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Slave training my asshole

Slave training

Master feels I am not being the submissive I have been trained to be and wants to refresh my submissive memory. The area I am lacking most is my submission with him fucking my ass. I have safe worded a few times during, I’m just not a fan. So today I start ass training.
Master lays me on the bed, ties each leg up and open exposing my ass pussy and dignity. I’m worried my ass will hurt so much from this I am tense. Then he starts to slowly and gently lick my pussy, fingering my twat with one finger then two. I can feel my pussy getting hot and wet. Then I feel a finger probing my asshole. He keeps chanting to me, relax and enjoy this. My pussy is on fire, aching to cum, but he teases even more. He brings me close to cumming over and over. I am soaking wet and can feel my sweet pussy juices running over my asshole. He takes advantage and starts to push a butt plug in my ass. Oh he is so right, it feels amazing. The butt plug finally slides all the way in and he is back playing and teasing my pussy. I need to cum so bad and I start to beg, he smiles and tells me that is where he wants me. He starts fucking my ass with the butt plug, fast then slow all the while playing with my clit. I’m grinding begging him not to stop. And then I feel it, I am starting to cum. As I tip over that edge he stops playing with my clit and is just fucking my ass with the plug and I don’t stop cumming. He moves and it is suddenly his cock fucking my tight asshole. He said he can feel my ass contracting from cumming and it just doesn’t stop. I’m taking his fat cock in my ass and I am loving it! What a great training session. What would you have done?

Slave Training – Master Returns

Slave trainingWhen Master finally came back home, I was in a bad way. My pussy had my panties wet enough to seep through my pants, and I had to change several times. My nipples were sensitive as fuck, and I couldn’t get them to stop rubbing against anything I wore. So, I wound up topless wandering around the house, finishing up my housework. He walked in the door to find me like this, and I immediately dropped my panties and pants, rushing naked to the door to assume the proper position. I felt my pussy leaking down the insides of my thighs, and master sniffed the air, as though he could smell the heat I was in. He lifted me and carried me to the bed, spreading my legs and licking all of my juices, avoiding my clit. I was getting frantic, and he could feel it in how my body was trembling. He reached up and gently caressed my tits, using such light touches on every part of my body. I kept grinding my hips up, and I was begging him for release by the time he finally slid up my body. His hand trailed lightly down my belly and hovered just over my aching pussy. He barely touched my clit, and I was rocketing into orbit. That was when he slid smoothly into me and started thrusting, driving me ever higher, never letting me come down. Fuck, Master loves me so well!!

Master’s Well Trained Whore

bondage whore

Part of being a good bondage whore depends on your tolerance for pain. When I first became a slave, I was such a wimp. You abused me so bad, saying that I deserved it and that I needed to be “broken.” You dry-fucked me with your large cock. You starved me. I cried and begged. You laughed in my face saying that I needed to toughen up unless I wanted to be sold.

It was like a part of my mind shut down. I became a true BDSM piece of meat. I learned to take a punch without flinching, only thanking you for the pleasure. You let your friends violate me for hours to try to make me beg. But it was too late. That part of me that felt things had been destroyed. I became a fuck-tube and a cum dumpster, nothing more. I was quietly obedient, lady-like even with a busted face and a bruised body. Even as your cock pounded my swollen mouth, my mind belonged only to me. When you realized that I was trained, you eased up on me. I still scream and beg sometimes for your amusement. I pretend that I cannot take one more blow, or one more minute of the terror you inflict but somewhere, in my soul, I’ve grown to love this life. I await your orders, Master. How may I please you tonight?


Master and My Little Sister

Cum Eating Phone Sex

Master demanded that I bring him my little sister. He wanted some young, tight pussy to force himself into. We waited until we were home alone and she was playing in her bedroom. I walked in first and told her she needed to take her clothes off. She did as I told her to and I got naked as well. That’s when Master walked in holding his throbbing cock in his hand. I told her not to worry about my friend as I sat her on the bed.

