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Sold to the highest Bidder

Prostate phone sexI found myself alone in a hotel room, the man who had purchased me for the night wasn’t what I’d call a looker. He seemed old enough to be my dad and was soft around the middle. A far cry from the lean and muscled men I tended to fuck. However, when he came up to me, took a fist full of my hair, and growled into my ear. “Tonight you are my fucking slut and you will obey me.” I nearly came in my panties, I could barely manage to whimper out a weak “Yes sir.” before he let go, sitting in an arm chair in a way that only could make me think regal. His cock pressing against his pants and he rubbed it leisurely as he told me “Strip.” I felt as if I was on edge with want and need as I unzipped my dress and wiggled out. Letting it slide to the ground and my pussy was soaked at that pleased growl. “Good slut.” He pulled his cock out of his pants and I felt my mouth salivate. Wanting to feel that cock running over my tongue. I crawled to my Master for the night and started with his balls. Sucking each of the hairy orbs into my mouth. Suckling and running my tongue over the heavy sacks with a purr that made him groan. He pushed himself down on the chair, letting me pull of his pants before he spread his legs wider for me. I spit on my hand and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. Moving my hand up and down as I moved my head lower, licking and sucking along his taint and moving my lips between his ass cheeks. Licking my Master’s ass and pushing my tongue into him as my hand jerks his cock off in a fast up and down motion. I knew just how to fuck him with my tongue. Lapping at his love button and making sure to tease it as best as I could before I felt his sphincter squeeze my tongue. His cock throbbing in my hand and his hot cum shoot up and land all over my hair and on my hand. His cock softened in my hand and he pulled my face away from his ass letting me look up at him still messy with his cum. He gestured to the bed where I could see the 4 point harness system and it was in no time I found myself face up, spread eagle, and with Master’s fingers in my pussy. His tongue over my clit, and my own orgasm just on the edge. I just had to be a good girl and wait until I’m told to let go.

Scat phone sex Becoming a Dirty Whore

Scat phone sexIt was time for yearly review and in not sure what I did to displease Master but from what I’ve heard in the works and the giggles as I pass by my comrades has me worried.  I was a big girl though and loved being Master’s property. So I knew I could do whatever he had planned for me! It didn’t make me any less nervous though when I met Master and found the other Masters in our community and their slaves all together in our shower room. Incense burning in every corner and the room lit by candles giving it an oddly supernatural quality as my lungs filled with the smell of sandalwood and jasmine. I went to kneel before my Master. Presenting myself with palms up and knees parted so he could inspect me. “Go slave, kneel in the middle of the room over the drain and present.” I moved into the position as told and Master and two others came to me with unprocessed jute rope. The fibers were rough and itchy as they tied my arms to my chest, wrist to my thighs, and thighs to my calves. Forcing me to stay in position 1 without hurting myself and then tied my hair to my ankles making my back arch and forcing me to look up rather than the traditional down. I still wasn’t sure what my task was, but based on the sadistic grins and sympathetic glances from the other submissives I was sure it would not be good. I became excited when I heard the sound of belts and flies being undone. Looking over to see what I was assuming would be hard cocks but realized in a few seconds, as they all squatted on the tiled floor and started to grunt I was not going to get fucked anytime soon. As they all unloaded their bowels onto the tiled floor. Their slaves coming over and scooping up the shit, mouthing their apologies as they started to smear me with shit. My Master laughed at my disgusted face and grinned down at me. “I thought I’d make you into the dirty whore I know you are. Aren’t you going to say thank you?” I felt my stomach roil, the smell, the feeling, it was just making me sick but I was a good slave. So well trained I would do anything and everything to make my Master happy. Even if it was to say “Thank you Master for making me a dirty whore”

Erotic BDSM stories in the park

Erotic BDSM storiesAfter some long and hard consideration, I have decided on the three things I want to do this year for my new year’s resolution. First, I want to meet new people. Second, spend more time outside. Third, get more exercise. So my very first order of business? To have a get together at a park in the middle of nowhere. Lots of men and women in the middle of nowhere, all with wet pussies and hard cocks for a fun outdoor orgy. We had women and men of all ages and weights and it was beautiful! We started with the submissives stripping to our collars and setting up the blankets, air mattresses, and picnic foods while our Masters all socialized and enjoyed each other’s company. I went to tell my Master that everything was completed and he smacked my ass in reward, “Good girl.” he smiled at me. Adjusting his cock in his pants to show me what he wanted me to do next. So I moved to my knees, taking his hard thick cock out of his pants and I could feel my pussy getting wet as I licked up his shaft.

