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Bondage phone sex

Bondage phone sexMaster can you please tie my pussy up till it turns purple! Master please tie my pussy up and spank it till it starts bleeding! Spank it till you see my clit get fucking swollen and bright purple. Thank you Master! My pussy is so fucking swollen right now Master thank you so much, I fucking love it! That’s when I see you take your 12 inch cock out with a huge mushroom head measuring about 5 inches around! You tie me up bending over, grab that dick at the base of that fat shaft and ram into my swollen purple fucking pussy fuck hole! It hurt like a bitch Master! That’s not all? You slide that huge cock and shove right up my ass with no fucking lube! I just felt my asshole tearing apart as that big fat mushroom head penetrated that asshole while you spanked me till you would make me bleed!

Submissive Whore Gets Her Sons Big Cock

Submissive Whore

My son taught me how to be a good submissive whore. He was a demanding child and always knew the had the power to make me do anything he commanded. He would leave me lists of things to do for him that would make him happy. When he got a little older, the things that made him happy were abusing and using his mommy like a fuck toy. After he would fuck my face and dump his cum into my belly, he would leave for school, leaving me instructions. One day, he wanted me to be in his room with a gag in my mouth and on my knees waiting for him completely naked. I did as I was told and waited patiently for him to get home, my pussy getting wetter by the second. When he walked through the door, he pulled me up and bent me over his bed. Tying my arms behind my back and taking ropes and wrapping them so tightly around my tits that they turned reddish purple. Then he rammed his cock into my ass. He didn’t bother taking his time or even getting his dick wet for me. He just shoved it hard and fast into my tight asshole. He fucked my ass as hard as ever until he came inside me. Then he let me fall to the floor and I felt his cum leak out of my ass onto his carpet. He threw a towel at me and told me to clean up because it was time for his Mommy cunt to make his dinner.

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

 My master daddy had his friends over to treat me like the dirty whore that I am. My master had them pay him for a fun night with my holes. I had to do whatever they said. They told me to get on my hands and knees and try to stuff both of their cocks down my little fuck hole of a throat. I tried as best as I could to fit both of those cocks into my mouth. They both tried to wedge their dicks down my throat to where I couldn’t breath and I was salivating all down my tits.

After making those cocks sloppy wet they decided to take turns stuffing their dicks inside my twat hole and ass hole. They pulled my legs up and rammed their dicks into me and started fucking me deep and hard until I was so sore I could not walk. I am a proud little fuck slut.

Special Slave Training For 2

BDSM phone sex Master said that margo and i needed special Slave training from The Masked Man. margo is a sister slave to me. We were blindfolded and put into a back of a van. Our wrists tied tight behind us. We were not permitted to talk to each other in what seemed like a three hour drive. When the van stopped we could hear two Men talking. “He is gonna enjoy these two Submissive slut.” One said to the other. They picked us up and carried us into a room. Flopped us down on a bed. Taking off our blindfolds. And standing before us was The Masked Man. No slave knows his true name or even what he looks like. He is a sadistic son of a bitch. And when you are sent to him, that means Master got something good in return. Anything from a new tight cunny to own. To free services somewhere. And the list goes on. We were told we were the Masked Man’s property for the next two days. Which means we will be tortured. Not allowed to eat, except for what comes out of him. Beaten, broken down, and used like the slave whores we are. margo and i will enjoy the next two days. Being beaten and tortured cause of punishment is not the same as being beaten and tortured for a Man’s pleasure. That excitement he poses in his beatings is what gets my cunt drenching wet. For two days he fucked the shit out of every hole. We drank his piss from dog bowls, Ate his shit and cum for dinner breakfast and lunch. Took five beatings a day for his pure pleasure. He gaped our holes keeping them spread wide open with glass jars. We cried, we screamed, we orgasm over and over. In just the delight of his pleasure.

Cock Worshiping Is What My Son Loves

cock worshiping

Cock worshipping is what my son needed the last time he came home to visit me. He missed his submissive mommy and needed me on my knees loving every inch of his dick. I spent hours praising his amazing piece of man meat. My son is blessed with the most beautiful cock that can please any woman he chooses. But, my boy desires to use and abuse his submissive Mother. I love it. I can’t get enough of his wonderful cock sliding into my mouth. Even when he face fucks me so hard that I think I might throw up. I live to please my son and he knows how much I worship his cock. He can stuff it anywhere he pleases, he knows mommy will never say no. When he needs someone to show him how perfect his dick is and how easily it can make a girl cum, mommy is here to show him. I let him tie me up and use any fuck hole he wishes until he is fully satisfied.

