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Submissive Whore Needs Slave Training for Her Daughter

submissive whoreIt is no secret that I am a submissive whore, not even to my offspring. In fact, my daughter has expressed interest in slave training. She recently caught my Master walking me on a leash and it turned her on. She stopped by work to bring me lunch and caught me coming up the stairs on all fours behind my boss sporting a pretty pink collar and a silver leash. She asked me about it, but before I could respond, Master said that all women are dogs; nothing more than loyal pets to men. I could see my daughter’s excitement at the prospect of being a man’s pet. I put a spare collar around her neck so she could see how good it feels to be collared.

At that moment, Master came out of his office and slapped a leash on her and ordered me to strip her naked. Even though she is my daughter, he is my Master. He comes first, even above my family. My daughter looked lovely as a pet, but I was suddenly consumed with jealousy. Was he going to replace me with a younger, leaner model? He saw the look in my eye. “Don’t worry Bernie, you are still my top dog, or should I say, bottom dog,” he giggled as he spanked my ass. He slipped my collar and leash back on and took us to the dog park for a walk. My daughter was having difficulty walking on all fours in pumps, but I tried to show her how to balance her body.

bdsm phone sexI’m a seasoned pet. Been getting walked for years. I even have to eat my lunch on bowls on the floor in Master’s office. I don’t think my daughter understands the full extent of my submissive life. She had gravel in her knees and palms from our trip to the dog park. She whined and complained, which angered Master. He slapped her ass, forced her to drink water from a bowl on the floor, then lectured her on learning how to be a good submissive from her mother. I have been put in charge of breaking her for my Master. Perhaps you can help me with her training? With the right discipline, she can be just like her mother.

slave training

Erotic Submissive

submissive whore robyn1

When he said he wanted to role play and was looking through my closet for outfits and ideas he came across an old Halloween costume of mine. It is a very seductive leopard print cat out fit, complete with an impressive butt plug that doubles as a fluffy black tail.

“Now this is interesting” he said “But what can we do with this?”

I know better then to answer, it is not my place to give input as a submissive. I waited as my heart was pounding with anticipation. He always had the most innovative ideas when it came to our time together and I knew this time would be no different.

Circling me he fingered the butt plug and I could see the wheels turning in his head. Finally he put the costume on the chair in my room and said “Sleep well my pet, tomorrow is going to be a long day for you.” With that he flicked off the light and left the room and I was effectively dismissed for the evening.

It was a long night of tossing and turning wondering what he would do to me in the morning.

Finally the light of day was here and he was at the foot of my bed holding the costume. “Put this on and get on all fours. Today you are my pet and you are not to stand on two feet at all.”

He stood and watched as I got ready without looking at him. Everything was on except the tail and as I got on all fours he took it and placed it nicely in my ass. “This will not come off all day, unless it is removed by me.”

Completely in my role I meowed and rubbed against his leg. I followed him on all fours out of the room and into the living room where he had a blanket on the floor for me and a bowl of food and water waiting. He even had a litter box set up just for me. My pussy was getting wet knowing that today I was his kitty cat.

I went straight to the food and water and ate my breakfast and then felt the urge to pee. He was watching and I knew what I had to do. Going to the big box I spread my legs and squatted as low as I could before urinating in the litter and then kicking litter over my piss.  His eyes never left me and it was very erotic.

I laid on my blanket while he ate. When he was done he clipped a leash on me and said we were going out. He took me to the park and walked me for all to see. The more attention we got the more aroused he became and in turn so did I.

I was his to show off all day. At the end of the day he told me what a good kitty I had been and patted the bed next to him for me to hop up. I curled up next to him and he pulled the butt plug out before replacing it with his hard dick fucking the kitty out of me all night long.

