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Spanking Phone Sex Not Just for the Ass

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex is not just for bottoms. Trust me I know that there are a lot of female body parts that can be spanked, some more painfully than others. I would rather have my ass whacked a million times over than my pussy spanked just a few times. It is amazing how much having your clit whipped hurts. My work master was not at all happy with me today. I was 15 minutes late to work, which means his coffee was late and he didn’t get his cock sucked before his conference call. My punishment was 15 minutes of pussy spanking with a ruler. I had to sit on the boss’s desk with my legs spread wide facing him as he sat in his chair. The way he was staring at me so intently scared me. I knew he wanted to inflict pain, even ruin my pussy. He showed me no mercy either. He set the timer, then whipped my pussy with a wooden ruler for what felt like an eternity. I was crying, screaming, making way too much noise, so he added 15 minutes to the timer. It felt like eternity. No matter where I escaped in my head, I could not escape the pain. When he was finally done punishing me, my clit was swollen to the size of a gulf ball. It was red, bleeding, even blistered from master’s strength. I couldn’t pee. It felt like I was pissing out shards of glass. I’m still peeing blood hours later and it hurts to sit. Master said I got off easy. I guess I have to leave 2 hours early for work from now on to ensure I am never late again. Not sure my pussy can survive another spanking like that. I know I am a submissive whore, but that pain was unbearable.

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Bound For Pleasure

bondage whore

Master came over to my place today with a new toy for me. It was one of them huge back massagers. He told me this was for my personal pleasure when he is not around, for being such a good girl lately. Of course I am a good girl. It is my main priority to make him happy. I noticed he had some rope hanging out of his back pocket. At this point I knew he had a hidden agenda. Don’t they always? As he was getting ready to leave he grabbed me up from behind and threw me down into a chair. I really did not struggle with him that much. I learned early on the more you struggle the harder you pay. Out came the rope as he bound me securely to the chair, pulling the rope in between my pussy lips then around my waist. After that he taped my ankles to the legs of the chair with some heavy duty bonding tape. Lastly he took the new present he brought over and and taped it to the chair just at the point where it reached my pussy lips. Then he turned it on and walked out of my apartment locking the door behind him.

Tank Torture

torture phone sex

To celebrate World Water Day, my Master decided to hold a weekend party with a water theme. I was the main attraction, well… Me and a huge glass water tank. Master called all of his friends and told them to bring three gallons of water from their toilets to put in the tank. I was already tied up, legs spread and hands behind my back, pussy on display, as gallon after gallon filled the tank. One wrong move from me and I would drown as the water level rose higher and higher. All of Master’s friends were tickling my feet and legs, trying to get me to crack and put my Master in a bad mood but I stayed strong and didn’t move as the tank water finally reached my mouth. Now comes the main event. My Master took a remote out of his pocket and turned the dial, starting up the waterproof vibrator buried deep inside my pussy. I moaned, but managed to remain still. Little by little, he slowly turned the dial, increasing the pleasurable sensations in my still body. His friends all call out, faster, FASTER!!! My Master suddenly cranked the dial up to the max and I’m screaming and thrashing as the pleasure becomes too intense for me to deal with. I’m practically seizing in the tank when he finally lets up. Now that’s one hell of a party!

Bondage and Submission on Good Friday

Bondage and submission

Good Friday reminds me of my very fist introduction to Bondage and submission. My youth Pastor Joseph was a good looking man. I hadn’t even hit puberty yet and I knew how sexy he was. He made my cunny moist and tingle. I was his favorite, he loved my blonde hair and my hazel eyes. One Good Friday I went to help him set up for Easter. I loved going to church and helping. Pastor Joseph knew how much I loved to be a good helper, so he asked me and just me to help him. When I walked into the class room he locked the door. He asked me if I loved being a good helper. I smiled and said “Yes Pastor Joseph!” He rubbed his fingers over my face, he smiled and said I was so soft. He told me how he has always wanted to touch my body. He said I would be a good girl, a very good helper if I touched his cock. I did everything Pastor Joseph told me to do. I was such a good girl on Good Friday.

Ass Reaming

Submissive Slut

I love getting a good ass reaming from my master. Tonight he had a couple extra helping hands. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t disobey sometimes just to get punished. And tonight was one of them nights. I was ordered to suck his guest of honors cock and to be honest it was a sorry excuse for a dick and I refused to put it in my mouth. I knew full well what the consequence was going to be and to me that was much more pleasurable than sucking his pathetic little weenie. Don’t confuse me with that non-compliant bitch…more often than not I fully submit to my master. Just tonight was not the night. I was forcefully grabbed and restrained to some twine rope. I knew what was coming next when I was tied with my legs spread eagle. Master was going to stuff my asshole with anything or anyone of his desire and you know what this was just perfect for me. It is exactly what I wanted, I could not wait for him to rip through my tight little soft ass tissue with a nice firm rod or toy. And he did exactly that. He picks out the extra large hand made bullet plug made custom for my back door and began to shove it forcefully and steadily into my shit hole. His pathetic little friend was given orders to tantalize my clit and I will say he was at least good for that. Between his finger and teeth and Masters artful thrusts I came like an orgasmic fountain all over their hands and faces. Sometimes it pays to not listen.