Caught Having BDSM Phone Sex

BDSM phone sexI got caught having BDSM phone sex at work. My boss, who has also been my Master for over 20 years, was out of town for a meeting. He was not due back until Friday. I forwarded my dirty talk lines to my work phone since I was the only one in the office. I work less and less hours as a paralegal these days, so I supplement with being a phone sex whore too. Master knows I do this, but I am not supposed to do it at work. The way he views it, I am on his dime. If he wants me to just sit there for 8 hours, I must just sit there for 8 hours. When Master walked in, I was just finishing a call. My panties were around my ankles, I had my ball gag in my mouth and my ass was bouncing up and down a suction cup dildo. I was torturing my ass for my phone master. Master was not happy. He let me finish the call, but I could see the rage in his eyes. He ripped the suction cup dildo off the wall and shoved it in my mouth forcing me to taste my own shit. I grimaced, which I am not permitted to do. I got slapped hard. He dragged me by my curly red locks to the “the room.” It is a supply closet, but the only supplies kept there are BDSM ones for when I am a bad girl. It is a punishment room. Master locked me up on the stockade. I was naked. He flogged my ass, whipped my pussy and put weighted clamps on both my nipples and my clit. He left me there overnight in the dark, alone, to ponder my mistake. When he released me this morning, I was stiff from standing all night and covered in piss. He ordered me to clean up and reminded me what happens to bad office whores.

Sex Slave

Slave training I need to be controlled. I need a strong man to call Master. I’m a submissive. Being dominated makes my pussy wet. I need to be told what to wear, what to say, and how to act. Keep me on my knees and fill my throat with cock. I want to keep you happy. Let me pleasure you until warm semen fills my mouth. I want to suck your cock and all of your friends’ cocks. Your wish is my command. You say jump and I’ll say how high. If I dare say “no”, then bend me over your lap and spank my bare ass red. I must admit sometimes I misbehave on purpose just to feel the hard slap from your hand. I want you to spank me until your arm gets tired. Then fuck my tight wet cunt hard and fast like you hate me. Be my Master and let me be your slave.

Crime and Punishment

Bondage whore

Sometimes I can be an insolent bondage whore. Then again I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a crabby bug up their ass once in a while. I know some of the most submissive women and men you could ever meet, and every so often I hear stories of the punishment that came with a crabby attitude. Last week, I got myself a little taste.
*Masturbation* isn’t all that big of a deal for most, but for a submissive with rules that you are not allowed to without permission, makes it a big deal. My Master knows that most types of punishment actually turn me on, but he does know what I don’t like. As simplistic as it is, I do not like being cold. I grew up in a very cold part of the country, and I live in continuously warm weather for that reason.
Master had been gone for a few weeks and I was lonely and horny, so I invited my bestie over for dinner and watch a flick. We ended up having a few too many glasses of wine and we ended up licking each other’s pussy until we both had a few orgasms. It was a night that I really needed with a companion and cumming. Master came home about 12 days later and when I picked him up at the airport he didn’t say much on the way back. I parked the car and all he said was for me to go to the basement and wait.
I made a straight line to the basement and he followed shortly after. He cuffed my wrists behind my back, left my t-shirt on and cut my panties off. I watched him walk to the washing machine, take the cold water hose off of it and turn the water on. I know from washing clothes that the water gets incredibly cold. He puts a nozzle on the end of it and starts to spray me down from head to toe. I am screaming from the cold, cold water while he tells me to tell him what I have been doing lately. I had totally forgotten by this time, the encounter I had with my bestie. “Have you cum while I was gone without permission whore?” he said. My mouth dropped open suddenly remembering the night and shit… the webcams. He continued spraying the freezing water all over me, but he abruptly put the hose down and picked up a flogger and began lashing my tits. I tried to make “pain” noises but it was hard to hide that I was enjoying his attention. After a while, he put his hands on his sides and told me I was a useless pain whore. Well, yeah… I usually enjoy it. I didn’t say that but I am sure he could tell what I was thinking. He frowned and took the cuffs off and told me to prepare his dinner. “Yes Sir,” I said with a bit of a grin. Maybe I got away with this one?

Submissive Slut For My Dominant Son

Submissive Slut

Being my son’s submissive slut has always been the highlight of my life. He was a demanding boy from the beginning and Mommy could never say no. He was my whole world and I could deny him no pleasure. As he got older, the things he needed turned into more sexual and carnal desires. He was still my demanding little boy who wanted everything to be his way. Only now, he demanded that mommy get on her knees for him and suck his cock off until he shot his load into the back of her throat. My son craved that power and needs to own his mommy whore. I will be my son’s submissive little fuck toy for as long as he needs me. He uses and abuses every hole in my body to give himself pleasure and I am will deny him nothing. If he wants to choke momma with his cock, I will gladly take the face fucking. If he wants to rip open my asshole until it’s bleeding from the rough ass fucking he gave me, then I will take it and beg for him to fill my ass with his cum. My son is my Master and I will always be his submissive little whore of a Mother.

Shitty Family Meal

scat phone sex



Mom and dad have been feeding me nothing but human waste for weeks now. I don’t even remember what
real food tastes like but it’s so important to me that their submissive whore training program
goes off without a snag that I can only comply. They are just making sure I can be the best
human toilet bitch. Also I have to consider how much money mommy and daddy make off me.
They have started inviting tons of new guys over to help keep me fed. Even designed this crazy
chair with a hole in the middle, right where your ass goes. They tie me up under it and order
that I keep my mouth wide open while you and other men drop ooey gooey shit right into my
mouth like a baby bird. How am I going to wash it down? You had the best idea- buckets of piss
and only cum for dessert. I hope mom and dad never change their minds about this program.
I love being a tool for desire. What do you think mommy and daddy should try next?

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