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Submissive slut Mommy Jessica

submissive slut

I became my son’s submissive slut, fuck toy because of him blackmailing me. One night, I was getting ready to go out to a party when my son walked into my room. He asked where I was going and why I was dressed the way I was. I started to tell him some made up story about going out with some friends when he cut me off. He started telling me that he knew what a nasty cum slut I am. He said that unless I wanted to lose everything in a divorce then I better do what he said or he would tell his Daddy everything. He pulled out his cock and told me to start sucking him. When I hesitated for a second, he slapped me and shoved me down on his dick. He was ramming it into my mouth and telling me that I was his slut now and that he owned me. At first I was in shock but the more he degraded me and told me what a nasty bitch I was, the more turned on I was getting. He made me spread my legs and show him my whore cunt and then he degraded me even more for being wet and turned on. He made me bend over and beg him to fuck my asshole and made me beg him to lick my shit off of his dick afterwards. He brought men over to fuck me that had massive, thick cocks and would slap me if I whimpered while they were ripping me open and pounding my slut holes. I was left with my gaped open holes, oozing cum and my son telling me what a nasty, embarrassing cum dump whore I was even though I didn’t have a choice. My son is out of town right now so you could own this submissive, cum lover for the night. I promise to do whatever I’m told.


Gangbang Bondage whore for BBC

Submissive whoreI’ve always been a cumwhore since grade school..  I got gangbanged by 5 black guys my first time ever fucking. I was dating one of them and wound up fucking all of them. It was my first time ever smoking weed, I was tripping out and I guess they seen it as a perfect opportunity to stretch my virgin hole.

I wouldn’t say I was forced because I went back for more and more. The first time they gangbanged me I woke up bound and gagged.. I guess they were nervous about gangbanging a little white girl.. They had no idea what I was going to do or say and none of them wanted to jeopardize getting locked up.. I woke up over one of their knees receiving bare bottom spankings..

They threatened me and told me if I said a word they would do what needed to be done to a big mouth skeezer, by any means necessary… I became their gangbang submissive slut!  I got off on the thrill of having them assault and “force” me into submission.. I went along wit it every time.. I always acted very timid and would do anything to favor their needs.

Submissive slut

I started watching S&M porn, which gave me more ideas.. I would stop by Spencer’s on weekends and pick up a bunch of bondage toys.. I would go down to their hangout spot and bring torture tools for them to use on me, to keep me tamed. They totally enjoyed treating me like a skank whore and stretching my pink hole.. Eventually we graduated and parted ways..


I milked master right he let me sleep at the foot of the bed

Cock worshiping is what I naturally do for my master. Getting on my knees and rubbing his cock all over my face made me o excited i was hopping my master would just fuck me. but it is never about me, it is all about the master. So when he told me to open my mouth wide, I did. I closed my eyes picturing his cock entering my mouth but instead I felt a warm stream. I opened my eyes and he was pissing right into my mouth. I made sure to swallow it all and when I missed some my master slapped me hard. He then bent over and spread his ass and told me to be ready for Prostate milking. I sat on my face while pulling and twisting on my nipples hard. I let out a whimper but it didn’t matter my face was in his ass until he was ready to cum, he grabbed my head and sprayed my face. He wasn’t done with me yet, he stuffed his sock into my mouth. My master spanked my ass hard with his belt making sure to let off all steam. My ass was soon sore, red and full of welts but my master was happy. I did so good he let me sleep on the foot of his bed.

Cock worshiping

Bare Bottom Spankings: Flagellation Makes Me Scream!

Bare Bottom SpankingsFlagellation is a craving that only the best submissive sluts have on their mind. The feeling of bare bottom spankings or being flogged by leather tendrils as punishment for things I have done wrong makes my pussy literally pulsate with joy, hovering right on the verge of blowing my own nut. Paddles deal just as much painful pleasure across the perfection of my milky white rump. The ones with the holes are the best for wind resistance. They allow Master to cut across me with fierce might as he slams across my bare bottom over and over. Sometimes silence is preferred when it comes to taking my punishing blows. Other times I am made to count them out so that Master understands that I know that each and every one is for being bad. However, no matter how hard and how strong the swings are I crave spankings across my bare ass.

Slave Training at the Cartels farm

Slave Training Slave training for me and my oldest daughters is going well. We are drug mules for our new master. I was surprised at how easy it was for us to be sold to the highest bidder. And this new Master is a fucked up son of a bitch who has no mercy! See, my daughters are not looking forward to being tied down to the breeding bench at the farm. We had been trafficking dope by swallowing rubber balloons filled with a little toe tag dope; and black tar. But we had been busted at the border and now were under the hands of the Cartel. The balloons had leaked and both of my young tight bitches were high. I knew this would happen I have been scared for months about my girls tasting some of that dope and becoming addicted to the shit.

I have to obey my master as he commands me to tie them down. Asses and pussies in the air for a four-legged farm fuck! My girls are begging to be let up, But they won’t get another hit until they perform for these brutal horny men. That’s right It’s Rodeo Time, fucking young women up the ass and pussy with a huge four-legged swinging engorged beast cock. As the four-leggeds come out they are snorting and pawing at the ground. They smell my daughter’s sex and it doesn’t take long for the handlers to get them mounted on my daughter. Master slaps me as they cry out for me and I cry out for them! Now he bends down and shoves a huge butt plug in my ass with no lube on top of a Tab of dope. Mommies going to get really high and watch as my daughters are ripped apart by a braying beast! I don’t get tied down over my bench, I am of my own free will because I am a fucked up bitch who just wants something in her pussy!

