and then, but if it does, I know that you’ll just punish me in whatever way you see fit. I’ll be waiting to tell you about my training and/or do whatever you want me to do.

Submissive Sex Whores

submissive sexI am a submissive sex whore. When guys ask me to be in charge or to dominate them, I am at a loss, honestly. It is not in my nature to be dominant. In fact, I do not really know what to do. I am always at my best when I am being told what to do. Master paid me a house call last night which he never does. He was not alone. He had a much younger woman with him. She looked to be college age. Master left her with me. She is living with me until Master can figure out a place for her. In the meantime, I have been tasked to break her in. I have never overseen the training of another person that way. I mean I have a son and a daughter, but I am not training either of them to be a submissive whore. I decided to have some fun with her. While getting to know her, I made her eat my pussy and ass. Turns out my Master won her in a poker match. She is the whore of another master. His wife is not cool with a 22-year-old French maid living in the house with them, so he pawned her off on my master, who cannot have her at his place either because his wife has no clue he is a Master or that I am his slave. My master pawned her off on me. I have no clue how long she will stay with me. Twisted, I know. Did you follow? I decided to have fun with her. After hours of licking my pussy and ass, I fucked her with a strap-on. I let my son fuck her too. He had a boner for her the moment he saw her naked with a collar around her neck. I set her in my bedroom. Not my bed, but a dog cage. If I am going to have a slave, I am going to give her the kind of slave training I had when I was her age. Plus, I am going to enjoy her holes too.

Good Submissive Whore

Knowing how to be a good submissive whore came easy to me. It turns me on when you call me your filthy whore or dirty slut turn me on and gets me wet. Slapping me around and taking your frustrations out on me is what my body needs sometimes. My holes are yours so doing whatever you ask for only excites me more. My master ever loans me out to anyone who pays the top dollar. He even watches to make sure I’m being the perfect submissive slut he trained. Since I know he is watching I’ll make sure I suck your cock deep down my throat and make sure I swallow every drop of cum you want me to. Master loves it when you abuse my holes.

Cum slut phone sex

I love pleasing master and when you shove your cock in me, I make sure to take it even if it hurts. Like when you shove it hard and deep in my ass, the pain that shoots through my body gives me the energy to fuck you cock hard. As I fuck your throbbing cock with my ass, I look at master to see how pleased he is. Since he looks so happy it makes me cum hard and fast. That is when I go harder and the moment, I feel you filling my ass up I know I did a good job for my master.  

Submissive Slut till the end

submissive slut

Please don’t try to wine and dine me. I don’t care to be treated like a princess. It actually turns me all the way off when you say nice things to me and tell me how lucky you are to be with me. If you want me to stay interested, you have to treat me like a submissive slut.

It’s quite easy. All you have to do is swear at me and slap me around. Show me off to your friends and let them all have a blast with me. It is better when there’s a team treating me like shit.

The meaner you are, the better of it is for me. I can’t wait to prove to you what a dirty whore I can really be. I want you to spit on my face and pull my hair. Do whatever you want to me. Take out all those frustrations at my expense and know that I will take it all with a smile on my face.

Spanking Phone Sex Kitten

spanking phone sex

Master reminded me that now that it’s getting warmer that I’ll have fewer clothes to use for hiding my slut stripes. It makes my pussy wet to think about him marking me to show everyone that he can spank me, slap me, flog me, or anything, and I’m lucky to get it from him. I’m a lucky pain slut to have a Master that gets me and knows that I need a firm hand to feel like things are as they should be. I’m such a horny submissive kitten. I get so wet when he controls me like that.

Master told me to make sure that I have some extreme kinky phone fucks this weekend. He said that I better have spanking phone sex and better take it as the useless masochist. So far, so good. A lot of Dom callers like to use my fuck holes and my hands. They like making me spank my jug and twist my nipples. Would you like to command me on how to be a service whore for your cock? I’ll do anything. I’ll deep throat your dick, squeeze the jizz out with my cunt, or you can unload in my tight ass.

Cock Denial Is The Worst Punishment

I am a worthless whore!

I have disappointed my master and the punishment will be intense.Submissive Whore

I know that I am to be kneeling naked by the door when he arrives home….waiting anxiously to be his dirty cum guzzling slut!

But I was still being tossed around like a fuck doll, having my ass and cunt filled and stretched with another mans cum!

I know I will be punished, tied up and tortured, gagged with his meaty cock, forced to swallow load after load of his thick heat spunk!

That is punishment I welcome any day!!!

But that is not what he had in mind!

The torture he gave me was worse than any I could ever imagine!

He denied me his cock!

Refusing to let me suck his magnificent meat, he stood and watched as he offered my dripping smooth pussy to be used…fucked freely in the streets by every man that passed by!

He made me crawl down the street, naked, as their stale loads oozed from my ass, showering me with his hot steamy piss when I was too filthy to be fucked!

I know I am nothing without him. I just hope someday I will be worthy of being his submissive slave once again!


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