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Vibrating Panties for the Whore’s Pussy

Submissive SlutMy master came home and decided we were going to go out to eat. I was thrilled, I love being in public with him. However, when he threw me a bag and told me to put them on, I knew it was not going to be any ordinary dinner. I opened the bag and inside were a pair of vibrator panties with a remote control. He told me to wear the shortest skirt with the panties so that I could spread my legs and let everyone view my whore pussy. I had heard of these but never wore them. Apparently, it is a butterfly vibrator placed inside the panties with a remote control to change the speed. Secretly I was really excited to try this out. I obediently dressed in the panties, inserted the vibrator, put on a very short skirt, a white button down top with no bra and a pair of heels. We walked in to the restaurant and he asked that we be seated at a high top at the bar. He positioned me so that a wide audience could see me. He came over, kissed my cheek, widened my legs, and while pinching my nipple told me that under no circumstances was I to close my legs or orgasm without his permission. My pussy was already wet as he kept it on a continual low speed. I could see people looking up my skirt all across the room and every time master saw one, he put the vibrator on a higher speed. I tried to remain composed but it was so hard. He would turn it up and bring me so close just to bring it to low again. My pussy was begging for an orgasm by this time but he would not allow. I could feel my panties getting so wet. As we paid the bill and sipped on our last drink he reached over and stuck his finger in my tight little asshole and turned the vibrator on high. He knew I couldn’t stand it and thought it was so funny. Finally, he said that if I would go to the bathroom and blow him he would allow me to come. I followed him to the bathroom, entered the stall and sucked his dick while he cranked up the vibrator. We both let out moans as we orgasmed right there in the men’s bathroom, with my on the dirty floor on my knees for all to see.

Bondage whore

bondage whore

“Shut up slut!” he yelled at me as he slapped me hard across the face again. He kept slapping me every time I made the slightest noise and even when I wasn’t making a noise. If I even looked up at him, I knew he was going to punish me. I kept staring forward, trying to do everything exactly as he wanted me to. Being my son’s submissive bondage whore meant doing anything he wanted me to do. Tonight, he wanted to fuck me in the ass and make me slurp his cock clean before he rammed it into my pussy. When I asked him if he liked the way I sucked his cock is when he slapped me. He loves to be in control and I didn’t have permission to talk. I licked and sucked the juices from my pussy and ass off of his cock. When he saw that I had sucked his cock clean, he bent me over and started to fuck me as hard as he could. I knew that he was going to cum soon and I knew what that meant. That meant that he was going to make me scoop out all of the cum with my fingers and lick my sticky, cummy hands clean for him. He loves watching Mommy eat his cum. I did as I was told and he was happy that Mommy knows her place.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreWhen you are a bondage whore, life can be unpredictable. I go to fetish clubs often. Master doesn’t mind because fetish clubs are rarely about fucking and I maintain my submissive nature. I just went home with the wrong man. Story of my life.  It has happened before and will happen again.  Harry was a dominant master. He is looking for a new sub. His last one moved for work. I have seen him at this bondage club often. He was always with a pretty blonde. When I saw him alone last night, I put myself in his eyesight. I wanted him to tie me up. I knew he was a rope expert. We got a room. He was not a big talker, but he did bind me like a parcel package. I felt like a contortionist. He had me in some unnatural positions. When the club closed, he suggested we go to his place. He knew I was owned, and we could not fuck. He didn’t want to fuck me. I was too old for his tastes. He likes a young submissive whore, but he had no problem perfecting his already excellent bondage skills with me. He tied me up so securely, I couldn’t move without fear of breaking a bone. He excused himself to use the bathroom and never came back until the next morning. He left me tied up tightly on a guest bed while he slept. I pissed the bed. I was dying of thirst and I was cold. When he came back the next morning, he had to cut the ropes because even he could not undo the knots. I had rope burns on my wrists and my ankles. I could barely walk when I left. He gave me his card and suggested we do it again. I took his card, but in my head, I was saying hell no as I ran out his door.

He punished me

submissive whoreI was mouthy to my Master and he punished me for it. I knew better than to question him but I really hated the man he brought over to use me, he is fat and smelly and gross and I didn’t want his nasty body all over mine. Well I ended up with worse after telling my Master that I wouldn’t fuck him, he brought over several more men just as fat and smelly and gross and made me fuck them all! I had to do whatever they told me to do no matter how degrading and disgusting it was. And then when they were finally done with me I had to lay there covered in their sweat and stink and cum all night long, I wasn’t allowed to shower it off until the next day! Once I was clean my Master beat me until I could hardly breathe and told me that I had better never disobey him like that again and I am here to tell you I for sure never will! Once was more than enough!

My Master’s Entertainment

Submissive Phone SexI know that I belong to my Master. So, when he tells me that my body is to be used and abused by his friends for entertainment I simply obey. Secretly I enjoy it, truly I do. I love to be spanked and degraded and fucked furiously by as many men at a time as I can. I would never let him know that though. One morning he told me that I was to go get my body waxed, hair done, douche my snatch and enema my shit hole. I knew I was in for a treat. I did exactly as I was instructed and when he examined my body he was pleased. We rode to his lodge and he told me to undress. I undressed and stood there with my head down as I am not worthy to look at these men’s faces. They bound me with ropes and left me there as they drank, ate and partied. Soon my Master came over to me and announced that all my holes were open to do with what they pleased. I felt my heart flutter and then I felt my pussy getting wet. They didn’t even take turns, they ravaged me like a pack of animals. They used my tits to suck on, bite, whip and piss on. They smacked my face, squirted their cum on my face and pulled my mouth wide open as they rammed their dicks inside. They spanked my ass so hard it was numb. They fucked my ass hard, filling it with their loads each time, they inserted dildos, candles, cigarettes and broom handles. The tore my pussy up. It was bit, beat, fucked and burned. By the time they were finished my entire body was covered with cum and piss. I would never let my master know but I had so many orgasms that I lost count. My body will need to recover but my insatiable appetite for orgasms was fulfilled.

