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Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

 I am such a filthy little cum slut whore for my master. My holes are super wet and slippery and always needing to be full of hot sticky jizz! I grab my masters cock and I ask him to please let me suck on them and worship his big nut sack. I suck them into my mouth and spit up all over them. I love polishing his balls with my mouth and sticky wet and saliva. His big fat master cock swells up, aching for me to take control of it and to worship it.

He gives me permission to take his cock and fuck it down my throat. I make sure to keep his cock down my throat and I do not come up for air. I can feel my throat tightening around his cock. I put my hands around my neck making sure I am squeezing his cock nice and hard. I have so much tears leaking down my face and spit foaming out of my mouth. I know he is enjoying me acting like a dumb little cunt and using my fluids as lube for his cock to slip in and out of my face.

I can always milk a bunch of loads out of my masters balls if I put in the work. I mean, we would should be willing to work hard right? The two places we really belong are either in the kitchen making a sandwich or on a cock. You should not find us in voting booths or anywhere else. He are cock care takers. This is what we are meant to do. My master pulls his cock out of my mouth and slaps me across my face, knocking me down on my tummy.

He is going to take the holes he owns.

I Love Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings make my pussy wet. Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved the feel of a strong male hand on my naked ass. When my daddy would spank me, I acted like I hated it, but secretly I loved every firm smack. Daddy got hard spanking my ass. Most men do. I think that is why men love to spank bare behinds, especially the bare behinds of younger girls. I am not a school girl anymore, but my Master is twice my age. He enjoys me wearing a Catholic school girl skirt with high heels and no panties. He has an array of things he likes to use on my ass. When I do spanking phone sex calls, I have an array of spanking devices that can be used too. Sadly, I can never spank my ass as hard as you can. Last night, Master came over for a spanking session. He only does that when he is stressed or angry. He takes it out on my ass. Normally, I only see him at work because he is married and old. He doesn’t even drive at night anymore. I guess his wife was at a church and he needed my ass. He took an Uber to my place. I was nervous because when he comes to my place, it is rarely fun for me. I bent over the chair per his instructions and he used his hand first. That was followed by a paddle. Finally, he used his belt. He broke the skin which rarely happens. He is an old man. He lacks the strength and endurance for spanking that he once had. Last night, he was channeling a young man because my ass has never been so sore. I had to sit on a bag of frozen corn the rest of the night.  Confession. My pussy has not been this wet in ages.

Whipped her cunt real good

Extreme fetish phone sexMaster wanted to show me what happens when you act up and be a very bad girl so he had his young little niece come over to have some fun with us. As he handed me a leather whip, he told me to go all out on her and don’t hold back whatsoever. He instructed me to lash the life out of her bald little cunt until she was bleeding, screaming, skin welting and begging me to have mercy on her. I did exactly as I was told and used all my force to crack that thick leather whip against her baby soft skin. It was so fucking funny to watch how pathetic she looked while I knocked some sense into her. Master was jerking his cock as he witnessed the violent acts against his sweet little girl. He was very pleased with how I treated her and rewarded me with a big jizz load to guzzle down! I love being a filthy cum slut while having extreme fetish phone sex!

Constricted slut

submissive slutsubmissive slut

His eye lit up when he found out my secret. I wanted to hide it but I just couldn’t he figured it out so quickly that there was no turning back. I was going to be his submissive slut whether I liked it or not. It happened when he was undressing me and trying to get me into one of his getups. This time sir had a geisha outfit decked out in red and black ready to be worn by me. The gear was a special one with a backdoor zipper.  I was going to be pounded in my tight ass. I looked at sir, and he told me are you ready slut. Tears began to roll down my face. I knew I wasn’t going to get his cock in me lightly at all, He had plans for my ass and was ready to make those plans happen. Sir was going to fist me and make my ass bleed. I had to let him know that I have never gotten even a cock in my tight ass I was going to much less be comfortable with his fist and toys. I tried to squirm away, and he wasn’t having that. I ended up being a constricted slut. I was going to have my hand and legs tied, and handcuffed while he beat my ass with his cock then some toys. Finally, he began fisting me till I was blue in the face. All this made him cum like never before.

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are what I deserve Master. Sorry, I disobey you, I’ll never fuck anyone without your permission! Yes, I promise Master! Now I deserve bare bottom spankings with a wet hand! Yes, daddy yes I deserve for you to leave your hand marked on my ass! You grabbed me and shoved your cock into my ass with no lube. It fucking hurts Master but I know I deserve that and more. You take that cock out of my ass then grab me by my neck and ram that cock deep down into my throat making me choke and gag on your cock till I start turning purple and pass out with your dick in my mouth! Then you bend me over again to wake me up with some pain by shoving your cock in my ass really hard and spanking my ass really fucking hard you start making my ass cheeks bleed. Yes, Master, I deserve your big monster cock in me!

