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He said I was a shitty submissive whore

submissive whoreMy Master sent me to his friend over the holiday to be his servant and do whatever he said but he just hated me. He said that I was a shitty submissive whore, my tone wasn’t respectful enough, I didn’t look down when I spoke to him and I didn’t obey correctly. I was trying to be good but he was just so mean! He would scream at me to shut up, slap me whenever I looked up I just didn’t know what to do! Well my Master was pissed that I didn’t please that mean man so he brought me back home with that mean man and they tied me up so tightly that I could barely breathe and couldn’t move at all. I was terrified because they said that they were going to break my disrespectful attitude right out of me and I knew they meant it! They beat me and forced huge dildos into all my fuck holes until I tore and bled. They didn’t stop until I was nearly dead but in the end I’m grateful that they fixed me. They made me into the truly submissive woman that I was always meant to be and now I know how to do as I’m told.

Phone Sex Specials Black Friday Sub Slut

Make me your Phone sex special humiliation whore. Taking advantage of me today to take out your aggressions is the best way to get your Post turkey feast frustrations out. I bet your wife is gone and you are dying to be a dirty Master and put this dirty little slut in her place. I’m here for you to abuse and piss on. I want your humiliation. I need and crave to get all of your attention daddy and let my brothers use me also. I had my family time with my father and 3 brothers. They really made me their stuffed bird with all of their cocks and the cocks of five other family members. The wives of my brothers were extremely abusive to me also, they are very jealous of me and love to get to humiliate me. I was forced to pleasure all three of them and to clean my brothers cum from their cunts as they spanked and slapped me, the pinched and slapped my tits until they were red. The guys all just laughed and egged their wives on. These holiday gatherings are really extreme for me but then I get some of the best food and gifts from all of them.

Phone Sex Specials

Rape phone sex fantasies

Slaves Belong In Hardcore Bondage This Hoilday Season

Hardcore Bondage

As a house slave, I know my place is to be in hardcore bondage. I believe every slave should be bound and gagged spanked and disciplined properly during all of the seasons’ festivities. In-laws and family members should know exactly what they are. This is exposing season! You know a time to make slaves like me more commonplace. I take care of the brats and teach them the art of being a true submissive, well a slave through and through. The world needs more slaves like me. I am a sub-human. Not human at all. I am a plaything for my husband and teenage son. I am a domestic slave. I was in slavery as a little girl and sold to my husband young in order to fulfill my duties as someone who should be always in bondage and submission. As I serve the meal I will be in full gear and make owning a slave as normal as the morning carpool. And after Dinner, I will be the dessert and have every hole open for the men and pleasing the woman. I will be an example to my girls and give my husband/master and son a chance to show my skills! I know my place. Can you handle me?Bondage and Submission

Submissive MILF Phone Sex

milf phone sexI am a submissive milf phone sex slut on and off the phone. I love being submissive to younger men. All my official masters in my life have been significantly older than me. They can’t really fuck me or even abuse me like I deserve. I am not supposed to be disobedient, but I long for more than just spankings and humiliation. I took orders from one of my phone masters to go in public braless as much as I could. I went Thanksgiving meal shopping yesterday. I was at Whole Foods shopping braless per his instructions. I have been going out more and more with no bra. I get noticed too because I have 38 DD’s tits. Sometimes I just get stares, or lewd comments, sometimes I get shocked looks and told to leave. At Whole Foods yesterday, I met a dominant young man that told me he wished I was his whore mommy. I was so horny. My master has not fucked me in months. My own son wants nothing to do with me and I am not allowed to date because dating is something normal women do. I am not a normal woman. I am a submissive whore. This boy who noticed me, told me to meet him outside. I felt powerless to say no. I didn’t want to say no anyway. He was even younger than my son, but he was old enough to drive. I got in his father’s car with him. Daddy was not there, but junior was a capable driver. He drove me to a no tell motel, made me pay for the room. My groceries were in the trunk of my car in the Whole Foods parking lot while I was getting a hardcore ass fucking from some young teen boy, I met an hour earlier. He pulled my hair, slapped my ass and fucked me hard. He called me names too. I was fucked like a dirty whore. He left me there. I had to Uber back to my car with messy hair, a messy pussy and that freshly used look.

I Want to Share Your Cum

cum eating phone sex

I’ve really been in the mood for cum eating phone sex recently. You guys expect whatever woman you’re with to swallow your cum, right? But I think that if you expect a woman to eat your load, you should be more than willing to eat it, too. Or at the very least not be afraid of your mouth coming into contact with it when you are kissing me or going down on me. In fact, I’d even be willing to go as far as to say that if you don’t agree to eat my pussy after you fuck me, I won’t be swallowing any more of your loads. It’s not that bad. You just need to get over yourself.

