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Happy Daddies Day!

Bare Bottom spankingsIt is fathers day today! And I know just what daddy wants! He wants to tie me up and spank me till my bottom is cherry red with sprinkles of blueberry’s! I am daddies Subby little teen slut and I will do ANYTHING for him! BUT today is special! It is Fathers day! And I want daddy to know how much I love him! How much I need to be his trampy whore! I am going to beg to be used. And thank daddy over and over for treating me like the nasty slut I am! I am sure Daddy has something wickedly fun in store for me today! I know how much daddy likes to watch me being used. I can hear all the men showing up! They are laughing and talking about how they are going to use me! I cant wait!

A Submissive Slut Knows How to Say Happy Father’s Day

submissive whoreIf you are a submissive whore, you know that the best thing you can give the daddy in your life for Father’s Day is yourself. Your total self. I’m not talking a fuck here, but giving yourself to a man, mind, body and soul. Men, if you have not had a woman give you total control over her, you need to take it so you can feel how exhilarating it is; trust me, it will make you rock hard. My daddy had total control over me. Every man in my life has total control over me. Father’s Day is an important day for me because all of my Masters are like daddies to me.

bondage whoreA father tells you what to do. A father keeps tabs on you. A father punishes you when you are bad. A father tells you how to behave and dress. A father smothers you with attention. A father controls you. A father watches your every move. Masters do the same thing. So look at a master servant relationship as a father daughter one. You need to protect me from myself and others with tough love. Unconditional love. I know no matter how bad a Master punishes me, it is for my own good. Spare the rod, spoil the brat, right?

BDSM phone sex slutSo for all the Masters in my life, I am giving them the gift of total control and ownership of my body. Each master can do what they want to me because it’s about their pleasure not mine. My first daddy, loves to spank my ass. Always has, always will. So for him, I got him the Robospanker with a doggy stockade to use on me whenever he wants. Have you heard of this machine? It is not cheap, but it is the premiere spanking machine. The paddle swings both horizontally and vertically. Essentially, you can control the tilt, the angle and the speed of the spanks. And the best feature is the remote control, so Daddy can even tell me to spank myself. Now Daddy can give his hand a break sometimes. The best present really for any Master who is fond of bare bottom spankings.

bare bottom spankings daddyFor my boss, who is a second Daddy to me, I got him the Cell Block Bed to use one me in pink coated marine grade aluminum. He can chain me to the bed; suspend me from it for beatings and floggings, or he can keep me a prisoner behind bars, underneath for days denying me even basic necessities . The perfect Father’s day gift for a capricious Master. I am his BDSM and bondage whore, so I know he will love a Father’s Day gift that will cover all sorts of S and M games.

I know how to say Happy Father’s Day to my masters. Without the strong men in my life, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I need masters and fathers, not boyfriends and husbands. Please check out our specials too. You can have more quality time punishing me, for less money. Why break the bank, when you can just break me?

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bondage and submission robyn1The night air was cool and crisp for a summers day. The slight breeze causing my sweat covered body to catch a chill. My pink uniform was soaked and the pink and black heels I was wearing were killing my feet. It was a hell of a night at the club for a cocktail waitress. All the men were in rare form and I felt like every inch of my body was bruised from being pinched, spanked, prodded and poked. But my pockets were bulging with the tips I made and it was over. Turning the corner I knew I only had a couple blocks to walk before I was home.
Suddenly I head the squeal of tires and felt a strong hand over my mouth and around my waist. I tried to struggle but it was no use, he was to strong. I was shoved into the back of a car and a blindfold was placed over my eyes in what seemed like on swift move. I felt hands all over me binding my ankles together, my hands were yanked behind me so hard I thought my shoulders would snap and a gag was placed in my mouth.
Despite being scared as hell my pussy was twitching and tingling and I could feel the familiar build up of juices at the edge of spilling over and into my panties.
Suddenly the car stopped and I was lifted out of the back seat and into what felt like the trunk. I could tell by the footsteps and the amount of hand I felt that there were several men around me.
Someone yanked my dress opened and pulled my tits out, pinching and pulling them, hands were all over me…..I struggled from natural instinct but my panties were full fledged soaked by now and I was so fucking turned on.
I don’t know how long I was there or how many men had me. The last thing I remember was a cloth over my mouth and nose, a darkness came over me and I woke up in my bed freshly bathed and perfumed in my soft jammies and tucked in.
Was it a dream?

