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Make me a proud submissive slut

submissive slutI’m a submissive slut and even my therapist takes advantage of me. I have been going to a shrink to sort out some of my feelings and my therapist happens to be a domme and has a fetish of ruining whores. She knows all my deepest dark secrets and she takes advantage of me with her exercises. My tight ass has been her punching bag lately. I assume the position and in she goes. My holes are stretched and fucked. A nice big paddle comes along for the ride and she begins to whip my clit. It is all part of her plan. I am supposed to give up all my power to her so she can carefully treat me. I have to cope with my submissive ways and transition to accept it out in public. I have always been a closeted sub. I have to ring true to who I am and with her help, I will.

Falling In Love With Latex

Erotic submissive storiesI have found that I love this stuff!  Yes it can be a pain in the ass to get it on.  Once on however, the feeling is exquisite!  There are a couple of things I have to remember though.  I have to make sure I stay very well hydrated, and that I try to stay at a constant temperature, otherwise I could over heat, and I do not want that because I really love to keep it on for a while.  If you have not tried latex yet I implore you to do so.

I think it would make a perfect gift for your submissive.  However, take them with you when you shop.  You do not want to pay a lot of money for something that fits poorly.  Ill fitting garments can cause problems.  If they are too tight, or have a wrinkle somewhere, it can cut off circulation which would cause nerve damage, it could also cause you to dangerously over heat.  I am sure you all already knew that though.

Imagine I’m there with you, wearing a form fitting, soft latex cat suit.  The way it would feel when you run your hands over it would not only feel incredible for you, but for me as well.  Plus seeing your sub in something so erotic looking wouldn’t be a bad thing for your magnificent cock either! I can completely understand why wearing Latex is a fetish in of it’s self. 

The way it feels on your skin, wow, that’s all I can, wow.  One of my friends came over not all that long ago and she saw one of my skirts.  She asked if she could try it on.  I told her sure.  I helped put it on her, but within a few minutes she started to get extremely itchy.  Instead of saying something she endured it for about forty minutes then she said she had to take it off.  It seems that my friend has a little bit of a allergy to latex and she has red bumps in the shape of the skirt on her skin for a bit.  I thought it was funny, but only after I gave her something for the allergy. 

Waiting For You

Submissive Whore Laying on my bed my cunt gushing waiting for you to walk in that door. I hear you pull up and walk into the house. My eyes widen in anticipation as you enter the bedroom. To my happy surprise, you have already stripped down and your cock is already hard for me. You waste no time grabbing me by the hair and pushing me to my knees. Your cock inches away from my mouth I open wide and you shove it deep in my mouth. You are fucking my mouth like my cunt gagging and chocking me. I drool all over your cock and down my titties. This excites you. You twist and pinch at my drool-covered nipples. My moans vibrating on your thick cock. My cunt gushes onto my thighs. I need you to cum all three of my nasty whore holes.

Prostate Milking Sub

prostate milking Prostate milking is part of my job duties. My master loves a good ball draining and according to him, sucking cock and fucking will never drain them completely. He trained me how to milk is prostate just like you might teach a woman to milk a cow. I remember the first time I milked him, I was so nervous. He was bent over my desk. I put my finger in some KY jelly and eased it in his ass. As soon as I found his prostate gland, I massaged it in a circle while stroking his cock. It was a rhythm and coordination that I have mastered over the years. That first time I drained him, I failed because I didn’t measure what I pulled from his cock. Now I know, I always have a measuring cup, so I know how much cum I pull from his prostate. Of course, I drink his cum. I am a cum guzzling whore. Now, when I milk his prostate, I have some tools I can use too. I have a prostate wand that makes my boss quiver. Have you ever had your prostate milked? I have become very skilled at it. So skilled in fact, that I list it as one of my talents on my submissive profiles. I hooked up with a guy last night who wanted a submissive slave just to milk his anal gland. I wasn’t sure what to expect since he was a stranger. He had a nice cock and huge balls. They were the biggest testicles I had ever seen. He had a certain way he wanted me to do the deed. I was on my knees in front of him. My hand was between his legs. I had never milked a prostate that way before. I soon found out why. He wanted to jizz all over my face. It was chunky, smelly jizz too. It was like his balls had not been drained in forever. I acted like it was the best thing I ever tasted because that is what a good ball drainer like me does.If you want prostate phone sex, I am your cum slave.

Submissive Sex Slave

submissive sexSubmissive sex is my forte. I have tried to be equal with some men. I have even tried to be dominant a few times. It only works for me when I am submissive. It is what I am best at doing. I have not been to the office since the holidays. Yesterday was my first official day back. My boss is a dominant man who hired me more for my submissive ways than my typing skills. I am his stress release. He bent me over my office desk after I made him coffee. I thought I was going to be spanked for using real sugar instead of Stevia. He is on that Keto diet. I guess he never realized my mistake. I didn’t dare tell him because he was sodomizing my ass for the tone of voice I used when I served him his coffee. He may have broken my arm if he knew he was consuming real sugar. He never uses lube. He dry fucks my ass so hard, it bleeds. He was pulling my hair extremely hard at the same time. Fuck, I wanted to scream, but that would piss him off further because there are other offices in the building. Once he nutted in me, he slapped my ass a few times and told me to get back to work. It hurt to sit down, so I could type, but I am a good submissive whore. I took an ass fucking then typed up his legal briefs nervous for what would happen if I didn’t type them perfectly.

