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Spanking Phone Sex Whore

spanking phone sex

I have an ass made for spanking phone sex. I am getting better at spanking my own ass for my callers. I am a spanking whore. It goes back to when I was a little girl and daddy would spank my bare ass. Daddy got off smacking my ass hard. He liked to make his baby girl cry. He was a great ass punisher. My master used to give me quite the ass whooping, but he lacks the strength he used too. I never get scared about being spanked by him. Back in the day, if I did something wrong, he could leave my ass sore and raw for days. Yesterday, I forgot to send a fax. Ten years ago, that would have left me in fear because I knew what he could do to my ass. Yesterday, I made no apologies for my error. I thought the worst that would happen would be some babe bottom spankings. I was wrong as usual. Master knew I was getting cocky. He purchased a spanking machine under my nose. It is like a fucking machine. It can spank my ass a mile a minute. What is spanking my ass can be changed too. Master had it ready with a wooden paddle. Those things hurt my bottom, sometimes they leave splinters. He put a bit grip in my mouth, so I wouldn’t bite my tongue, which meant I was in for one hell of an ass whopping. I got paddled hard. So hard, it left blisters and splinters. My ass has not been torn apart like that in a decade. Master made it clear that he knew he was slacking on my punishments lately, but he was not going to tolerate me taking him for granted anymore. No way would I be doing that again anytime soon. Not with how sore my ass still is today.

Cum whore craves cock

Cum slut phone sexI love having cum slut phone sex, my mouth is fuckin watering, Daddy and i’m craving cum soooo badly! I want a nice and thick cock shoved down my throat so that i can suck and slobber all over it while that fresh jizz drains down my throat! Go ahead and please tie me up aggressively, I am begging you Daddy! I want you to use me as a fuck toy and shove your long dick inside of my slutty and submissive holes. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do without any hesitation, all I care about is giving you pleasure and making you happy. Bend me over and spank the hell out of my ass with your bare hands until my booty cheeks are bright red. It hurts sooo good! My pussy is dripping wet and I want you deep up inside of me right now…please! No one fucks me and handles me like you do, I am eager to be used like the subby whore that I am!


BDSM phone sex

Every single morning I get up and go for a walk. I love how men stare at me in my tight shorts and my work out bra. I just watch and run by as they look at my long legs and my triple D titties bounce in the air. But no one ever had the balls to do anything to me, not until that day. Don’t get me wrong I secretly wanted someone to just pound my pussy .i wanted to scream and beg for there cum. I wanted dick so bad .which is why I wear the sluttiest work out clothes I can. I was running as I normally do around the park when a man standing by a tree just couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I thought he was harmless because he looked a little older than people my age but when I jogged by he snatched me up and put a rag up to my nose. And just like that everything went dark. When I woke up my body was weak and his dick was in my face. We were in the middle of the woods.He told me to suck it like a good little slut and for some reason, I didn’t even hesitate .i put his dick right in between my boobs and rubbed it really nice for him. He loved it but then I sucked on the very tip and got really fast and he cumed all over my chest.

I love your inventions

Spanking phone sex

I just love it when you come up with new ways to tie me up master. You know how much it excites me when you spank me because I’ve been such a bad little girl. Now you have engineered the perfect invention for me to take the punishment that you’re willing to bestow on my body. I love it when you treat me like a piece of sexy meat. I live and breathe to serve you and fulfill all your desires. The pain I received was all my pleasure. I know that if I’m a good girl today and stay silent that my reward will be many forced orgasms so I bite hard on this ball gag while you spank me hard with the flogger. I’m glad that you chosen me to be your newest pet.


Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

I love getting my daddy’s monstrous cock and milking every drop of juicy cum out of him. He took out his cock while I was watching tv and started standing in front of my face, smacking me against my cheeks. He wanted me to pay attention to his cock and like a good little stupid submissive bitch, I should always be doing that anyways. His cock head was leaving imprint on my face. I open my mouth and eagerly pushed him inside my cheeks.

