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Submissive whore Jessica

submissive whore

A little while ago, my son called and told me that he had sold my submissive whore pussy for the night. He said that there was a group of men coming over to use my slutty holes and that there was nothing I could do about it. He needed the cash and knew that the easiest way to make it was to sell his slutty mommy’s fuck holes.I knew that if I didn’t do everything these men wanted from me, then I would be punished when my son gets home tomorrow. I didn’t expect such a big group to show up but there were at least 20 men, all waiting to use me. I wanted to obey my son, so I did everything I was asked. They didn’t just fuck me either. They were shitting and pissing in my mouth and forcing me to eat it, fisting my asshole and even bringing in their young sons to join in on the gangbang experience. After the very last guy finished fucking me, he unleashed his furry companion and let him mount me. Now, I’m absolutely covered in jizz from every age you can imagine and dripping with cum from a bunch of strange men and a beast with a big cock! I have to admit that being used like that, turned me on and now I can’t stop thinking about it…


Bare bottom spankings whore

Bondage whore

I love me some submission sex. I adore a man who is very dominant to another extreme. I want you to hurt me as you beat my pussy up with your freaky ways. You don’t have to necessarily use your dick when you fuck me. I allow objects such as bats, hammers, mechanical dildos, and more inside of me. As long as you make me cry and scream to beg you to stop hurting me I will be very satisfied.

There is nothing I won’t do to please you daddy! I will endure drowning… Suffocation, and being burnt by you! Just fuck my pussy with your son or your group of friends! My favorite fucks are Biker gangs… One time they tied me up and burnt rubber over my face as their leader rammed my pussy and fisted my ass! I moaned and cried for days but surely my submissive cunt enjoyed the hurt feeling my body endured.

I orgasmed and orgasmed more and more to the thought of what they did to me. One time I had someone make me take a bucket of three day old used filled condoms and pour them out all over my beautiful huge tits and nipples, then made me grab the back of my own head and forced myself to lick them clean and swallow every bit as I kegod my cunt in his face!

Light Bondage With Intense Fucking

Light bondage

I was up on the stage in nothing but a red g-string light shining in my face. Heard the auctioneer discussing the terms of owning me for the night. As punishment, I’m part of the whore auction for displeasing my master. I must sell myself for a night and come crawling back like a good whore once the night is over. It’s only my second time doing this, and I was very nervous as you never know who’s going to buy you for the night. I heard the final bid end at five thousand, this will please my master. However, for someone to pay such a high price is hardly worth it. I’m a worthless whore. 

I was brought off the stage and taken to a back room. Inside was two women whose jobs were to get me ready for my purchaser. They removed my g-string, used some long silk scarves, and got me into some light bondage. I was able to move a little more than with standard bondage rope but they did make their knots tight. I was carried to the bed and left there in the dark waiting. 

It felt like hours before the door crack open and a man appeared lighting only a single candle. It became clear he didn’t want me to see who was about to ravage my pussy. A sharp pull to my hair as he grabbed my body. Tossing me into a more acceptable position. He got behind me and I could hear the unbuckling of a belt and sliding of it being pulled through the loops. It got discarded on the floor, as did the rest of his pants. As he grabbed my ass and started fucking me hard from behind. When he was done with my pussy he switched to pounding my ass, then shoved his cock down my throat. Raping the back of my throat hard to the point I was beginning to get dizzy from the lack of air. I felt a hand come down and squeeze my neck and I truly thought it was the end as my world went black.

Submissive Whore Needs You

Submissive Whore

.I love to be the best submissive whore! I made extra sure to be naked and cleaned up, waiting in Master’s bed tonight when he got home from work. He showered and came straight to me for the use and assistance of my mouth to help out his cock which was painfully hard for me! I opened my mouth and his fast Master dick went right down my throat! I moaned when he let me play with my bare pussy for him. I slipped my fingers into my cunt and rubbed my clit vibrating with arousla! I swallowed him further down my slave throat! He got bored fast and flipped me onto my hands and knees where he brought out a pair of handcuffs for my wrists before he used my body the rest of the night!

BDSM chat gets hotter the more painful

BDSM chat

My favorite stories involve BDSM chat and end with a cock so deep inside my clamping pussy that I can’t help but lose my mind. I’m a slutty whore betraying her husband at every turn. I can’t help it, I need to be punished, stripped of my value and treated to agony. I’m extreme, fulfilling, and fucked up beyond belief. This one time a man had me hooked up to a car battery, I didn’t even think you could do stuff like that and live, but I let him do it anyway because I deserved everything coming to me. It was life changing, fortune shining through my every nerve. BDSM phone sex was on my brain, all I could do was scream and he just kept me going. I didn’t even feel his whip smacking me, but I knew he was having fun, the rubber handle keeping him safe while I lost my mind. He had to unhook me shortly, but it felt like so long I didn’t have any sense of time. I was lost in a craze, blacked out and here at the same time. It didn’t make sense, it didn’t have to, my juices were a river below me, spreading across the floor with a powerful flow. That was when he started fucking. I couldn’t even feel him at first, my nerves shot and my whole body spasming, but that twitching, powerful series of orgasmic clamps and clenches were more than enough for him to have his fun. Knowing I was being used after Torture phone sex just made it all the hotter, and before I knew it I was doing something my husband could never make me, cumming. I was lost in the sexy agony, and I wanted more, so much more, I couldn’t let him go without. 

