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On Daddy’s Fucking Bench

Cock Worshiping

Being a sexy submissive slut is all about taking as much cock as I can while completely surrendering control over my body! This weekend I got bored and went over to my favorite Dom Daddy’s house for some fun. He greeted me with a hard slap across the face before he tied me up to a fucking bench, with my ass and cunt exposed he spanked me and forced a 10 inch black dildo into my ass. I loved feeling it stretch me out completely while he jammed it in and out of my tight ass, I screamed and cried from the pain but the only relief if got was when he shoved his own thick cock into my pussy. Being double stuffed and force fucked is a submissive whore’s deepest pleasure!

Lacey Loves To Lick

2 Girl Phone Sex

Lacey loves to lick and I love to suck! She licks my pretty clit while I suck on her titties. We’ve been sexy girlfriends for a while now! She loves how submissive I can be and I love that little mean streak, especially the wet one between her thighs! When Lacey came over last night to play, she brought a friend for the first time! He was a heavy handed Dom with a sadistic streak and a rock hard cock, and Lacey seemed to love to suck him off. He didn’t let me suck his cock, he face fucked me against the wall.

From the time he first slid his throbbing dick down my throat until he was done using me, I was just a fuck puppet. Lacey was having a fucking blast, getting her pussy eaten while I was getting mine spanked with a hard leather strap. Every time I screamed out, Lacey would take a photo of me. While my thighs were getting beaten she laid her pretty tits over my face, and took a video.


“You’re a worthless piece of fucking meat, Tracy!” She sang out into the camera while he was carving his name into my thigh. “You’re worthless, and nothing you do will ever be enough. All you are is a dirty fuck hole to be used, and I’m going to make sure all you do is get filled up like a nasty cum dumpster. I’m going to keep men cumming in and out of here so you can have cum shooting in and leaking out of you. Don’t you get it? We were never girlfriends. I was using you to get dudes! And now I have as many as I’ll ever need!” Lacey laughed in my face as a big black cock slid into her pussy and made her moan. She was so horny, her drippy cunt had been running down her legs. I stared, wide eyed as my ass got a ten inch cock rammed balls deep into it, dry! I was a worthless whore, and nothing more.

XXX Bondage

Submissive Slut for Life

submissive slutI am a submissive slut. I always have been. First, daddy. Then my husband. Now, my master and my callers. I did not want to be submissive for life, but life had other plans for me. Here I am. I have no fight in me. I am so used up, that most men do not want me. They may want to fuck me, but they do not want to be in a serious relationship with me. I did meet one really nice guy on Tinder over the shutdowns, but he was not cool with me being owned. I must stay in good with my master because he bought my house. He pays my health insurance. He has college tuition covered for my son and daughter and he pays their health insurance too. Plus, he has an IRA set up for me. He will die eventually. He is in his early 70s. It is not like we fuck any more. His old cock needs a dozen Viagras and that is still no guarantee that it will work. I am still his whore though. And men do not want to date me. They want to fuck me or abuse me, and often both. I had a “date” last night. I was honest that I was in a “It’s Complicated” relationship. He said he was in the same sort of thing. The date went well, I thought. Until we got back to my place and he ripped my clothes off and fucked my ass and fisted my cunt. He told me he does not date whores because whores are only good for one thing. Fucking. He shoved my panties in my mouth so I would stop screaming. He bound my hands with my panty hose as he sodomized me for hours. I thought maybe this guy would be different. Once a submissive whore, always a subby whore.

make me a dead submissive slut

submissive slut

I’m sure you have had your eyes on me and keep dreaming about how a submissive slut like me will do about anything to make you happy. I indeed want to be your punching bag. Make me beg you to let you do whatever you want to me. Take me to the middle of the deserted woods and beat me so hard that I have blood-curdling screams echoing. It an often fantasy in my mind that I want to be beaten to death an fucked till my body goes cold. I’m going to be black and blue and bruised, and that’s all okay with me. I’m ready to be your whore for life. If you want to end, go ahead and do it. I won’t stop you from doing so.

Sir Had A Planned Gangbang For His Submissive Whore

Gangbang phone sex

Sir had a big plan for his submissive whore, I was to get a good gang bang with only big black bulls. He wanted me to only wear high heels and have my pussy nice and clean shaved fully off.  He wanted to see me get stretched and filled up so when he saw how big their cocks were. it got him excited. He started stroking his cock to these BBC’S fucking me hard and pounding me using me as their cum bucket. Their dicks were so big my mouth could barely fit their cocks but they made sure to shoved them down my throat making me gag and choke, which they love because it would make my holes clench around their big fat dicks milking them with the grip. He just watched as I was filled up and made to swallow every drop of cum, they gave me. My face was covered with cum and it was dripping down to my tits. That is when SIR wanted me to kneel in front of him looking like a dirty cum bucket, that is when he covered my face with all his cum. SIR was very pleased and so were his bull friends they enjoyed his submissive whore. 