A Submissive Whore and a Bondage Whore Wrestle for Money

submissive whoreA submissive whore often has to step out of her comfort zone to please her Master. A few years ago I traveled to Sin City with my boss, my primary master. I accompanied him to some meetings, one in a seedy little strip club.The conversation turned to me and big tits. I was forced to expose them in the bar. Men just came up and started punching and grabbing them. One guy told my Master about an underground fight club that he could make top dollar off my tits. The catch was I had to wrestle another chick in the nude, in front of horny men making bets on which big breasted babe would emerge victorious. I didn’t think Master would go for something so crass, but when the dude told him he made thousands off his bitch and I had better tits and was a ginger, well he just saw dollar signs.

Next thing I knew, I was being oiled up stripped naked and thrown in the ring with a bondage whore who was equally clueless about how to wrestle. I tried to channel my inner Hulk Hogan for some moves to make Master proud, but I ended up just using my big tits to smack her down. Guys were chanting “Ginger Ginger,” so I knew they were rooting for me since she was a blonde bitch. My tits are natural, so they had a lot of bounce. Seeing Master beam, and adjust his trousers because of his hard on made me smile. It also made me fight harder and nastier. I grabbed her tits and gave her a painful titty twist while punching her repeatedly in the belly. I don’t think there were any rules, so I fought dirty to win. She had a tuff of pussy hair that I grabbed and twisted until I pulled it out. The bitch actually bleached her snatch fur. She wasn’t a natural blonde. I shoved her beaver pelt in her mouth as I punched her titties.

bondage whoreMoney was being thrown in the ring, the crowd of men were screaming for me to take the bitch out. My pussy was pumped, my adrenaline flowing, and I was enjoying myself more than I thought. I cornered the bitch. I saw punching bags instead of tits. I could feel the Hulk inside me. I drop kicked her, then put her in a Nelson hold, and slammed her down so hard I busted a saline bag in her left tit. I got labeled the The Boob Buster. I won that match, and many more over that weekend. Master was proud of me, which was all that mattered

I still wrestle on my Master’s whim, just often now it is men. I never win. It is more for humiliation than sport, for me at least. My humiliation is sport for men.

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bondage and submission robyn1The night air was cool and crisp for a summers day. The slight breeze causing my sweat covered body to catch a chill. My pink uniform was soaked and the pink and black heels I was wearing were killing my feet. It was a hell of a night at the club for a cocktail waitress. All the men were in rare form and I felt like every inch of my body was bruised from being pinched, spanked, prodded and poked. But my pockets were bulging with the tips I made and it was over. Turning the corner I knew I only had a couple blocks to walk before I was home.
Suddenly I head the squeal of tires and felt a strong hand over my mouth and around my waist. I tried to struggle but it was no use, he was to strong. I was shoved into the back of a car and a blindfold was placed over my eyes in what seemed like on swift move. I felt hands all over me binding my ankles together, my hands were yanked behind me so hard I thought my shoulders would snap and a gag was placed in my mouth.
Despite being scared as hell my pussy was twitching and tingling and I could feel the familiar build up of juices at the edge of spilling over and into my panties.
Suddenly the car stopped and I was lifted out of the back seat and into what felt like the trunk. I could tell by the footsteps and the amount of hand I felt that there were several men around me.
Someone yanked my dress opened and pulled my tits out, pinching and pulling them, hands were all over me…..I struggled from natural instinct but my panties were full fledged soaked by now and I was so fucking turned on.
I don’t know how long I was there or how many men had me. The last thing I remember was a cloth over my mouth and nose, a darkness came over me and I woke up in my bed freshly bathed and perfumed in my soft jammies and tucked in.
Was it a dream?