Selling Your Mommy’s Fuck Holes

Submissive Slut

I’m a submissive slut to my son and all of his friends know it. He knows his naughty mommy lives to serve him and that he can do any fucking kinky thing he wants with me. Sometimes he needs to prove that he owns my fuck holes and that can make me do anything he wants for his own amusement. He likes to sell my cunt, as, and face to his friends. They come over and my son will have my bound and tied up sitting on the floor. There’s a blindfold over my eyes and I am in complete darkness. I would wait for what seemed like hours to hear his door creak open. Then I would be fucked in whatever way they wished. I was used like a nasty fuck toy by dozens of my son’s friends. After it was over, I was dripping cum from every hole and I was covered in loads of creamy warm cum. My son was proud of his submissive mommy slut and blew his load deep down my throat after everyone had finished. He knows mommy loves the taste of his cum. 

Sub Loves My Pussy Spanked

Spanking Phone Sex

As a submissive I have given myself completely to my sir and I am a slave, I told him I have no limits at all and I will accept any pain he gives me. He showed up at my house and I wasn’t expecting that. I opened the door let him in and right away got down to my knees and greeted him. He pulled me up and and walked me over to the couch, put a gag in my mouth and told me I am not to flinch or move. He bent me over and pulled down my panties and smacked my ass, he did it again and it became harder. He started spreading my butt cheeks and he wanted it to hurt real bad. He went into my kitchen and grabbed a wooden spoon and came back with my buttcheeks spread and smacked hard. He turned me over and starting spanking my pussy with my legs spread, he even did a countdown and each smack got harder. He could tell it was turning me on. He grabbed my head and said I am a pig and he is going to fuck my dirty pink hole. He shoved his cock deep inside my ass and starting smacking my breasts harder with each thrust. I could see they were getting red and it was stinging on my nipples. This excited sir and he pulled out and put me on my knees and came all over my face and then smacked it around on my face with the spoon.

These Fucking Snakes are Everywhere

Light bondage

They all think they know me, but they don’t know anything. All these guys constantly trying to fuck me but they are fuck-ups, they’re going to lie to me and they are going to tell me that they love me. I used to be a fool yes, I would listen to them when they say they love me and I would give them my pussy I would suck their cocks and let them fuck me however they wanted. Only to have them leave me talk lies about me tell everyone what I did call me whores. These men they have no souls they are heartless and so I am very glad what I am doing to them. Yes, I love it when I am going out with them and make them strip naked. I lie to them I tell them that I love them. I tell them that I need them and that I will do anything. I let them eat my cunt and they suck my pussy so well. I love it I suck their cocks I fuck them and then I take everything they have. I have learned to not ever feel bad I have learned that I’m only getting them back for what they have done to me. These Liars they fucking say anything well guess what I have joined the team and I will say anything too. I don’t like to call them men anymore I like to call them snakes because that is what they are slithering around lying with their slimy fucked up lying tongues. You wouldn’t feel sorry for a snake would you. I make them dress up, I make them put on pantyhose and high heels and dresses and wigs and even makeup. I tell them that I will keep their secrets because I love them and because I just trust them. I tell them lies I makeup secrets in order for them to get vulnerable with me. I take beautiful pictures of them and then I send them the pictures and make them pay me money. I have my pay back now. So, what I’m saying is get naked take off every fucking piece of clothes and give me that hard dick whenever I want it and if you say no to me I will fucking destroy your reputation in society now let’s fuck sweetheart right now.

Bukkake Phone Sex with a Cum Sub

bukkake phone sexDo you like bukkake phone sex? I am a cum whore, so anything involving a ton of man seed is something I enjoy. Sometimes, I get cum baths in the most unexpected places too. Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. Nothing was wrong, just an annual checkup. The doctor was giving sports physicals to the local high school football team. I walked into the waiting room with a sea of teen boys. One of the boys asked me if I was the nurse. I don’t know what compelled me to lie, but I said yes. I think all that was on my mind was how many loads of cum I would get blowing a football team. I didn’t last long pretending to be the nurse. I didn’t even know how to listen to a heartbeat. I confessed that I was just a submissive slut who wanted to be gangbanged. I was in a small exam room with about 15 boys. No way no one didn’t notice that. The team captain ordered the boys to give the whore what she wanted. He locked the door and I fell to my knees. I guess at the very least I could give prostate exams. I drained balls into my tummy. I had so much cum inside me, I thought I might puke. I wanted to fuck them all too, but this wasn’t the right venue. I gave the captain my home address. I told him to bring his team to my place later, so I could show them what a good gangbang whore I am. They tore my holes up. I have rug burns on my knees and elbows. I didn’t get permission from my master to be such a dirty whore. You won’t tell him, will you? It was a once in a lifetime chance to be such a subby bitch to a group of teen boys.

submissive slut

Submissive Bitch

Submissive WhoreYou love to come over and fuck this stupid little worthless whore. You are always degrading me. I like the way you put me on my knees and just lay your balls on my face. Making me smell those swamp balls. The way you bitch slap me with your balls still resting on my face. Making shove those balls into my mouth. I can feel your boot kick my legs wide open. I yelp as I feel your boot shoved up against my nasty cunt. You tell me to fuck your boot and I obey. Rubbing my cunt against your boot. My moans get louder on your balls still shoved in my mouth. You bitch slap me again laughing yelling humiliating names. You shove your cock in my mouth. And I grind harder on your boot. My clit fucking swelling as I explode all over your boot. Gasping for air as you choke me with you cock.

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