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Submissive phone sexMaster has these women superhero fetishes. I get all dressed up and act all tough fighting with him. Only for him to break me a superhero and turn me into his whore. I am his whore no matter what. But when he breaks my superhero spirit this whore loves it. He has this wicked sadist side that only comes out at certain times and this is one of those times. The bruises he will leave will last for weeks. And the degrading things he makes me do turns my cunt into mush. Like cleaning the bathroom floor with my tongue and hair only. Or the way he puts his boot on my face as he fucks my ass into it is a raw gaping mess.

Server slut

hardcore bondage

My master wasn’t playing when he told me he was going to make me the laughing stock of the bar. I was going to walk around naked and completely exposed, and I was going to show off my body and be a good hardcore bondage slut. I was going to let the guys all have fun making my ass gape and prolapsing me. I was in for a rude awakening. I thought it was going to be something mild. My master has never once shared me with anyone. I was surprised to see him willing to let all his buddies use me. I was going to get whipped and strangled just like I should be. I’m a slave pet and need to know that there is no special treatment. Master thought my head got too big when I outshined in the slave pet academy. I know I’m nothing special. I was born a woman, and I need to realize that I will forever be beneath men.

Submissive fun

submissive slut  I was raised to be a submissive slut. My father taught me that from a very young age my whole reason for existence is to make a man happy. If we are laying on the couch and you want a blow job. It’ is yours baby. Any request you make I will serve you and you alone. Other than when we make another girl our slave for the night. I always enjoy that. I still prefer being the one taking orders instead of giving them though. When I am a good girl I get a reward. And my master is always very generous with the things that he gives me. I give my total loyalty and eternal trust in return.

Craving abuse by Master

Cock worshipingMaster was in the mood for some filthy cock worshiping and he didn’t give a fuck that it was in the middle of the night when his insatiable craving kicked in. He yanked me out of my bed by my hair while I was sleeping, threw me on to the ground and starting kicking and punching me aggressively to wake me up. I was frightened and crying but Master didn’t give a fuck, he never does! He wanted his sexual pleasure and gratification and he wanted it now!! There’s never any mercy or empathy with how he treats me, he’s a selfish bastard and I am nothing but his little cum slut sex toy to use and abuse. I can’t believe what a submissive fuckin whore I am, always willing and wanting to do anything that Master chooses for me to do. As he shoved his cock deep down my throat, I was begging him for more. Rougher. Deeper. Harder. I wanna be skull-fucked until my tonsils break off. Master always gives me exactly what the fuck I deserve, a true beating.

My Sad Submission is So Good

I keep myself wanting him and he I hope want’s me but he’s lost in his downbeat so my clouds can’t be not cloudy I’m hoping he gets his shit together, yea or I’m leaving his ass forever. I can’t take being last anymore while he’s laid up with all his whores. I come in screaming and he don’t care while he’s fucking Tammy there like I’m not standing here at all. I start cussing I start crying he keeps fucking even harder. Break my heart and make my pussy wet as well. You’re not my man you belong to everyone with fat pussy lips and I can’t make you faithful no I can’t make you right. Now he’s snatching his pussy wet soaked cock out of Tammy’s gaping pussy hole and threw it down her throat fucking her face driving his solid rock-hard pole in an out with super force choking her. At that moment my pussy started to jump, he looked me in my eyes and said do you want me to cream down her stupid slutty cum catcher for you? I walked over to him weak and thirsty for his everything I said, I want to sit on this slut face and make her eat my ass while you fuck my cunt. Look what he’s done to me. Do you want to do it too?


My Mistake Was Ignoring Master

Extreme BondageI have been extremely busy and I have been ignoring my master and that would prove to be not the thing to do. I agreed to meet him at a friends house, I figure I owe him that much. I am usually more obedient and this is so out of my character. When I arrived they stripped me naked and carried me down to the basement which had plant lights and a dirty old mattress. Master was pissed at me and he told me I would never ignore him again. They threw me down on that nasty piece of bedding they call a mattress. He got some rope out and starting tying my hands behind my back and then making my legs stay apart in a triangle. He then roped it so tight around my breasts they were turning purple and hurting, he was slapping them and I was not to scream. I tried to scream his friend shoved his dick in my mouth, my tits were going numb. With my legs spread wide I wasn’t even turned on he just shoved his hand up my vagina and I could feel a tear and he was fucking me really hard all the way up to his elbow. Tears were flowing out of my eyes and his friend came in my mouth and then master flipped me over with my legs still in a triangle and fucked my ass with no lube.

