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Erotic Bondage Stories Fantasizing About A First Date With My Master

Erotic bondage storiesI love Erotic Bondage Stories to fantasize about our first date. From the start, you were dominant and in control.   The way you tied me up to the bedpost with those silky soft ropes, my body and every hole in me trembling in anticipation of what was to come next. Ripping off my clothes, stuffing my panties filled with cum from my neighbor who likes to send me off on dates with a good fuck so every date I go on I have his cum in my panties. So I knew I deserved to be punished, I am a bad whore. However you made me want your cum in my panties too. Especially as you took your pants down and showed me that huge thick throbbing cock.

When you finally touched me, it was with a firm hand that left no doubt about who was in control here. I had butterflies running up my cunt, even my tits were tingling with excitement, but that may have been the nipple clamps you put in my huge tits. You slipped one finger inside my wet sloppy cunt and groaned at how wet I already was for you; then another followed suit before thrusting them both deep inside my tight slut hole that was aching for you, without any warning or mercy.

The way you spanked my ass until it was red and sore made me want more – not less! When you pulled out those leather cuffs, I knew we were about to take things up a notch or two…or three! As soon as they encircled my wrists above my head on the bedpost, my cunt started creaming instantly leaking all over the bed in a wet sloppy mess.

You didn’t waste any time before plunging into me again; this time with even more force than before. Your hips slamming against mine taking control with that throbbing cock feeling those balls slap against my asshole.

 I wanted every part of you in me, I craved your cum like I never had before . I screamed out your name over and over again while my pussy clenched tightly around your cock. I’d be your Bondage whore every day if it was as good as it was this night…

Bare bottom spanking leaves me red like roses for Valentines

For Valentine’s Day my master left my red and blue with Bare bottom spankings. After he pulled me out of my cage and tied me up in position, he pulled out his biggest paddle. “Your ass will be red like roses and blue like violets, that is my gift to you” he said as he positioned himself to beat my bare ass. “Every time my paddle hits your ass, I want you to thank me” he demanded of me. After the first time the paddle hit my ass it sent shivers all through my body.

Bare bottom spankings

But just like my master commanded of me I said, “thank you master, may I have more”. Therefore, he gave me more paddles and didn’t stop until my ass was red. Then he pulled his cock out and as my body trembled from the beating he said, “bitch show me you are hungry for this dick”. Right away I took his cock in my mouth. I made sure to choke in it like he likes. Once again, his paddle hit my ass. It was either too hard or my ass was already too welted that I almost bit down but if I did that it would be horrible.

So, I took it and kept sucking my masters dick like the Slave training I have gotten. Finally, his balls tightened up and he started spraying his thick hot cum in my mouth. Like I have been taught I swallowed every drop. “Thank you master” I said to him as he untied me and showed me my ass in the mirror. “Now you are red and blue like roses and violets” is what he said, and I got for Valentine’s Day.  

Erotic submissive stories

Erotic submissive stories


Good morning everyone! I want to hear some of your erotic submissive stories today. I have always been a submissive. I love being controlled by the right dom and submitting to his every request. I know this pleases him in the best way. I will do whatever I’m told, and there is nothing I will say no to.

                I love bondage and being tied up. I’m there in the most vulnerable way, just waiting for your next request/command. Put a blindfold on me to spice up the excitement. I’ll have no idea what’s going on or what’s coming for me next. I’m open to anything, and the freakier, the better!

                We could have so much fun and excitement once we started sharing our stories together. You can get as dark with me as you want to. I want to hear the most crazy, dark, seductive stories you have to offer. I want to get freaky with you. You can even put toys inside me. I’m all yours to do what you want to!

Bare Bottom Spankings for a Submissive Slave on Valentine’s Day

bare bottom spankingsI got bare bottom spankings for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, I would have preferred flowers and candy, but I don’t get romance. Not as a submissive slave. But my ass got whooped. And since I am a pain slut, I did not mind. Even though today I cannot sit still for long. If you call me today, you may hear me walking around my house as it hurts to sit for long.

I showed up at the office yesterday because my master summoned me to help with a legal brief. But it was all a ruse. He summoned me for some Valentine’s romance. Well, less romance, more pain and humiliation. However, my master was not alone. He invited a few friends from his dom group. For decades, he has been in this circle of older men who enjoy whipping and tying up women. They even went in together to buy a bondage club for which I have a small stake in too thanks to my master.