bondage and submission robyn1

Being a submissive in my parents house is not something I do. But I had been house sitting for them for a week now while they traveled and I was so fucking horny! I wanted it. I needed it. It is who I am. When he called and asked to come over I knew he needed my sweet and submissive ways. I also knew that my parents would be mortified to know that I love to submit to him. To let him tie me up while I wear my wooden cross around my neck and allow him to sodomize me and take me how ever he sees fit. As soon as I opened the door and saw the red ball gag in his hand I felt the juices flow. I lowered my eyes and let him in, leading him to the master bedroom. My parent’s bed room. There he took me as he always does. And I did as I was told as I always do. Sitting on the floor in my fish net stockings after he left I felt the need to confess. I called my priest and as soon as he answered I uttered the words “Forgive me Father for I have sinned” He recognized my voice right away. We had been a member of the church since I was very little. Soothingly he told me to put a dress over my body as I was and come to him right away. Obeying, as a good submissive does, I arrived at the church. There I stood. My hair disheveled, sweat had caused my makeup to run, the red ball gag was hanging around my neck with the little wooden cross. Father took me to the bathroom that was tiled in the purest of white and lifted my dress over my head. I knew what he needed. I have confessed many times before. Lowering my eyes and falling to my knees I prepared for his anointing…..

Submissive phone sex whore seeks Master

Submissive Phone Sex

     Submissive phone sex breaks me down during the call. I want to lose all mind control and orgasm at your will. This is one of those calls and fantasies I have had Master. If you wish we can continue. My only wish  as your slave is to serve. I hear footsteps master is that you or the nuns?

    The nuns hung me from the ceiling after the games were over I am sure they are preparing for me what is to come master. And so the fantasy starts…

      You came in to see me. My hands are shackled above my head. Smiling, you pick up two tit presses. Ignoring my pleas you take my tit and feed it through the bars. You repeated the procedure with the other tit. Gripping the wing nuts you start turning. Picking up the long pins you press them in my tits. My screams went to racking sobs.

    You told me to bend over so you could fuck my ass. Shackling my ankles to the floor, you force my tits to hang down as you puncture more needles in them. I beg you to use lubricant on my ass or it would cause more pain. Putting a hand on my bruised clit the nuns said I was lying that this would cause the most pleasure. Walking over to a shelf they pick up a box with a salve in it to apply to my pussy. It would cause it to itch but would be perfectly fine for you as long as you wore a condom.

    Taking a condom out of the box the nuns sheath your cock inside of it. They were made for my master’s substantial cock. Your cock! The nuns scooped a large amount of gob onto my cunt and I was ready! Your fat cock rammed into my pussy stretching the cunt walls. The condom was rubbing the walls of my raw pussy.

    Placing your cock against my tight asshole ,you ram it all the way in up to my sphincter .You will not let me beg for mercy! I am mind fucked. I am just a lump of flesh being used and abused for the pleasure! I am a broken submissive slut ready for Master.

Bondage Submission Of a whore

Bondage Submission

      “Of course it will hurt doll face.” He said. Master will open your pussy with his cock for the first time. Always remember that his pain means that he is feeling a great pleasure. Mentally because he is fucking you for the first time and  physically because he is violating you for the first time. Their former slave had died from fulfilling their duty to you Master. She had died a good death by fulfill her obligations to these bastards. I remember their former slave locked in the cage. I had heard that they had fucked her and forced her to suck cock until she bled internally. She cried and wailed at the end the guy that was trained to be her master had pushed his cock into her eye socket she screamed out in terrible pain and she died from what I was told. But again our reason in life is to be used so I guess that it was only fair that they took her life for pleasure. What mind frame a couple days here had gotten me!

     I have been taught to give a lot of pleasure with my pain and possible death. I am getting my ass lubricated ready for master. He may want to take me in the ass as usual they say or fuck my pussy. They have not decided what will be pleasing. Perhaps maybe you can decide my fate! After all, I am here to serve as your submissive slut!

