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Submissive Phone sex is all I Got

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is all I have right now. I can’t see my master. I can’t go to my fetish clubs. Hell, I can’t even find a guy on Tinder to come over and fuck me. Since I am not working my other job right now, I am on the phone a lot more. Some of my callers are really sadistic too. That is not a complaint, however. I am doing my best to be an obedient phone sex submissive. It is all I have, and I need to be a slave. I need to be abused. I had a new caller last week that honestly made me glad we had only met on the phone. He was the kind of sadistic man a submissive slut hopes she never meets in person. He had me beat my tits. Nonstop smacking of my big fake boobs. He wanted no excuses like they are fake so don’t bounce as much. He wanted to hear my hand against my tits. He wanted me jumping up and down too so they would smack me in the face. I had a headset on because I didn’t want to drop the phone, but he made me take it off because it muffled the sound of my tits smacking against my body. I dropped the phone a few times and that just pissed him off. I had to smack my face a few times to make amends. He was like a drill sergeant. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. I figured he was a one and done kind of caller, but he called me back two days later and made me do the same shit just with more intensity. My tits have never hurt that much from a call. I have never been out of breath from a call either. I’m not complaining though. Submissive sex on the phone is all I got. 

Cock Worshiping Bo

cock worshiping

In my years as a dedicated submissive, I have yet to come a cock quite like yours. Your amazing dick gives cock worshiping an entirely new meaning. I’d like to make a religion out of serving your beautiful cock. It is perfection and every little slut ought to see and experience what it’s like to have their whore mouths wrapped around it. It’s so thick and delicious and whenever I think about it, I lose sight of all my senses and become this cock crazed whore, obsessed with pleasing you and making you cum. I can’t wait for you to cum over later so that I can greet you on my knees, dressed in something extremely slutty. I have to make sure your cock is nice and hard as soon as you walk in the door. A cock like that deserves tending to immediately after a long, hard day at the office. I’m already salivating as I think about licking this tongue up and down those popping veins, while I get to massage those full cum filled balls. Hurry home to your cock worshiping harlot, sexy.

The Ball Gag Makes My Pussy So Wet

Submissive SlutI know that when Master puts the ball gag in my mouth I should be scared. I mean it is the prequel to a punishment, so no one can hear my screams. But that does not happen. My pussy gets so wet and my nipples get hard and I get lost in my head fantasizing about which whip he will use, or will he bind me or will he run a train on me. But I never let him know I am not scared because then he would stop. Lately I have even found myself putting it in my mouth and fastening it. I attached nipple clamps and weights and then I take a giant dildo and sit on it while using a vibrator on my pussy. I bounce up and down on that dildo taking it deep in my ass. The pain brings me so much pleasure that I have multiple orgasms before I am through. It is so hot to me, just telling you about it is making my pussy wet again.

Submissive Sex Slut For Master Daddy

My daddy is always good to me, when he wants to be. I’m just a little on the frisky side in life right now and am always acting out. Daddy gets so upset with me. I’m his princess and my brothers and him have really trained me well. It’s just, well, I crave to get their attention. I need them to feel desire for me. I want to be their fuck doll because I have really grew to enjoy how they treat me. Sometimes my brother will bring his wife over and let her really have her way with me. She has to submit to him all the time, and really enjoys using me. I was forced to eat her ass out after she took a big cock that left her a gooey load of cum. It was juicy and brown and I was forced to slurp the juicy shit cream from her ass. She sat her ass on my face and pushed it all into my mouth and told me to get my whore tongue up there and eat that hole clean. She had a gaping hole and my daddy and brother both fucked me while I cleaned her ass. I’m a dirty little cunt and ass eater and if there is cum involved it should go in one of my filthy whore holes. Please use me like they do and I promise I will be a good dirty slut for you.

Submissive sex

I really hope I find a new master in you, and my new Daddy owner. You can own me and even enjoy a phone sex special to get acquainted with your new little subby sugar daughter. I do whatever my daddy tells me to and my brothers as well. If you have sons that you want to teach to treat a sub slut right then I am the perfect mostly obedient one for you.

Phone Sex Specials

Gangbang whore

gangbang phone sex

Another fat cock pressed into my well-used pussy. I was already at my limit cum was dripping out of my cunt and ass. My thighs sticky from all the love juices unloaded in me.The blindfold prevented me from seeing anything. Hands touched me everywhere kneading and groping my soft tired body. Cocks being dragged across my face and pushed in my mouth. I sucked so much cock i lost count after fifteen. I could have been the same group or multiple I just know that I was flipped around and fucked hard in all my holes. All i could taste was all the salty cum being pumped down my throat till i felt like a balloon just bursting at the seams. Master’s breeding parties are not for the faint of heart and this one almost pushed me to far. I loved every second of it though because i am masters best whore!