Just think about it. You get to fuck me and cum inside me. Normally I’ve said no to that but since you’re going to be cleaning me up, you can do it. All you must do is get down there between my legs. I’ll spread them wide open for you so you can get your tongue deep inside of me. See, it’s not so bad. It’s not like you are eating straight cum – it’s mixed with all my pussy juices too and that makes it delicious. Are you ready? I am.

Torture Phone Sex Slut

I’m a slut for your torture phone sex needs. It’s something I understand, and that is for me to serve you. I want to please you so much that I have my toys available to do all kinds of demeaning things to myself. I will spank and whip my pussy for you and put clamps and clothespins on my labia, clit and outer pussy lips. I will torture and tease my nipples in anyway Master feels would please him. It is my place to take a good hard, open handed on bare ass spanking for Master. I want you to use me then pump my pussy, ass and mouth with your cock. I will suck off and let my four legged beast hump me if that pleases you also, Master. I am the perfect submissive for Master to torture.

Torture phone sex

Cum On My Pretty Face

bukkake phone sex

I must share a recent experience with you. It was really something out of a bukkake phone sex dream that I know you pervs are having. So, I went on a date with this guy and I knew right away that I didn’t want to see him anymore because he was kind of a asshole, but he was really hot and I wanted to fuck him. I guess he picked up on that because he asked me to come back to his place. Of course, I did. My inner slut really felt like coming out and it definitely did.

So, we went into his bedroom and I got down on my knees and started sucking his cock. He had a gorgeous cock and I love sucking cock, so I kind of got lost in the moment. I don’t know how much time passed, but when I looked up, there were three other men standing around me jerking off. When my date started cumming, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started spraying his load all over my face. One by one, the rest of them did the same thing. And they kept doing it all night. What can I say? I’m a cum slut and I love bukkake.

I love Fisting and Golden Showers Phone Sex

golden showers phone sex

It had been a shock to my system. I had the most extreme golden showers phone sex. He was on the other end of the phone and I was his willing piss slave. Not only that but I had fisted myself so hard for him my cunt was sore. A feat for me as I am used in my daily life often to the most extreme circumstances. I had at his voice bent over and put my whole fist in my pussy and pissed on myself. I mean I squirted all over the place too but, I just wanted to please this master. We had spent a few minutes of him getting to know what kind of slave I was and he took the role of my son. And before he hung up, he had me piss in a glass and drink it down. And now my mind is in subspace, by a phone call, I am in a beautiful daze.


Bondage and submission

Bondage and submissionBondage and submission is something I’ve grown more than used to, in fact, it baffles me that there are women out there pretending to be dominant and in charge. That just sounds wrong to me! I am naturally submissive and feel I have no purpose in life other than to give myself to a man. It’s easy for me to just open up my mouth and get myself fucked. I am always bound so tightly that even if I wanted to fight back, I couldn’t! I am useless, just a hole for his cock. I always get my mouth violently fucked then my tight fucking ass. Then he goes back to fucking my mouth, always leaving a warm load of cum to the back of my throat. I am nothing, just hear to make a man cum. I am here for the men who have had long days at work and they need pussy or ass to take their stress out on. I also am perfect for those men who hate women and need a punching bag to take away some of that pent up anger. Not like I have a choice right? I’m all tied up.

Submissive Phone Sex: I Do What I am Told

submissive phone sex

Submissive phone sex means I do what you tell me, even on the phone. I have many a phone master, only one real master. I try to please them all. Sometimes, what a phone master wants goes against what my real master wants, but I risk it. My Friday late night master enjoys me masturbating and exposing myself. My real master punishes me for such things. But guess what? I had an entire week at home. My real master is out of town, so I have been left to my own devices. I have been naked around the house as much as I can to please him. I have been playing with my cunt too. Masturbation is forbidden by my full-time master, but my phone master encourages it, even loves it. I tried to masturbate in front of my son, but he called me pathetic. He said I was just a desperate submissive whore needing attention. He walked away from me laughing. My son and daughter hate me. I keep trying, but they see me as desperate and pathetic. Yesterday, I had a stroke of luck. Not with my son, however. My Internet went out. I need high-speed Internet to work my phone submissive job. I called my provider and they dispatched a technician. I greeted him in just a robe. I had to make sure he fixed my Internet and didn’t run screaming from my place. He was handsome and flirty. Once I knew he was flirting with me, I felt better about exposing myself. He was younger than me, but that didn’t matter to either of us. I told him I was his to use and he did just that. He bent me over the couch and fucked my asshole. Been a long time since I have been fucked. Master would be so mad if he found out. Please, don’t tell him.

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