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Bondage Whore at Work

bondage whoreI am a bondage whore. I love to be tied up. Sometimes my boss ties me up at work yet expects me to do my job still. That is hard to do considering I am a legal secretary. I must type up legal briefs and various communication documents. Master was in a foul mood yesterday morning. He had a big deposition and a lot was at stake for his client. His key witness was shaky at best. The first thing that went wrong, I got the blame even though I had no control over the witness being late. After the deposition, my boss tied me to my office chair. He stripped my shirt off exposing my breasts. He slapped my face a few times; he even bound my wrists and ankles to the chair. He told me if I didn’t continue to type up the legal documents, he would whip me. Bare bottom spankings I can handle. When he whips me, he tears the flesh from my back. I managed to scoop a pen in my mouth and started typing. One peck at a time, I typed up his briefs. I didn’t do it fast enough and I made mistakes typing with a pen in my mouth. Master was angered at my lack of coordination. He demands perfection, and I failed. I suffered for it too. He yanked me out of the chair. He tied me to a rack he keeps in a spare office. With his leather belt he whipped my back until I was crying and bleeding. I begged for forgiveness. I knew I had not really done anything so bad to deserve this. I was just his scapegoat. That is part of the job of being a submissive whore. If your master wants to beat you, fuck you, whip you, you let him.

I shouldn’t have been flirting

submissive whoreI was out with Master last night and I did something bad. I was flirting with this sexy black guy, he was so big and sexy I just knew he would have a huge cock and so I got a little too flirty with him. All I could think about was that huge black cock fucking all my holes, my nipples got hard, my panties were soaked and I wasn’t paying any attention to Master at all. Suddenly I got slapped back into reality when he hit me upside the back of my head and dragged me from the room. He told me that I embarrassed him in front of his friends by acting like a whore so now he was gonna make me a whore for real. He tied me to a chair and led every single man in that party in there one by one and they could do anything they wanted to me. Some pissed on me, some brutally fucked my throat until I puked. They released me from the chair only so they could fuck my ass and pussy and the only man I couldn’t fuck was the one I flirted with.

Cock Worship

cock worshiping

One of my favorite things about dedicating my life to being a submissive, is the cock worshiping. I love to admire and please a perfect looking cock. I’ve had some great master’s and Sir’s in my years as a subby. My lips have catered to some of the best cocks I’ve ever seen. Imagine a slut like me constantly seeking ways to serve your glorious cock. I belong in my knees in front of it, always. Imagine coming home from a long day and there I am, waiting to wrap my sweet, succulent lips around the head as I massage the shaft and balls. Asking you about your day in between slurps and sucks, looking up at you with my sweet face. You can see it in my eyes just how much I fucking love having your cock in my mouth or in my presence in general. There are many types of cock worship and I’m open to all types. Do you have a favorite way or having your cock pleased by your little slut?

Submissive Whore To My 3 Brothers

I was raised in a household with 3 brothers, 2 were older and 1 was younger. It was my destiny to be a submissive whore since the three of them, along with my father controlled me, and my mother. Yes, my mother was also a submissive and  she made sure I understood that the men of the house had completely free reign over our bodies and what we did. I was never really allowed to have boyfriends, unless they were set up with me by one of the siblings or my daddy. They usually wanted me for their own, but some occasions they would auction me off to make a few bucks off of me and for good measure as I became a woman. They wanted to be sure I was being treated like the subby slut I was, and not battered or taken advantage of by strangers, that was their place, if they so felt like it. My family didn’t treat me that way, and I was raised to respect my body despite the fact I was a subby slut for their use.

Submissive Whore

Bondage phone sex

Bondage phone sexMy nipples were swollen and purple, so very tender and sensitive. My wrists, burned like they are on fire. Many body parts are numb, some are black and blue with bruises, and some parts have fresh and dried blood. I have been starved, only given cum to drink and am extremely malnourished. Nipple clamps are on, matched with clamps on my pussy lips too. There’s a big butt plug buried into my tender ass, and now I wait for him to come and do as he pleases. He has taken the ball gag out and I have been begging for mercy for a while now, but he shows none at all. I hear him coming and my body starts to ache and quiver even more. What will he have in store for me? When I see him I know I am in trouble, he’s got his cane and whips but there’s something else he’s hiding from me. He begins his usual torture whipping my tits and caning my cunt, while I count them out and scream in pure agony. At last, he reveals what he has brought to me this time, a branding for me that will sear my skin and forever mark me as a whore, owned, nothing I can do about it. I try to negotiate with him, ask for anything but this but he’s got his mind made up. I see him heating it, it’s glowing red hot and I’m terrified wondering where he might choose to mark his territory.