Master commanded me to lick her little cunny until she was nice and wet for him. He watched as I made her squirm and moan, showing her all these new sensations her body was capable of. Then, Master told me straddle her face backwards and hold her legs wide open; it was time. I pushed my cunt onto her little face and told her to lick it the way I did for her. Her little tongue felt so amazing on my clit.

Master rubbed the tip of his dick against her clitty, getting the head nice and wet, before squeezing his thick rod into her tiny hole. She screamed as she was ripped open. Pumping harder and harder into her little fuckhole, he was not concerned that she was in immense pain. While I felt bad for my young sister, I knew better than to question Master.

I forced her to keep her legs open so he could watch as his raw cock slid in and out of her, getting covered in her juices mixed with a little blood. He dumped a fat, creamy nut inside her bald slit before he pushed my face down into the creampie he left behind to eat it all up. I cleaned her snatch like a good whore while Master watched.

BDSM trainer for my Master

Bondage and SubmissionMy Master gave me a new title. Bondage and Submission trainer for the newbies that he’s been collecting. These young girls are so gullible. He plays them on the internet until they trust him. Once he wins their hearts and convinces them to meet him, he pets me in action. I become that mommy that they lack in their lives. As we brainwash the sluts, I become more firm. Then we slowly add in the discipline that they don’t know that they are craving. Mindless little twits who thought they were in love with the Master start to become obedient pets.

Then he disappears, leaving them with me to start their formal training. I beat the desire to live from them, starve them, and break them. Then he reappears to “rescue” them. They are so grateful that they will do anything for him. That’s when he brings in his party. Other P-Daddies and Masters who love the young and innocent. It is a fuckfest as the victims find out the real truth about the BDSM side of his business. Are you ready to share the details and join in the fun as we train young girls to be obedient sluts, ready to be sold to the highest bidder?

A Submissive Whore and a Lot of Hot Wax

submissive whoreThis submissive whore had a hot Fourth of July. Not good hot either. I am not speaking in terms of sexiness or temperature. Well, at least not temperatures outside. My plan was to host a small cook out for my family and a few friends. My son got high and had different plans for me and his sister. My daughter inherited my big boobs. Even though I have fake tits, she still got some big natural jugs. Where she got them from, I am not sure, but my son is a breast man. Most guys do like big boobs, real or fake. He was high on coke and meth. The combination of the two drugs, takes him to a different place. He becomes meaner than a junk yard dog. He tied us both up with ropes so he could bind our boobs. He likes seeing big breasts tied up and abused. Usually, it is just my boobs he ties and binds, but yesterday he wanted his sister in on the fun. That was fine by me because she is an unruly brat whom I am dying to break. I think her brother would make a great master for the little twat. Once he unveiled our blindfolds, we knew what was going on. We saw all the candles. Hot wax torture was up next. He went gently on his sister; just dropping a few drops at first. The more he dripped, the more she screamed, the harder his dick became. I am a seasoned nipple torture whore. He had to dump the wax of a large candle on my areola to make me scream; so he did. He is a typical sadistic. The more we screamed or cried from the pain, the harder he became. My daughter doesn’t enjoy being a submissive slut, but she needs to be treated like one to get the stick out of her ass. Me on the other hand, I am born pain slut. Pour that hot wax all over me master and listen to me scream.

The monster dildo ass fucking

BDSM chat

You come in; I’m sitting on my knees in front of the bed, hands on thighs, head down. You approach me with your hands behind your back, walking around me, inspecting your property. Your hand comes down; slaps both of my tits, on the nipple and you scold me that they are not hard for you. You add that to my list of rules for inspection and presentation. Hands still behind your back, you announce today is ass training day and I will be on display for your web-camera cohorts.
You hand me a really large dildo. You show me where to sit and how and you set up the camera so everyone has a good view of me penetrating my ass and pussy with this huge elephant cock of a dildo. I start slowly stretching my asshole for your audience to watch and savor. My pussy is visibly getting wetter and your watchers are commenting on how much the huge dildo is turning me on. So you tell me to start fucking it, hands-free and play with my clit so everyone can see my pussy juices flowing down my asshole and down the dildo. I only get about 3 inches in, to your disappointment, but I did cum when you allowed me to and not before. Maybe, you’ll give me a reward for the hard work?

