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Cock Worshiping Fuck Doll

cock worshiping

When I first became Master’s sub, he made sure to reiterate that cock worshiping was going to be a pretty big part of my servitude. I didn’t like that at the time because I wasn’t a very experienced cock sucker and hadn’t learned quite how to do it without choking, gagging, etc. But little did I know that that’s one of the things men like when you’re sucking their cocks. And when a Master is getting a blow job from his slave, it’s a very important thing. They like to make sure you know they’re in charge and that’s one way of doing it.

I got pretty lucky because my Master has a gorgeous cock. I would suck it all day long if he didn’t have anything else to do. I wouldn’t even care how much it made my jaw hurt or how degrading it would be. I love pleasing him and it just so happens that me down on my knees worshiping his amazing cock is something that brings him a lot of joy and a lot of orgasms. I couldn’t ask for anything better to make me smile. Do you have a cock that I can worship? I look forward to serving you, Sir.

Caught Getting Gangbanged And Bribed

Being a Submissive Whore doesn’t mean I stop being the whore I was before my Dom came into my life. He was out of town and I was horny, my slutty cunt was throbbing and dripping wet at the thought of getting pounded over and over. I messaged all my old boyfriends and Masters, seven big dick men in total. I told them all that I was having a fuck party and to be ready. When they were all there, I told them that I needed to be pounded and that it was a secret. I was enjoying getting pounded and used in every way so much I didn’t notice that my Dom’s son had walked in and his mouth was wide open in shock of seeing me getting gangbanged.

Cum slut phone sex

We all stop and they started leaving to where only one ex was there, he called me a whore and threatened to tell his dad. I pleaded with to not say a word. He said he wouldn’t say anything if I used my whore mouth to make his cock cum like I had been doing with the men and he wanted to see me get my cunt filled up until thick gooey nut dripped out of it. I had no choice so I opened my mouth wide and let my Dom’s son stick his cock in my mouth and I sucked it as I was getting fucked. Since I am a Submissive Whore, this felt good to me and I finally came so hard I squirted all over the place and his son filled my mouth up. He watched as my ex filled my cunt up and he told me to keep my legs in the air and hold his semen in me he wanted me to be bred.  

What Would You Do To Me First

submissive whoreThe smell of leather and latex and wood always brings me back to one of my first encounters. I was younger and naive and had answered an ad in the local paper. Needing some extra money, the idea of becoming a sub was appealing. Not sure what was involved didn’t really matter to me at the time. Subconsciously I knew and was called. We set up a meeting at his lake house, about an hour out of town. I let myself in as instructed and was led to a room down the hall by the butler. The room was beautiful and bright and there were packages on the bed. He told me to dress and ring the button and he would escort me to the playroom. I opened the packages to find collars and binders and lots of leather and latex. I was confused as to what to do. I rang the buzzer and the butler arrived. He helped dress me. Binders on my wrists, a collar around my neck, crotchless panties, thigh highs and heels. I stood up and he bound my hands behind me, fastened a leash to my collar and walked me down the stairs. I walked in the room to see so many benches, whips, and chains. If you were my master, what would you use on me first?

Submissive Ass and Pussy Holes

Bondage Whore

My whole life I have always been known to be a good girl. I always listened to my superiors and I am so shy. So while becoming a submissive little slave, it was always so easy for me to fall into a small state of mind where I became a little. That is why when Master opens the door, I kneel down and prepare myself to take whatever he wants. I am stripped down with my hair up and I open my mouth. I start sucking my Masters’s cock and I’m all ready to be tied up and played with! To have my nipples play and pinched with and my pussy to be fucked hard! Cum play with the submissive princess!

Submissive whore Jessica

submissive whore

This nasty, submissive whore pussy needs to be owned. I want my worthless cum holes to be used by you all night long. The holidays are coming up and I have big plans. I get so turned on thinking of all the ways my son and his friends used me at Thanksgiving, last year. Our traditional dinner turned into a wild and sloppy gangbang that lasted for hours! It all started when I accidentally spilled my wine onto my shirt. I went to my room to change but didn’t notice that my son had followed me. He pushed me back on the bed and held me down. He shoved his cock into my mouth and told me to be a good bitch for him. I started sucking him like an obedient submissive should. Right as he was forcing his cock down my throat, his friends walked in. He told them that my owned cum holes were all his and that they could use me anyway that they wanted to. I got fucked in every position you could imagine. My asshole and pussy were so swollen and sore after the first hour but they made me go all night long. Dinner sat on the table, getting cold while I was in my room getting my hot pussy and tight asshole gaped open and pumped full. I can’t wait to serve my son and his friends again this year!