Submissive whore who loves being yours sir!

Submissive whore I love being your submissive whore sir! You do what you please for all night long! I will listen to whatever filthy thing you want baby I’m yours to use and abuse! You want to flaunt me put on a show so you dress me up real nice. I sex small leather black and red suit. He took me on stage and tied mt to with rope and tied my legs spread open in the air. My kneed are bent and he clamps my nipples with the other end.

You tie me up and gag my mouth I can’t scream or beg.  My on solace is that I know how fucking sexy I look in red. I cannot let my legs down even if I want. If I don’t want to rip or yank my nipples almost out I have to be a good girl and hold them open like you demanded master. You then add a suction cup on my clit and I’m in a very compromising position. Everyone can see me ties up like the pig I am waiting for your next command.

You want to humate me and me in my place. I have been so naught I deserve it all! You don’t care how uncomfortable I get or if I and tired and in pain. You will take out your will on my worthless ass, and you have to put me in my place.  After you done you will action me off and I take his wrath. See I know that I’m nothing but a dumb submissive whore who needs to accept her fate. So, I won’t fight, I promise, I’ll be a good girl master! But please hurry up to the rape!

Golden Shower Giver Only!

Golden showers phone sex


Let me guess… When you have golden shower phone sex you like to be the pisser and not the pissy, huh?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  You love showering submissive bitches in your hot urine and making them drink as much of it down as they can, but when the tables are turned, you back away like a little girl afraid of her own pee soaked panties, don’t you?  I can tell.  You don’t have the guts to gargle with piss and we both know it.

I go to a sub hall run by a bunch of hot whores where all of the doms are faceless fucks who want to show their superiority by soaking all the slinky sluts they can with the contents of their kidneys and then fuck the piss into their asses and pussies.  They can’t get enough of it, even moan and groan just as loud, if not louder, during the pee breaks as they do during the actual fucking.  Give them a taste of their own medicine, though, and squirt a steamy stream of your pee onto them and they kind of freak out.  I don’t get it!

What a bunch of weirdos.  It just makes sense to me that if you like to cover your sex slave in your yellow piss and take a tinkle on them then you should be fine with getting a little wet from whiz yourself.  Yeah, I know I’m the one who’s supposed to be taking the orders and however many golden showers you want to give me, but lighten up a little.  This is supposed to be fun.  Besides, it’s just piss.


Erotic BDSM stories

submisive sex

My master said I haven’t been behaving… I have been doing everything I possibly can! I am on punishment now and have been locked in this basement for nearly a week. I managed to shove my flip phone in my pussy and daddy didn’t find it. I am craving a hot fuck I have been deprived! If daddy ever finds out I am sure he will destroy me but I could care less. My main focus is possibly finding a new master, one who understands when I misbehave I shouldn’t be deprived, I should be abused and tormented.

I am willing to prove myself to you whomever is reading this. Just know I will do whatever you want me to do just promise not to neglect me… daddy has just been tossing rolls of bread down the stairs and leaving me here to rot! It was because when he got home from work he found me in the bedroom masturbating when I was supposed to be down on my knees naked waiting for him to come home… he came home early that day… I couldn’t help it.

I was totally turned on by the dirty thoughts that came to mind and it got the best of me. Normally I wait at the door down on my knees for 10 hours… but this day I was so eager, eager to be fucked like a worthless whore! Can someone please own me? I need a new master.

Bondage whore Jessica

bondage whore


My son knows that I’m just a bondage whore, cum hole bitch and that my only purpose is to please his cock. I love being an owned whore and letting him do with me, whatever he wants. I don’t have much choice anyway. If I were to ever tell him no, he would slap me across the face, spit on me and tell me what a worthless slut I am. He would force me to suck him hard and then put his favorite hollow gag in my mouth. Then he would start ramming his dick down my throat and choking me with it. I know to follow all of his orders. I always obey him and tonight was no exception. As soon as he walked in from work, I was on my knees and ready to serve him. First, he had me lick him clean. He was sweaty after a long day and it was Mommy’s job to clean him up. I worshiped his asshole and balls with my tongue and jerked his cock. I knew what he wanted so I didn’t make him command me. I just started deepthroating his hard dick, like the good sub slut, slave that I am! Once I felt his cock throbbing and pulsing, I held it in my mouth so that he could blast his load right down my throat! Mommy has already served her master, now it’s time for me to serve you!


Gangbang Phone Sex Party

It’s a great time for a Gangbang phone sex party with me in the center. I’m a shameless kind of slut and I def go to extremes. Can you make me feel things no one else has ever made e feel? Can you awaken my beast that will turn me from submissive to dominant 🪑?

Ok, truth time, I am not that gullible, vulnerable nor weak. I am five foot nine inches in height. I wear 4 inch plus heels. This makes me tower over most men. It’s a power I employ in ever cell of my body. However I have been trained to be a good submissive and this makes me a fun time for a strong dominant man.

The weak ones that don’t know how to dominant will end up the one in a collar, leash and a mouth full of pussy 🌮 and ass 🍑. Yep I will queen 👸🏻 a mother fucker in an instant when he shows weakness. You think bullying and beating is dominance? That is a weak mans way of trying to feel he has some power. I spit on those types and will ass ram them in a flash. Capeesh? 😋😈

Gangbang phone sex