Bent Over for You Sir, Ready to Take My Ass Whooping

None of his cronies have a dedicated submissive whore of their own this Valentine’s Day, so master suggested they share me. Most of them are far crueler than my master. Which is why they cannot keep a slave. But luckily, they are just as old as my master, so I can usually handle whatever they toss at me. But I guess they have all caught on to the fact that I often feign pain, so instead of using their hands, they brought paddles.

Personally, I do not think anything hurts more on my ass than a heavy wooden fraternity paddle. And all 6 old farts had one. My master was nice enough to put a bridle in my mouth to bite down on as each man gave me 14 whacks on my ass for Valentine’s Day. Spanking phone sex will sting today because my ass is red and blistering. Ouch. I guess I need to get better at faking pain, because I do not want the wooden paddle treatment again anytime soon.

Golden showers phone sex is what I am worthy of, Daddy!

Golden showers phone sex

Golden showers phone sex is what I am worthy of, Daddy! I cannot explain the intense pleasure I get when Daddy unleashes his hot, yellow juice all over me. I crave it, I need it, and I will do anything to get it. It all started when Daddy caught me watching a porn video of a man peeing on a woman. Immediately I was intrigued, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The thought of being degraded and used in such a way turned me on like never before.

From that moment on, I became Daddy’s little piss whore. He would call me his “filthy little pig” and order me to get on my knees and open my mouth. And just like that, I became a human toilet for Daddy. It may sound disgusting to some, but to me, it was pure bliss. Feeling his warm stream fill my mouth and run down my body was the ultimate ecstasy. I would eagerly lap up every drop, craving more and more.

Even during our bondage sessions, Daddy would incorporate golden showers into our play. He would restrain me, spread my legs wide open, and let his yellow juice rain down on me. The feeling of helplessness combined with the humiliation of being pissed made me squirt hard for Daddy.

So, my dear Daddy, if you are reading this, know that your little Breanne will always be your willing whore, ready to use and abuse my holes in any way you see fit. Call me Daddy for hot Pissing phone sex! Thank you for being my Daddy, my Sir, and my everything. I love you and your hot, pungent piss.

Bare bottom spankings to start the week off

“Time for your start of the week Bare bottom spankings” my master said as he led me out my bitch kennel. As I crawled out, my master pulled his cock out and started pissing all over me. “I love marking my property” he said as he drenched me. After he pissed on me, I waited on my knees like a good obedient whore while I got a golden shower. Once I was dry my master pulled be my leash and bent me over his knee. After some spanking my ass felt hot and sore.

Bare bottom spankings

“Bitch have you had enough?” He asked me. “Yes master, thank you” I replied. Then he spanked me again and again as he laughed. “That was a trick question” he joked. “You know I say when you had enough”. After a bit more he stood up and pulled some rope for binding.  Like a good taught whore, I got into position. Once I was tied up, he pulled his cock out and shoved it down my throat. “Milk me like you master likes bitch” my master demanded as he face fucked me with his cock.

My master laughed as I choked and gargled on your cock as you fucked me. Finally, your ball sack tightened up and your dick starts spraying me with semen. “Don’t waste any” he says since that is part of my Slave training. Therefore, I drank all of his thick gooey nut. When he was done, he walked me like a pathetic pup back into my kennel. “Now that is a way a bitch like you starts the wee” you say as you walk away satisfied and drained”. 

Cock worshiping is Breanne’s only purpose in life!

Cock worshipingCock worshiping is Breanne’s only purpose in life! Daddy, that’s what I call him. He’s my everything, my master, my protector, my reason for living. Every day I wake up with a sense of purpose, knowing that I am Daddy’s little whore and that he will take care of me in every way possible. And the best part? I get to serve him in any way he desires, and he desires me to be his cock worshiping slut.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Daddy. I’ll take every inch of his thick, hard cock down my throat, choking and gagging on it without complaint. I’ll spread my legs and offer up my tight holes for his pleasure, even if it means being sore for days. I am nothing but a vessel for his pleasure, and that’s exactly how I like it.

Cum eating phone sex is a regular occurrence in our relationship. Daddy loves to tease me, making me beg for his cum before finally giving it to me. And when he does, I eagerly swallow every drop, savoring the taste and the feeling of being completely owned by him.

