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Submissive Slut

Submissive slutI want to fulfill your every desire. Nothing is off limits, anything goes. Nothing is too degrading, I’ll do anything to make you happy. The only time I’m really happy is when a big dick is in my mouth. I’m a dick sucking professional and I’ll suck the skin off your cock. When I spread my legs you’ll see heaven between my thighs. Bend me over and fill my cunt with hard cock. My pussy is tight and sloppy wet. I need someone to destroy my pussy. Pump my cunt fast and hard. Sometimes if the sex is really good my pussy will squirt. I need you to be dominating and controlling. Nothing turns me on more than a man who knows how to handle his woman. I want to call you Master because I’m your slave. I want to blow your mind and your cock. And if you’re in, I’ll run my tongue up and down your ass crack. Have you ever had a tongue inside your asshole?

Facetime punishment

Submissive WhoreMy blackmailer really pulled some bullshit with me this time, he forced me to be his anal sex submissive whore and show him my tits over FaceTime while I was at work in my office. He knows damn well that the bosses of the company walk by and see everything when they peer inside but he doesn’t give a fuck about that. I was so hesitant to do what he asked of me and expose myself but I knew that if I didn’t then there would be severe punishments to follow. I hastily unbuttoned my blouse and showed him my big bulging tits through my shirt while I still had my bra on but he told me that that was not enough and didn’t make him happy. Although he liked the view it still wasn’t up to his standards and he was pissed off that I was holding back since the head honchos kept walking past my door. He summoned me to his own office and made me strip down naked, no questions asked. Those are his rules and I have to follow them, even if I don’t want to! When he bent me over his desk, I grabbed on to my ass cheeks and spread my asshole wide so that he could shove his throbbing cock into my gaping rectum. He told me that this was what I deserve for being a dumb slut that doesn’t do what he asks over Facetime. He stretched out my prostate so fucking much, i’m hardly able to sit down right now. I’ve never received so many bare bottom spankings and ass play in one sitting before, i’m in pain!

I Don’t know that it was a Rape Fantacy

XXX bondage

Todd came it the house drunk last night at 3 in the morning he was a stinky drunken mess. I hate when Todd gets this way because he will do terrible things to me and it always starts with him being a stinking drunken fucker. He woke me up and tore all of my clothes of  my nightgown and my panties screaming at me the whole time. Then he threw me down on the bed and slapped my face and told me that I was going to submit to him like and good little whore. Todds calls me spanish trask while he spanks my bare bottom until it is completely bruised. ” I will beat you until I get weak you piece of Mexican trash” that is what he screams out while I’m total pain as he crashes his huge hands onto my raw pouty ass. Last night Todd forced his fist into my cunt and he didn’t stop even as I begged and cry for him to. After he was finished he drove his rock hard dripping cock down my throat and started choking me with it. I sucked the best I could and I didn’t stop him so I don’t know that what happened last night was a rape fantasy and I don’t care I’m not telling anyone that could hurt my Todd.

My dream come true

Submissive whore  I used to have wet dreams of being a submissive whore when I grew up. Look at me now. I have a few different masters in which I serve frequently now. I have even made a few new submissive friends. I take yoga classes now to make sure that I can stretch in any position that master pleases. I have always been a nasty freak in bed. So, any hole that gets a huge cock rammed inside of it brings me nothing but sheer pleasure. Thinking of master filling my holes over and over again with his cum makes my pussy juicy as fuck. I cant control myself I have to get my toys out and get this orgasm building within me out.

Bringing daddy bitches

Bare bottom spankings

I like bringing daddy bitches. Lately he has been all about just watching me fuck these whores up. I make them drink daddies piss and make that piss go in their eyes. That’s what daddy likes and that’s what daddy gets. I have no issues slapping these whores and fucking them up like they deserve to be. Daddy cocks begins to twitch as soon as I give these slaves bare bottom spankings. I like using a paddle and fucking them with a big dildo. I make them suck it and I also piss in their mouth. I am always satisfied making daddy cum hard. He likes that I will be mean to other bitches for him. I don’t mind making them cry and surely don’t care if they are bleeding and pleading for some sympathy. Daddy is going to be the only one satisfied. I need Daddy to drain those balls for me and I’m going to be the one draining him. While I excite him by fucking up these whores one by one.

