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Grits and Submission

Submissive slutEveryday I clean Master’s house from top to bottom. I dust, vacuum, and mop all day long until every surface is spotless. But today I forgot to clean underneath the sofa and Master was not happy. He put grits on the floor and made kneel on them. The grits were so painful to my knees. He pulled his cock out and I knew what he wanted, I put it in my mouth and started sucking. I thought if I sucked him off really good he would let me get up. But even after he came in my mouth he made me stay on those grits for another hour. When he finally allowed me to stand my knees were bloody and tears were running down my face. He taught me a lesson that I would never forget and from now on he won’t find a speck of dust anywhere. A clean house makes Master happy and I want to keep him happy.

Down to the last drop

submissive whore  Being a submissive whore doesn’t mean that I am constantly tied up and disciplined. I allow my master to use e and my body in any way that he sees fit. I have naturally pale skin so he loves bringing 3 or 4 black guys over regularly to fuck me. He says that he loves the way there huge cocks look slamming in and out of all my holes. I don’t mind they blow such huge loads and I get to swallow each one. Only once my holes have been stretched and fucked by them all does master reward me with the taste of his own cum. I’m still not allowed to touch master.I have not earned it yet. But he jacks off into my mouth and watches to make sure I swallow every last drop.

This lifestlye

submissive phone sex Something about submissive phone sex makes my pussy so wet and juicy. I don’t even wear panties anymore because they are always moist in the crotch. My sexual preferences have never been anything close to plain so the first time I got a taste of the submissive life. Well, let’s just say that I have never looked back. Being completely left to your mercy makes my skin tingle with goosebumps. Just hearing the snap of the cuffs around my wrists and ankles has my nipples so hard. The tease of the vibrator leaves me begging you to please let me cum. Only once I am completely in distress do you finally oblige and allow me that sweet release. I love to live this lifestyle.

Submissive Slut

Submissive slutI want to fulfill your every desire. Nothing is off limits, anything goes. Nothing is too degrading, I’ll do anything to make you happy. The only time I’m really happy is when a big dick is in my mouth. I’m a dick sucking professional and I’ll suck the skin off your cock. When I spread my legs you’ll see heaven between my thighs. Bend me over and fill my cunt with hard cock. My pussy is tight and sloppy wet. I need someone to destroy my pussy. Pump my cunt fast and hard. Sometimes if the sex is really good my pussy will squirt. I need you to be dominating and controlling. Nothing turns me on more than a man who knows how to handle his woman. I want to call you Master because I’m your slave. I want to blow your mind and your cock. And if you’re in, I’ll run my tongue up and down your ass crack. Have you ever had a tongue inside your asshole?

Bringing daddy bitches

Bare bottom spankings

I like bringing daddy bitches. Lately he has been all about just watching me fuck these whores up. I make them drink daddies piss and make that piss go in their eyes. That’s what daddy likes and that’s what daddy gets. I have no issues slapping these whores and fucking them up like they deserve to be. Daddy cocks begins to twitch as soon as I give these slaves bare bottom spankings. I like using a paddle and fucking them with a big dildo. I make them suck it and I also piss in their mouth. I am always satisfied making daddy cum hard. He likes that I will be mean to other bitches for him. I don’t mind making them cry and surely don’t care if they are bleeding and pleading for some sympathy. Daddy is going to be the only one satisfied. I need Daddy to drain those balls for me and I’m going to be the one draining him. While I excite him by fucking up these whores one by one.

New friends

Slave trainingSubmissive slutSubmissive whore

So my slave training hasn’t been going as well as I had hoped for. No matter how hard I try the positions the master is teaching me just aren’t sticking. I can see that he’s getting more and more frustrated with me. I hate making him disappointed with me. It makes me feel so worthless. So after our last wasted session he asked me how we could fix this issue. I told him that even though he is very detailed in his instructions that I am more of a visual learner. That if he could show me how he wanted me to position myself I would learn easier. Of course he laughed at me. How could I ever think he would lower himself to my level. But he said he has more than just me for a pet. So at our next meeting I was introduced to Shiloh and Naomi. I have seen them somewhere before. Not what I would call your typical submissive slut. But they were both so fucking sexy. My pussy got instantly wet when i saw them automatically assume position #1 for inspection. On their knees that are shoulder width apart, back arched slightly and pinching their nipples pulling their tits up and out. That’s what he has wanted. I quickly kneel and position myself just as they are. Master almost grinned when he saw me in position with them. Yes, this is what I wanted. As he walks behind each of use flicking us lightly with the tip of his whip. Position #2 ladies master whispered. I always fuck this up too shit. Naomi and Shiloh are the best at this submissive whore routine. I follow their lead and stretch myself out face flat against the ground ass in the air. The next thing I know two more gentlemen walk in and they have their huge cocks in hand. Not until master pulled me from the floor by my hair was I aware of what was happening. I was tied up and forced to watch as Naomi and Shiloh sucked these other men. Master  flicking my clit as he walked past. I had to watch the other girls pussies getting pounded. Master knows this makes me so horny to watch. Then I feel the wand touch my clit. He’s going to let me cum. I know I have been a good slave now. Thanks for the help Naomi and Shiloh for sharing master and showing me how to make him happy.

