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Midnight Kidnapping

extreme bondage

It’s the middle of the night and I wake to you grabbing me out of bed, stripping my nighty off of me and throwing me over your shoulder, where you then toss me into the trunk of your car and bind me up with duct tape.

‘Where are you taking me’ I struggle to mumble as you tape my mouth shut. ‘Shut up, slut’ you reply. ‘You’ll know when we get there’.

Sure enough I do know when we get there because this isn’t the first time you’ve taken me to this underground sex chambers. It’s a very exclusive, secret place for those of this lifestyle to express themselves freely.

I’m both excited and afraid because I remember the last time quite well. I was sore for a week after that. You even told me that the next time wasn’t going to be as easy.

When we pull up I’m greeted by two very tall, well built men who aggressively grab me from your trunk to bring me into our own personal chamber where my shackles away me. The room is filled with all sorts of sexual torture devices and I can see that sinister look in your eyes. You are ready to punish me.


P-mommy SubSlut Deserves Bare bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankings

He brought me home from a date and it quickly turned into me getting the bare bottom spankings I deserve. It was unexpected. He must have seen the submissive in me. I invited him up with hopes of me getting a good fucking. Must to my surprise my daughter was still awake running around in her little cotton panties. He pulled me down by my hair and forced me to suck his cock right there in front of her. Then he told her to watch as he took his belt off and wrapped it around my throat and shoved my panties in my throat. The belt was released, and he told me to go get my daughter. I was made to strip her down and he began lashing us with his belt as he ushered us into the room.  Tied up and both of us being whipped on our bare asses you had me beg you to force fuck my little girl that would be the only way you stopped our torture. I was left with my vibe stuck out of my ass and you took pictures and told me you would be back to force fuck us soon and continue exploring your rape phone sex fantasies with this p-mommy subslut…

Bare Bottom Spankings Whore Celeste

Bare bottom spankings

  Are you a real man than can handle a hot piece of ass submissive like me? I need a good strong Master to punish and give me bare bottom spankings with a nice firm hand. You need to understand that I am a switch that gets excited playing the sub slut roles and getting all sorts of fucking punishments, and I can only pretend to resist when in reality my place is at the hand of my Master. I need to be gagged with Masters big cock and if he so desires, I am his property to use and share. If I were to get gangbanged by whoever my Master brings around then I know it’s my place to service all of his friends and will always do the best I can to please my Master and earn the reward of Masters cock in my sopping wet pussy.


Bind Me Up

bondage whore

Bind me up, Master. I’m a cock worshiping, bondage whore and my sole purpose is to please you.

I love waiting for you to come home from a hard day’s work. There on my knees, waiting to please. Waiting with such anticipation I might add. My tight little cunt dripping with desire to serve you, Sir.

What does my master have in store for me today? What would he like to see me wearing? If anything.

I’m dying to wrap my wet lips, covered in whore lipstick around that throbbing cock. I would like the honor of spending a good amount of time massaging your balls that feel so incredibly full and tight. Kissing on the head of your dick and stroking softly. That is until you decide you’d like to ram it down my throat *blushes*.

“Yes please” I’d say with a mouth full. “What was that, little slut?” you reply. You can see it in my eyes that I’m begging for you to give me your worst.


Submissive Whore Bernice

submissive whoreI am such a submissive whore I even do what my callers tell me to do. I was out of town recently for my other job as a paralegal. My boss is my Master, but we had separate hotel rooms because he is married. I decided to take some calls while I was in my room alone. One of my callers had called me once before. He wanted me to masturbate and expose my body. Most men in my life and on the phone don’t want me to cum because my pleasure doesn’t matter. I was excited to be able to cum and think about being a dirty whore. My caller was raised by a kinky mommy.  He grew up in a loving incest family. It sounded lovely. My father hated me. Force fucked me daily and kept me a prisoner. My mother abandoned me and my son and daughter hate me. I walked around my hotel room, exposing my naked voluptuous body out the window while playing with my cunt and hearing about his dirty family.  He is the kind of master I would love to have. One that lets me cum. One who enjoys non-violent submissive sex. I made a promise to travel home on the plane braless and walk around naked playing with my pussy in front of my son and daughter.  I think my offspring are going to want to abuse me more, but I will do as I am told.

Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreI wake up confused, my whole body is aching and hurting relentlessly. I realize that I am tied upbound on the bed in a position ideal for fucking all of my holes. I feel my head pounding and can now feel my holes are full of cum. I feel the bruises on my face, my whole body has blood on it and I start to panic thrusting my body against the ropes and chains holding me into place. That’s when I hear the footsteps approaching, and I know I should be scared. What’s going on? How did I get here? Did they drug me? A few men walk up to me, their cocks are already hard and the one who is in charge says “Good you’re awake it’s time to see how much we can get you to beg and scream you fucking whore” I start to open my mouth to protest but instead he pushes his cock all the way down my throat. He grabs my throat, choking me with his hands and cock at the same time. I am trying everything to move and wiggle around but it’s useless. He does this till I start to blackout before he stops, and I start gasping for breath. The others start their torture, pulling my nipples hard, slapping me, and forcing a cock in every hole. I feel like a sex slave, and I guess I am because who knows if I will ever get out of this. Once they all fuck me raw, they line up and one by one cum all over my face. When they finished with me, they tied me up like a pig about to be roasted. I was humiliated and stuck there like that till the next time they needed to use me.

The Cornmaze Slut


submissive slut

Halloween is coming up and I’m always reminded of some of my best sexcapades.

But I can’t wait for this year’s celebrations.

There will be a haunted cornfield maze for adults. My Master wants to take me  to one and tie me up like a scarecrow and watch me get treated like an absolute fuck doll.

There will be a party beforehand, so there will be tons of flirting and I’ll be paraded around as a nice little Halloween treat, they can enjoy later at the corn maze.

Some of my slutty girlfriends will be tagging along too. We all share the same love for cock and cum. We have the mentality of the more the better, but it’s never enough.

What say you? Does this sound like an event you’d like to attend? Even if you’re just a spectator and enjoy watching submissive sluts like myself get used up like cum dumpsters, then I’d say it’s guaranteed you’ll have a good time.

It can’t come soon enough. I’m such a desperate little rope bunny and I miss feeling the restraints as men take turns with my body that was built for their pleasure.


He made me his submissive whore

submissive whoreA stranger came in and made me his submissive whore. I woke up to his strong hands yanking me out of the bed by my hair this morning, he threw me on the floor and kicked me hard in the stomach just to show me who was boss. Then he tied me up and left me there helpless while he searched my house for valuables. When he came back he was unhappy, he told me that I had nothing he wanted so he was going to use me instead. I was naked and bound, there was nothing I could do to resist as he fucked all my holes so brutally hard. I tried not to cry like a bitch but it hurt so bad that I couldn’t help it and that just made him madder. He screamed at me to stop my sobbing but I couldn’t so he wrapped his hands around my neck and squeezed until I passed out. I woke up bloody and sore but alive. I found a note saying he would be back tho so I don’t know what to do now.

Cock Sucking Weekend

cock worshiping

My Master took me to a swinger’s party this weekend and I am still sore from Friday night. He had me tied up on a stage at one point and every man there took turns fucking my little whore mouth.

Just imagine spending hours getting your face completely rammed and crammed full of thick cock, repeatedly. Is that something you’d enjoy witnessing, partaking in or having done to you as well? I’m ever so curious. Do you ever find yourself desperately craving cock? Or are you satisfied with just watching a submissive whore like myself take it down her throat?

Either way, I can’t seem to get enough. I fucking love sucking cock. I love drinking cum. Licking up ever mess that I make.

I love it when my Master takes me to these parties and rewards me with copious amounts of cum. At the end of the night he reminds me that he only does this to reward me for my good behavior for the week. How would you reward me? Or if you’re a cock sucker like me, how would you like to be rewarded?

Don’t leave out any details!

Scat Phone Sex The Milf Torture Series

scat phone sex

It was the nastiest scat phone sex story I had. He wanted all the smelly shit details. I gave him everything he wanted. My husband gave me some castor oil while I was pregnant and waited for the cramps to start before, he put me through a play session. I begged him not to touch my ass. I really thought something was wrong! When the ass hook came out, I nearly screamed no! I was begging and crying now. He asked what was wrong as he laughed and I screamed I must shit sir! He laughed and told me to hold it in. My ass was penetrated with the hook and my ass exploded with the biggest amount of shit I ever had. He told me what a filthy whore I was and made me eat the shit that had spattered on him. And then turned and took the biggest dump in my mouth and made me eat it. I was a pregnant submissive slut laying on the floor holding my belly and covered in stinky brown shit as I kept emptying more and more brown poop from my body. That will teach me to buy new brat clothes without permission. I am a toilet whore owned and made to be your nasty milf scat slave. Can you do worse?

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