It’s Raining Pee

golden showers phone sex

I love it when you surprise me with golden showers. They are so humiliating, and they remind me of my role as your personal toilet. I’ll never forget the time you took me to your favorite underground adult club for extreme fetishists. There was a stage used especially for turning sluts like me into urinals and toilets. The amount of men and women there was astronomical! And they were just lining up to take a turn to drench your little slut with stinky piss! First my face, then my tits, then mu pussy and everything else after that. I was drenched within minutes on that stage. The look on your face was priceless. You were so pleased. You eventually motioned for me to open my mouth so they could fill it up with even more pee. I was glistening and chugging piss as you watched with so much delight. You even made me sleep in my slut kennel without even letting me shower that night. The club owner even said that I broke their personal record for how many people took a piss on one person on stage. You were so proud of me and I live for that feeling.

Soft bondage & Hard spankings for Mommy.

soft bondage

I was reading some naughty literature and fell asleep thinking about soft bondage and ropes. I was so exhausted from running errands and taking care of my brats I didn’t hear the window smash or the footsteps up the stairs. I woke to being tied and men in black mask whispering to wake up you filthy whore! My mouth was gagged with a pair of my dirty panties from the hamper and the ropes were tight. I struggled and moans as my nightgown was pulled up and a butt plug was inserted dry into my ass. I couldn’t move I was tied to the headboard and the robbers were emptying my jewelry box and laughing at me. I was so angry and trying to kick as the belt on the biggest man came off and he started lashing my thighs and ass cheeks. This was bad as I started to moan from pleasure. His laughter as he let loose his long dick that was hard as a steel pole made me start crying. Behind my gag, I was begging him not to force fuck me. That didn’t stop him from spreading my pussy lips and taking my wet pussy, followed by his accomplices. The third man was coming inside of me as My panties were removed and I was forced to clean my pussy of another cock. I heard my oldest brat calling out for mommy and I knew this was going to get much, much worse.

spanking phone sex

MILF Phone Sex Sub

milf phone sex

I am submissive, but I am a milf phone sex slut too. Almost all my callers want me to be their subby slaves, but I have one caller who wants me to cum. Who wants me to masturbate and show off my body. I have been walking around the house naked, but my son and daughter just roll their eyes and give me those exasperated sighs. They are just biding their time until they can get out of my house. Zero respect for their mother. That is for another time, however. I have been going shopping braless and walking around naked in front of my windows for my caller. I like being naked. I enjoy the looks I get. Last night, I was home alone. My son and daughter were out doing haunted houses with friends. It was chilly, but I turned on the heat and walked around all the windows naked. One of my neighbors was watching me and stroking his cock. I don’t even know his name, but I invited him over. He knew far more about me than I did about him. He was a dominant man, but like my special caller, not a mean man. He just wanted to take control not abuse or humiliate me. He told me to play with my pussy for him. He edged me. I would get right to the brink of cumming and I would get a red light. Eventually, he let me cum. It was a hard much needed cum too because I had been edged for hours. My neighbor is married, so he didn’t fuck me. He had no problem watching me play with my pussy and ass though. I was a good submissive whore for my neighbor and my caller. I exposed myself like my caller wanted and I played with my pussy like they both wanted.

Used and Abused

submissive slut

I truly love being a submissive slut. I don’t know why, but it turns me on when a man bends me over and tells me that he’s going to fuck me like a little whore. And when they tell me that it’s all I’m good for, that’s just about the hottest thing in the world. It makes my pussy throb and sometimes it even makes me cum on that big fat cock immediately. I just can’t help it. Being a whore is just something that I feel I was born for.

In true whore fashion, I love fucking more than one guy at once. I like to have a bunch of guys on my roster so that if one guy isn’t around, then someone else will be. And I don’t like to just fuck men, either. I love it when I find a couple who wants to fuck a dirty little whore like me. They can both use me for their carnal pleasure. Eating pussy while getting my wet cunt gets fucked from behind is one of the hottest things in the world. I know they are both just using me for their pleasure and don’t care about mine. But you know what? That’s the best thing about it.

Maybe some people might think I’m crazy because I like to be used. I know that sometimes people don’t get how hot it is to be a submissive phone sex whore like me, but that’s okay. That just means there is more fun for me to be had and they will be missing out on it. If you’re ready to have a girl like me all to yourself, then just give me a call. And remember, there is absolutely nothing that I won’t do to make sure you’re satisfied.


They made me their submissive whore

submissive whoreI woke up in a dark place, I had no idea where I was but I could feel the ropes digging into my skin and I couldn’t move at all. I was scared but kind of excited too, is that wrong? Suddenly the lights came on and I could see that I was surrounded by a room full of men, they all had their cocks in their hands and they were looking at me like they were starving and I was a juicy steak. They all took turns beating me and fucking me, I felt like a pinata and some birthday party I was getting banged around so much. My whole body was throbbing and I was hurting so bad but part of me liked being used and abused like that. My pussy was dripping wet and I could only beg for them to fuck me harder deeper faster! By the time they were thru with me I was black and blue all over but I had cum more times than I could count.

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