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Submissive Slut

Master had decided he would give me a break, only his cock this week. No other strangers coming in, just him fucking my tight little cunt. I knew master could make me feel good, he always does! He called me into his computer room to watch some slutty bondage porn with him. As we were watching my pussy was getting so wet and I could see masters cock rising in his pants. The porn continued to play on the computer as I got up and bent my ass over the couch for him to see how wet my pussy is and so he could spank me. He began slapping my ass one cheek at a time for what seemed like forever, my ass was burning after but it still felt so good! Master really knew how to slap an ass. He got sick of playing and laid on the couch. He told me to be a good slut and ride his huge cock, so I got on top of him and slid his cock into my wet cunt.

Submissive slutMaster loved how tight my pussy could clench around his big cock, even after he had used it so many times- that’s one of the reasons he keeps me around. I began riding masters cock nice and hard so he could see my boobs bouncing in his face. Master hated to admit it, but he loved when I rode his big cock. After about 3 minutes of that, his load was deep inside my tight cunt, he loved using my hole then watching all his cum drip out of it.

Submissive Brat Gets Punished

Submissive Whore

Whenever I am naughty, which is often, my Master punishes me with a heavy fist. I can’t help being naughty- I love Master’s punishments so much. The other day he instructed me very specifically that I should sit still while he fastened the restraints. It was a bed with straps that pulled each limb in a different direction, like a medieval torture device. I planned on behaving, but memories of him with a furrowed brow and his rough hands smacking my ass until my skin was screaming in agony, all made it far too tempted to poke the beast once more. With each nerve he sends into searing pain, the juicier my slit would get. I began to fidget relentlessly, making it hard for him to strap me down. A familiar, dark look came over his eyes. My nipples poked out like daggers in the cold room as he finished securing the tie downs. My naked body lay there quivering at the thought of what he might do to punish me. He took out a whip and after countless lashes, my welted torso ached. Whimpering, I looked up at him, “Please Sir, I promise to be a good girl.”  But the discipline isn’t over. He releases my ankles and tears his way into my dry ass hole while holding my ankles up by my head. It feel like fire! Will I ever learn to behave?

MILF Phone Sex Sub

milf phone sexI deliver a special kind of milf phone sex. As a submissive mommy, I can fulfill all your kinky fantasies about mommy. Have you ever wanted to force fuck your mother? What about gang bang her with your high school friends? Perhaps you have thought about fucking her ass? Maybe you fantasize about watching her with the family four legged beast? Maybe you want to piss down her throat or even in her fuck holes? Maybe you have wanted to drown your sweet mommy in cum? Perhaps your mommy fantasies are more extreme like snuff? I have been trying to get my teen son to take a more stern approach with me. I’m in the market for a new master as my current one is about to hit his expiration date. I thought, who better to own me than my own son, right? He has a temper just like his daddy, but if he slaps me or talks sass to me, he quickly apologizes, even though I tell him it is okay because I am a dirty submissive whore. Last night, I messed up his laundry on purpose to get a reaction. I bleached his favorite blue tee shirt. I was wearing a sexy little number: garter belt, stockings and a matching bra. I wanted my ass framed for a good hard spanking. He was pissed when he came home from practice. I heard him cursing my name as I laid on my bed with my bare ass up awaiting my punishment. He stormed in my room and took the bait. He grabbed my hair, yanked my head back and spit in my face. Then he went to town on my ass. Bare bottom spankings always make me wet, but something about my own son leaving a mark on me had me cumming with every swift wack. I think I have found my new master. I just need to groom him a bit more. 

Sexy phone chat – BBC

Sexy phone chatMaster had this fantasy, he wanted me to suck off a BBC while he watched! He said nothing would turn him on more than to see a black guy bang my throats and make me choke all over his big cock! I’m always willing to please my master and he arranged it. I came home from lunch to see a black guy stroking his cock and I knew what I had to do. I immediately got down onto my knees and began sucking it off! I could barely take the entire thing in my mouth but I ended up hitting bottom quite a few times! Master’s cock was so hard watching me suck this guy off, he began slapping my ass from behind which was just making my pussy even more wet. I kept sucking off the black guy and I could taste his precum all over his cock- and he was getting close. He jacked off into my mouth to finish and got a huge load of yummy cum all over my tongue, as I swallowed it I felt Master’s load all over my ass! I love being a little cum slut.

Bondage and submission training with Jessica

Bondage and submission JessicaThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one, is simply revolving around Bondage and submission. You may add words like pain, or punishment; but I think more along the lines of patience, training, and beauty. A well trained slut, when fully tied and set, is a true work of art, from her head to her feet. To be admired, watched, adored. For her poise and discipline.

And she is to be rewarded, after all is said and done, by a firm spanking, and a harder fuck!

