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I Love It When It Stings

bare bottom spankings

I want to tell you something that is very personal. It’s something I haven’t told very many people. Sometimes I like to be naughty on purpose because I know I will get bare bottom spankings. The feeling of a big strong hand smacking my bare ass really hard makes my tight little pussy so freaking wet. Sometimes it gets so wet that it starts dripping down onto those muscular legs and that’s when you know that I am ready to be fucked.
But just because you are gonna start fucking me doesn’t mean you have to stop spanking my bare little ass. You can bend me over and take me from behind. Oh my God. Having you give me a spanking so hard that it leaves hand prints on my ass cheeks will make my pussy cum all over your cock. And it won’t be just one orgasm. But you can pull your cock from my cunt and put it in my assshole if you want to. I just want you to rough up my ass in every single way possible.
Are you ready to give me that bare bottom spanking? Call me and tell me exactly what you’d do to my firm little ass.

I am Nothing but a Submissive Whore

Submissive WhorePulling me by the hair he guided me to the table and motioned for me to lay on my belly. Of course, I did as I was told and sat there in silence as he put the cords around me and tied me in his special kind of knots. He sat back and marveled at his work as he started swatting my bare ass with a paddle requiring me to thank him after ever hit. He then attached a vibrator deep into my pussy and left it on high speed, telling me that I was not to cum until he allowed me to. He pulled out a gigantic big black cock and rammed it in my ass with out any lube. He continued to shove it in and out of my ass as the vibrator continued in my now soaking wet pussy. He then stepped away and returned with nipple clamps and a weight to which he attached to my nipples and let the weight fall off the table, tugging at my nipples so hard I though they were going to rip. He finally removed the dildo from my ass and attached the machine. He lined it up so that it rammed in and out of my ass without any pauses. Finally, he set up his webcam and started an online view so that everyone could see. It has a special little feature that allows its users to deposit tokens for special requests. The first request that came through was for him to pull out his dick and start throat fucking me. Being a greedy master, he quickly obliged. He attached the dental device in my mouth and proceeded to fuck my throat until I could taste the blood running down my throat. After squirting his cum all over my face, he got himself a drink and watched the requests and money come pouring in.

Bondage Phone Sex Photo Shoot

bondage phone sexI love being a bondage phone sex whore. It is hard to tie myself up, but I can bind my tits at least and my ankles. I got into bondage decades ago. Most of the official masters I have had in my life have enjoyed tying me up. I frequent bondage clubs and I recently started doing some fetish bondage photo shoots. Nothing professional. Pretty much just horny men who want to pay me to tie me up and take photos for their spank bank. I answer ads on this knock off site of the Back Pages. Lewis had a foot fetish. He wanted to pay me to bind my feet and cum on them. Of course, he wanted to take photos too. I knew master wouldn’t find out. A girl must make a living, right? Master pays me, but I have two teens and everything they want, and need, is expensive. So, I started moonlighting. Most of the men have been pretty tame. I figured a foot fetish guy would be the tamest of them all. I was wrong. It went vanilla like I thought initially. My feet and hands were bound. He jacked off on my feet a few times, taking pictures. He excused himself to the other room, leaving me tied up and covered in his sticky goo. When he came back, he was not alone. I never heard anyone else in his place. They had been as quiet as church mice. Five teenage boys, presumably his sons, entered the room where I was with their cocks in their hands. They started stroking their cocks over my bound body. It was like something out of a bukkake phone sex scene. Horny teen boys nutting all over my body. If they had just cum on my feet that would have been fine, but they gang banged me too. I did not agree to that, but I was tied up. Not much I could do to stop them. Lewis wanted pictures of teenage boys fucking me. I don’t think he ever cared about my feet.

Rape Fantasies of A Bondage Whore

I’m just a little bondage whore that cannot help but have those naughty rape fantasies. Seriously, how could I be a humiliation slut that’s so into torture and Not have such torrid fantasies? I used to get forcefully fucked all the time living at home. My brothers always used me to be their pleasure doll, cum dump and urinal. Hell I had my big brother laughing as he sat on my face teabagging his balls in my mouth as his best friend took my teen pussy like he owned me. I swear I’ve been through it all. But i had the dirtiest dream last night that I was walking home from a night shift at a Perkins and three guys surrounded me. I smelled like fucking grease and pancakes. This made them more excited. They ripped my polyester blouse open and grabbed and bit at my tiny tits. One guy forced himself on me and tore my nude pantyhose with his switchblade so he could access my cunt. They fucked me, slapped me around and used me like a fucking corpse would be used for necro sex. These rape phone sex fantasies really heat me up, and it’s fucking cold right now. I was left battered covered in fluids and torn up clothes on the grass behind the bushes. I laid there after they left and just frigged the fuck out of my pussy as I started to cum and cry at the same time.

