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A Good Submissive Whore Never Says No

submissive whoreBeing a submissive whore is just natural to me. I’ve always needed a leader to take control of any situation and that followed into my sexual desires. There is something about having a dominant older man use and abuse me and take complete control of me that just makes my pussy gush. Restraining me and making me feel helpless to your torture and your relentless spankings and pounding of all my holes. I fucking love it and I can’t get enough. I live to please my Master and to be his favorite submissive little fuck toy. My Master loves that I have no limit to the never-ending teasing and torturous games he wants to play with me. I’m always at home on my knees, completely naked, wet, and waiting for him to come and use me in whatever way he sees fit. Sometimes he will just fuck my face and then shower me with his piss, leaving me there on the floor covered in his piss with the taste of his cum on my tongue. I wake up every day hoping that he has a new kinky and dirty way to use my subby cunt.

Gangbang Phone Sex Birthday Party!

Gangbang phone sexMaster set up a party recently for my birthday. (Nope, I’ll never tell!) He invited a few of his clients over, people I have never met, and their offspring. He sent the clients downstairs with me, and let them prep me. They didn’t do much, just blindfolded me and left me lying on the floor. The good bits started when a wet, delicious cunt sat down on my face. Then cocks started to fill my pussy, my hands. I could smell precum, along with the juices from the fantastic cunt that was riding my face. They ran circles around me, going from one dick to the next, making sure every hole was filled with dick and cum. I even scissored with pussy a few times, though I had no idea it was only the one girl the whole time. Every inch of me, from my mouth to my tits to my ass and puss, were covered and filled with cum, til I could feel it dripping out and down onto the floor. I had a major cleanup job ahead of me, and I was very eager to start. So, the moment they let me up, I was on it. Licking what I could reach, scooping what I couldn’t directly lick. I cleaned up my body, their cocks and cunt, and then the floor, finally. There wasn’t a drop of cum left that I didn’t vacuum up with my mouth. It was the best birthday bash I’ve had yet!

The Need Arises Again

bondage whore

As I sit here at my desk, I can’t get the Master I had off my mind. It’s hard for someone like me who has to have control of everything in my life. Go figure even my boss at work can’t function without me and how detail oriented I am. I am craving that guy that can just take complete control of my body and mind. I need it, when I say need I mean it. You understand, don’t you?

I miss the rope work and being in the hands of a strong, open minded gentlemen. Is there someone out there who can give me what I am looking for? I want my body to be used to the extreme. I am very obedient and whoever ends up with me won’t be disappointed. I have absolutely no limits and will give myself completely.

 There are a few things I really enjoy, I know it isn’t my place as a subby but I can’t stop thinking about the breath control games. The sharing between different dominants. I will do what I have to get that Master back in my life.

Bad Girls Get Spanked

Spanking phone sexMaster spanked me today. The house has to be extremely clean, I mean pristine. Everything has to be placed in its space perfectly. His toothbrush was facing the wrong way in the toothbrush cup and he was mad. He sat in a chair and I assumed the position, laying on his lap with my panties down. He lifted his hand high into the high and brought it down against my bare ass with brutal force. He hit me over and over again turning my ass bright red. The harder he hit me the wetter my pussy became. I knew what I was doing when I faced his toothbrush the wrong way. I knew he would spank me and I needed it. He pushed me off his lap and fucked me doggy style. My ass stung every time he slammed into me, but it felt so damn good.

Submissive Slut Training

submisssive slutThis submissive slut wants nothing more for Christmas than a naughty Santa who can break her teen daughter. My little slut thinks she decides who fucks her. She thinks she is in control over men. She also thinks she is in control of me. She will not listen to me. I punished her over the weekend because she got in trouble for skipping school. In our state, they will arrest the legal guardian or parent of a truant student. I can’t get arrested because of her. She was jeopardizing my livelihood with my Master, a lawyer. He has expressed no desire in jailbait pussy because of his job; however, when my little bitch refused to be on lockdown for the weekend and mocked me by saying she hopes I lose my master and my job, I had to call him for help. He hired a man for slave training so that if she went to the cops or ran her mouth at school, he was untouchable. She won’t be talking. She got the shit scared out of her. It was like she went to one of those scared straight drug interventions. Brian showed up with a bag of training devices. He locked himself in her room with my daughter for two days. She never came out. She had to piss and shit in a bucket. She was allowed only bottled water to drink and PB sandwiches, which she hates. I was on the outside desperately wanting to watch, but I could hear her screams and the harsh sounds of things from hands to whips cracking down on her bare ass. The thought of a random stranger breaking my brat aroused me. I didn’t see her for two days. I just heard her being punished and broken. When she emerged, she was a different girl. I’m not sure it will stick without constant training. I will need your help.