I wasn’t always submissive.

Bondage and submissionI wasn’t always this submissive. Bondage and submission were never part of my lifestyle. I lived a life of royalty with a doting husband and sweet young ones. I never had to work. My husband asked very little of me. I didn’t realize how much I was failing at my job of being a good wife. Sometimes he would ask me for things. Like wanting me to lick his asshole or give him a gagging blow job. I just laughed at him. I’d catch him late at night looking at BDSM porn. Then came the day that I discovered his mistress, or rather his slave. He had found a submissive woman to do those things that I refused. I vomited when I saw the pics of him beating her or with her wearing a ball gag. I wanted a divorce.

Instead, he made me disappear. Or, rather, he sold me into slavery. My cruel master taunted me with the pics of the poor widower pleading for my return. Soon, he had me declared dead and collected my insurance. I am forgotten. I do not exist.  I am solely a piece of meat. A breathing carcass belonging to my Master. I’m an obedient fuck doll with orifices to be used. Nothing matters now. I can never have my life back. So, now I am that woman. That obedient slut who lives like a pet in a cage, hoping only for a few scraps and a pat on the head. Oh how I wish I would’ve taken my husband seriously and been the woman he asked me to be. But now it’s too late. I am just a BDSM whore now and I beg you for your mercy.

Scat phone sex

 scat phone sex

I spread myself in front of the mirror and gape my pussy hole right open. My daddy told me to gather shit from other girls and to make sure I had a bunch to stuff myself with. We put a speculum in my cunt and spread the walls of my pussy super wide.

I started taking the shit and stuffing my pussy. I could feel the scat seeping into the walls of my cunt hole. I made sure to get it deep ramming it into me it far into my pussy hole. My pussy looks and feels so good stuffed with other girls scat.

I love being a dirty scat filled whore. My pussy is so filled and dirty. Now I am plugging my pussy up and have to keep it in me until he says I can remove it. Whatever daddy says!

Break me down and abuse me.

Submissive phone sexThere’s nothing like a little Submissive phone sex to make a girl feel loved. Sometimes I think that I defy you just to get your attention. You nearly killed me last time that I was disobedient. It was just a little thing but your red face made me realize that I had gone too far. I had already blown many of your party guests and my stomach ached from swallowing so much cum. You pointed at one more man and I shook my head. He was a huge obese pig known for his cruelty. I’d seen him put his cigar out on a slave’s back, laughing at her pain. I’d also heard the rumor that his cum was like spoiled cream, foul, clotted, and smelly. One of my fellow slaves compared it to eating pet jizz. So I pleaded no.

Master was angry. He dragged me back to his den and locked me in my pet crate. Hours went by and then Master and the Fat One burst into the room, all fucked up. I was dragged out and spread wide open. Master shocked me with the electric dildo until my back arched into the air. Then the hog towered over me, squatted and flopped his fat belly right over my face. The stench from his sweaty underbelly made me choke. His tiny penis barely protruded from the fat roll below. His hairy balls tasted of sweat and filth. I gasped her air as he poked his tiny pecker at my mouth. “Suck it.” he bellowed. I felt Master lash my pussy hard with his crop.

“Beg for it, slut.” I heard Master growl. I begged that lard ass to give me his cum, even as I gagged. His fat little fuckmeat quivered and began to spurt. I stuck out my tongue as it rained all over my face. I swear I heard my hips crack as master spread me wide and fucked me with the Budha still sitting on my head. I felt the vomit rise in my throat but gulped it back down. I knew what my punishment would be if I dared to puke on his vile cock.

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