Caning My Fake Tits and Pussy

Extreme fetish phone sex


Don’t you like the way my skin on my chest glows and my fat pussy peeks out of my little thong? Why don’t you pull down my pants and pick up your cane? Get that wooden cane in your hands and start beating me. My tits are so big and fake that I bet you could pop them if you hit me hard enough. My labia is so big and so tender it is extremely painful when you hit me there. Tears are running down my face as you strike my nipple and pussy, making sure to rub my clit so that it’s hard so you can hit it too. I am such a pain slut that I beg for more even though I can barely stand what you are giving me. My skin is turning purple and my legs are shaking as you continue to beat me harder. Pop my fake tits with all of your might. Beat them until they are purple just like my pussy. 

Bondage and submission is what this Submissive whore

 My master was away for business and I was craving some Bondage and submission. My body is used to my master tying me up and spanking me every night, some nights harder than the other. I was horny and wanted to be used so much so I found a guy on the phone line to be my substitute master and come over. When he walked in he slapped me because I didn’t greet him on my knees. The sting sent a tingle down to my pussy and I got on my knees and begged him for more. He slapped me again and pulled his cock out to give me a golden shower. He wanted me to smell like him in every way. Once he released all his piss on me he had me suck on his limp pissy dick until it was hard and swollen. That is all he needed, he tied me up to the bed and took his belt off. He spanked my body and ass with his belt as he slid his hard meat into my cunt. If i wasn’t such a big Submissive whore i wouldn’t have enjoyed getting my ass hit with the belt so hard over and over. But I am, so my pussy dripped with every moment the belt hit me. He was  excited from whipping me with the belt. When he put his belt around my neck and pulled it tight I squirted all his cock. Knowing I enjoyed him using me and feeling how much he made me cum made him fill me up with all his thick semen.

Bondage and submission

Learned to love Prostate milking

At first my master would have to force me to give him some Prostate milking. He would have to first tie me up and I would fight and get beat like a little punk bitch. He would stop until I would give up and l finally stuck my tongue far enough to give him the best rim job. Now as soon as my master takes me out my cage and ties me up my cunt drips. It drips knowing I will get to taste my master’s ass and cock and if I am lucky he will feed me a big load of semen. Last night he was riding my face so hard I could barely breathe and my lips were going numb. My master didn’t care and kept going faster pushing my tongue deeper into his ass. When he was about to come he turned around and slapped me with his hard meat and blasted his load all over my face. Some splashed up my nose and I couldn’t take a breath. He just laughed and turned me around to give my ass Bare bottom spankings until I pissed myself. Before I went back into my cage, I had to make sure to lick all my mess up off the floor like an animal. 

Prostate milking

XXX bondage corrupts the mind of men

Submissive whoreMy diamond butt plug got sucked up inside of my gaping ass.. I needed a colonoscopy to find it.. How did it get there? Well, I met up with some guy off a dating app.. What? I was horny! Don’t be so judgmental.. Anyway, He had a big long 13 inch cock that he stretched my asshole with.. I thought it would be a bright idea to have my ass prepped with my diamond butt plug before he got there.. Only to be dragged by my hair and name called for being a provocative cum slut all over the web. He said women like me, disgust him!

He told me I am nothing but  a degenerate whore, who lives to corrupt the minds of men. He didn’t meet up with me at a motel 6 to please me in anyway. Instead he left me there to suffer like a worn out Submissive whore… He handcuffed me to the bedpost and ripped his massive cock through my asshole with absolutely no lube. He shoved my anal plug 13 inches deep into my ass.. No matter how hard I tried digging my hand forearm deep in there, I could not get a grip of my slimy coated shimmering silver plug.

I was left there for 24 hours in agony trying to get my left hand out of a steel cuff.. I was finally freed when room service found me completely naked. Just my luck, it was a man who did turn out to be a gentlemen.. Even though he giggled as he snipped my cuffling with bolt cutters. I had to explain to the emergency room that I was doing a bit of Submissive slut roleplay and got my plug stuck. On the bright side its out.. But, my asshole is soo fucking sore.. I am not supposed to get my asshole stretched for 6 weeks.. Knowing me, I cant resist! Who’s going to force me into Bondage and submission and be my sorry ass excuse for ripping out my stitches? 

Submissive Whore in the Office, on the Phone and In Life

submissive whoreI am a submissive whore in the office and out of the office too. I only work two days a week in master’s law office because he is mostly retired. Some days, he summons me to the office when there is no work to be done. Well, no legal work to be done. Yesterday, was Sunday, but he summoned me to work. He told me to wear a sexy outfit but look professional. I knew this meant we would not be alone in the office. He likes to watch me with other men. I may hate it, but I do it. I am a good slave. Master had a client in the office. A very rich client who was not certain he wanted my master to take his case. Doing the wills and trusts for this guy would be very financially rewarding. I was the bait to sweeten the deal. Not the first time that master has pimped me out to get a client. Since, I get some of the profit, I never mind being a submissive sex slave to land a big client. This guy was young, well younger than master. He was horny as fuck too. He has a wife, and a lot of fuck trophies, but he still had the energy to fuck the shit out of me in front of my master. He bent me over the desk and spanked my ass first. He told master before he fucks a worthless slave’s ass, he likes to give it a good beating. He shoved his cock in my ass raw too. He was neither small nor thin, so it hurt. He choked me as he fucked my ass. Master watched and stroked his old dick. I did not cry or fight. I had one job and that was to land this client with my ass and cunt for master. I was in pain, but I took it. I am a good submissive slut. Master got the account. I got a hardcore ass fucking and an ass beating. But master is pleased, so that is all that matters.