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He Owns Me

submissive whoreHe came home and was in a festive mood. Off work for the rest of the week and ready to party. I heard him on the phone inviting some of his friends over. I knew what that meant. That meant that I would be the entertainment for the evening. My body would be theirs, to do with what they pleased. I didn’t even wait for him to instruct me, I immediately got dressed in the hot maid outfit he loves. I then waited at the edge of the bed for him. He walked in and his eyes glazed over. He was infuriated with me. Firmly he told me how I belong to him and that I was NEVER to assume anything and that I must be enjoying myself.

He pushed his fingers inside my exposed cunt, and I was soaking wet. He pulled them out and pushed them down my throat. This is what a slut tastes like. A disobedient whore. He grabbed me by my hair and drug me down the stairs. He attached me to the cross and put the Hitachi wand on my clit. He turned it on high and left me. Let’s see how you enjoy yourself now he told me. The orgasms continued on and on for an eternal amount of time. Tears ran from my face with the pain. The party didn’t start for hours, and he had no intention of releasing me. As his friends started to arrive, he spit on my face and told them to enjoy themselves. Nothing was off limits tonight.

Rope Bunny Loves To Play

submissive whoreI love when Master gets to experiment with me! He uses new toys, new techniques, and new names on me all of the time. It feels good as fuck too! He wraps me up in all of his favorite rope until I’m dangling like his prized trophy before shoving his tongue, or his cock, or a toy deep into my tight little, wet cunt! He will always have me cumming for him. I could be screaming his name and he won’t let me cum without his permission, he likes to make me and watch me suffer, just for him as he plays with my slutty body! Cum and join him baby, be my Daddy with my Master! Do whatever you want to me!

Submissive whore Jessica

submissive whore

I’m craving a creamy cum shot tonight and need your help. My son isn’t going to be able to visit me again until after the holidays. It’s been so long since I’ve been dominated and used as his worthless, submissive whore. I want to be your nasty slut tonight and let you use me in every way imaginable! I know my place and promise to serve your every need or desire with my tight, hot fuck holes. I can be used in any position but my dirty, cum dump cunt gets soaking wet when you bend me over and ram that hard dick in my asshole. I want you to slam my pussy and make me ask for permission to cum all over your rock hard dick. After you use my whore holes, put me on my knees so that you can soak me like a dirty piss slut! I’m all alone tonight and need your cock more than ever!


Sub Slut Takes Master’s Cock

Submissive Whore

I gave my master a wonderful surprise when he came home from work today! I dressed in his favorite lingerie after doing all my chores. I licked everything clean and made his snacks while I waited at the door on my knees. He saw how pleasantly happy I was needing him. He ordered me to head to the playroom and I did so. Still waiting on my knees, he came in and began playing with my body. We used a few new tools and toys for some practice and to really get him hard! Then I took his cock down my throat and acted as his little useless whore! What would Master do without his little cock sucker!? Cum and try me out too!

Phone Sex Specials For Selling Slut Subs

Phone Sex Specials

Master makes me sell myself on the phone sex sites. He says I don’t need to advertise, just keep my little journal and the perverted sadists will cum. And they do come, come to use and abuse my broken slutty body. They want to not only use me as their literal whipping bitch but also as the cum dumpster they never dreamed of. I “escaped” sex trafficking but it never really leaves you baby, does it? No, that shit sits in your core and does what it did to me – turned me into a masochistic little whore. I need to hurt if I’m going to cum. I need to feel suffering and pain, or that orgasm will never ever be mine. And it shouldn’t be; all of me belongs to men.

dedicated submissive slut

Submissive slutAs your dedicated submissive slut I was at your feet. You had a long hard day and your feet needed much attention. I slip off your shoes and socks, rubbing fist and then clicking your souls. I show devotion and help keep your feet clean. Everything I do is meant to serve. I look up at you stroking your cock for me and see how pleased you are with me. You tell me you need to shit and I follow on my hands and knees. This isn’t just a BDSM scene for us, this is the day to day life of a slave. A devoted to cleaning you ass with her tongue slave. The Kind of submissive whore who will blow you before and after she washes every inch of your skin in the shower. Also the slave who will be put on the rack and spanked mercilessly just because you feel I need sporadic discipline to stay as submissive as I am. I cant afford to fuck up, because I am older now and new slaves, might not be as obedient, but we all know a Milf whore is easy to replace, my skill set isn’t, but my pussy and ass are used in any way you need them to be, and I never have any objections. It wouldn’t matter if I did though…