Bondage whore

He sold me out

submissive whoreMy Master sold me out to his friend all so that he could party a little longer one night. It’s not like he didn’t have money to pay for it, he just wanted a cheaper alternative and he knew that I would do whatever he told me to do. So I went with that man ever tho he was big and scary and told me that he was going to hurt me. I had no way to say no, no safe words no cushion. It was just me and him and a world of pain that I didn’t even know existed. He used me so hard, all my holes were fucked so hard that they tore open. My body was beaten bloody and bruised and I honestly wasn’t sure if I would survive the night. It was so hard but I made my Master happy and that was all that really mattered.

Bare Bottom Spankings For Mommy

bare bottom spankings

I did a bad thing. Something that got me more than just sexy bare bottom spankings.  I tried to go out with my girlfriends and leave my brats home alone. My husband, who is my master, was working late so I thought I would get away with it. I came home drunk off my ass and very horny so I tried to sneak in my sons room to have some teen cock. I didn’t know my husband was waiting in my boys room with his flogger at the ready. I tried to run but my son caught me at the door and tied my hands to the doorknob. My husband and son were both laughing as the flogger came out and my husband flogged my bare ass after my son pulled up my skirt and my panties down. I was busted as My son told Master that I had been fucked tonight. that enraged both of them and my throat and ass tore up from the floor up for the next couple of hours as I was spanked, choked and gapped. I really should learn my place. Or I get Punished as a pain slut should and my holes forced fucked. 

I Knelt and Waited for my Master

Submissive SlutWhenever I get a text from my master that only gives a day and time, I immediately get so excited. My pussy starts to get warm and wet. That is the signal for me to be ready for play time. I am to make sure my body is freshly waxed, and everything is nice and clean. I always arrive just a little early to get ready. I put on whatever he has laid out for me, apply bright red lipstick and tie my hair back. Then I kneel on the floor with my head lowered and wait. It doesn’t matter how long I wait I never look up until he has given me permission. Tonight, it seems like I knelt for hours for his arrival and my knees were getting tired, but I never move. I know he has secret nanny cams all around and he would know if I did. Finally, he shows up, opens the door and gets in the shower. He said not a word to me, and I remained still, never flinching. When he was finished, he came to me, lifted my head and smiled at me. He sat in a chair and told me to crawl to him. I did exactly as instruct and when I got to him, he removed his towel and motioned me towards his dick. I knew what he wanted, and I started licking and sucking his cock with long strokes just like he likes. After he was hard, he grabbed my head and started ramming his hard cock deep in my throat, choking me with every thrust. Tears ran down my face and I could barely breath. I gasp for air and the urge to throw up because I am nothing but a submissive slut to my Master. After unloading his warm cum in my mouth he pulled me by my hair and drug me towards the table……………. To be continued.

Drenched In Cum

cum slut phone sex

If you’re on the prowl for cum slut phone sex, then I’m the phone fuck for you. Let me just say that I absolutely love being a submissive pet. I was born for this role, because I’m an extremely subservient cum whore who lives to please. Just the other night, a sexy man invited me to one of his night clubs, where he had an entire room full of fun just waiting for me. He dressed me up head to toe before the excitement began. Hair and makeup done just right, with a nice little harness and some lacy crotch-less panties. He even had me in those really sharp heels. You know the ones that could puncture my ass as I’m on my knees where I belong. That night was cock sucking night, which I couldn’t have been more prepared for. I’m completely addicted to semen and the more loads I can take in a night, the happier I am. I think by the time he and his friends, colleagues and partners were finished with me, I had ingested at the very least 40 loads of cum. I still could’ve gone for more too. There is never enough as far as I’m concerned.
Do you like seeing a slut like me guzzle it down? Covered and drenched in that creamy goodness. Let’s explore this fantasy together.

Submissive slut

submissive slut

Bondage and Submission

bondage and submission

Bondage and submission is my life. I am either tied up or submitting to some man. I am still trying to heal my bruised psyche from being forced to entertain a barn yard last week. Master has been in a foul mood lately. He lost a big case. A case he worked years on too. Lots of billable hours wasted. It was a class action suit against a pharmaceutical company. The plaintiffs ended up settling for a fraction of what they could have received if the case had gone to court, but they got desperate for money. I said, I understood and that pissed master off. I know what it is like to be desperate for money. You will make unwise decisions to keep food on the table and a roof over your head. All Master saw was a loss of significant income to his already lined pockets. I was punished for my comment. Not the traditional spanking punishment either. He stripped me naked, tied me up and tossed me in a supply closet. I hate the dark and I am claustrophobic. It felt like I was in their for hours but it was only about 20 minutes when he opened the door. He was not alone. He had a few janitors with him. He told them it was their lucky day because they could do anything they wanted to me. Master told them that his submissive slut needed punished. They gang banged me on the floor. My hands and feet were bound while fat balding toilet cleaners fucked me. Master was giving me a message that I was even below the janitors. They pissed on me too because master let them know that I was the one toilet they didn’t have to clean. Just when I thought I couldn’t be humiliated any more. I was wrong.

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