BDSM Phone Sex Games with Submissive Slut Bernice

BDSM Phone Sex naughty secretaryI love BDSM phone sex. Have you ever seen the kinky movie Secretary? I have that kind of relationship with my boss. Every day I dress sexy for him. He loves me in pumps, pencil skirts and stockings. Prefers a white blouse with a black bra. I start my morning off by modeling my outfit for him. If it is not perfect, which it rarely is, I get spanked; actually I get hardcore whipped. Yes, a grown ass woman gets thrown over her boss’s knees with her bare ass exposed. He has quite the assortment of things to spank me with: paddles, his hand, hairbrushes, whips, cat of nine tails, canes, even old fashioned switches. Just about every day I start work with a mouth full of his musky spunk and a severe spanking. He will paddle me so hard he draws blood and the flesh tears from my body. I am incapable of sitting for days. But I like it because I am a submissive slut.

submissive slut MILFI call my boss, Master. Master has a private dungeon in his executive office. It is a nightmare room for me. Ropes, chains, floggers, bondage gear, scalpels, razor blades, whips, chains, handcuffs, ball gags, shackles, St, John’s cross… you name it. If it is considered BDSM equipment it is in there. I would like to say Master pays me to be his paralegal, but truth be told, he pays me to be his torture doll. He does his best to not mark up my trashy face, but the rest of my body is fair game. I try to be very obedient to cut down on the caning and flogging, but he is so very particular. I once was sodomized for an hour with a baseball bat for misspelling a word on a legal brief. Another time he made me chug a gallon of his urine for getting to the post office 5 minutes late.

milf phone sex BDSMEvery day , I go to work with both fear and excitement. Fear for not knowing how far he will take our BDSM games, and excitement because I have grown to love the pain, the humiliation, the uncertainty of the condition I may return home in. If you were my boss, would you treat me as your slave? I need a dominant man to put me in my place.

2 Girl Phone Sex: Two Submissive Whores

I was invited by a fellow sub Casey to play with a Master/ Mistress the other night for 2 girl phone sex fun. We arrived at the couples home and were escorted to their Master Bedroom where the two awaited us. I haven’t had many Masters and have never had a Mistress so this would be fun. I’ll be honest I have had reservations about serving with another sub, however if I haven’t tried it…

2 Girl Phone Sex
We were ordered to undress and stand before our Mistress while Master circles us looking us up and down and running his hand over out asses giving them a little slap. He was inspecting his investment Mistress tells us, with a chuckle as she tosses Master something rolled in a ball.

erotic submissive stories

Master starts grabbing our wrists and bind them behind our backs with some leather strapping. They both then came and looked us over in the dresses they requested we wear. I am in the red while Casey is in Black. Our session started with them forcing us to make out, rub our boobs together and eat each other out. Mistress and Master came in behind us as we were forced face to face with our tits rubbing together. Mistress had a big strap-on and Master had a raging hard on. It was evident they wanted to try the inventory out completely before committing to making us their playmates.


Bondage Submission Tribunal

Bondage Submission

     Bondage submission is not for the light hearted. I lay bare in a church. There is a tribunal going on that will take days even weeks. Some of the nuns sit in the back as witnesses to the humiliation. Forced to sit in a birthing chair mounted under the dais, my legs are tied securely behind the chair. My legs are forced back and open in the extreme then strapped in place laid bare for my students to see. My pussy is the focal point of it all. They sit around looking for signs of my arousal of any type of pleasure that is to be oriented. Four of my students come forward and slap me across the face and I know that the punishment is not going to be easy. Kicking the chair out my head hits the floor with a loud thud and the training is about to begin!

     The nuns liked to watch my students eat my pussy. “No cumming or you will be punished” The nuns would retort. My master would stand before me and laugh and I knew I had already missed the mark and would be punished anyway! Grabbing the riding crop master began to hit my pussy with such force that the riding crop broke. Taking his fingers and inserting them in my pussy he bent down to lick and bite! I tried not to moan to show any pleasure would just mean more torture. I held my breath I tried to think of anything that would stop me from cumming! But, it was too late my body shook uncontrollably. With each spasm the ropes that held me to the chair, tightened. The nuns looked on in approval and I looked into the eyes of my master. Smiling he grabbed me by my hair to sit me back up. It would be the beginning of my submissive contract to these brats I would have no choice but to obey!