He Made Sure To Show Me I’m Just For Using

Golden shower phone sex

He ripped my panties off as my whimpers were muffled by the gag he tied into my mouth. He spanked my bare bottom as he told me I’m his property and I will soon be getting a warm surprise. That is when he unzipped his pants and started pissing all over me, giving me a warm golden shower. Seeing me drenched in his piss turned him on because he shoved his hard pissy cock in my mouth. He continued fucking my throat until I gaged and couldn’t breathe. After his cock was slippery from the throat fucking he gave me, he shoved it deep in my cunt. He made sure to fuck me into the ground pounding my face on the floor with every stroke. His big cock was starting to feel good when he pulled it out and shoved it in my ass. I yelped out and he just laughed telling me I am just a slut to be fucked in every hole and I must take it. That is when I felt his cock filling me up with his thick creamy nut. When he finished, he got up and told me I was to stay that way until he was ready for more 

Submissive Whore Knows She Is Just A Cum Dumpster

I was tied up and gaged as he paddled me with his big wooden paddle, I could feel the welts forming on my skin. He loves hearing my muffled whimpers as he hits me over and over it makes his cock hard knowing I am his property, and he can do as he wants with me.

Cum slut phone sex

He rips my panties off and gives me one good paddle on my ass and pussy, making my skin burn. That makes his cock twitch, he shoves his cock deep in my cunt. He pounds me hard and fast making my cunt sorer after the paddle he gave me, he loves watching my body twitch. As he continues to fuck my cunt, he sticks his fingers in my ass making sure to use my holes hard. I’m just his cum dumpster and that is all I will ever be. Something for him to use and fuck until he dumps his cum all over me or all in me. He pounds me hard and finally he erupts deep inside my cunt filling me up with his gooey nit showing me all I am made for. He enjoys using his Submissive Whore cum dumpster.  

Made a Mommy Slave

rape phone sex fantasies

Do You have rape phone sex fantasies of your own mother? My son did! He knew what was going on when men would come over. My Master would make me serve cock and be a slut for his friends. I guess as my son started to smell the sweat on his balls, he wanted to take mommies pussy and ass as well. He would come up to me at inopportune times trying to catch a feel of my breast and ass. I would try to shoo him away. Yes, my own father had turned me out, but that was many years ago, and he was doing it for my own benefit! This was my son, born from me, I couldn’t just give myself to him. Plus he was young and untrained in the arts of dominance. My haughty attitude got me in trouble though. He was on the wrestling team and much stronger than I anticipated. He had enough of a whore like me denying him. I found myself on the laundry room floor being tied up with my own panties as he forced his cock in my whore mouth. I tried to fight, that seemed to only make him more aroused! BY the time my own son pulled apart my legs, he knew I liked him taking control of me. My milf phone sex pussy was dripping wet as my son took what he wanted from his mommy whore!milf phone sex

I Will Be Used

submissive slutTonight, is his Christmas party for his perverted friends and I will be entertaining all of them. I prepare for the night making sure I am soft and smooth, and everything is cleared out. Don’t want to disappoint them with any mishaps. I put on the outfit he has picked for me. Black thigh highs and heels and a hot fuzzy corset and nothing else. I fix my hair and makeup and head downstairs. They have been partying for hours now. Liquor and pills and blow, any type of party favor you can imagine is available to them. Porn plays on all screen and in the center of the room is a pony, table, ropes, whips, and everything they need to please themselves.

There is silence as I walk in and go to my designated place. I kneel down and look at the floor waiting for him. He walks over and lifts my head and smacks me across the face. Look boys, it is our real-life blow-up doll that we are going to destroy tonight. No need to be gentle, the bitch likes it rough. My pussy pulsates at these words as he kicks me on to all fours. He smacks my ass a few times and grabs a giant candy cane. He pulls me apart and sticks it in. My juices start to flow, and he laughs harder and rams the candy cane inside me further. I gasp and they line up to have their way with me. What would you do to me first?

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