I was Santa’s favorite hoe

Sexy phone chatSanta sure did have his way with my stupid submissive cunt while we had sexy phone chat together this holiday season. I was stripped down naked and forced on to the bed face down so that my pretty face was stuffed into a pillow as it smothered me. I was gasping for air but Santa would just put his hands on the back of my head and shove me deeper into the pillow so that you could hardly even hear me squirming around. Santa spread my legs open wide and shoved his rock hard horny cock into my slutty hole. It hurt so bad but it felt so good at the same time. I was nice and stretched out, so much so that there was even a little bit of blood gushing out of me. Santa spanked my juicy booty until my cheeks were bright red color, that’s exactly what I deserved! You can always find me on the naughty list!

A Drunk Fuck Toy

Slave training I just dig it when Master brings home a drunk high slut for me to play with. I love being a submissive whore to my master but I absolutely adore dominating a dumb cunt bitch. I get such a high off of fucking her making her cry and beg for mercy as I rip the shit out of her body. Master watches me as I play taking video and pictures. It makes him rock hard watching my sadistic dominating side come out of me. My favorite part is when master joins in with us and helps me torture the fresh meat laid out in front of us. I get into a trance watching master’s dick disappear in her fuck holes. My cunt muffling her screams. Master and I used her all night long turning her into our fuck toy.

Office Submissive Whore for Christmas

submissive whoreMy boss wanted a submissive whore for Christmas. I had to work yesterday. My boss wanted me in something festive for the holidays. I falsely assumed that it would be a lax day at work, but Master had plans for me. I showed up in a naughty Mrs. Clause outfit. My boss was in a suit. When he saw me, his dick got hard. I knew I was in trouble. Big trouble. The office looked so festive, but his eyes were anything but. He sat in a chair by the Christmas tree. He summoned me over. He pulled his cock out of his designer suit pants and expected some cock worshiping. I cannot say no to him. His punishment for disobedient girls is harsh. As I gagged on his dick, I heard voices. He had invited several associates to our kinky office party. I was there to service his work buddies. I should have been home cooking for my family, but I was getting gang banged and skull fucked in front of the Christmas tree. By the time they were done using this fuck slut, it looked like I had been in a snow ball fight. I was covered head to toe in jizz. My boss took some pictures of his cum dumpster secretary and joked how this image of me will be his Christmas card next year. Merry Christmas.

I got the Job

Spanking chat

I was in this freaky weird house last night with all these mirrors and leather walls and the pimp name Snowy. Snowy had like 30 bitches surrounding him they were all very scantily clad wearing negligees all different colors. These hot spicy whores all had double D tits and nice round bubble asses that look absolutely delicious. I was there to try and get a job, but I had to do more than a regular interview I had to audition as there were many girls there for the same reason. All the girls were gorgeous and exotic, to say the least, there were Brazilian girls, African girls Russian girls all sorts of beautiful girls from everywhere in the globe. Some of the girls have really fat booties nice round bubble asses some of the girls had sweet, cute little bubble asses but all of those asses were ripe and fucking hot. Snowy pointed at the girls that were his favorites, and I happened to be one of them lucky me I was so happy to go to the next step. The next step was going into a room and giving head 2 all these guys the girls that were able 2 suck cocks masterfully then moved on to the next step. Believe me, there were tricks that you had to do sucking balls going under the balls with your tongue stroking the cock shafts just so much. What determined if a girl went to the next step where two things one if you could make that cock cum a huge load and what kind of tricks that you did. Snowy didn’t say that you had to swallow the cum from the cock that you were sucking, but if you did, I found out that was going to get you to the next step. The next phase of the audition consisted of how well you fucked, took cock and rode dick. I was nervous because I had a massive 10 and 1/2 inch cock that I had to satisfy and I was afraid that the force and thickness of it would take control of me. I had to keep control of that big fat dick, so I rode it like a cowgirl I spun around and rode it reverse cowgirl style. I also put that big fat cock into my mouth and suck it and slobbered on it I made sure he was weak when I got done with him. My cum guzzling pussy was a star attraction I fucked like the sluttiest whore you could ever find and got points for it. Needless to say, I got the job, and now I am one of Snowy’s girls

Proper Public Subby Wear

Submissive Whore

I am a little bit nervous.  I have made contact with a Dom and He wanted to meet in real time.  We have spoken online a lot at a Fetish site and it is time to move onto a real time meet.  He told me to wear what ever I wanted because this will just be to see if we get along well enough to move onto a real time arrangement.  However, I am so nervous.  What if him asking me choose my own clothing is a test?  How do I choose. 

Maybe I shouldn’t be worried, but something is telling me to choose wisely.  I asked him last night what sort of things does he like for a woman to wear.  I could hear the smile in his voice when he said, “Surprise me.”  This is very important to me so I do not want to mess it up.  I need help in choosing.

What type of things do you like to see your subs in when you meet in public?  Is there something specific that all subs wear that they should never be without when out with a Dominant?  I googled some things but cannot find anything.  I was thinking of wearing some sexy lingerie under a very sexy, yet appropriate dress as the place we are going to meet is rather upscale and I do not want to embarrass him in any way.

If I wore something like stockings, and sexy lingerie would you find that appealing, or would that not be what you would be expecting for a first meet?  Please help!

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