I started sucking his cock all the way down my throat. I even pushed his mushroom head all around the inside of my cheeks. It was feeling so good sucking his fat cock. I could feel the cum in his cock about to squirt out. My only goal is to make that master daddy cock happy and hard, and well of course- empty. He started gushing all that cum all over my face, plastering me with hot juicy white cum. I love sucking all those ropes into my mouth.

Slave pet scavenger

slave training

Slave training began right after I got out of work. I was instructed to follow a scavenger hunt and had no say so. I didn’t think it was going to be something to wild and crazy but boy was I so wrong. The first few things weren’t too bad I had to bring over all the torture toys to a hotel a few cities over. When I checked in and got in the room there was a group of guys waiting for me. Master had everything planned out. I was going to get be fucked till I had barely a pulse. The whole thing was right in front of him. I was bawling my eyes out because I knew I was going to be used as a toy. I should have known that my tears and pleads would just have me fucked harder for many hours on end. Each guy in the orgy was one that I knew personally. Most worked at the old firm I worked at and other were guys that I would go on tinder dates with. My master knew I was being a slut and dating multiple guys. My master was getting payback for me being a loose whore.

My Master Makes Me Do Filthy Things

submissive whore

My Master gave me a golden shower and covered me with his piss and shit. He took me into his room where he had me strip down for him. Once I was naked he tied me up and gagged me. Once he stuffed a dildo and a butt plug into both my tight fuck holes he pulled his cock out. I thought he would remove my gag and fuck my throat like I know he loves to do. But instead Master started to piss all over me. He called me his submissive whore and his dumb cunt. When he ran out of piss he emptied himself in another way onto my chest. He rolled me onto my back and squatted over my tits. Then I saw his shit come out of his asshole and dump right onto my tits. Master just rolled me back over onto my stomach to lay on his shit. I felt so used and filthy. After he removed my gag and fucked my mouth he let me go clean myself up. When I came out he took out my plug and let me rub my pussy until I came.

Love Me Hard

Bondage phone sex


All of my girlfriends say that my boyfriend John is too hard on me they say he is always screaming at me and he never let’s me go anywhere without him. I told them that he’s just over protective with me and he would hate for anything to happen to me because I am not paying attention to what’s going on around me. I know they don’t understand but I know what he does the things he does for when it comes to me. I am his most important thing in the world and he has to train me right in order for me to be the best woman for him. My girlfriends don’t really care about their guys because if they did they would be like me. I want my man to love me hard I want the training in fact I feel like I need it.  My man ties me up and treats me like a dirty slut he rips my clothes off sometimes and throws me down on the bed and rams my pussy so hard that I scream to the top of my lungs. I love how he drills me too so my girls don’t know what they are missing out on. I wonder if I should ask my man if he can train my girlfriends too so they can be better for their guys.

Let Jenn take care of you daddy

Cheap phone sex

My favorite thing to do is to get on my fucking knees and take out that big daddy cock. Mhm, I will be a good little fucking slut and open my fucking mouth for daddy to shove your fucking cock down my  throat. I want you to grab my head and force your thick hard cock down my stupid fucking slutty throat, and I want you to face fuck me until I throw up all over that fucking cock. Then like a stupid fucking whore I will get on all fours and eat my throw up off your cock and the floor, I will make sure I clean daddy up. Then I want you to use the little bit of throw up on that cock and fuck my tight asshole. I want you to destroy my little fucking cunt and asshole daddy, can you do that? I need someone that will treat me like the stupid fucking submissive whore I am. You can literally make me do anything you want, I am here for you pleasure and to make daddy feel good and to get that cum out of your big man balls. Let me take care of you tonight daddy.

Submissive whore.

submissive whore

See what a submissive whore I am. This is my favorite new hold. Arms bound behind me with the same length of rope that’s around my neck.  The biggest new thing is the way you tied my ankles with my nipples. You see my nipples are stretched up what you cant see is the pulley above that stretches my nipples harder each time I move my legs. Just like if I squirm my arms I choke myself. Sometimes I do that on purpose though. I can’t help myself when you keep forcing me to cum over and over again. The pain is definitely my pleasure. Shhh that’s my little secret. But I know that last time we were together I was very disobedient when I whimpered out. This new technique is exactly what it took to tame me. I look forward to our next encounter master.

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