Bad Girl Gets Punished

torture phone sexI had been such a bad girl. I knew I would be receiving a punishment tonight. I shook in fear as I wondered what my punishment would be,  When he arrived home and saw his beautiful Lexus now had a huge dent in it , the look on his face said it all. He led me to our basement and bound my arms behind my back. He bound my tits even tighter than usual, instantly cutting off circulation to them. He brought the pulley and attached my arms upward toward the ceiling, forcing mew to bend at the waist so that my body could accept the strain. My legs were also bound. I was not able to move, not even an inch. Then, I felt something hard pressing against my cheeks. In this position they were being held together, yet something very hard was pressing into them and finally reached my unprepared asshole. I felt the huge phallus forcing itself into my rectum, stretching even tearing my delicate skin. The pain was incredible, but I must endure – for this is my punishment.

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Submissive Whore Robyn

submissive  whore robynIt’s four thirty and Master gets off work at five. I am wearing his favorite leather strapped outfit and I am on my knees, forehead to the floor, ass high in the air, like a good submissive whore, waiting for him to arrive. He called earlier and told me had a bad day already so I know that he will be taking it out on me. I have followed his instructions to the letter but that doesn’t matter. It seems like I have been waiting forever when I hear the key in the door. Master rushes in and I dare not look up at him. I can hear him unbuckle his belt before I hear the leather cutting the air and stinging my flesh. I try not to jump and scream. It takes every ounce of control I have, The spankings are severe today and I know more is about to cum.

Just a swinging

Soft bondage

Master strapped me up into the swing last night. I love the way he floats me back and fourth on to his big cock. Every time he would stab that big prick into my tight wet cunt I would scream out. He loves the way my muffled moans sound coming from my bound up mouth so he stuffed a gag ball into my pie hole. He wrapped my tits so tight with the twine that they began to tingle and turn purple. He would reach forward and pinch my nipples pulling me back further onto his dick and I could feel every nerve ending in my body dance as he tweaked my hard swollen nipples. Every now and then he would spin me around and pull my ball gag out and let me suck that cock. He knows it is the most delicious treat that I love to fill my mouth with so he rewarded me with a little taste of his salty precum leaving my mouth watering for more. He then spun me back around only this time he spread my resisting ass cheeks and slid that throbbing dick right into my tight little backdoor. He would trade off between my wet pussy and my tight ass making sure to keep that cock lubed up so that it slid in and out of my ass. This went on for hours as my Master has wondrous control of his cock. Until finally he let that volcanic explosion of hot white cream go deep into my asshole filling me completely up. Then just left me there to hang as I drained all his load out…feeling it leak out ever so slowly.

Subby Discounts

bare bottom spankings

Hello Master, I know how much you love marking up this worthless body, so I’m happy to tell you about some discounts to give you more bang for your buck. Do you want longer than 10 minutes but don’t want to pay the exact price? We have a 21 minutes for $31.00 (41.50 INT), long enough for some bare bottom spanking fun. Do you have time on your lunch break and need some release? We have a 33 minutes for $48.00 ($64.50 INT) Long enough for you to whip my titties and flog my red, raw ass. Do you crave something longer? We have a 75 minutes for $125.00 ($162.50 INT) special that willleave your cock fully satisfied.

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Do you want to bring a friend? Another submissive for me to play with? Or maybe a fierce Domme that can put me in my place, chaining me to a table and raping my cunt with whatever happens to be on hand? We have a sexy discount of 15 minutes for $50.00 ($75 INT) Perfect for your superior needs. Don’t be shy, You’re in control here, call us now.

The Subs Play

submissive sex

My master hosts a party with his friends, who are other dominants and their slaves. He had expressed his desire to watch me interact with another slave. He lays out exactly what he wants. He wants me to perform a sexy show for him by touching, feeling, and kissing another Slave. I am happy to comply with his wishes, even though I have never been with another slave.

Her name was Leah and she is a real cutie, young and blonde. I befriended her at the beginning of the night so when the masters gave the order to give them a show – of course she chose me to partner with. The masters removed our gags so that we could use our mouths to pleasure each other. She started by giving these deep erotic tongue kisses, which had my pussy gushing right away. Such sweet sensitive kisses that turned me on right away. Her lips were so soft and gentle. From the kisses, she moved on to my breasts, taking them one by one in her mouth, sucking and nibbling on my sensitive nipples. Her hands were still bound so she had to do everything with her mouth which was wet and hot. Finally, she wiggled her way down to my wet pussy. She took her time licking and nibbling on the lips before going to work on my clit. She was an expert and had me coming hard in no time.

All the masters were enjoying our show, and I was certainly enjoying her attention. And now it is my turn to work on her sweet little body, mmmmm.

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