Submissive Slut for Life

submissive slutI am a submissive slut. I always have been. First, daddy. Then my husband. Now, my master and my callers. I did not want to be submissive for life, but life had other plans for me. Here I am. I have no fight in me. I am so used up, that most men do not want me. They may want to fuck me, but they do not want to be in a serious relationship with me. I did meet one really nice guy on Tinder over the shutdowns, but he was not cool with me being owned. I must stay in good with my master because he bought my house. He pays my health insurance. He has college tuition covered for my son and daughter and he pays their health insurance too. Plus, he has an IRA set up for me. He will die eventually. He is in his early 70s. It is not like we fuck any more. His old cock needs a dozen Viagras and that is still no guarantee that it will work. I am still his whore though. And men do not want to date me. They want to fuck me or abuse me, and often both. I had a “date” last night. I was honest that I was in a “It’s Complicated” relationship. He said he was in the same sort of thing. The date went well, I thought. Until we got back to my place and he ripped my clothes off and fucked my ass and fisted my cunt. He told me he does not date whores because whores are only good for one thing. Fucking. He shoved my panties in my mouth so I would stop screaming. He bound my hands with my panty hose as he sodomized me for hours. I thought maybe this guy would be different. Once a submissive whore, always a subby whore.

make me a dead submissive slut

submissive slut

I’m sure you have had your eyes on me and keep dreaming about how a submissive slut like me will do about anything to make you happy. I indeed want to be your punching bag. Make me beg you to let you do whatever you want to me. Take me to the middle of the deserted woods and beat me so hard that I have blood-curdling screams echoing. It an often fantasy in my mind that I want to be beaten to death an fucked till my body goes cold. I’m going to be black and blue and bruised, and that’s all okay with me. I’m ready to be your whore for life. If you want to end, go ahead and do it. I won’t stop you from doing so.

Submissive MILF For Use

Bondage And Submission

I’m here to be used and abused, and I have something none of the other submissive whores have. I’ve got the sway and sell in my voice that reassures you you’re hurting me in the exact way I want you to and you want you to. Something about me is tempting, and maybe it’s the immediate submission or maybe it’s the way I make your cock twitch when I whimper in your ear. I’m one of the popular phone sex sluts because I do what I’m told, whether that’s slapping myself across the face or whipping my tits with a rosary. In fact, it’d be a fucking honor Sir to give you complete control. I have two new plugs that need to get used, Sir. Can you please put this worthless, stupid cunt in her place?

Submissive Slut Rules

submissive slut

Master told me that I’m going to be a very submissive slut at his Halloween party this year. I asked him what he wants me to dress as, and he told me that a whore like me doesn’t even get to have the privilege of wearing a costume. I will be naked and on my knees, ready for all the men at the party to use me for whatever they want, whenever they want.  He told me that even when I am serving charcuterie and drinks to everyone, I’m not allowed to stand up. If he catches me, then I won’t get his dick at the end of the night.

I will be a good girl because I really love Master’s cock. It’s long, thick, and it’s exactly what I need at the end of a party. All those cocks make me so horny and I can’t even tell you how much my pussy is dripping when Master sends me to his room at the end of the night for my fucking. Do you want to hear more about all the things I’ll have to do for all of the party guests? Some of these things shouldn’t even be in writing! 

Filthy Holes of a Submissive Whore

My filthy holes were put on show for all my classmates to see. It was proof of what a Submissive Whore I have become. Daddy owns my slutty holes. Being that I was not supposed to wear panties to school, punishment was deserved. The not wearing panties was in order to show my teachers what a fuck slut I am. A worthless rapemeat fantasy fuck twat. Regardless I was ashamed.

My teacher made me act like a little bitch. Down on all fours and crawling around wiggling my ass like it was an excited furry tail. It was demeaning for me to have to show off my holes to my classmates. My crush was there too. This made me so horrified. Being made to lift my leg and piss on the floor wasn’t even the worst of it.

After peeing on the classroom floor. My face was rubbed in my piss and my holes got spanked. Teacher had all the classmates spank one of my holes each. Then I had to let the boys fuck my ass and the girls fist my cunt. Seriously I doubt there was much more that could reduce my worth like how I was treated in class today. My cunt got so fucking wet that the schools big cocked filthy janitor was allowed to use it before sending me home to daddy.

Submissive Whore

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