Bondage Whore and Torture Pig

bondage whore

I am such a bondage whore. I hooked up with a guy on Tinder. I knew my Master would consider it cheating. If he finds out about my encounter, he will punish me severely. He is old and no longer plays bondage games with me like he did 20 years ago. I like sensual bondage. I crave being tied up and feeling vulnerable. I thought this guy was into the same things I was into. At least that is what he told me. Everything was going according to plan initially. He had rope and silk scarves to tie me up with; he even had a few leather ties too. Once I was hogtied, however, he changed. He had me vulnerable and restrained. That is when his sadistic side came out. I guess this was karma for cheating on my Master. He had a cattle prod he used on my tits. Electric shocks pulsated through my body. No safe word was working. He wasn’t into bondage, but torture. He hated women. He kept hurling insults as he shocked my body, laughed and pissed on me. I could smell the body hair burnt from the prod. I begged to be released. He just laughed some more and said, “I’m not done with you yet whore.”  Suddenly, there was a room filled with other men. They started spitting on me, kicking me and pissing on me too. The more I cried, the harder they laughed. I have no idea how long my humiliation lasted, but I smelled like an outhouse by the time they were done. I love bondage and submission games, but this was neither bondage or a game. It was torture and humiliation. When him and his friends were done with me, he let me go. All he said was, “A stupid whore should never hook up with a random stranger unless she has a death wish.” He told me I got off lucky. Perhaps I did.


Submissive sex chat Ever hear of the term “Subspace?” It means you are completely in the mindset of wanting to please your Master and loving every moment of it. Even the stuff you hate doing, when you are in “subspace” you want to do it. You crave to do it. You think of nothing but Master from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close them. And your dreams are nothing but of Masters fuck stick and his happiness. That is how I feel with my Master. When he touches my body I almost go numb. And my flesh reacts immediately to his touch. My cunt moistens and all my holes open for him. My pain from Masters whippings makes him hard as a rock and me a wet sloppy mess.


Bondage submissionWhen my Master come home from work, he expects me to be on my knees waiting for him. He walks around his home making sure that my chores are done to his satisfaction. As I sit there waiting my pussy is getting wetter and wetter. I know I’ve done my chores correctly but he’ll still find something wrong.
“There is a smudge on the bathroom mirror”, he said.
“I’m sorry Master, I’ll clean it”
I walked towards the bathroom but he grabbed me by the arm and forced me back onto my knees. I knew what he wanted and I undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I gave him a sloppy wet blowjob. I gagged on his huge cock because I knew how much he loves the sound. I know that this blowjob is a punishment for the dirty mirror, but it feels like a reward. I love having Master’s cock in my throat.

Two whores, one cock

2 girl phone sexI didn’t realize that our 2 girl phone sex was going to turn into such an abusive and forceful situation, but I guess I should have known better. Monetta and I got barged in on by my blackmailer unexpectedly. She had no fucking clue what was going on or why this bastard was holding my livelihood against me in such an evil manner, so I had to let her know what I did. Because he caught me stealing money from work, he thinks he can hold this over my head and use it as leverage to get any sort of pleasure out of me that he so eagerly craves. He shows up to my house unannounced whenever he wants and implements rules that I must follow and obey, or else. I am forced to strip down naked and perform any sexual favors that he desires, no questions asked. Poor Monetta, now she is apart of his wrath as well since she’s guilty by association. I tried to ask him to leave and come back later for his sadistic activities but when he saw that I had my sexy girlfriend over, he only became more excited and controlling. Monetta was so fucking confused and didn’t understand why this stranger was forcing me to strip down and suck his cock right there in my living room. She tried to get him to stop but he only became more aggressive and ordered her to take her clothes off too. I told her to just do it and it will make things a whole lot easier for the both of us. I don’t think she expected to be skull-fucked like a slut when she decided to come over to my house today, but it is what it is. I fucked up and now we both have to suffer the consequences. After he busted his nut all over our faces, he bent us over and gave us both bare bottom spankings to really add insult to injury. I can’t believe we are such dick worshiping submissive skanks!Bare bottom spankings

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