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Erotic BDSM storiesMaster has this weird but wild fetish. He likes me to dress up as a superhero woman and then to break that superhero woman. Since I love when Master whips and fucks me. I love playing out this fetish with him. He likes me to resist and to fight back just so he can overpower me and whip harder then when I am just plain ole sex slave. And boy do I resist. The harder I resist, the harder he whips me, the harder he fucks, means the harder I get to fucking cum. And not just once but over and over. I love it when Master becomes a sadistic son of a bitch. It only works in my favor.

Submissive Slut Training

submisssive slutThis submissive slut wants nothing more for Christmas than a naughty Santa who can break her teen daughter. My little slut thinks she decides who fucks her. She thinks she is in control over men. She also thinks she is in control of me. She will not listen to me. I punished her over the weekend because she got in trouble for skipping school. In our state, they will arrest the legal guardian or parent of a truant student. I can’t get arrested because of her. She was jeopardizing my livelihood with my Master, a lawyer. He has expressed no desire in jailbait pussy because of his job; however, when my little bitch refused to be on lockdown for the weekend and mocked me by saying she hopes I lose my master and my job, I had to call him for help. He hired a man for slave training so that if she went to the cops or ran her mouth at school, he was untouchable. She won’t be talking. She got the shit scared out of her. It was like she went to one of those scared straight drug interventions. Brian showed up with a bag of training devices. He locked himself in her room with my daughter for two days. She never came out. She had to piss and shit in a bucket. She was allowed only bottled water to drink and PB sandwiches, which she hates. I was on the outside desperately wanting to watch, but I could hear her screams and the harsh sounds of things from hands to whips cracking down on her bare ass. The thought of a random stranger breaking my brat aroused me. I didn’t see her for two days. I just heard her being punished and broken. When she emerged, she was a different girl. I’m not sure it will stick without constant training. I will need your help.

Gangbang phone sex with Casey

Gangbang Phone Sex

My new master was very upset with me for not dressing as he had asked me to.  His request was simple, he asked me to dress like a prostitute.  I had shown up in a sexy black silk dress with 3-inch heels, hair in a nice up do and makeup done tastefully.  He told me if he had wanted a high-class call girl he would have asked for that.  He wanted me dressed as a common street whore.  He sent me home to change.

I travelled the 45 minutes each way to transform myself into a street whore.  I put on a black body stocking with a hole where the crotch is, a red corset, a tight, very short, black leather mini skirt and my 5-inch fuck me heels.  I also put a lot of makeup on and over sprayed my hair to look like those whores I see patrolling the streets downtown.

I returned to Master’s house.  He greeted me at the door, telling me to remove my coat and said that now I looked like a proper hooker and tonight I was going to be treated like one.  I am always happy to please my master, whatever he wants, I will do.  He brought me into a room with 5 men, sitting around having a smoke and a drink.  He told them the entertainment had arrived and that we were going to have fun.  He told me to do a hot dance and I did, provocatively dancing across the room, everyone’s eyes on me.  As soon as I finished, two of the men strapped me down to a massage table and put a gag in my mouth.  Each man took a turn at me.  They fucked me in my mouth, my cunt, and my asshole.  I was pleased that my master had chosen to share me.  Some of them double teamed me.  I loved being used this way.  When they were all done using me up, my Master came to me and had be suck his cock until he exploded in my mouth.  He rubbed my cheek when he was done with me and told me what a good sex slave I was.  I returned his smile.

Submissive Whore Gets Sold By Her Son

submissive whore

My son sold his submissive whore mother to the highest bidder. After face fucking me and showering me in his piss one night, he told me that was going to sell me for a night. He had me dress up like a proper slut. I had on thigh-high fishnets, a corset, high heels, and red lipstick. He told me that I was to spend the evening standing in the middle of the room for all his friends to look over. When they arrived, they all spent the night looking me up and down and circling me, inspecting every inch as if I was a piece of cattle for sale. But today I was a piece of meat for sale. I was a fuck toy that they could buy. My son set it up just like an auction. Everyone took their seats when it was time and he rattled off numbers until the highest bidder was found. Then my son handed me off to him and told him to have fun with his new fuck toy.