Gangbang phone sexMoaning at the pleasure of feeling his arousal on my tongue. I felt soft hands with long sharp nails along my ass before I felt a tongue lick up my crack from my pussy to my asshole. Those nails digging into me as she (I think) spreads my pussy and ass open. Licking over my clit and up my slit with a moan as I take Master’s cock into my mouth. Her tongue fucking my pussy as he uses my throat pushes me over the edge in no time and I cum onto her waiting tongue. Master guided me off of his cock as he invited the woman whose face was covered in my cum over. He tortured me by licking her shiny face, tasting every drop of my cum on her lips and kissed her deeply. He turned her and helped her onto his cock. Making me watch as he sunk into her pink pussy, his cock big enough I could see him stretching her. I leaned forward and sucked the base of his cock, teasing his balls with my tongue and sucking and licking the woman’s clit too as I heard people begin to fuck and cum around me. My master’s big cock, skilled fingers, and my tongue bringing this woman to orgasm in no time flat. This was a great idea, we’ll have to do this again next week and all come together and make this an orgasm filled year.

Submissive Whore

Watch the Attitude

Bare bottom spankingsSo, I did a stupid thing. I talked back to my Master with a cock and sarcastic tone. So, as I got hog tied with my bright blue Christmas present and my mouth held open with an O ring. All of this in front of our party guests. I could feel my cheeks flush brightly and couldn’t seem to meet the eyes of anyone around me as I was told to wiggle and squirm onto my knees, my weight rested against my chest. I gurgled and moaned, unable to hold the drool in around my mouth being forced open creating a pool of spit under my cheek. I was trying to figure out how to keep my face out of that wet puddle I felt the hard, sharp, and hot sting of a reed cane across my cold ass. I screamed and wiggled before feeling another quick smack across the fleshy cheeks again. Another person coming and taking a fist full of my hair making me look up towards the stranger, unable to recognize them with the tears of pain in my eyes running down my cheek, ruining my makeup. A cock making its way between the O ring and running over my tongue as another hard whack against my ass as the cock begin to make its way in and out of my throat.

Bondage and submission my new Master

Bondage and submissionThis girl has a new Master! It’s so exciting, my old Master was old and sick, and I stayed with him until the end. He had willed me to his best friend’s son who has been like a son to him. He’s been a good Master to me. Kind and with a gentle hand ensuring that I have the time to mourn but he has felt that time was over. It was time for me to leave behind my old Master who had passed and fully belong to the Master whom owned me now. So, I found myself at a black-tie event. Wearing a long white silk wrap dress so shimmery and thin you could see my body underneath it. Silver shackles around my ankles and wrists a pink silk collar around my throat. I was the main event, and as I saw my Master across the room and my pussy began to get wet with excitement. Master came to meet me, leaning forward with a gentle smile and a sweet kiss. “You look beautiful tonight.” He led me to a platform in the middle of the ball room and all the Mistresses and masters watched me from the platform. He ran his hand against my ass, giving it a light swat. “I can’t wait to make you scream for everybody. He promises causing a ripple of excitement through me as he looked over an assortment of tools including a flogger, cane, riding crop, Hitachi, nipple clamps… to much to list. All to prove just what a good girl I am for Master.


The Holiday Gangbang

Gangbang phone sex“Felices vacaciones” said the mexican! Then came in the Russian “Счастливых праздников”. We were just waiting on one more foreigner for our world appreciation holiday gang bang… Where was the African man? “Furaha ya likizo” I heard in Swahili and I knew that we were finally full. We had men from all over the world that had paid to come fuck me in this uber kinky gang bang. Well, they came for many other reasons but I was a cherry on the top. Something about being sold by my Master to be fucked by strangers that I couldn’t even talk to. I was dressed up in holiday cheer, presenting myself to these strangers. “Welcome to our home Sirs. Please accept our gift of hospitality.” then, as they stripped I felt my pussy drip. It was so sext to watch these men listen, try to understand my words but garner my meaning by my body and so they started soft, watching them get hard for me. Come to me, touch me. Let me suck their cocks and be their personal fuck toy as they use me. Best Holiday ever. Thank you Master for letting me be your gift. It’s such a wonderful thing to pleasure so many man at the same time and letting me have a taste of the international.
Erotic submissive storiesMay all my favorite sluts and perverts have a great holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday you may celebrate. This slut wishes every one nothing but happiness and lots of cum!

