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Submissive Whore Submits Up Her Ass For Punishment

A Sadistic Master Needs a Submissive Whore

Down on your knees my submissive whore. I love hearing those words coming from your lips, Master. I drop down to my knees like the good girl I am. But today I am to be punished. I raise my arms up with my palms up. You place a book on each of my hands and tell me to hold them. If the books fall you will beat my ass until I’m black and blew. The thought of that makes my cunt so fucking wet. And you know your little whore so well. You rub your fingers against that wet pussy and make me squirm.

submissive whore

My face turns red. I’m trying to keep the books up but you’re slamming your fingers inside of my cunt so hard. Three fingers stretch out my cunt and make me so horny. My pussy is flooding around those fingers. I’m so close to cumming. My entire body is shivering. Despite the whining about cumming I’m humping your fingers. I see your cock getting hard for submissive sex. You force me to stand up and bend over with my hands against the wall. I feel your cock rubbing against my cunt and beg you to fuck me. You do. But not my pussy.

Torture Sex For My Masochistic Slut Asshole

You spit on your cock. And then force it into my tight asshole. I wasn’t ready to have my ass fucked. I scream. You grab my neck and tell me to shut the fuck up or you’ll give me a reason to scream. I nod and bite down on my lip. My ass is still gripping on to your cock. I like the pain.My pussy is still soaking from that torture sex. Your hand reaches down to pinch my clit and I can’ hold it anymore. I cum so fucking hard. My ass squeezes around your cock and you drain your dick inside of my whore ass.

Submissive sex with my master is what I live for you

Submissive sex with my master means I take all he has no matter what. First, he will pull me out my cage and tied my hands behind my back. That is because if I suck on his cock, he doesn’t want me to be able to use my hands. “My subby pet, I hope you are ready to submit to me” my master says as he starts to paddle my bare ass. The pain sends a shock to my body, but I just take it for my master. I do not want to ever disappoint my master.

Therefore, I don’t let a peep come out of my until he is done. “Thank you master” is what I say with a trembling voice. The pain had me shaking and that is when my master said “Open your mouth and show me how hungry you are. Right away I open my mouth wide. Then my master grabs me by the hair and starts to face fuck me. Since I belong to him, he can use me in any way he wants. So, when I choke and barely can breathe, my master continues to use me. After his cock is wet and slobbery, he demands for me to bend over. I better submit to everything my master demands of me.

Submissive sex

So, I bend over and spread wide. With my hands still tied up my master rams his hard meat inside my asshole. Once again, the pain shot thru my body. But I dare not complained. Instead, I thank my master as he continues to rip me open. “Thank you master could I have more” I say as he spanks and fucks my ass. After some hard fucking my master moans out, “Milk every drop of my sperm out of me”. With my hands tied I start bouncing my ass back at my master to milk every drop like he asked. Then I quickly felt his cock spray inside my asshole. After I got every drop, he just left me there drilling with jizz to crawl back in my cage.

Cock Worshiping Allows Me To Be the Best Submissive

As a good subby whore, I enjoy cock worshiping. This is what really puts me in my place. And I did need to be put in my place when I was first turned into a submissive.

Now all I can think about is sucking dick. Taking big balls in my mouth and sucking them to fill up. Now Licking that taint is my pleasure. If you need to shit in my mouth to prove your dominance then that is also ok with me.

Then, After a good pre blowjob prep of your ass on my face, and my tongue rimming away. Specifically, The pleasure I get for doing a good job is that deep throat blow job. Taking every inch of your cock down my throat is perfect.

Finally, Just remember I am going to be the dirtiest little use able subby whore out there.

Cock worshiping

Extreme fetish phone sex gets me soaking, choking & out!

Extreme fetish phone sex Extreme fetish phone sex gets me soaking, choking & out! In the depths of my mind harbors my dirty secrets, I, Breanne, want to be choked until lights out. From a tender age, I have craved a Master that would squeeze my neck as tight as possible, watching as my eyes roll back in my head, and when I begin to twitch, Master lets go, and wakes me up with a fat cock in my cunt. I  honed my ability to go with out oxygen for a while. silence my lungs, plunging into a realm where oxygen becomes an elusive mistress. It is a world where time stands still and the voice of my Master fades in the dream world.

