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Milf Phone Sex Submissive

milf phone sexMilf phone sex submissives are popular. I talk to men daily who want to own an older woman, especially mommy. My master loves hearing stories of younger guys abusing me. He gave me weekend instructions to fuck a much younger man. He even wrote my Tinder profile to lure a young stud to my pussy. We looked at all my responses and settled on Dave being my date for the weekend. Master selected him because he loved women in pantyhose. Master makes me wear pantyhose daily. He loves ripping them off my body when he fucks me. I greeted Dave when he arrived wearing only pantyhose and high heels. I explained to Dave that I was a bondage whore who enjoyed erotic asphyxiation with my silky nylons wrapped around my throat. He had a hard dick poking through his jeans picturing me with stockings around my neck. He ordered me on my knees. I crawled over to him like a good slave. As I sucked his cock, he pulled a pair of pantyhose out of his pocket and began to strangle me as I gave him head. He was strong; almost too strong. I passed out worshiping his cock. I woke up seconds later on the floor with him pissing in my face. “Wake up whore,” he screamed, “I am far from done with you yet.” He ripped the stockings I was wearing off my body. He wanted access to my whore holes. He fucked my pussy, then my ass, then back to my pussy. He was bored just fucking my slave holes. He took the nylons I was wearing and strangled me again. This time he strangled me so hard, I busted some capillaries in my face before I passed out. I woke up and he was gone. All I was left with was a huge purple ligature mark around my neck and a wet pussy. I couldn’t wait to tell Master what happened.

Never Talk To Strangers


Rape phone sex fantasies


I was out for a jog on a new trail and got lost like a total dumb-dumb. Thankfully you were out hunting and came across me. I was so happy to see a face because I had been lost for hours and nightfall was coming. You offered to give me a ride back into town and I gladly accepted because my feet had started to really hurt. Once we got into your van I noticed something was off. You had a bed set up in the back which wasn’t too strange but what really threw me for a loop was that the bed had ropes and chains attached. That’s when I noticed that the handles had been removed from the inside of the doors. You began to explain that you from time to time needed to pick up a new pet. I started crying and begging for you to please let me go but you showed no emotion. I was your whore now and you would do what ever you pleased with me. After a long ride we pulled up at your trailer. Before letting me out of the car you put a collar and leash on me, explaining that as your pet this was my new uniform. You led me inside your home and I saw the evidence of others who had been your tool of perversion before me. You ordered me to the ground and told me to clean your boots with my tongue. I began licking and cleaning as fast as I could but then you shocked me with a stun gun. “Slow down, bitch,” you ordered. I could taste animal scat from your adventures in the woods. Once you deemed your boots clean, you told me to stand up so you could get a good long look at me. You said I was a little too skinny and would need to start drinking bacon grease to fatten up for your ultimate plan for me but that also a good breeding might do the trick. You tied me down to a weird table and started pouring hot candle wax all over my body, getting pure enjoyment from seeing the pain on my face. You then stuffed every single one of my holes including my mouth with giant dildos and left me in the dark overnight to “get some rest” – knowing I’d be unable to sleep from the fear but sleep deprivation is all apart of your plan when it comes to breaking my spirit. Once I finally did fall asleep, you were standing in the room with a few friends explaining they could do whatever they wanted to me. After a beating and fucking, my memory is a little hazy. What other plans do you have for your pet whore now?

Another Slut To Domme

Submissive slut I love when Master brings home another slut to fuck and whip on. I always get to watch. I often times I get to help. And on special occasions I get to Domme a bitch. Domming another slut just like me is a real power trip. And a major fucking turn on! I like to whip them and put a huge thick 12 inch strap on and fuck the shit out of every hole they have. Making them gasp and beg for more of brutal fucking. Seeing on their faces they are loving every fucking bit of it. If I am fucking them Master is beating them. And vise versa. I love eating Master’s cum out of their ass and cunt when Master is all done using them. I am a greedy bitch. That is my Master’s cum and I will get all of it.

The Cum Guzzler

cum eating phone sex


You led me downstairs to our dungeon with the thick black leather dog collar you designed specifically for me tightly wrapped around my neck, leash attached of course. You ordered me to get down on my knees and open my mouth. That was when 10 of your trucker friends walked out of the shadows with their cocks out. They all took turns slapping me in the face with their dicks while you tied my wrists to my ankles. The uncomfortable position made it impossible for me to fight back. You then brought out the strangest accessory- a funnel with a long tube attached. It read on the side, “The Cum Guzzler” in big thick black letters. The guys excitedly jacked off their penises, chuckling and knowing what was about to happen next. You lubed up the tube and demanded that I opened wide- Shoving “The Cum Guzzler” straight down my throat without any real warning. Then grabbing a paddle with your other hand, you began to spank me as hard as you could while urging your disgusting and fat men to jerk the cocks harder, reminding them that they are going to feed me their cum via my new toy. As they start to blow their loads one by one, you order me to drink up. I begin to choke almost on all the sperm but your spanking and flogging doesn’t let up for even a second. Finally as the last few cum, you hang your dick into the funnel and piss- telling me that I probably needed something to wash that all down with. The men leave and you order me up on to my feet- handing me a mop and telling me to clean while you watch.

