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Bondage and submission

bondage and submission

I love when my brother makes me into a filthy cum slut rag doll. He has tied me up to the bed and has only granted me with his presence when he is horny and wants to nut. I am laying on the bed getting showered in his sticky jizz. He finally is giving me his cock. He straddles my face and starts beating me across my cheeks with his rock hard cock.

He hits me even with his closed fists. His cock slides into my mouth to the back of my throat. He pumps his cock hard and deep into my throat, making me spit and choke on his dick. He unties me and flips me on my tummy and spreads my ass cheeks. His cock rips my ass hole open as he stretches me open with each thrust.

Sex Shop

Cum slut phone sex Master took me to a sex shop yesterday. He was giving my holes out for cheap. $5.00 for my mouth. $10.00 for my cunt and $15 for my ass. No condoms needed. Master says with prices that low I should get a lot of cock. When we got the shop we went straight in back and I disrobed. I got on my knees like Master said. Then Master Put the sign out on the door with the prices of my holes listed. Master walked back in and behind him were 2 guys right off the bat. They both took out their cocks in front of me and tried to shove both cocks in my mouth at once. I was swapping between the 2 cocks. Slobbering and moaning on both cocks. Mmm. Others were walking in handing money off to Master. Some waited for a specific hole, others just went to any open hole. I was there for hours. And I lost count after 34 cocks. But I went home full of cum leaking out of my ass and cunt. And my tummy full of that yummy cum.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

 My master brought all of his friends over today. I was waiting at home from him, and did not expect him so early. I was on my bed playing with my cum filled pussy that he put in me before he left today. He barged into my room with some of his friends and they all saw me ass naked on the bed with my cum filled pink pussy completely exposed.

He got the ropes that he loves to use on me and tied me up. He laid me flat on my tummy with my legs spread wide open. All of his friends took turns beating my body in with their fists and dicks. I was black and blue by the time they got done with me. They rubbed their cocks all over my naked bruised body.

I got face fucked and fucked in all of my holes. They laughed as each of them gave me their cum loads.

Submissive Whore Bo Loves Bondage

He barely even walked in the door before he started in on how I am his submissive whore and he could do whatever he wanted to me and I would obey or be tortured and treated as abusively as he wished. It was our first meeting after conversing online through a lifestyle site, and something tells me I may not live to see the light of day and somehow that really got my cunt juicy.

Submissive Whore

He slapped me hard across the face and quickly grabbed my wrists and bound them with handcuffs. He was in a police uniform and appeared to be legit. His forcefulness was certainly that of one of those types that are known for brutality, and yes that had my nipples throbbing with anticipation. I’ve always had a fantasy of being gangraped fantasy forced by men in uniform and he was really fulfilling this desire.

Dragging me across the room he shoved me down to my knees and pulled his cock out and forced it down my throat. Throat fucking me he ripped my blouse open and started to really pull at my nipple rings and twist them causing me pain that had me nearly orgasmic.Begging for him to please stop only fueled his forcefulness until he came down my throat. He pulled out slapped his cock on my face and whispered in my ear that he’ll be back when I least expect it and left.

Let It Roll

S&M VideoMy new Master wants to do a S&M video with me. Of course I will be game for that but that makes me a little nervous. I have to make sure my pussy is nice and bald, and that I pick out just the perfect outfit. So he comes and picks me up for the big day and tells me to just act like myself and be the good obedient little bitch that I am. I honestly don’t know any other way to be, when we arrived at is his house we went in and there were lights and cameras everywhere. I was kind of freaking out a little bit, but I sat down and waited until mister told me what to do like a good sub does. I got up and he tied my hands behind my back and bent me over the couch and spanked me. He was making a video on bondage for beginners.

Me and My Nasty Uncle Nate

submissive whore

Nate started prodding at me when I was still a little wee-one, he said he couldn’t help himself he just had to have a taste of the freshly baked cookies. All my friends would my uncle Nate “Nasty Nate” and I knew exactly why. It started with his gross dirty fingers always in my panties feeling around for my wet tiny little fat pussy lips. Then one day when my nothing ass whore mom was gone with one of her stupid good for nothing boyfriends Nate and I were alone. This time Nate wasn’t looking for sweet fresh pussy lips, he was looking for naked ass and entry.