Master Uses Submissive Whore To Close Deals


Cum slut phone sex

My master benefited from having me as his Submissive Whore. He was a big-time business man and whenever he needed to close a deal, he brought me along. All the men always stared at me like I was a piece of meat and master knew he could use my holes to get him what he wanted. He set up a meeting with all the top guys. Master told me to be the good slut he trained and do take whatever came my way. I was blindfolded and tied up, since I was naked you could see that my nipples were hard and pussy was already leaking. The next thing I know I felt cocks rubbing me all over in my face shoulders tits everywhere as I was being pushed onto my knees. I knew these business men had rape fantasies by the way they shoved their cocks in my holes just ripping them as their cocks poked deep inside me. They slapped me with their cocks as they shoved them so far down my throat I gaged and chocked that made them cum and they made sure to make me swallow every drop. They did the same thing with my asshole and cunt they wanted to rip them open and pound their hard cocks deep in me, they didn’t stop until both my holes dripped with all their nut. Master closed his deals and got a bonus by using me. 

Do You Wanna Have Submissive Sex?

submissive sexDo you want to have submissive sex? It is all I have. I never take the lead in the bedroom. I do not take the lead anywhere. I was raised to service men. I have been owned by men all my life. Daddy was my first master. My master now could be my father because he is 25 years older than me. He treats me so much better than my father ever did. He is not a completely benevolent master. Sure, financially he provides for me and my son and daughter. He bought my house. He pays for our health insurance. My son and daughter have college funds. I have never been treated so well; but I do work hard for all that he gives me, I do work less now as he gets older. Lately, what he has been doing is getting surrogate masters for me to service. He never use to share me, but he says watching me service a younger master is better than Viagra. Earlier in the week he had me take care of one of his clients. I was not wanting to do it, but he reminded me that I owed him. I know I do. I was not trying to sound ungrateful. Other men are always more brutal to me than master. This guy is a master. He has a slave army of 6 women. They are all young though. He wanted a milf phone sex whore like me. My master lubed up his old cock and watched his client slap my ass as he rammed his dick in my asshole. This client only likes old assholes because he did not think I had a tight cunt anymore. No way I am as tight as his barely legal posse of sex slaves. He loosened my holes though because his cock is huge. He fucked me hard. He left marks on my body. And master loved the sex show so much he came on my face telling me I was a good whore.

I’m A Worthles Primadonna

Submissive Whore

Master told me I was a worthless primadonna, the sort of whore he wouldn’t pay more than a dollar for! He paid less for me, actually. My last Master bet me on Penny Poker and somehow lost. A benefit for a submissive whore like me, as my new Master actually puts my worthless fuck holes to good use. I’m the dumbest cunt alive, or so Master Robert tells me. His perfect primadonna piggy, always preening to get fucked. I have to repeat that at the top of my lungs while he beats me with his grandmother’s old bullet rosary, so I never forget my place.

Master knows I can’t use my brain and I was only using men for my benefit before I got captured. Now, while trying to cross state lines, I’ve been swept away in a whirlwind of terrifying delight. I’m the submissive little bitch of any man that spits on me, but most of all for Master. He’s well seasoned and sadistic, and it makes me writhe with pleasure to know how much he gets off on my masochistic cunt.

Hardcore Bondage

Master makes me humiliate myself in public, and he made me quit my job so I could be his office piggy all day. He makes me fat on chocolate candies and then slaps my face for being such a chubby milfy fuck. I hope he never gets tired of my worn out whore pussy. I’d do anything to serve him, forever.

When Master doesn’t feel like going to the bathroom, I just open up and eat his shit because he takes such good care of me. He houses me, and keeps me clean and deloused. Otherwise, I’d be a feral female, and Master likes to capture those whores for his devious rape fantasies. Sometimes I wish I could still hold his attention like that. Instead, I’m his footstool primadonna pig!

Slave Training

Shocked And Made To Swallow

Slave training

I didn’t know what he had in store for me until he pulled out a big metal dildo. I was naked and he tied my hands behind my back. He brought some alligator wooden clamps and started clamping them on me. He put one on each nipple, some on my ass one on each side on my cunt lips. He told me to open my slut mouth and I didn’t as master asked. He shoved his cock in my mouth deep as he turned on the metal dildo, he put it against my nipples and that is when I felt the shock. I didn’t know before that it was an electronic shock dildo. He did the same thing running down my body and as he got closer to my cunt, he kept fucking my mouth hard, it only got me wetter and wetter. He then stuck that electric shock dildo deep inside my cunt and turned it all the way up. The shock ran up my body through my wet cunt. He loved watching me squirm as he fucked my mouth with his thick hard cock and my cunt with the dildo so much, he came all in my mouth and I couldn’t help but squirt from all the electric shock the dildo gave me.  

Submissive Sex Chat

Submissive Sex Chat

Submissive sex chats make my tight little pussy drip with cum. My Master loves that he has turned me into his most obedient sexual servant. I will do anything in my power to please him. During one of our training sessions, he took me to a secluded barn that he had transformed into a torture chamber. Master chained me to the table and tightened ropes around my petite body. I was blindfolded and felt a vibrator begin to move across my clit. Right when I began moaning as my climax built, Master shoved a rag into my mouth to stifle my cries. Hot wax dripped down my body as Master used me for his own sick pleasure. I was his to use and desecrate and defile. Master dripped the hot wax down my dripping snatch as started pumping me full of his thick erection. I live to please Master.

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