So, if you’re like Daddy and looking for a willing, submissive whore to satisfy your every desire, I’m your girl. Don’t waste another moment, call and let me show you just how much of a dirty, obedient slut I can be. I’ll be waiting for you, Daddy.


Bondage Phone Sex With Your Master

Bondage phone seMy pussy started aching as I thought about our latest bondage phone sex call.  You had me bent over the side of the bed, ass in the air, back arched and hands tied behind my back snuggly with rope tightly binding my wrists.  Ball gag stuffed in my mouth with drool falling out of the sides.  My jaw was aching as I barely could mutter any words as my head smashed into the bed.  You held my wrists firmly as your cock pressed against my ass.  You grabbed that throbbing cock and stuffed it up under to my cunt hole and pressed it in.  As you thrust it in my cunt, you slap my ass as hard and you can.

You start going back and forth as my as humped up and down as you conttinued tightly holding onto my wrist. I was your bull and you were riding me like only a bull rider could.  My ass flapping away as your big cock rammed my cunt over and over.  I couldn’t wait any longer, I muttered pathetically through the ball gag ” I am going to cum.

I started squriting on your cock profusely. The wetness dripping down to your balls.  Again I felt the rush in my cunt start to flow out.  I was cumming again and against.  You were calling me names and roughly tossing me around.  I could almost feel the handprints forming on my ass burning red.  You grabbed a chunk of my ass every now and again when you’d get really deep.  Pulling my hair jerking my head back so you could get to my ear and whisper to me what a dumb whore I was. Asking me who my master is loudly. When you couldn’t hear me, you screamed at me pulling harder.

“You are my master”

Bondage Whore Begs to Cum in Front of a Crowd


Bondage Whore On Public Display

Master wanted to show off his filthy bondage whore. So now I’m tied down to a bondage horse with a crowd of horny cocks watching and laughing at me. I had a blind fold wrapped around my eyes and Master was torturing me with anticipation. He had a riding whip tracing every sensitive inch of my body. Master loves making me so horny and wet that I beg for it. I was already so horny knowing that so many people were watching me. But then he slapped his whip on my pussy and I screamed. I couldn’t take it!

Bare bottom Spankings Torture My Pussy

“Please Master, again!” I screamed out. The crowd laughed at my pathetic begging. Master did to. Tickling my clit with the tip of the whip before slapping my pussy again. And then again. It hurt so bad, but this is the only way he would give me the friction I needed. That final slap made me scream so loud and beg him to stop. “It’s too sore. My pussy. Please Master!” He laughed and I heard his belt coming undone. My pussy was ready to be rewarded for taking those bare bottom spankings.

I felt his hot cock on my pussy. I wiggled against my ropes to try and get my pussy closer to his cock. Then I felt the spit. “No please, Master!” Then I felt his cock slam into my asshole. “I thought your pussy was too sore.” The crowed laughed. I screamed. Master fucked my asshole brutally. But every time he slammed his dick into me, I could feel him hitting my g-spot from inside my ass. My screams turned into pathetic moans. Then I was mindlessly begging Master, for permission to cum. He laughed and told me to cum for him. I did. Panting and screaming for submissive sex in front of his friends like a dog.

Submissive sex for my master when I get out my cage

My master loves Submissive sex. First, he loves to pull me out of my cage and have me kiss his feet. “Thank you master for letting me out of my cage” I say as I worship him. “That’s right hoe worship me” he says as he undresses and sits while spreading his legs. I have had a lot of training from my master. Therefore, I opened my mouth and sucked his cock deep into my mouth. “Eat my cock slut” my master says.

Submissive sex

Then I take his cock as far as I can before I stop breathing. My master pulls his cock out my mouth and lifts his balls up over my head. “Lick my ass bitch” he said as he pushed my mouth on his asshole. I know what that means. My mouth will be milking hard. With nasty Prostate milking from his slut pet. The way I made my tongue dip into his ass made his toes curl. That made me very proud as a slave. My place is to be his tool to use. I could feel him stroking his cock faster and faster.

Part of my training has been to milk him in any way he wants. After some licking my master starts to slap my face.  “Lick me harder slut” he says. Therefore, I start flicking my tongue hard. Finally, his balls started to pulse. Then his cock started spraying my face bukkake style. All I could see was strings on semen spraying my face. “Now crawl back to your cage, cum slave” he demands of me. With cum dripping from my face I crawled back to my cage happy knowing that I pleased my master and that I submitted to him.