“Uncle Nate, what are you doing,” I cried out even I kind of liked it what he was doing to me taking my panties off and all. Uncle Nate got down on the floor and started licking my sweet little cunt like there was no tomorrow and I loved it. All of a sudden he came up for air and told me to ride his face like a pony when it feels good. I felt myself getting wetter as my nasty p-cock uncle said that to me. I sure do love my uncle and I started ridding his face like a brand new pony. Every since that time long ago I have been longing and doing the most sexual this with Nasty Nate. I’m the dirtiest one you’ll ever meet and I love it.

Light Bondage

Light Bondage

I love sitting at work thinking about the rope work I have had done in the past. I am into mild to extreme. But, lately my focus has been on the lighter stuff. I love the smell and feel of the rope, when that comes out that means I am about to be owned and I am very, very good at being owned. I am one of the most obedient subs you could meet and enjoy. I love being gagged and told to lay down after I have been roped. I love meeting new strange doms online, it makes it more of a thrill. Isn’t there anyone out there that can help fulfill my desire? I would think men would love to be in control of a bitch.

A Special Surprise From Your Submissive Whore Mommy

submissive whore

My son loves his submissive whore Mommy. We had the best Christmas yesterday. He came home for the holiday and I had a special surprise for him. I had a friend of mine, who is another slutty submissive mother, come over and tie up for my baby boy. I stripped down completely naked and let her tie up my wrists behind my back, my ankles, my knees, gag me, and tie a rope around my fat tits to squeeze them together. Then I laid down under the Christmas tree and she put a big red bow on my ass, which was sticking up in the air. I didn’t know what time my son would be awake that morning, so I had her come really early. I laid naked and tied up under that tree for hours waiting for him. By the time he woke up and came out my tits were turning purple. He saw me, and I could see that he already had a hard cock. He did just what I thought he would, he rammed his cock down my throat and gave me his hot load of cum.

Skanky Fisthole

submissive phone sex

“You nasty little skank, your gonna get pregnant again and I ain’t the daddy so I won’t be doing nothing for the little rugrat”

Daddy is a fucking perv McFuck Rough, he’s always looking under my short skirts and digging my “bite” as hes likes to call it out of my titty fat bubble ass. The only problem is daddy isn’t helping me at all, first I’m wearing thongs daddy and that means they were designed to go into my brown little shitslit. I try to tell him but Mr. Pervalicious can’t resist putting his callous written fingers into my sweet candy pop ass cheeks and digging around for what seems to be my fuckhole instead of my “Bite”. It always starts the same way with daddy wanting to so called help me with something and it always goes to a lurid place.

For instance when daddy helps me with my “bite” he somehow finds his fingers keying my asshole I mean in and out twisting his hard fat long fingers into my poop pot. I start to push onto daddy’s hard dirty fingers when he’s got three or four inside of my then creamy wet ass. At that time daddy has got to spit and lick my fisthole to get it ready for a force fist fuck hard and good. Daddy knows what his hot tot likes and need every since I was a little tikect don’t worry he started off gentle as a lamb before he got as rough as a bear in heat.

Submissive Whore: Abuse Me While Your Wife Post Holiday Shops

Submissive whoreAs a submissive whore, I will be slaving away today and tomorrow pleasing men. No shopping allowed for me on the day after Christmas. Master wants me making money, not spending money. While wives and girlfriends shop for post-holiday sales and return ugly sweaters, I will be waiting to be abused and used. Master gave me the day off from his office to be a phone slave. He is hoping men will humiliate me and use my whore body for their perverse pleasures. He is getting old and he made me take this phone sex job because he gets off hearing how cruel and aggressive you get with me. He is an old man now. He cannot abuse me like he used to. Plus, his dick doesn’t get as hard as it once did. One of the many pitfalls of growing old. He told me, however, that the violent and degrading way you treat me is like Viagra for him. He gets wood in his boxers when I tell him all about being a submissive slut on the phone. I know the holidays can be stressful as well as sexually frustrating. My suggestion to you is that when your wife leaves to shop on Tuesday, you call me to release some stress. Use me as a punching bag. Use me as a cum dumpster. You will spend less money on me than your spoiled wife will charge to your credit cards. Plus, I never say no. I never turn you down. Not even your darkest desires.

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