For me, breath-holding is not merely a sexy sport but an obsession—a dark and consuming force that propels me to the brink of asphyxiation. I strive for perfection, for my Master. He deserves my  ultimate surrender to erotic submission and I wouldn’t want it any other way. With each descent, I feel the weight of my Master’s hands wrapped around my throat, it becomes so much hotter when I am gagging on a thick cock while his hands are there. I am his whore and he can share me with whoever he pleases. When we play he always is sure I cock constantly on cock.  It is like a  claustrophobic caress that whispers promises of oblivion.

With Extreme bondage I can I sink deeper and deeper into darkness. I love going out of my body and being used as a cum toy for Master and his friends. Wrap a cord around my throat and pull it tighter and tighter while you pound your hard cock deep into me. Master loves to make me cum over and over again until it starts to hurt because I deserve it. I need to feel the pain to remember why I exist, to be stuffed, fucked and filled will Master’s cum!

Over-indulge me in my fear, in my obsession, suffocating on your cock Master. Turn my surroundings into a psychedelic blur. I don’t care how you do it, as long as my neck is squeezed tight and my pussy is filled with cock. Push me to the edge and keep going, I want my Master to get dangerous with me. I want to be the best cock choking slave that has ever served you. Make your Sexy bondage slut black out, and take that limp tight body as yours, Master!


Rape phone sex fantasies with your favorite cum bucket!

Rape phone sex fantasiesRape phone sex fantasies always gets me going like a little bitch in heat. My master loves watching me be a helpless little piece of fuck meat for him. He always sets up some nasty little fantasies for me when he finds nasty men. His cock gets so hard when he sees me being used like a dumb whore. This particular guy is a long time friend of my owner and he has always paid top dollar to play out some dirty fantasies. He loves to make it seem like I am taken against my will and desperate to get out. He likes to watch me suffer and beg for my last breath!

He says the best Slave training is by making a bitch do the most vile shit for a mans pleasure. His friend Logan picked me up from my house and ripped off my clothes before putting me in the back seat. He took pictures of me in  nothing but a slutty pair of leather heels. He made me pose and show off my holes for the camera. He taunted me as he roughed me up and made me beg him to stop. He said he wanted it to sound more real so he went harder and rougher so I would scream. Once I started crying he recorded me and came all over my face before he even put his cock in me.

When he finished his first load he said my master would be very proud of me for being the proper Cock worshiping whore I was trained to be! When he was done using me for the night he threw money at me, pushed me out of the car and told me he would see me next time if my holes weren’t worn the fuck out yet!

Spanking Phone Sex Appears to be What I Was Made For

spanking phone sexMy ass just might be made for spanking phone sex. Although I can spank myself, I much prefer someone else do the honors. No one will spank my ass harder than some random dude like you. My master summoned me to his BDSM club last night. Although I was preparing for bed when he called, I could not say no. The consequences appear dire when I say no. So, I changed clothes, spruced myself up and went to the club.

It appeared packed. And it was. However, the problem was there were not enough women there to cater to all the mean. Now, I understood the assignment. Master summoned his old submissive slut to the club to appease some of the clients. Men turned out in droves last night to spank some big round asses.

My guess, if you asked me, the club contained about 100 men and 4 women last night. That meant sore butts for weeks for us. But master knew I could handle it. Men flock to a BDSM club on a Friday night for the talent. No girls, no male customers. And no money to be made. So, my ass helped turn a disaster into a successful night. And I always want to help master. Plus, I do have a small stake in the club that nets me extra income every month.

My Ass, My Body is Up for Grabs for Anyone to Use

The men in the club seemed rowdy and randy for hot ass. I got up on the stage and showed off my ASSests. Men grabbed my arms and pinned me down, while others took off their belts and whacked my ass hard. I could feel the sting. But they did not stop with the spanking. They fisted my ass too. And gang banged it.  The other girls did not suffer as much as I did last night. Perhaps that is because I am master’s prized pony and everyone knows it.

