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Submissive slut Worships Muscles

He has such massive muscles and I am such a Submissive slut to him. He was invited to dinner by my Father the other night. My daddy is a buff man that competes in body builder competitions. This guy Ronnie was another guy in the competition and was a World champion. Daddy wanted me to be a slut and worship this black beast body of Ronnies while he watched us. I was to peel that g-string down to expose that man meat that was as beastly and Monstrous as his glistening black body. He had these biceps that were massive and the peaks on them were 3 fucking inches! I was so amazed in how he could flex for me and I let him tear my sweet little white girl pussy up for him. I was really special to get to eat his ass too! I am such a weak submissive for such a strong black beast of a man.

Submissive slut

You understand that as a Sub slut I am always going to be controlled by someone. I think it would be amazing to be a slave to this black beast of a man. I have been my daddy’s slave for as long as I remember. I give the best rim jobs and am a great cock sucker. I will lick the sweat off of his big pulsating muscles and suck his sweaty balls after his routine. I will lick his sweaty ass crack and do whatever new master body builder wants of me. I am his toy. I am hear for his pleasure and he can use me for his lifting stretches also. I have no shame being a bondage whore for championship body builders. I love their big upper bodies and small waists it makes me hot and horny. You can be my muscle man.

Bondage phone sex

Home Invasion

Bondage whore I opened the door and all I saw was a rag on my face, the next thing I know I woke naked hog tied and blind folded on the floor. I heard a voice tell me how he will be using me in any way he wants until his balls are nice and empty. Every time I moved the rope got tighter on my pussy and around my thighs. Before I could try to flip over a big fat cock was shoved in my mouth. He took a hand full of hair and used it to move my head just like he wanted, he played with his balls while shoving his dick deeper and then I felt it the pulse of the cum rushing up his dick and into my mouth he held me there until every dropped was going down my throat. I thought it was all over until I felt his fingers push right into my pussy, as scared as I was it felt so good him digging deep inside me, I felt my pussy getting wet. I was wanting him to fuck me by now the rope rubbing on my skin the taste of his cum in my mouth I started feeling like a bitch in heat. I begged him to fuck me to please make me cum, I heard a laugh and with one plunge he was balls deep inside me. Pump after pump I felt the rope burn me in different spots it felt so good, I let out a moan and came all over his dick, my pussy pumped on his and he started pumping in me holding my hips in place. He untied my feet I waited for a few minutes hoping he was going to finish untying me, but it was dead silent. I managed to remove the blind fold. I looked around but there was no one around. 

abusable, submissive whore

submissive whoreI have always been and will always be a nasty, filthy, usable and abusable, submissive whore. Ever since I was a sweet little young thing, men have been forcing themselves on me.

The truth?

I’ve always fucking enjoyed it! My pussy drips knowing that I’m worth so little they just treat me and my fuck holes like property. My Daddy started it all! He used to let the doctor touch up on my young, innocent body. It always made Daddy so hard to watch me cry and beg those big, strong men in authority roles take advantage and violate my body.

My cunt never felt so alive! My mouth says no, but my body says yes! Daddy still likes to watch it happen. He sets up Bondage and submission events all the time where I’m the center of entertainment and attention.

My little ones and I use my P Mommy pussy to get everything Daddy wants! Our little fuck holes sure do get Daddy a pretty penny. All it gets us is used like the cum dumpster trash we are.

Don’t you want to get that cock of yours wet too, Sir?

Slut In Need Of Slave Training

slave training

I wasn’t always a good submissive whore. My Master, Tomas, had to give me a lot of slave training when he first took me on as his slave.  As he likes to say, I had quite a strong will and a stubborn streak. It’s still there, deep down, but Master made sure that I obey him or else I would get substantial punishment. It was easy for him to punish me at first – all it took was a little bit of physical pain and I was ready to obey every order that he gave me. But now, as time has gone on, I’ve become a bit of a pain slut and he has to get creative.

What would you do to a pain slut who needed to be punished? Master Tomas has had to think outside the box. The thing that will really get me to behave more quickly than anything is the threat of denying me an orgasm. He knows I need his cock inside me and he knows I need to cum. So, if I get out of line, that’s what he does. But of course, it’s not just denial. He teases me a LOT and then tells me no. What punishment would you give to a disobedient whore? How would you train me?

Good Slut

Tie me up and let me show you how much of a good whore I am. After you tie me up, I’ll be at your dispose, use my mouth make me gag, make me drink up all your cum like a cum guzzling slut. I love when you paddle me and whip me until my pussy is dripping and skin is red. I’ll be a good girl and not resist so you can reward me by playing with my pussy and fingering my ass. I won’t resist when you choke me and make me lick your ass, it gets me excited to have you use my tongue for your pleasure I am your slut to do as you please. I want to suck your balls until I feel them tighten up and get ready to burst, but I know you won’t stop until you get to pound me raw. When you are ready you will lick my ass and with one hard pump you will shove your hard throbbing dick deep in my ass. I will fuck you back and take it as much as I can because I know you love that; I won’t stop until I hear your moans get louder and feel your hands wrap around my neck, with a few more hard pumps you fill me up with your hard dripping cum and it will drive me over the edge I won’t help it but squirt all over the place.  

