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Bare bottom spankings isn’t enough punishment for me Master!

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings isn’t enough punishment for me Master! I have a deep craving for extreme bondage. The kind that leaves me bruised, battered, and begging for more. I love being tied up, but simple rope just won’t cut it for me. Oh no, I need chains digging into my skin. I want ropes cutting off my circulation until I’m on the brink of passing out. The pain fuels me, it makes me feel alive.

I need to be humiliated, degraded, and used like the dirty whore I am. I want to be stripped naked, spanked until my ass is raw, and then fucked until my legs are trembling and my body is covered in sweat and cum.

I want to be whipped, caned, and paddled until I’m screaming in agony, and my body is covered in welts and bruises. Fuck, I can’t get enough of it. I crave it like a drug. And I’ll do anything to get my fix. I’ll beg, plead, and crawl on my hands and knees just for a taste of the pain and pleasure that comes with being your little bondage bitch.

I’m a filthy whore and I need more. I want to be raped in every hole. I want to be used and abused like a worthless piece of meat. And when you’re done with me, I want you to wipe your bloody cock on my face and gag me with it until I can hardly breathe.

So, my dear Master, if you’re out there, come and get me. Let’s indulge in some Extreme fetish phone sex. Feed my need for pain and pleasure. Show me no mercy, for I am your slut, your slave whore, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied.

Erotic bondage stories with Submissive slut Rosalie

A good submissive slut always has the best Erotic bondage stories. It takes trust between both partners to successfully have a bondage relationship. I need to find a man to give me what I need. So that I can give him every part of me giving him unlimited access to his darkest fantasies.

Tie me up in any position even suspend me in mind air, we just have to go over the what our safe word would be. So you can tie my wrist and ankles to the bed. any way you decide to tie me up I will submit to you. I will drop to my knees in front of you as I hold out my wrist for you to bind me and put my collar on daddy.

Once im all tied up until i cant move or do anything, Glide your hands on my body and tare my clothes so you can have access to my sweet little pussy. Roll your fingers around my clit and slide them insde of me until I let out a yelp and cream all over your fingers.

Bondage whore Breanne surrenders to her Master’s orders!

Bondage whore

The first thing I do every morning is put on my collar. It is a constant reminder of my place in this world – beneath my Master, ready to submit to his every whim. And oh, how I love it. My body trembles with excitement at the thought of what my Master has planned for me today.

As I crawl towards him, I can already feel the familiar sting of the leather whip against my skin. I know I have been a bad girl, and I deserve every lash. But it is not just physical punishment that I crave, it is the mental domination that truly gets me off. My Master knows this, and he uses it to his advantage.

He likes to make me wait. He knows that my anticipation for what is to come will only make me more desperate to please him. Sometimes, he will lock me in a tight bondage position for hours, leaving me unable to move or speak. If I so much as flinch, I know I will be punished. But the pain is nothing compared to the pleasure I know is coming.

And when my Master is finally ready, he commands me to get on my knees. My mouth waters in anticipation as he shoves a big butt plug into my ass. He knows I can’t handle the pain, but that’s what I deserve. I am nothing but a worthless fucktoy, meant to be used and abused by my Master.

The real pleasure comes when he stuffs his thick, hard cock into my mouth. He holds my head down, making me gag on his member until drool is pouring out of my mouth. I can barely breathe, but I am in ecstasy. And just when I think I can’t take it anymore, he fucks my throat mercilessly, pounding into me with all his force.

I will do anything to please him. No matter how extreme. I am nothing without his control, and I revel in every moment of it. So if you’re looking for a hot Extreme bondage, call me a cum-hungry submissive, don’t hesitate to call me. I am ready and willing to serve you with all my twisted desires.


Bondage submission

Bondage submission


Bondage submission takes such trust in both partners. To completely submit to another person is a special relationship like no other. I would love to find that with a man. To give all that I am to someone. When I find the right person, I will know. And the things I will let them do to me are unlimited.

                I will let you tie me up in all kinds of positions. But first, we must come up with a safe word. Tie me to the bed or chain me to the wall. However you decide to do it, I will fully submit. Let me get on my knees in front of you as I hold out my wrists for you.