Happy Fathers Day!!


Submissive whore

I was my daddy’s shadow! He was my hero! Then one day after he got into a fight with my mom she left. After that he started drinking. Drank so much he turned into a different man. He turned into his true self. He started punishing me. More than normal. He would pull my panties down and take a switch to spank my pussy lips. Now that I am older I love being a submissive whore who does exactly what her daddy or master tells her to do.

Submissive phone sex

I even dress up for my daddy. I put on a mask so he doesn’t have to look at Submissive whore face as he punishes me for fingering myself. Daddy doesn’t want my pleasing myself. This fathers day I have left my cunt un-touched for an entire week! I am struggling with not fucking myself but my daddy’s gift this year is a untouched pussy that he can punish for hours!! I want to be my daddy’s subby whore ! 

Submissive Whore Cydney Loves Spanking Phone Sex From Daddy

Submissive Whore

Bratty bratty submissive whore I am and I love it when my Daddy gives me all kinds of spanking phone sex fun. Sometimes I even beg him for it. I love it when he swats me till my ass is black and blue. I want him to whip me hard till tears run down my face. If I cannot get him to spank me because I am a good girl I will be a naughty brat till I get my way. I will tease him and run away till I get him red in the face.
That is when Daddy give me the best punishment. I always pretend to fall, when he catches up to me I kneel at his feet and kiss them for forgiveness. He always quickly grabs me up by my ponytail and tells me that forgiveness must be earned before it is given. That made my pussy start to release its sweet juices. He threw me onto the bed with a lot of force and then lifted my skirt revealing me bare ass.

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The first swat of the paddle took my breath from my lungs. It stung and I gripped the palms of my hands hard. The second swat he ordered me to keep count. “1…2…mmmm” “Mmm is not a number,” he barked back. I smiled a little knowing that I had earned myself a couple more hard swats. I whimpered and bit my lips as I felt my ass start to glow red. He finished at 20 swats and then examined his work.
My ass was purple and I loved it. I knew it was going to take me a couple of days to recover so I was thankful Daddy had me lay at his feet. He stroked the side of my face and told me that I was a good little brat. A few days later I brought Daddy his paddle eager for another go around. He told me he was watching a show. Time to act out again. I giggled and went to get into some mischief.

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Spanking Phone Sex with a Submissive Whore: Hurt Me Daddy

Spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex anyone? Look at my round smooth bottom. It beckons you to spank it doesn’t? You wouldn’t be the only one to feel that way! When I was just a wee girl, my daddy would spank me for no reason. I never understood my infraction as a young school girl. Without provocation, Daddy would throw me over his knees, pull my little pink cotton panties off and spank my bare ass until it was bright red. I would feel his thing poking at my belly with every slap. I thought I was just an incorrigible brat, but daddy was just a dirty p man! I didn’t like it at the time, but over the years from our spanking sessions , I became a total submissive whore for Daddy, my first Master.

submissive whoreBy the time I was a teen, I would wait for Daddy to come home from work. I would wear a short skirt, no panties and be bent over so the first thing he would see when he walked through the door was the bottom he loved to spank so much. I would rub my little clitty as his hand smacked down hard on my ass, while screaming “Hurt me daddy. Hurt me daddy.” Sometimes he would let me suck his cock while giving me his special bare bottom spankings. Daddy loved to abuse his little girl, but he didn’t want to fuck me. As much as I would beg for him to fuck my ass, he just wanted to hurt it. “Worthless little whores don’t deserve the pleasure of a nice cock,” he would say. Daddy was a twat tease.

bare bottom spankingsWhen I was 18, I left home looking for men who would abuse me, but fuck me too. I got lucky. Almost all men want to spank me then fuck me then spank me some more. My boss is my new Master and he spanks me all day long. And if I am disobedient, I get rewarded, umm, I mean punished with his big hard cock rammed in my ass repeatedly. Do you want to spank me Master?

