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He punished me

submissive whoreI was having a bad day yesterday, I was in pain from my last beating and my pussy was so sore from all the fucking and when my Master told me to come to him so that he could use me again I hesitated and didn’t come to him right away. He could see that I didn’t really want to and boy was he mad. He said that he owned this pussy and that he was going to use it whether I wanted him to use it or not. He dragged me by my hair across the room and beat me to my knees before shoving his huge cock down my throat. I was choking and gagging but he wouldn’t stop, for a moment I was afraid he would actually kill me! Then he bent me up and fucked my sore pussy until I was screaming in a mix of pain and pleasure. He put me back in my place and I will remember next time to always obey my master no matter what.

Guzzling Cum Slut

Cum slut phone sexDon’t you love the way it looks to see your cum dripping down my big full lips and down my chin onto my puffy brown nipples? The warmth of my master’s cum spraying all over my fucking face makes me beg you for more. You tell me to shut up bitch and to stick your hard cock down my fucking throat and demand me to suck it. You tell me if I want more of your cum I have to work my warm wet throat for it. Massage your cock with my tonsils you say. Like a good nigger slave whore I do what I am told. After all I am here to please my master. All I want is to feel that sticky milky liquid onto my face and I will do what ever it takes to get that cock hard and shooting that load all over my face and tits.

Erotic bondage stories

Erotic bondage storiesAre you here to read about one of my Erotic bondage stories? It’s so hard to pick just one, but worry not my friend this is guaranteed to make you blow your load. This time was when I was first learning about bondage, and being a submissive slave for my Master. I had no clue what any of the things he did to me were at the time and I was a young tight little teen that was diving into my clearly prominent submissive side. I started with getting my tits bound and my arms too, I was helpless to having my mouth fucked just as hard as he would fuck my pussy or my ass. He was balls deep in my throat slapping his big heavy balls against my face, then taking the time to shove it into my mouth as he grabs my nose making it impossible to breathe. He is suffocating me on his huge dick to the point of knocking me out. I blackout and when I come to he is stuffing his cock into my ass again, deeper and harder this time and this was only the beginning.

He said I was his submissive whore now

submissive whoreThis scary man grabbed me off the street last night, he said that I am going to be his submissive whore now. I guess he is serious too because he tied me naked to some boards in his basement and beat me until I cried last night. Then he force fucked all my tender holes and throat fucked me till I puked. I was so sore and abused already but he wasn’t done yet, he sprayed me with a cold hose until I felt like I was drowning. He whipped me till I bled and the whole time he had a powerful vibrator attached to my clit so even tho I was in the worst pain of my life I couldn’t stop cumming! It was awful but part of me liked it too. Now I am up in his office where he told me to write about what he did to me and I have to pick what he is going to do to me tonight, I’m scared I don’t know what to tell him!

Submissive Little Cock Worshiper

submissive slut

Do you want me down on my knees for you, Sir? I will stay there all day just waiting for you to decide that you are ready to throat fuck me. I know you love it when your submissive slut is down on her knees and ready to take your cock all the way down. You love it when I gag, don’t you? Master, nothing pleases me more than making your cock happy with my throat. I love gagging and having you tell me that I better stop with the fucking gagging and just suck your cock like a good slut is supposed to.
If I gag too much, I know that you won’t reward me with your load of cum in my mouth. You’ll spray it all over my face instead and you might even aim for my eye because you know it hurts. But I know that if you do that, it’s only because I’ve done something to deserve the pain. My Master wouldn’t hurt me on purpose, but sometimes I’m a dumb bitch and I mess things up. Are you ready to see what happens today when you call me, Master? I’ll be here and I will be ready for you.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

My son overheard me on the phone. I was in the middle of a cum slut phone sex call when he walked in. I was shocked and a little embarrassed but he didn’t seem to mind. I even noticed his cock growing hard in his pants. I knew there was not much I could do. I knew what was about to happen. Being a submissive for my son means that I have to be ready whenever he wants me to serve him. Once he heard me on the phone he wanted me to suck his cock. He grabbed me by the throat and forced me to my knees. He loves it when I look up at him as I suck his big hard cock. He fucked my throat so hard that I could barely breathe. I knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to ram his big fuck stick in Mommy’s wet whore pussy. He stood me up and spit on me before he smacked me hard across the face. He loves degrading me and treating me like the nasty cum slut that I am. He bent me over and fucked me hard in the ass. My asshole was on fire as he told me what a slut I am and continued to fuck my whore holes. He loves making me tell him how much I enjoy getting fucked by his hard cock. I took his cock until he was ready to cum. He pulled his throbbing cock out and forced it into my mouth, making me suck all of my juices off of him. He filled my mouth with his hot cream and held my face up by my chin. He pinched my nose forcing me to swallow all of his cum. He loves making me eat his cum and I secretly love being his submissive cum slut Mommy.

