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Spanking Phone Sex Master

spanking phone sex

Hello, Master. I know that you caught me sucking cock without your permission, but I’m sorry. I tried to resist, but it was just so big and juicy that I could not help myself. I know I’ll probably get spanked for saying this, but I don’t think it’s fair, Master, that you would introduce me to big dicks and turn me into a cock whore and then get mad at me when I follow my natural instincts. Still, I know that I’m going to be in trouble because I didn’t ask your permission before letting that man fuck my whore mouth. I know that my mouth and the rest of me belongs to you.

Are you going to spank me, or will it be worse than that, Master? I am sure you’ll tie me up and use me in all kinds of ways. Maybe you will invite your friends over and let them abuse me, too. I am sure my nipples and all of my holes will be sore by the time you’re done with me. I guess I deserve whatever punishment you dish out, Master. I’ll be here, ready and expecting you to call me for spanking phone sex.

Fucked By A Machine

BDSM chat

My master gave me a great treat, he brought a sex machine for me to get fucked by. I was tied up and a bit elevated from the ground, and the machines bit fat cock was pointed straight up into my pussy. Before turning on the machine he flogged me. Seeing my skin with mars and red turned him on and would have him trembling. Right as my pussy started dripping from the flogging, he started the machine up. And with one plug the big fat dildo was being pushed up into me. He pushed another button and then it started vibrating. As it pumped me it is vibrated, it felt so good all I wanted to do I squirt all over but master told me I must hold it. He pushed the button again and this time the dildo was thrusting up in me faster and faster. I couldn’t take it so I begged master to please let me cum now. He screamed for me to cum hard and squirt my juices as he pushed another button and the machine was going at full speed. That night I squirted the hardest I had ever.  

MILF Phone Sex Submissive

milf phone sexMILF phone sex submissives are in high demand. I put an ad out on Fet Life last week and the only guys answering my ad were much younger men with rape fantasies for mommy. My own son will not admit it, but he has rape fantasies for his mother too. I had a lot of young men to choose from to play with first. I went with Zachary. He is a 22-year-old college boy who told me I looked just like his mother. She is a busty redhead too. We texted back and forth for a few hours before we agreed to hook up. His mother cock teased him up until he left for college. She never let him fuck her and even punished him severely for masturbating after she would walk around the house half naked.  He wanted to explore a mother son role play with me. It was more like violent rape phone sex fantasies for mommy. When he arrived he wasted no time getting into character. He slapped me against the face and called me a whore. He told me he was all grown up now and his days of being cock teased were over. His hand was against my throat as he ripped my clothes off. I was pleading for mercy, but not really, LOL. I was in character and loving it. He ripped mommy’s panties off and jammed his fingers in my cunt dry. Before long, he had his entire fist in my pussy as he was choking me. He was spitting in my face and calling me names like whore and slut. I do not think my pussy had ever been wetter. He fucked my pussy and ass. He smacked me around and humiliated me too. Turns out I love being a mommy submissive whore. Do you have rape fantasies for mommy too?

Punish And Humiliate Me

submissive whore


Are you looking for some fun today? Maybe those deep dark fantasies that fill your head when it is quiet are creeping into a reality for you. You know what I have been thinking about today baby? You. You are being cruel and harsh and making me your little obedient bitch. I want you to degrade and humiliate me and punish me if I tell you no. I want you to spank my bare bottom until it is bright red and I beg and plead for you to stop. Tie me up and put nipple clamps on my breasts and pull until them are red and ripping and little streams of blood from them. Spread my legs and tie a want to my clit and laugh as I orgasm over and over again. So much that tears run from eyes they hurt so bad. But you don’t care at all do you? You are just getting started. I talked back and now it is time for my punishment. Humiliation hurts the worst so you attach my collar and leash and dress me as slutty as you can. Then you lead me to the car and to the mall and restaurants. Making me service all the men and women you command me too. Then you take me to the local homeless camp and smile as they form a line in front of me.

I earned it!

female bondage

I earned my Masters cum load! Being A female bondage slave for so many years means Master ups his game from time to time and has put me through the most brutal courses know to a sex slave. There are ways to make me beg for his cum like no other. One of them is for him to fuck a nice young slut in front of me and make me jealous. Thrown on the bed in a hog tie like a useless piece of baggage, I felt discarded. 