Master loves sharing his prized submissive whore with distinguished gentlemen. However, no one acted like a gentleman with me last night. My ass hurts to sit. So, I guess I will sit on an ice pack today while I work. Master seemed pleased with my work last night. So, at least I know I made him and the club patrons happy. That’s what a good whore should always do. Make men happy.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Please My Master

I am a submissive slut. I am a well-trained slave who lives to please my master. My master gets a hard-on from watching me get fucked and raped by big black dicks. I don’t have the choice to say no. I have to take as many big black cocks as my master wants.  This is how you will find me on a typical night.

rape sex fantasies

This was just one of the 27 big black dicks I took that night while I begged them to stop. My master loves it when I beg and scream. My pussy and ass were thoroughly used up that night.  That is exactly how my master wants it and likes it. When they were done, I had so much cum inside me, it was leaking out. I also had cum all over my tits and all over my face. At one point I had to take more than one big black dick at once. I had one in my mouth and another deep in my pussy.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore

I’m such a submissive whore and I want to make sure you know that. I have tried to be more dominant in the past, but I’m such a shy girl and I realize my place. I really don’t have one dominating bone in my body. So, I’ll just be the dirty, nasty slut that I know how to be. I don’t say no either. So really anything you tell me to do, no matter how nasty or degrading it may be, I’ll do it, like it and enjoy it.

                What I really enjoy is being your pet. I love wearing a collar and leash while I’m completely naked and knowing that I belong to you. You can also tie me up in any position, I’m very flexible. I love bondage, as light or as heavy as you want to go. And even better, is when I’m all tied up, using all kinds of toys on me. Take that dildo and shove it inside my tight pussy, thrusting it harder and harder until my eyes roll in the back of my head.

                Stick another dildo up my ass too. I’m here for your pleasure and willing to do anything for you. I’ll even take a ride on the sybian until my entire body is shaking and I can’t even stand on my own legs. I want that cum squirting out.

Submissive Whore Bernice Loves the Look and Feel of Pantyhose

submissive whoreThis submissive whore loves pantyhose. And so does her master. When I was a schoolgirl, I wore hose and tights often. My father told me only sluts showed their bare legs. Different generation now. My daughter loathes pantyhose. Plus, her generation thinks a thong is lingerie. However, my master is old school. He appreciates a fine dressed whore, and that includes pantyhose.

When I was a young girl, my father used my hose against me. He would tie me up with pantyhose. And often ball them up and use them to gag me. My master sometimes uses pantyhose for bondage, but he prefers rope. For him, it is the feel and the look of my legs he enjoys. Even though he is still mostly retired, he does manage a few trusts. So, we go into the office almost every Friday. Plus, it is an excuse to see his slave.

I ran late and that put me in a rush to get to the office. This submissive slut needs to be punctual or get punished with spankings or bondage. I did not realize I put a run in my pantyhose with my long fingernails. And master did not appear happy about that. He ripped them off me, tossed me over his old knobby knees and spanked my ass. Harder than he has in a while.

This Submissive Slave is Never Permitted to Be Bare Legged in the Office

Each time his hand came down on my bare bottom, I could feel the sting. Almost cried. Although I am a seasoned whore, pain I have never acclimated too. Never. Master has a new lease on life since starting some new meds. Modern medicine turned out to be both a blessing and curse. Now he thinks he should introduce me to slave training all over again because I have become lax like not noticing the run in my pantyhose.

When he finished the spanking, he decided to whip my cunt with his belt too. Several days later, my pussy and ass still look beet red and swollen. I only have a few more days to rest up before he abuses my holes all over again.

Submissive Phone Sex: There’s a Whore Waiting to be Used

Calling up my Submissive phone sex line is calling up a whore that craves your control and power. It’s then that you realize a few things about me.

First off, My throat is a perfect tool for you throbbing big cock. A good throat fucked cum receptacle is what I enjoy.

When I pleasure my juicy cunt I am thinking about all te wonderful things you are planning to do to me. Like ram your big fat fuck rod up my ass. Taking and using all of my holes for your cocks pleasure.

One guy I enjoyed being owned by had me used by his furry companion. That red rocket was really something else. The fur and knotting all of it made me super fucking wet.

In no time I bacame owned by that furry beast. I was his bitch. And the guy really got off on me being mounted by his good boy. Some day I hope to be used by a new master that is also very kinky.

Submissive Sex