Pretty bitches only daddy

2 girl phone sex

Daddy wants me to find the best sluts for him. The best place to find sluts are raves of course. Drunk and high whores ready to give their worthless wet holes to anyone. Daddy likes that I am willing to bring him pretty bitches only. I need to be a good judge for daddy and supply him with his wants. My job is to make daddy happy and let him relax. I pick out a couple of whores, and I think solely about daddy. What does daddy like and what will get daddy off? Its simple hot cunts who I can manipulate and gather for him. I like ranking these whores. Sometimes it comes down to two and if its a tie both bitches die. I lure them in with some pretty pills and have them all fucked up. My favorite thing to do is to get them hyped and tweaked out. I have great skill in doing so, and once I got them where I want them, I will give daddy a show and fuck them myself. He loves when I inflict hardcore bondage on them. Daddy will piss down their mouths and right in their eyes. Torturing sluts with daddy is my fave.


hardcore bondage

Slave training with Daddy

Slave trainingSubmissive WhoreDaddy has really been slave training me and Shiloh hard. We always obey his commandments and do whatever he tells us to do. Willing or not, we have no choice or say. What Daddy says, goes. We always know our place and if we ever step out of line then Daddy whips us right back to where we belong with no mercy whatsoever. Our reason for existence is to please Daddy and make all of his wishes and fantasies come true. The two of us are such bimbo fuckin sluts, we must always be ready for Daddy any time, any place… no matter what! It doesn’t matter what we may be in the middle of attending to, Daddy cums first, no questions asked. Daddy only wants the hottest little hoes by his side, that’s why he makes sure we are in constant tip-top shape and esthetically pleasing. He only wants to be seen with the sexiest eye candy, nothing less! Daddy has hold of all of our naked photos and videos, he could easily leak them if he wanted to and fuck us over real bad. Daddy’s constant blackmail against our will keeps us wrapped around his finger soooo tightly. We never complain when Daddy has his way with us and if we do then he only inflicts more harm upon us both. Shiloh is a submissive whore and so am I but there is always lots of room for improvement and even more training, Daddy! Hott bimbo skanks like us deserve to be punished by our Daddy.

Love My Job As A Whore

BDSM chatI went down to the local ma and pa shop to give pa a little release. I go down once a week always dressing like a cheap whore. I give him a little show as he commands my moves. He will tell me to pinch my nipples and twist until the hurt. Or he will tell me to smack my ass and I can’t stop unto I make the ripe red marks. When I see he is a rock hard attention. That is when I crawl over to him and offer one of my 3 whore tight holes. He likes my ass he will pick that one first the most. His wife doesn’t do that. Hehe! All good for me the more dick I get to drain the merrier!

I Worship His Cock

Cock worshipingI know what pleases my master, he’s trained me to pleasure him. I don’t speak without his permission. One of his rules is I have to be naked and ready to fuck at any moment. If during the winter months, no clothes allowed. He loves for me to be cold. He says being chilly makes my nipples hard and ready to be sucked. He is my king, my world, and I worship his cock. I get down on my knees and please him with my mouth. I love having his dick in my mouth, looking up and seeing his eyes rolling back. Sucking on my Master makes my cunt super wet. I want him inside me so bad, but I can’t ask for his dick. He decides when it’s time to fuck. He need my pussy to be sloppy wet. He rewards me with head, I love the way he sucks on my pussy lips. His tongue fights with my clit and it drives me wild. He sucks and licks on my fat pussy until my cum is sliding down my ass cheeks. He takes his big cock and shoves it in pussy. It’s hard to put in words how amazing his cock sends a euphoric current through my body. I adore him. I worship him. He’s my Master, and I’m his slave.

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