Milf Submissive whore Exercise Bike

submissive whore


This Submissive whore has a new exercise bike that I am made to ride. Master has put a big black dildo on it and I have to fuck myself as I tone my body for my Master. He says I have to keep my pussy and ass open for him and all his friends so I can be fucked at any given moment.  

My exercise dildo bike is also a great place to have my round ass spanked with the belt, cane pole or paddle. Today My Master brought some smaller training dildos for my girls. He has already pounded those sweet cunts and wants us to be addicted to keeping fit and fucked. After we have our workout we go to the steam room and mommy gets her cunt licked and her tits drained by her submissive girls.

What a perfect way to end our workout before daddy uses us for his own pleasure. milf phone sex

We Should Get Acquainted

You are seeking a new little slut to use and enslave. I am here for some new Masters to take ownership over me and for me to submit to and worship their cocks with my whore mouth. I will even drink your piss because I love everything about that cock of yours, Master. I think our Phone sex specials work out as a great way to get acquainted with your new slut, and to use her, and I do hope that “her” is going to be me! I am very enthusiastic in being the Subby Slut Slave for many new Masters and hope I can be a favorite to a few. I’m a submissive that really enjoys being used for my Masters pleasure even if it means I am being humiliated, I love to be humiliated! It’s my sole pleasure to be your device for releasing frustrations and to get your needs met. I have absolutely no limits either.

Phone sex specials

Thirsty For Cum

cum slut phone sex

Nice girls might avoid getting their skin wet with cum and they might refuse to swallow. That is some seriously messed up shit though. I’m a total fucking cum slut and I’m the one that you call when your cock needs cum slut phone sex. Do you want a dirty fuck toy that will go to any length to get her fill of hot jizz? I’m the one you need then. I’ll suck any cock anytime if it means nut in my mouth. Any man can fuck this pretty pussy so long as he has a big set of balls to shoot hot spunk into my snatch. I can’t get enough cum, believe me, I have tried.
There is no point in even denying it, or trying to shake it off. I am a sexy cum dumpster that will do anything to get a hot fresh load. Do you want to line up some men for a gang bang? That’s a really efficient way for a cum slut to start the night off, am I right? It will shock you just how needy I am when it comes to being a cum slut. I’m insatiable, come and see for yourself.

Cock worshiping cum slut

cock worshiping

My son has turned me into a complete and total cock worshiping cum slut. He has been getting tired of fucking me and using me as his own personal cum dumpster. I know he will never get tired of watching me get fucked by other cocks. Last night, he brought home 4 of his friends to fuck me. As soon as they all walked into my room, he commanded me to get on my knees and beg them for their cocks. I did as I was told, like a good sub whore and got on my knees to pull those big cocks out. I started sucking each one while both of my hands stayed busy stroking the others. All of these sexy young studs were ready to bend me over and fuck me silly. I let them bend me over the bed and fuck me in all of my holes at the same time. I had a cock in my whore pussy and asshole at the same time. I had one fucking my throat as hard as he could while I stroked the other and my son watched. He loves for his Mommy to be a good subby slut and  take every cock that comes my way. He got down close to my face and had me tell him that I love being a cum slut sub whore for him and how much I wanted him to glaze my face with his sweet cream. I begged him for his cum and looked up at him as he was shooting every drop onto my whore face. I stuck my tongue out to catch all of the cum that was dripping down my face as his friends were filling all of my holes with their cum. I love being the perfect submissive bitch for him and fucking all of those fat cocks that he brings homes to me.

My DP Fuck Machine Punishment

Bondage and SubmissionI want to be a strong woman, but I am nothing but a submissive whore. I have found that I like the pain. I like pleasing my master, I like bringing him joy. I deserve every punishment that he has for me. I also have an insatiable appetite for orgasms. I have so much trouble keeping my hands off my master’s pussy. I often don’t ask permission before I play with it. And for that I know I will be punished, and I know that I must learn. I was caught by master pleasuring myself and he yanked me up by my hair and drug me to the punishment room. He pulled down my bra, attached clamps to my nipples and began pulling tightly until tears fell from my eyes. He then added weights to them. Next, he stuffed a ball gag in my mouth and tied my arms behind me. He left me there in pain while he retrieved his special punishment. I was in so much pain and my nipples were numb. My arms were bound so tightly that I could barely feel them. He walked in the room wheeling behind him and extreme DP fucking machine. He positioned me on top of it and turned it on. It was on a variety setting and with every turn on of the motor I did not know how long or hard that dildo would be rammed into my pussy. To add humiliation to my punishment he turned on the webcam to allow all his friends to watch as I was fucked nonstop for hours. I continued with orgasm after orgasm until my pussy was raw. He still didn’t stop the machine. He turned off the lights and left me there, with only the humming of the machine to think about how I had displeased my master.

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