Phone sex specials

Master Needed

submissive whore casey1It feels like it has been forever since I have had a real Master. It has only been 2 days since I felt that delicious pleasure and pain. Don’t get me wrong he was a great master. He had my backside so sore I could barely sit down but I need more. I need more pain. I am looking for a master to have the ultimate submissive phone sex with me. You can do whatever you want to me. I need that pain. I need to be punished like the whore I am. Tie me up, blindfold me, whip me, paddle me. I need a master on the phone that can give me that pain and then the pleasure I need. After all of the punishment I will be so wet and ready to take your big hard, throbbing cock in my tight pussy. I want you to fuck my mouth hard. I want that big, hard throbbing cock to fill my ass and pound it so hard and cum in my ass. I want to feel that hot cum inside of my tight ass. So you see what I need no what I crave is phone sex with the ultimate master. One that can get me on my knees and make me beg!

Such a good girl

submissive whore casseyI met a new master last night and it was just what i craved. He was a perfect master. He tied my wrists and ankles to the bed while i was lying on my belly. He spanked me so so hard and it felt absolutely amazing. I begged for more. He would stop long enough to whisper in my ear what a good girl I was. My pussy was getting so wet. He teased me by barely touching my pussy. My ass was so sore but the feeling was incredible. Finally he told me if I was really a good girl I would beg for his big, hard throbbing cock. I begged and pleaded. He untied me and fucked my mouth so good. Then he bent me over the bed and in one quick movement he shoved his whole huge cock into me I screamed out, he was so big and hard. He pounded and pounded until finally he came inside my tight pussy. He made me come at the same time. After he just kept whispering I was such a good girl, the best he had ever had.

Just Good for Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex Casey“You fucking submissive whore!” he yelled at me as he tied me up. “You worthless piece of shit! You’ve got no more value than the fucking dirt on my shoes.” He continued binding me, wrapping my ankles together, binding my hands together, and gagging me. He then bound my wrists to my ankles, and threw me on the couch and walked out of the room, leaving me there.

I felt exposed. I was in nothing more than a white bustier, white garter belt, pink panties, and nude, thigh-high hose. I felt every inch the slutty, submissive wretch he was calling me.

submissive whore CaseyHe came back in, this time bearing a paddle. “Are you ready for your spanking?”

Muffled, I couldn’t answer, but only looked at him in fear.

He grabbed me, turned me to the side, and started slapping me with the paddle. Air whistled through the holes in the flat board as he hit me on the ass, the sides, the backs of my thighs. My cries were stifled by the gag in my mouth, but he beat me until the tears were running down my cheeks.

submissive phone sex CaseyHe cursed at me. “You stupid cunt. All you’re good for is spanking phone sex. Now, how do you please your Master?” And with that, he pulled his hard cock out of his pants, ripped the gag from my mouth, and shoved his dick in my mouth. I sucked, grateful to please him in some fashion, but after only a minute, he pulled it out of my mouth, seed spraying everywhere.

“Damn bitch. Can’t even suck a cock without making a mess.” He put the gag back in my mouth and left there on the couch for a very long time.

Time For My Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex CaseyI am ashamed. I have displeased my new Master, so much so that he has threatened to leave me to find another submissive whore. Apparently, I am not listening well enough. I hasten to do everything he says! I stay bound up when he tells me to, and I don’t speak when he instructs me not to. But sometimes, I cannot help needing to pee, and when I can’t hold it in after a day and piddle on the floor, he punishes me fiercely. It’s so hard! I try to be good, but I’m just so bad! I deserve his punishment.

submissive whore CaseyHe says what I need is some good spanking phone sex, and maybe that will teach me a lesson. He says he will not come and see me until I have been thoroughly chastised, and HE will not be the one to do it. He doesn’t think I can learn, he doesn’t think I can be trained. I would think he’d be incorrect, if that wouldn’t be wrong of me to think him wrong. Oh, I’m so bad!

bdsm phone sex Casey