I Wanted Bare Bottom Spankings, but I Got a Gang Bang Instead

bare bottom spankingsI crave bare bottom spankings.  I am such a spanking slut. When I was a little girl, I got in to trouble on purpose, so I could feel daddy’s bare hand spank my naked bottom. I loved the feel of my ass stinging. I was drunk last night and that always gets me in trouble. I stumbled out of the club into my valet parked car. I pulled up my skirt and begged strangers to spank my ass. They didn’t want to spank my bare ass. They were more interested in fucking me. Beggars can’t be choosers, so I took what I could get. I had a gang bang in my car. The line was so long to fuck the ginger whore other people thought it was the VIP line to get into the club. There were a few disappointed women who when they got close to the end of the line found out this wasn’t entrance into the club. It was only entrance into my submissive whore ass.  There were plenty of surprised men who didn’t mind finding out they were in the wrong line. They pumped their seed in my ass, then made me clean up their dicks, so they could go into the club not smelling like an old whore. I didn’t get spanked like I wanted, however, but I did get treated like a dirty gangbang whore. The night wasn’t a waste after all.

A Submissive’s Dream

Submissive whoreI need to be controlled. Any order you give I’ll obey because I’m a submissive. Be my master and I’ll worship your cock. I’ll drop to my knees and worship your cock with my mouth. I promise that I’m a good girl and your every wish is my command. My world revolves around you and making you happy. Nothing is too degrading or demeaning, and I’ll do anything you ask with a big smile on my face. Pass around to your friends and I’ll make you proud because no one sucks dick better than me. My last master didn’t allow me to wear clothes and giving him hour long blowjobs was a regular occurrence. He controlled me with an iron fist and I loved every second of his rule. He liked to bend over and make me clean his asshole with my tongue and I did it without a complaint. I liked the moans he made when I tongue-fucked his anus. Some girls are afraid of going too far but I have no boundaries, no limits.

New friends

Slave trainingSubmissive slutSubmissive whore

So my slave training hasn’t been going as well as I had hoped for. No matter how hard I try the positions the master is teaching me just aren’t sticking. I can see that he’s getting more and more frustrated with me. I hate making him disappointed with me. It makes me feel so worthless. So after our last wasted session he asked me how we could fix this issue. I told him that even though he is very detailed in his instructions that I am more of a visual learner. That if he could show me how he wanted me to position myself I would learn easier. Of course he laughed at me. How could I ever think he would lower himself to my level. But he said he has more than just me for a pet. So at our next meeting I was introduced to Shiloh and Naomi. I have seen them somewhere before. Not what I would call your typical submissive slut. But they were both so fucking sexy. My pussy got instantly wet when i saw them automatically assume position #1 for inspection. On their knees that are shoulder width apart, back arched slightly and pinching their nipples pulling their tits up and out. That’s what he has wanted. I quickly kneel and position myself just as they are. Master almost grinned when he saw me in position with them. Yes, this is what I wanted. As he walks behind each of use flicking us lightly with the tip of his whip. Position #2 ladies master whispered. I always fuck this up too shit. Naomi and Shiloh are the best at this submissive whore routine. I follow their lead and stretch myself out face flat against the ground ass in the air. The next thing I know two more gentlemen walk in and they have their huge cocks in hand. Not until master pulled me from the floor by my hair was I aware of what was happening. I was tied up and forced to watch as Naomi and Shiloh sucked these other men. Master  flicking my clit as he walked past. I had to watch the other girls pussies getting pounded. Master knows this makes me so horny to watch. Then I feel the wand touch my clit. He’s going to let me cum. I know I have been a good slave now. Thanks for the help Naomi and Shiloh for sharing master and showing me how to make him happy.

2 Submissive Whores

Have you ever seen 2 submissive whores duke it out in the ring? I am not talking about the ring filled with jello where they are wrestling around. I am talking about the ring where we really fight it out and finish with a good lesbian fucking. We get to beat up on each other getting all rowdy and wild. The pain acts like foreplay, as we get all hot and sweety. With every blow I hit her with I know she will take it out on my cunt. She is a fister and will punch me from the inside out. Giving every last hit back to me. SCum slut phone sex he will bruise me from the inside and make me squirt all at the same time.

I love it but I hate it

submissive phone sex  Submissive phone sex doesn’t always have to be about violence. Did you know that tickling does the same thing? It gives my body the same rush that I get from the lash of the flogger. Makes my heart race and my nipples hard. But I hate to be tickled so that is why I must be tied up for this. I am squirmy little thing. With my heart pumping hard you begin to tease my clit with a vibrator. Holding it there longer and longer. Right to the edge of allowing me to cum. Then stop and tickle me again. After leaving me breathless from a few rounds of this I’m begging you to give me the release I am out of my mind for. Once you finally let me cum the stain I leave behind is soaked.

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