Whores like me, we find the softest, most loving things in an all-out violent fucking. Maybe it’s the way Master caresses our bruised tits while he hammers away in our assholes, or the way the deep bite of his teeth into the tender flesh behind our cunts says “you’re mine!”

In my case, it’s the flavor of Master’s bloody, stained dick sliding in the back of my throat, that shows me he wants every one of my senses to be filled with his flavor, his scent, his everything, blending and coating my own.

For, as soon as the words “that’s my good girl” are whispered hotly into my ear as he strikes me with his cane, I climax harder than any regular, plain fucking could ever make me!

Because… I cum for my Master!

Submissive Whore Has Been Naughty

Master really enjoys a naughty submissive whore doesn’t he? He gets so hard when he gets to put his hot little subby over his knee for some bare bottom spankings. It is always a pleasure to feel Master’s big powerful hands on my bare sensitive flesh. I can not deny that my pussy gets so wet when I anticipate my punishments from my Master.

 Submissive Whore

I really hope you can be my next Master and that I can be a naughty little vixen of submissive sex for my burly and stern Master. What sort of punishments are your favorite to administer to your submissives? I am always curious as to ways I can please Master in my being Naughty. What sort of things can I do that will upset you enough to spank, whip, or torture me? I desire my Master to be pleased with me and to give me all the punishments I crave… er… earned.

bare bottom spankings

The Pain Makes Me Wet

Submissive Whore

You walk into the room and examine my naked body. I am on all fours, just how You instructed me, blindfold securely covering my eyes. My hair is pulled into a ponytail, as specified. “Good girl,” You say, grazing the crop along my back and over the lips of my anxiously awaiting slit. Then You stop once You notice my collar missing.
“Oops” I tease, demurely. The crop whistles through the air, making my jaw clench and toes curl. The stinging on my round ass makes my pussy start to drip. “I’m sorry, Sir.” The cracking of the crop against my skin creates a red hot welt. I feel a firm grasp at the base of my pony tail. You pull me over Your lap so my ass is readily accessible. From The Box, You pull out a studded paddle. The pain of the wood and metal makes me whimper. You paddle me until my ass cheeks are so raw and sore, it feels like it’s on fire! I hear You rummage through The Box again. A searing pain tears through my ass hole and I know this must be the big purple dildo I have seen in there before. Nothing that big had ever entered my tight, rose bud before so I screamed in pain. After the punishment was over, You tug my head back by my hair and ask, “Are you ready to be a good girl? Or should I keep going.” I giggle because I know I’m ready for more.

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sexMaster told me it was time to play dress up, I knew exactly what this meant. I was to wear the fishnet crop top he bought me, a short skirt and pretend to be his little doll. Master could do whatever he wanted with me include torture my worthless self. He played with me just as he did with his sisters dolls when he was a boy. Cut my hair, burn me, even slice me open when he really needed some relief. I’m his pain slut, nothing makes my pussy wetter than when master wants me to play his little dollhouse game. Master doesn’t want me to talk or move, he wants to believe I’m actually a doll. He spreads my pussy open and begins shoving his cock into me as he’s burning into my stomach with a cigarette. His load comes quick after my pussy tenses up around his thick cock, it’s so fun playing dress up and being masters little torture doll. 

Jessica loves being a Submissive whore ornament!

Submissive Whore JessicaI fucking love being a submissive whore ornament! Whenever Master holds one of his biggest parties, I am the centerpiece! This time I was especially honored! He had a beautiful birdcage made for me!

He placed me in the middle of the room in it, gagged, with my wrists and ankles bound tightly to the sides, leaving my holes wide open for whomever wanted to fuck me, suck me, or see what they can make fit!

I felt so sexy as his guests arrived. Each at one time or another came by to inspect my Master’s pet, touching my breasts, sticking fingers in my vagina, or a toy in my little ass. I even was rewarded by receiving cum in my sloppy wet fuck holes, and all over my pretty little face!

I was so proud that I was able to take so many fun things Master’s guests shoved in me, toys, tools, and even their fists! Master looked so happy when he saw me taking a fist in my cunt, and in my asshole, at the same time!

But none of them was as big an honor as my Master, who was so kind as to fuck my cum filled cunt, remove my gag, and allow me to lick and suck his dick nice and clean!

Let me worship you

Cheap phone sex Being a submissive whore is more then being obedient to your boyfriend, it is about being giving your life on every sexual level to a big cock master. I have been a nasty cock whore since I could remember, and having a master to give myself too is the perfect thing in my life. I wanna sit on my knees infront of the door with my collar and leash ready for master to take me on a walk. I love when my master saves all his pee from the day for me to bath in, and I will make sure to was every inch of my body in it. I love being used in every way possible including every downgrading thing you can think of. Got any ideas how to make me yours?