Submissive slut

Your Submissive Valentine

Submissive SlutValentine’s day, the day that your slut should do exactly what you crave and desire. If she doesn’t, then you know who will, don’t you? I present to you. I’m the perfect submissive Valentine. You want to be sucked and fucked, easily done. However I feel that you don’t want something so simple. No, make me scream, make me choke, make me beg for mercy under your control. I’m just a slut, treat me as such this Valentine’s day. Don’t bring me chocolates, or flowers. Just bring your hard cock, and balls filled with cum. Bring the whips, rope, toys, nipple clamps, and torture devices! Here I am waiting and willing. I know that I’m that slut who should be thankful to be able to have a cock like yours to serve this Valentine’s day.

Submissive Slut Needs to Be Used

submissive slutI love being a submissive slut. I can get sassy sometimes, but it is not because I am a switch. It is because I am wanting more pain. My master understands me, but men I meet off fetishes sites rarely do. They think I am just playing a role, but I am broken bitch and a lifestyle submissive. I have been broken since the late 80s and early 90s. I start to feel guilty about cheating on my master with younger, more capable men during this quarantine, so I egg them on when they mistake me for someone who wants playful spanking. Sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires. Last night, it worked. I was with this much younger man I met on a fetish site. He said he wanted to hurt a milf. I thought he had like rape phone sex fantasies but when he arrived, he acted more like we were on a first romantic date. I wanted 50 Shades of Gray, not a romantic comedy. He brought flowers and wine. Ugh. This boy just had the hots for a milf. I wanted spanked. I wanted rough sex. I wanted degraded and treated like the whore I am. I did not want to be wooed. I do deserve that. I tried pushing his buttons. I asked him where the man I spoke to online went. I gave him some good coke I had stashed for special occasions. My master would beat me senseless if he knew I was partying, even occasionally. He would beat me if he found out I was fooling around with such a young boy too. Once high, he started to find that bad ass I was hoping for. I got mouthier and he pulled my hair and shut me up with his cock. Once his dick was hard, he ravaged my asshole. He finally started fucking me like the submissive whore I am. Do not mistake me men. I am a submissive. It is just that sometimes I need to push some men to treat me like the worthless whore I am.

Bondage whore Loves Prostates

bondage whoreThe master has a lesson planned for this bondage whore and I have to pay heed. Master has discovered how pleasurable prostate massage is, and I have the enjoyment of mastering the skill from master what prostate milking is all about. A pair of cute little black pantyhose and a cute little lacy bra were placed on me. My collar is locked firmly around my neck, Nipple clamps on and tightened all the way down. Ball gag on and leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. A pair of black fishnet pantyhose and a lacy bra were my costume!  I am not allowed to move or speak freely while being in service.  As always I must pay attention Master hates to repeat himself!  As soon as she is done showing me I will have a demonstrative quiz to guarantee that I learned well. If I don’t pass I know that I will be punished so I must pay close attention. I am such a good whore. When my master says jump I enjoy doing whatever he tells me to do. I will suck his cock for hours  and tongue and finger fuck his tight ass!  I have even pulled sand filled balloons out of his ass before I pleasure his prostate! I will still get the welts and stings from his hands as he gives me the bare bottom spankings after he shoots his load into my mouth! I welcome bare bottom spankings any time! Spankings make my pussy so wet! 

I Love Rape phone sex fantasies

When I get asked what my favorite roleplays are I really must admit the truth. The truth is that I love Rape phone sex fantasies. Seriously this dirty little bratty sub slut is easily excited by that nasty hot fun. My pussy being violated with a big fat cock. The forceful shoving into a non lubricated hole. The ripping of my vagina and the feeling of great pain. That is only the beginning. This is not even the worst part yet. Fuck no, the worst is that taking of my gaping ass. This is again intense fucking pain. No fucking lube just a little lubed up from the blood of my ripped pussy. I scream in agony as I am being violently violated. The shear insane pain is something I learned to turn into pleasure. I close my eyes and put myself elsewhere and just lose myself. I am having my hair pulled or my face shoved into a pillow. I am being strangled in some of my favorite fantasies.

Rape fantasy phone sex

That fantasy rape gets more intense when there are possibly two or three accomplices. Sometimes I think about one being a woman. Women are so fucking evil and mean to other women. Like the bitch would really know how to make me hurt. Fisting my tender bleeding holes and spitting in my face. I know such a mean bitch would pull my hair and yank me around worst than any man. I know she would put on those wrestler moves and force me to eat her ass. Women fantasy rapists are cruel.

The mere thought of a couple taking me, violating and humiliating is hot to me. I have experienced such with my brother and his wife. She had found out about the way they all dominate and use me and wanted a part of it. She is family so I am rightfully her property as well as the men in my family, and of course my mother’s.

Drowning In Load After Load

Bukkake phone sexIt was just a little after the sun was coming up when I was dragged out of bed by my hair to satisfy his dripping cock. From the smell I could tell he was coming back from a night of fucking other women. I was just an afterthought. He dragged me letting the carpet burn set in as he didn’t even let me until my feet dragged me across it. The carpet burned across my ass and legs until he finally stopped and tossed me into a group of his friends. They all grabbed me forcing my arms back and my head up to look at him. The pussy smell off his cock was strong as he started rubbing it all over my face as they held me still. “No be a good bitch, open and clean!”.  

They snickered around me as I opened my mouth, tasting the taste of other women’s cunts that just moments ago were bouncing up and down all over his cock. Now it’s my turn to clean it all up. Licking along the sides while his friends called whore, useless, pathetic cleaning up the sloppy seconds. Soon he just grabbed my face and shoved it deep into my throat gagging me with it as he shot his last load, when he finished he just slapped me and his friends to do whatever they wanted. Leaving me to be stuffed, my throat wrecked by all them shooting load after load. Cum was all I tasted for hours.

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