Submissive Whore Loves Gangbang Phone Sex

submissive whore readheaded slutI have always been a submissive whore, even in college. Actually before college, but that was when I first got gangbanged and loved it. My sorority sister, Elsa and I got really drunk one night at a frat party. About ten guys cornered us as we were attempting to leave the house. They manhandled us pretty good. Grabbed our tits, pulled our clothes, even slapped us around. One of the guys pushed us into the basement. There were old fashioned school desks and mattresses on the floor. Clearly this was some sort of fuck chamber. I wasn’t really down to be gangbanged. I liked bondage, maybe a little spanking, some mild S and M games, but I was always a one guy girl. That night changed me.

They stripped us naked, tied us up and force fucked us for hours. “Good girls don’t get drunk at frat parties,” one of them said right before he skull fucked me. Elsa and I had to bend over and get our asses whipped first. Spanked our butts raw before they started sodomizing us. I was no ass virgin, but I had not been anally brutalized by fists and multiple cocks yet. Cocks and fists went up my ass, even my cunt. Elsa cried more than I did as she was a virgin. It was hard to take. Sobered me up real quick though. I went from being spanked, to skull fucked, to fisted, to ass raped, to double penetrated over and over. Even strangled and slapped too.

gangbang phone sexWe would get filled with cum, then two more guys would do us, fill us with more. Nerdy guys too, but clearly they were in to force fucking girls. The fist in my ass drew blood. My ass prolapsed, not the last time it would, but at 19, I had never had that happen before. I was fucked raw. So was Elsa. The difference was, that I loved being abused like that. When it was all over, they tossed us outside like garbage, naked and covered in cum, still tied up. Elsa wanted us to call campus police. I acted like I was okay with that. But secretly, I wanted to go back and beg for more. Decades later, I am a gangbang phone sex whore who still gets off talking about her first gangbang.


bondage and submission robyn1

Being a submissive in my parents house is not something I do. But I had been house sitting for them for a week now while they traveled and I was so fucking horny! I wanted it. I needed it. It is who I am. When he called and asked to come over I knew he needed my sweet and submissive ways. I also knew that my parents would be mortified to know that I love to submit to him. To let him tie me up while I wear my wooden cross around my neck and allow him to sodomize me and take me how ever he sees fit. As soon as I opened the door and saw the red ball gag in his hand I felt the juices flow. I lowered my eyes and let him in, leading him to the master bedroom. My parent’s bed room. There he took me as he always does. And I did as I was told as I always do. Sitting on the floor in my fish net stockings after he left I felt the need to confess. I called my priest and as soon as he answered I uttered the words “Forgive me Father for I have sinned” He recognized my voice right away. We had been a member of the church since I was very little. Soothingly he told me to put a dress over my body as I was and come to him right away. Obeying, as a good submissive does, I arrived at the church. There I stood. My hair disheveled, sweat had caused my makeup to run, the red ball gag was hanging around my neck with the little wooden cross. Father took me to the bathroom that was tiled in the purest of white and lifted my dress over my head. I knew what he needed. I have confessed many times before. Lowering my eyes and falling to my knees I prepared for his anointing…..

Looking for a Master!

Bare Bottom SpankingsI have been very sad since school is out. My teacher was always ready to punish me and treat me like a cunt. It has been 2 weeks since I have been REALLY used! I just can’t wait that long! I need to be spanked and tied up! I have had my boyfriends do it but they just don’t know what I really need! I need a real MAN to use me! I remember once my teacher Mr. Kling took me to a club downtown. There were lots of masters there! I could only see a little through my hood but I could hear all the masters talking about me! They took turns using me that night. One by one spanking me and fucking me! I was tied up so good! That is all I want! To be used like that! I am going to try to find the club. A subby is NOTHING with out a master!

Fuck Time

Bondage WhoreI had the best night last night! My neighbor showed up at my door at 1 am! I was half asleep when I stumbled to the door! Mark grabbed me and shove me to the floor in the hall way! He was mad that I was wearing clothes. I told him I was sorry. I did not know it was him at the door! But sorry was not good enough. He dragged me to the living room and ripped my clothes off. Then Mark pulled me over his lap and spanked my ass! It was so fucking HOT! Mark was telling me what a whore I was. And it made my pussy so wet! The harder he hit me the wetter I got! Then Master Mark pulled me down the hallway to my bedroom and tied me to the bed. Master Mark fucked me like the nasty whore I am. And when he left in the morning he left me tied to the bed. I am to wait here till master sends his friends over to fuck me. I have the best master in the world!