Dick Sucking Vanessa

Submissive sexI don’t know what I did to make Master so mad. But he was pissed and I’ve been on my knees for the last 45 minutes trying to make him happy. I know that sometimes he gets mad at the world and takes it out on me, but I love him and I’ll never leave. I was put on the Earth to serve, worship, and obey my Master. I’ll suck his dick for hours until I see a smile on his face. I’m his property, he owns me. My jaw is starting to hurt, but I keep sucking through the pain. He hasn’t let me eat all day because the only thing he wants me to eat today is semen. I’m his submissive and my only job is to please him. And if keeping his cock in my mouth all day keeps him happy then change my name to Dick Sucking Vanessa.

Bondage and submission

Bondage and submissionBondage and submission little fucking whore will be your good little Cum eating phone sex dumpster! I love Submissive phone sex daddy! Mommy taught me how to be a good little cock sucker. She would always make me watch her suck on your cock and all of her other hook- ups. Now I know you did put rules daddy. I need to sleep in daddy’s bed every night and get fucked, used and abused by daddy at any time he feels like using my pussy tight fuck hole. Daddy loves cumming all over my sexy little body. I am not allowed to wash it off. I have to go to school rocking all that cum all over me. Smelling like sex and cum. If the stupid guys start teasing me in school or wanting to fuck me, I need to let daddy know immediately so they could get interviewed and see if they will be a good fuck for me. That way we put on a good little fuck show for daddy. If any teachers or students feel like fucking me they go through daddy first!

Submissive Slut Gretchen Gets Gangbanged

Submissive slutMaster gave me permission to party with his goons the other night! What I didn’t know was that he had given them leave to fuck me up. They spiked my drinks, making them stronger than usual, and even mickied them. They had me so fucked up, I couldn’t see straight. Honestly, I don’t remember much of what happened, it’s all a haze to me. They took pictures, though, and told me all the wonderful things I did. They had me jacking them off, giving blow job after blow job. At one point, they had gotten the party up to like 12 guys, and they were all running a ring around me, taking turns with my hands and mouth. Then, they managed to get one guy under me inside my ass, and another on top of me in my cunt, so that another guy could get over my face and fuck straight down my throat. They ran a ring around me for several hours, and my holes were so full of cum, it was leaking down my thighs, down my ass cheeks and pussy lips. I was just drenched in it all, with that doped up, dumb look on my face. I had no idea what I was in for that night.

Fury Friends

BDSM phone sex Master gave me a special treat today I got to fuck a furry friend! A nice German one. And he knew how to fuck this slave slut. He jumped on my back clawing at me and jamming that furry friend dick in and out of me. Fucking me like a bitch in heat. It helped I had my period. Blood was getting everywhere as he was fucking me harder and harder. Then all of a sudden I could feel what was about to happen. He was gonna knot me and I braced myself for it. Awe it fucking hurt bad but I could not stop squirting on this furry friend dick. I started howling as I squirted. Feeling his claws break the skin on my back. Master stuck his dick in my mouth to shut me up. Making me gag and drool all over his dick.

Daddies want my snatch

Cheap phone sex

This time of year is perfect for going on on the corners and making lots of money using my hot cunt. I always see all the dads driving with a car full of brats and I know all he wants is to pick me up and let me show him a good time for cheap. Lots of the times they come back through after they dropped them off and don’t have there wives they come back to fuck my tight little snatch. I just hop in the car and right onto there cock making them shoot there load instantly because I am a hot little piece of ass. I love when I get calls and you perverts are sneaking into another room jerking off while your family is right outside. That is so fucking hot and makes me wanna squirt all over.

Pissing Phone Sex with Sookie


pissing phone sex


You know how much a submissive little cunt like me likes to get defiled. One of your favorite ways to put me into my place is to piss all over me. If I act up or don’t suck on your cock just right, it’s time for a mouth load of urine and a quick slap across the face as well. Sometimes if I am really misbehaving you’ll even make me open my eyeballs up super wide and take all the piss right into my little pretty eyeballs without blinking. I lick up the salty yellow cocktail while it drips down to my lips and chin. You pulling out a big beer bong funnel, shoving it straight into my ass and giving me a urine enema so we can fully clean out my asshole for the forced anal fucking I am going to receive soon enough. Upon sliding the tube out, you make me lick my own scat off of the tube and tell you how yummy my own shit tastes. It’s then time to bring out your friends all dressed in gimp masks to continue our little piss-filled tea party. Having them surround me and ordering me to drink from their cocks like water fountains one by one.

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