Submissive Whore Gets Sold By Her Son

submissive whore

My son sold his submissive whore mother to the highest bidder. After face fucking me and showering me in his piss one night, he told me that was going to sell me for a night. He had me dress up like a proper slut. I had on thigh-high fishnets, a corset, high heels, and red lipstick. He told me that I was to spend the evening standing in the middle of the room for all his friends to look over. When they arrived, they all spent the night looking me up and down and circling me, inspecting every inch as if I was a piece of cattle for sale. But today I was a piece of meat for sale. I was a fuck toy that they could buy. My son set it up just like an auction. Everyone took their seats when it was time and he rattled off numbers until the highest bidder was found. Then my son handed me off to him and told him to have fun with his new fuck toy.

Dick Sucking Vanessa

Submissive sexI don’t know what I did to make Master so mad. But he was pissed and I’ve been on my knees for the last 45 minutes trying to make him happy. I know that sometimes he gets mad at the world and takes it out on me, but I love him and I’ll never leave. I was put on the Earth to serve, worship, and obey my Master. I’ll suck his dick for hours until I see a smile on his face. I’m his property, he owns me. My jaw is starting to hurt, but I keep sucking through the pain. He hasn’t let me eat all day because the only thing he wants me to eat today is semen. I’m his submissive and my only job is to please him. And if keeping his cock in my mouth all day keeps him happy then change my name to Dick Sucking Vanessa.

Submissive Slut Gretchen Gets Gangbanged

Submissive slutMaster gave me permission to party with his goons the other night! What I didn’t know was that he had given them leave to fuck me up. They spiked my drinks, making them stronger than usual, and even mickied them. They had me so fucked up, I couldn’t see straight. Honestly, I don’t remember much of what happened, it’s all a haze to me. They took pictures, though, and told me all the wonderful things I did. They had me jacking them off, giving blow job after blow job. At one point, they had gotten the party up to like 12 guys, and they were all running a ring around me, taking turns with my hands and mouth. Then, they managed to get one guy under me inside my ass, and another on top of me in my cunt, so that another guy could get over my face and fuck straight down my throat. They ran a ring around me for several hours, and my holes were so full of cum, it was leaking down my thighs, down my ass cheeks and pussy lips. I was just drenched in it all, with that doped up, dumb look on my face. I had no idea what I was in for that night.

Pleasing my new Master

Light bondage

My new Master Jonathan had a very special treat in store for me.  On our second appointment, He brought several of his friends to play with me.  They bound me with rope around my calves and my hands were tied behind my back.  I love light bondage and fucking strangers, especially when it pleases my new master.  The four of them picked me up and carried me to the bed, cut my clothing off and began to fuck me.  I took them in my cunt, my asshole and my mouth as Jonathan directed them.  The three of them fucked me hard, spanking me on my pussy and my tits as they fucked me.  They all came inside and over my body, spilling their juice on my tits, inside my cunt and in my mouth.  When they finished with me and I was all used up, Jonathan had them sit down while he fucked all my holes that were full of the other’s cum.  Jonathan called me a dirty cum slut while he used me.  I love pleasing my new master.

Erotic Asphyxiation

extreme bondage


You had me try something new last night as your little pet. You bound me in leather, tied me
up in rope with all kinds of crazy knots and whispered that it was time I got a big orgasm from
you. I was excited but scared because being a subby girl who knows her master very well by this point,
I figured it was something very different from just a casual fun time. After you had me exactly
where you wanted me, you pulled out the big Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and began opening
the lips of my labia to expose my clit, letting the huge toy do most of the work. As I was getting
closer and closer to climax, you watched my eyes- using edge play to your advantage. Once you knew I was
bound to explode at any minute, you put a clear trash bag over my head and kept the machine going on high.
My face was turning purple and I was losing air but I could tell this was something I had never felt before
as I finally came all over the sheet, you pulled the bag off of my head so I could finally get air again.
“That is called erotic asphyxiation, my slave”, you said with a grin- knowing you had given me a new addiction.
I gasped and caught my breath finally but then saw your huge pulsating cock through your jeans and knew it
was now time for me to return the favor.

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