                When you have me all tied up where I can’t do a thing, touch me. Cut off my clothing and touch or caress my tits. Reach down and play with my clit and finger my pussy fast. Make me scream and squirt everywhere!

Submissive Sex Slaves Need Trained First

submissive sexAll I am good for is submissive sex. However, I have decades of experience being an owned slave. And sometimes men require my skills and knowledge to break in a younger generation of sex slaves. Master lent his prized pony to a friend of his. The man cannot keep slaves because he looks in the wrong places. He wants something young, perky and eager. But he keeps getting poser slaves. Sugar babies who play a role to cash in on his money.

Real subs, real slaves you do not find on dating sites. You find us in BDSM clubs or in fetish online communities like Fet Life. Tinder and dating sites? Well, you can only find posers there. Girls who want to explore, but when you get too rough ghost you. Young girls are tight and pretty. Shiny and new. But men like my master need a sturdy girl. One with experience in the BDSM world.

A Seasoned Sex Slave Helps Train the Younger Slaves

So not only did I help my master’s friend find a long-term submissive whore, I broke her in this week. She is younger than me but still older, like late 30s. Lost her master last year to Covid, needs to be owned. Her master sounds like mine. So, I had to prepare her for her new master. Even though the guy is in his 60s, he can be rough on his subs. He enjoys fisting, pissing games, suspension and oxygen deprivation. Honestly, I am glad he is not my master. Although, I have been pimped out to him a few times.

I put this sub through some shit too. But I needed to test her. See if she can handle her life with this master. Slave training, I take seriously. Plus, I would love to have a fellow sub friend. All the slave girls this guy went through in the past ten years, never liked me. They only mocked me. She bonded with me this past week. However, I did fist her, choke her, suffocate her and whip her a lot. That makes a woman bond with you.

 She pasts all my tests. If she doesn’t come for my master, I think we will get along just fine. Maybe I can help you break in a slave girl too?


Submissive Whore submits to her son stepping into master role daddy left

I have been a Submissive Whore since I was young so of course It didn’t change when I became a milf. Since my master left me for a new young subby bitch, my son stepped up to be the man of the house. He has grown up to be a very strong dominant young man. “Mom you are looking old and worthless, how about you jazz it up for me” he says to me. Therefore, I do as he asks. The next day he sees me and says,” that’s better, you look less of a worthless pig”.

Submissive Whore

Then he pulled his cock out, “make yourself useful” he demanded. So now that he is the man of the house, I have submitted to him. Yes, it was something I hesitated about. but after he used my pussy and showed me, he was stepping into the role his daddy had, I had no choice. That is why I started to suck his cock just like I did his daddies. It wasn’t good enough that is why he slapped me.

“You worthless pig just choke on my cock” he demanded. Then I just started sucking his cock like I didn’t care about breathing.  “Keep going mom” he moaned out. So, I didn’t stop even after he started to pull my hair. It is my duty to serve my master even if it is my son. Finally, his balls tightened up and he started spraying my face with his thick strong sperm. “Thank you, son” was my response. “You mean master” is what he said while he walked away.

Bondage whore in a trunk all tied up and nowhere to go

Bondage whoreBondage whore in a trunk all tied up and nowhere to go. That late shift at the sports lounge had me asking my boss for a ride home. The other girls had warned me about him, but I’m a dumb whore and never listen. This ride would be like no other, though! I always felt creeped out by him. But no one in my family would come pick me up. And well, working for tips doesn’t quite cover Ubers across town. 

Anyway, my boss only hires big-titted leggy women to serve his customers. So, I am used to brash, mena awful men. My pantyhose had been burned twice that night and I had snuck a couple of shots from the bar. It was almost expected that men would buy me a drink here and there.

Bondage whore ends up in boss’s trunk

The other waitress would sip and discreetly throw out their drink behind the bar. But now I am drunk and at My Mean boss’s disposal. By the time I figure out we are not headed to my house, it’s way past time to think about my safety. 

 I take a deep breath and steel myself for what is to come. I try to focus on the sound of the car engine, so as not to give away my fear. But I’m trembling. I have heard about the savage Bare bottom spankings and extreme domination he inflicts on these girls. Why am I such a dumbass? But my cunt is wet as I close my eyes as his hand grips my thigh-high covered legs.