Bondage and Submission Milf


bondage and submission robynBeing a mom and wife with a growing Tribe of brats does not stop the bondage and submission in my home.  If anything, I am held to more strict obedience policies than other slaves I interact with. My son has had a full range of my body these last few weeks. But this weekend my husband and a few Men he rounded up were in complete control of my body I was gifted new crotchless panties with the word whore on the ass. New nipple gauges and chain and a tight latex skirt and fishnets rounded the attire. My ruby red hooker heels were tight on my feet as I made my way down to the basement with my head lowered. I could see the naked feet of all six of the men. Master pulled me by the chain on my pierced nipples and made me look up. Here slut this is going to be your weekend. A little nose candy will keep you energized and cum and piss will be your only meals. I began to ask about our offspring and he said I would be a dutiful housewife while covered in dried cum between the gangbang penetrations and that our girls and son know exactly what a stupid, submissive whore their mother s so it really doesn’t matter.


Bondage whores breeding session

bondage whore

The Drool ball was bigger today, I could feel my mouth struggling to accommodate it! The belts around my ankles tightened enough that I could still have circulation but I couldn’t wiggle. My arms were already strapped behind me and my thighs strapped together. I Was to get his attention by screaming then blinking 3 times if I reached my limits. He rocked me back on the bed proper up with pillows and began to play with my cunt lips. Sliding his strong fingers up and down slightly parting them. He got me nice and wet and then he rolled me to my side pulled out his thick throbbing cock and slammed it so hard in me he bottomed out in an instant! He pounded away gripping onto my legs so tight I felt his fingers start to bruise me. With one last hard thrust he emptied his load directly into my fertile unprotected womb.


Why I Love Being A Submissive Slut

Submissive slutI’m called some pretty nasty and cruel things, but I like them. I like being compared to shit and garbage, my body used in ways I never imagined. Often times I’m told to explain it, sometimes my masters just want to know why I like it. It’s always the truth when I say I don’t know. If I could guess serving gives me a purpose when I feel like I don’t have one. As for my love of pain, I like to feel the sharp intensity like a sharp sting of a strong hand, the powerful blow of a whip against my smooth skin. The stinging sensation of welts as they begin to heal, the pain that lingers for the rest of the day into the coming days. Compliments occasionally make my skin crawl as most of the time they aren’t real, but insults come from a place of desire. You see the feelings of desire and cruelty feel very similar when you think about it. So insults are more arousing to me then when you tell me I’m pretty. I hope this helps you understand me, masters.

Submissive Whore In Quarantine

submissive whore

Don’t you think mandatory quarantine would be a lot more exciting if you were stuck inside with a dedicated submissive whore like myself? I would be ever so eager to tend to all of your wants and needs. With nothing on, besides a smile on my face. Unless of course there was something, in particular, you wanted me to wear, then naturally I would do so. I would be your live-in cock sucker and maid. Do you think you would get sick of lockdown if you had a cum dumpster at your beck and call? You could even take your frustrations out on my ass. I love paddles and spankings and I wouldn’t think twice before bending over that knee to feel that stinging sensation from your big, strong hands smacking it nice and firm! All the fun we could have together is limitless and I’d just want to make sure you were completely happy and satisfied 24-7. I must keep your balls drained and your environment happy. Call your favorite little slut today.

Submissive Sex Slave Will Drain Your Balls One Way or Another

submisive sexI am a full-time submissive sex slut. Like many of you, I am stuck at home with nowhere to go and no one to discipline me. I decided to try some online dating sites to see if I could find anyone to come fuck me. I met this young corporate lawyer on Tinder. I was worried this guy might know my master who is a lawyer too, so I never mentioned I was a paralegal. I needed someone to occupy my time. He was hung but I sadly discovered his dick was limp. I knew it was not me. He is stressed being unable to work. I was hoping this guy would get hard and take out his financial woes on my pussy and ass. I thought back to some of the many techniques I know. I mean I do have a master who is much older than me. I am no stranger to dick issues. I can deliver a special massage: a prostrate massage. I know men get stressed and have limp dick. I know balls get backed up and need a full ball draining. I know a prostate phone sex massage is a quick fix for a wet noodle. Have you ever had a prostate exam from a subby whore? It is the happiest ending you will ever have in your life!

prostate phone sexMy stud lawyer with the limp noodle was tense. I could feel his tension everywhere in his body. I wanted that big dick, so it was my responsibility to get him hard; harder than he has been before. I oiled him up and down, giving him a traditional massage first. I worked out some of the kinks on his upper body before I moved to his lower body. His cock was at attention the entire time. Soon I worked my magic fingers down to his swollen shaft. I cupped his balls in my hands, slid a finger into his puckered asshole, found that pea shaped prostrate, massaged it as my mouth devoured his cock. He insisted on licking my pussy as I worked his cock and balls into a huge happy ending. I was not saying no to that. My master rarely gives back. I was losing my focus as I felt his tongue probe my asshole. I struggled to keep my mind on his prostate as my pussy juice cascaded over his face. The taste and the smell of my hot cum made him shoot out a jet stream of overdue jizz.  A bigger trajectory than Old Faithful. He splattered my face with such force, I kept playing with his ass until I had drained him to the point of exhaustion. We both had happy endings because he got hard again quickly to fuck me properly. He just needed a good ball draining to get hard for this submissive slut.

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