Let It Roll

S&M VideoMy new Master wants to do a S&M video with me. Of course I will be game for that but that makes me a little nervous. I have to make sure my pussy is nice and bald, and that I pick out just the perfect outfit. So he comes and picks me up for the big day and tells me to just act like myself and be the good obedient little bitch that I am. I honestly don’t know any other way to be, when we arrived at is his house we went in and there were lights and cameras everywhere. I was kind of freaking out a little bit, but I sat down and waited until mister told me what to do like a good sub does. I got up and he tied my hands behind my back and bent me over the couch and spanked me. He was making a video on bondage for beginners.

Me and My Nasty Uncle Nate

submissive whore

Nate started prodding at me when I was still a little wee-one, he said he couldn’t help himself he just had to have a taste of the freshly baked cookies. All my friends would my uncle Nate “Nasty Nate” and I knew exactly why. It started with his gross dirty fingers always in my panties feeling around for my wet tiny little fat pussy lips. Then one day when my nothing ass whore mom was gone with one of her stupid good for nothing boyfriends Nate and I were alone. This time Nate wasn’t looking for sweet fresh pussy lips, he was looking for naked ass and entry.

“Uncle Nate, what are you doing,” I cried out even I kind of liked it what he was doing to me taking my panties off and all. Uncle Nate got down on the floor and started licking my sweet little cunt like there was no tomorrow and I loved it. All of a sudden he came up for air and told me to ride his face like a pony when it feels good. I felt myself getting wetter as my nasty p-cock uncle said that to me. I sure do love my uncle and I started ridding his face like a brand new pony. Every since that time long ago I have been longing and doing the most sexual this with Nasty Nate. I’m the dirtiest one you’ll ever meet and I love it.

Skanky Fisthole

submissive phone sex

“You nasty little skank, your gonna get pregnant again and I ain’t the daddy so I won’t be doing nothing for the little rugrat”

Daddy is a fucking perv McFuck Rough, he’s always looking under my short skirts and digging my “bite” as hes likes to call it out of my titty fat bubble ass. The only problem is daddy isn’t helping me at all, first I’m wearing thongs daddy and that means they were designed to go into my brown little shitslit. I try to tell him but Mr. Pervalicious can’t resist putting his callous written fingers into my sweet candy pop ass cheeks and digging around for what seems to be my fuckhole instead of my “Bite”. It always starts the same way with daddy wanting to so called help me with something and it always goes to a lurid place.

For instance when daddy helps me with my “bite” he somehow finds his fingers keying my asshole I mean in and out twisting his hard fat long fingers into my poop pot. I start to push onto daddy’s hard dirty fingers when he’s got three or four inside of my then creamy wet ass. At that time daddy has got to spit and lick my fisthole to get it ready for a force fist fuck hard and good. Daddy knows what his hot tot likes and need every since I was a little tikect don’t worry he started off gentle as a lamb before he got as rough as a bear in heat.

Sexy Bondage Breanne

Sexy Bondage

I was getting ready to go home for the night and I had gotten this strange email from an unknown. All it did was read a time and a street address oh and in it, it had also said to come wearing just a bra and a pair of panties with a trench coat on underneath. It is Christmas Eve so I tried to find the most festive bra and panties, I found my red lacy ones with some white trim on it. I was waiting with anticipation about what this could be. I was getting moist, I was hoping it was that kind of party where doms get a subby and they take them home.

When I got to the house there were guys outside waiting to greet the ladies, walking us in and when I walked in I was instructed to take off my trench coat. I did right away and I looked around I saw a bowl with crinkled papers and like 10 other women there. It was this type of party, I smiled so big I was so glad.

A handsome man drew my name and I was elated. He took me by my hand and into his car, we had gone to his place. He picked me up and walked me into the bedroom. He told me to strip down and and he turned me around and started spanking my tight ass. I love this, he then pinched my always hard nipples and I didn’t squirm or nothing. He bent me over and handcuffed my hands together and then starting fucking me. I was in pure heaven, I love being manhandled like this.

What It Took To Break Me

Bondage And Submission



Training me as your slave wasn’t as easy as you had expected. It took weeks of humiliation, force fucking and sleep deprivation. You brought home to live in your “toy box” and upon realizing that I wasn’t naturally as submissive as the job would require you began immediately breaking my spirit and turning me into your ideal submissive. I wont lie, there were times where I wanted to quit. Like when you would make me eat mine and your scat. You putting me into the shackles and leathers was a great way to really make sure I felt like a sex slave for you. I couldn’t deny the fact that you were going to break me no matter what. I slowly started to give in and that’s when we started to finally have fun. You bringing your friends and their furry friends over to force fuck me while you made videos is absolutely what pushed me over the edge. I knew there was no turning back now and that you would do what ever it took to put me in my proper place as your bondage slut. Now I don’t question you at all. I worship your cock every day and I am thankful for my bowl full of scatty goodness when I receive it. I know now exactly where my place is: at your feet and dressed in leather, chain around my neck and happy to please.

Sadistic Side

Extreme fetish phone sexI love when Master gets sadistic on me. Whipping and torturing my body in various ways. It happens about 2 to 3 times a month. Something will get under his skin, which mixes with his pleasure of my tears and screams. And he just works on my body. If he is not causing me pain he is fucking me hard. I must admit it fucking hurts and I hate the fucking pain. But my body, my cunt loves the fucking pain and my squirts are fucking amazing when Master goes sadistic on me. Do you know how it is to feel the pain and want it to stop. But in the same breath feel your body tremble and your cunt soak the ground below you. It is amazing feeling. And that is why I am so grateful for Master’s evil side.

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