I saw that young tight bodied slave working his cock with her mouth as he berated me and told me how good of a cock sucker she was. I almost fell off the bed moaning and begging with my body. The ball gag was pushed in tight. I wanted nothing more to show him how much I needed to please him. And when he had her crawl on the bed so he could fuck her right in front of me I thought I would die. I watched her face as she thought she would be getting a cock in her sweet puss. Instead he went straight into her ass and her face told me she wasn’t ready for anal play. I began to laugh behind my ball gag, which pissed the master off and he removed it.  He said I needed more slave training, but I didn’t expect the younger female slave he was vetting to be released and told to please me! I Knew what he wanted as I forced her up and made her eat my milf cunt and told her what a disrespectful whore she was. She was trash to a man like my master as I put my ass in the air and pushed her head to my piss hole! I pissed in her mouth as My Master entered me from behind and fucked my shit hole. I got his cum as I filled her mouth with my warm golden piss! Then he gave me the belt and I whipped her so hard I got a second load in my juicy wet pussy! I made this want a be slave eat my Masters cum out of me too! I mean, I earned his cum she should share it with me!slave training

I’m your bdsm doll

Bare Bottom Spankings

Ever since I was a little one I had always dreamed and imagined what it would be like to be someones forever sex slave. I’ve been touching myself for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a wet and horny pussy ready for anything to be shoved inside of it. I started by sending slutty pictures to older guys online to becoming their little online submissive slave. I follow all my rules and take my punishments like a good whore. Need me to wait in position all day while I stay completely naked for you? I’ll keep my butt plug deep in my ass and nipple clamps down tight and when you finally come home my pussy will be dripping and ready for you to yank these clamps off my whore tits and to fill me up with that sweet load I’ve been craving to taste! Need to shut me up because I scream too loud while your force yourself into my ass I have the perfect pretty purple gag to keep in my mouth while you do! It’s your turn to have me as your perfect sex slave!

Cum eating phone sex Milf

cum eating phone sex What your magnificent Master cock needs is a come eating phone sex milf to serve you! The art of cum eating is something this mature sexy slave knows all about. The end game for brutal face fuck is for your slave to hold her tongue out and swallow each and every last drop of your thick semen. Your hands in my hair are pulling roughly back, slapping your face with that thick hard cock. It all starts with a pre-cum drip. Seeing how much your completely cock worshipping submissive wants to taste her master. It’s even better, it’s untied up so tight that I can’t feel my arms and legs anymore. The blood has drained and left me only thinking of your cum in my throat. When this slave milf  finally gets you to cum, after sputtering and gagging on your cock, it’s pure bliss for me. The only thing would be better is that you’ve called my daughter in here and you make me spit your baby batter into her mouth. It’s okay for me for I know she’s next in line to be your willing submissive. 

A Whore For A Superior Man

BDSM chat


I see you are a man who understands man are more superior. I’m a filthy cum whore who is meant to serve you and be bred. Clean up after you and get fucked and used in any way you want. I know this because I have been used in every way even a toilet to get pissed on. Turns me on to be used by you. When you tie me up, I know I am in a for a treat. He likes tying me up and whipping me and he has this big dildo he shoves up my wet cunt. He will pound me with it while he whips my skin over and over until he breaks the skin and I feel blood dripping down. By then he will shove his cock deep in my mouth and fuck my throat hard until I feel his balls tighten up and start letting lose in my throat. I love when he uses me as his cum dumpster.  

Trained The Right Way

This slut has been trained right!

Golden shower phone sex

Master makes me clean on my hands and knees naked. While I clean, he likes to paddle me or whip me whenever he feels like it. He might pull his cock out and make me suck it just because I’m obeying just as he likes. He will piss on the floor and make me clean it up while he fingers my pussy and makes me tell him how much I enjoy cleaning his piss. If I have didn’t clean to his liking, he will piss all over me and comes in while I shower and finger fucks my ass. I have thought about not being a submissive but I love how master disciplines me and keeps me in my place specially when he rewards me with his big fat cock. I love when he sticks it in me. Whichever hole he picks I will love it just feels good when he pounds away at me and fills me with his cum.  

Pain Slut Submissive Whore

It is not in my nature to be dominant; I am a total submissive whore. I could tell my date noticed by the way he picked what I drank and had on our date. When I went to the bathroom, he cornered me and grabbed me by my neck. As he chocked me, he told me he will use me tonight and I will love it. He isn’t wrong my pussy got excited and started getting wet.

Bare bottom spankings

When we were done with our date we caught and uber, as the master he is he picked our destination. When we got there, he blind folded me and lead me into a hotel room. As he took my blind fold off, I can see the handcuffs on the bed and the whips. It only got me more excited. After being tied up he whipped my body all over until I was red to show me who is boss and how much pain I could take. As a good submissive slut, I took all he had for me. So, he rewarded me by pushing his big fat throbbing cock in my ass. The pain it shot through my body sent me into and orgasm. All he did was keep pounding my tight asshole over and over until he filled it up. After he finished, he told me he would be fucking my asshole on command. The submissive whore in me agreed with eagerness.  

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