Taboo Milf Phone Sex Slave

milf phone sexThis milf phone sex submissive is what that call a domestic slave. The only reason I was born was to give men pleasure, brats and take care of household needs. I have no say so in life and I get used and I am happy with my life. I was a breeding whore for my Master/Husband long before I knew it was a fetish. I was a set of holes to be fucked in daily by whomever he deemed that day. Master will bring home men and they like to ask me questions. I look at the floor as I answer. No one ever believes my answers. I am a toy, I  do know my girls will become slaves as I have. From before they are born they have been coated with cum from inside me. My son is my eldest and I was treated like a queen while he was in my womb. Men are human, women are not. I get pleasure from spankings and pain. My pleasure is the pleasure my man or men get from using me and forcing me to do things with my girls. There is nothing too nasty or taboo in my life. K-9 play, p-mommy fetish, extreme torture, these things have been normalized to me. I wish to share all I can with new and old masters. I am a naturally submissive whore.

Submissive Whore Christmas

submissive whoreI am going to have a submissive whore Christmas. I have a few weeks off from my master and my paralegal job; however, I am never off duty from being a submissive. I decided to go to a Christmas party. The party is thrown every year by this S & M couple well known in the underground BDSM world. They own many of the fetish clubs. Women could attend solo, but men needed a slave. I think the reasoning behind that is that the men needed someone to vouch for them to protect the safety of the female slaves. They are a kinky couple, but true lifestyle BDSMers. They use safe words and don’t cross certain limits like breaking bones and drawing blood. I dressed up as a sexy Mrs. Claus. I felt like I was cheating on master, but no one at this party would rat me out. I wanted to get spanked and fucked, maybe even tied up too. Since there were no single men there, I had to ask for permission from a woman to let her dom use me. I found a couple that didn’t appear to be together. I think she brought a friend who was exploring his bad ass side. He was happy to explore bondage and submission with me. I was his willing slave, but I did have to tell him what to do. It was clear he had never even dabbled in the BDSM world before. He made me worship his cock first. I was happy to be skull fucked. I almost puked on his dick. Been a while since I had that big of a dick down my throat. He wanted to ass fuck me too. Nothing I couldn’t handle, or so I thought. His cock was thick, and my ass is tight for a slave. He rammed his dick in my back door balls deep making me yelp. He got into giving me a hardcore ass fucking. He used me better than most masters do. I am still sore from the pounding he gave me. I am seeing him again tonight for some Christmas Eve rough sex. Please, don’t tell on me.

Tie me up Master

Bondage whore

My master loves to watch me suck a BBC.As a matter of fact he likes it so much that I have to suck those massive cocks everyday of the week. Not just any cock either. He prefers the cock to be black and will not have it any other way. Like a good cum eating slave I abide by my master’s rules. Anything to make him happy. My master has a ton of rules while I devour those big 12 inch dicks in my mouth. He wants me tied up and hands behind my back. So no matter how much pressure they cause by forcing their dicks in and out of my mouth I must take it no matter if I am choking or not. My master tells me I am a bondage whore and that’s all I am good for. I am only good for sucking cock tied up.

Cock worshiping

Cock worshiping I am such a Cock worshiping whore and my whole family knows it. I remember the first time I found out I was a submissive whore who loved to worship cocks. My dad’s friend came over for a family bbq. I was young but, very horny. He knew it too. We finally snuck away into the back of the garage and he pulled out his hard cock and demanded I take all my clothes off. He tied my hands to my back and face fucked me until he squirted his salty cream all over my face. He called me bitches and whores and slapped my face with tha big white cock of his and I loved it. Ever since that day I worship cock. I will fuck it, suck it and even ride it. Whatever I have to do to make that cock cum I will do it.Let me worship your cock and make it cum!

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