I begin to fight and push his hands away in a moment of drunken clarity.

I tell him I feel sick. We pull over to the side of the road and he gets out and takes the car keys. Suddenly my door rips open and his cock is in my face. “Bitch your gonna vomit on my cock then! My face is fucked until I puke and I am thrown into the back of his car, tied up. My domme boss takes me to his house and locks me inside. Now he, proceeds to beat me until I’m bloody and bruised. He leaves after force fucking my holes, leaving me alone in his basement. Oh, what tortures am I going to have to take? I hear lots of footsteps above me. I guess it’s time to be his subbie whore during Gangbang phone se

Erotic submissive stories With Rosalie

Erotic submissive stories

Good Afternoon Sexy men! Im looking for some erotic submissive stories to make me cum over and over again. Ive always been a little Submissive Whore. I need to be controlled By the right dominant man And to submitting to his will. I will do any and everything I’m told Nothing is too taboo for me to say no too.

Something about being tied up and bound makes my tight little fuckbox throb. Being vulnerable and waiting for my Daddy to give his next demand. I love being surprised by spontaneous request, Blindfold me and take me to your sex dungeon. Put a collar and leash on me and parade me around in the street.

We can have so many wild and exciting adventures  Once you make me yours! I want you to get as dark and twisty as you can get not one fantasy is off limits I want to know your most crazy and seductive stories you got.  I want to get nasty with you. You can even use toys with me. Im yours to play with daddy!


Submissive Whore Embarrassed in Front of Other Woman

Submissive Whore Has to Submit in Front of Stranger

A submissive whore is always well behaved. Even in front of strangers. You’ve invited a woman over in a tight black dress and stiletto heels. She makes me so nervous that I spill a bit of wine while serving you. I know that I’m supposed to get down on to the floor to clean it, but her legs are spread right there. If I got on my hands and knees I would be staring at her panties. I look at you for guidance. “Clean it.” I do as I’m told and get down on my knees with a rag. “With your tongue.”

submissive whore

Bare Bottom Spankings Teach Her a Lesson

I feel her eyes watching me. I’m suddenly aware of being completely naked in front of this complete stranger. My tongue touches the pool of wine and she laughs. My face turns red and I try to dab it up with a rag instead. But Master catches me. First, you grab the rag from my hand and put it on the table. Next, you lift me to my feet and gently bend me over the table. Then you brush my hair away from my face and whisper in my ear what I am to do.

I bend over the table and place my hands flat. I hear you taking off your belt. The woman sits back in her chair ready to watch the bare bottom spankings I will receive as my punishment. The belt slashes against my ass. I apologize for my disrespect. You smack me again. And I’m sorry for my ineptitude. My ass cheeks are burning red. Then I look over to the woman and she slaps my ass too and laughs. I am to apologize to her too. I look down at the table and beg for her to forgive me, or punish me until I earn forgiveness. My master smiles.

Prostate milking is what we do every Friday

At the end of the week my master had trained me to give him a Prostate milking. First, I must greet him by kissing his feet. Therefore, as soon as I crawl out of my cage I start kissing his feet. “Thank you master for letting me out of my cage” I say over and over as I kiss him. “Since it is Friday, you know what that means” he says with a smirk. The next part of my training is that I must bend over his lap and get my ass spanked.

Prostate milking

I love it because I can feel his cock poking up at me. The way it feels when his hand hits my bare ass sends shivers to my cunty. “Thank you master may I have more” I say as he spanks. I can feel my ass get red and swollen.  It was time for me lick his ass. My master stood up and dropped his pants. “Get to work slut” he demands of me. Therefore, I start slobbering on his hard cock meat. “Make it sloppy bitch” my master moans out while smacking the back of my neck.

After that you lift your balls up. “Eat my bitch, milk my master cock”. That’s when I dive into his asshole with my tongue. Just like he trained me I stroke his cock and lick his ass. I can tell he loves it by the way he puts his feet on me to be able to fuck my tongue harder. My tongue was starting to numb up, but I didn’t stop. I wanted to milk my master like he needs. Finally, he moans “Eat my load” and his cock starts pumping right on my face and mouth. “What a good milking you gave me my Submissive Whore” my master says pleased.