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Submissive slut mommy Jessica

submissive slut

St. Patrick’s day is the anniversary of when my son took control of his submissive slut mommy and became my master. I came home fucked up from a party late that night. My clothes were torn and hanging off of me and I was covered in cum. My pussy and asshole were red, swollen and filled with cum. It was obvious that I had been passed around at the party and fucked hard. As soon as he saw me, my son started to ask questions that were hard for me to answer. He wanted to know why I was letting all of those strange men treat me like that when I had him right there at home. I tried to explain but he didn’t want to hear it. He was fed up with being teased by the smell of my cummy panties and just wanted to own his mommy’s nasty fuck holes. That was the night that my son finally held me down and forced me to submit to him. He made me admit that I needed him as my master. I was forced to squat over his face so that he could see how used and worn out my pussy and ass were. He slid his fist into my gaping asshole to show me how stretched and useless I was. He slapped me across the face and told me that he owned my holes now. He shoved his dick in my mouth and looked deep into my eyes. He fucked my throat and made me eat his load. Then he laughed at me as he filled my mouth with his piss and told me to swallow that too. I can’t stop thinking about that first time my own son took control of me and became my owner. Let’s roleplay that I’m your sub slut mommy and you’re taking my holes for the first time!


Bondage Phone Sex: The Rougher The Better, Tie Me Up Daddy.

Bondage Phone SexI love it whenever someone decides they want to explore bondage phone sex with me. Being able to be a good little submissive bitch makes for such an explosive naughty time. I would love to feel the rough pull of a high-quality silk rope sliding against my wrists as the knot is made tight. I want to feel the rough wood used as an arm bar to hoist me into the air. To feel the wind on my naked body as I give myself to you. I want you to torment my body for your pleasure, to let your masochistic desires go. Remember there are no limits when it comes to the things my bound body will do for you and your sexual desires. I am a taboo-free bondage whore to be used for your ultimate dirty desires. My holes are nothing more than the holes of a sex doll, meant to take any loads you can stuff inside of it. I can’t wait to be bursting from every orifice with your hot creamy cum load. Whip my soft skin and feel the welts against the warmth of your tongue. All tied up and ready to take it rough in any of my willing holes I will be your submissive bondage bitch. 

Submissive Phone Sex with Me Means You are in Charge

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex means you are in charge. I may have a master in my real life, but on the phone you are King. My master was the one who found me this job. He was worried about me having a job once he retires completely. He has me set up with a 401 K and he also bought my house, but I am in my early 40s and master is in his early 70s. I still need to work. This has been the perfect job. I was hesitant at first. I did not know what to expect. I have not had many jobs in my life. But all of them have required me to be a submissive whore. I met master in a BDSM club where I was cocktail waitressing. That was my first job. I was not even 21 yet serving drinks. I was a busty, young, red-head slave and the owner of the club only saw dollar signs so he got me a fake ID so I could be in his club. Once I met master, he moved me from NYC to LA and I became his full-time slave and paralegal. Phone sex is only my third job, but it pays well and keeps my skills as a subby bitch honed.

Last night, I did a long call with a guy who put me through the ringer. I did not even try faking anything because he was a seasoned master. He would have known. It started with me describing my body to him. Then it went into punishment. I fucked my cunt with all sorts of things I had in the house, including a rolling pen and a hair brush. I even had to spank my bare ass a few times with my hand and my hair brush. My ass is still sore. Most days, I am grateful that I have a submissive sex phone job, but days like today, when I can barely sit, I regret it, LOL.

Golden showers phone sex

Golden showers phone sexI have a filthy secret; I like golden showers phone sex. It turns me on when a man knows how to train a submissive slut and put me in my place. I want you take me out in public and treat me like a golden shower phone sex whore. Tell everyone how good I am at cock worshiping. You do. I get on my knees and suck and worship your cock, as you let out a hot stream of piss into my mouth. It gets all over me. It trickles down my chin, my perky tits, over my belly, and in between my thighs. I’m covered in your hot steamy piss. You think about how you can’t wait to tell your friends about all of your erotic submissive stories, but this one in particular is your favorite. I’m a filthy whore who even gives you rim jobs when you ask. Your new craving is a submissive whore like me who will never say no to being covered in hot sticky piss.

Submissive Whore Eliana’s Holes Are Master’s

Would you like to own a Submissive Whore? Make me your Slave and take ownership, sir. My holes are yours to use, Daddy. My real daddy was not around and I found other “daddy’s” to be my daddy. It is how I became a good, -slightly undisciplined when without a Master- Submissive.

How might I act out? Well I will go out and get drunk, high and stoned. Then I tend to pick up on a guy or multiple guys of a group. I will fucking blow them, bang them and let them use me. This is terrible for a good submissive but something I love.

However if any of these guys end up having a pathetic small penis, well I cannot resist. The temptation to take over and control the situation. Humiliate the shrimp dick and maybe even have fun torturing it. Sitting on his face and tie up his cocklette.

So if I am a dirty cunt when master or daddy comes around then I guess you better discipline we well.

Submissive Whore

Bare bottom spankings before Prostate milking

Bare bottom spankings is what I get before I give my master a rim job. He really loves when he bends me over his knees, shoving his cock in my face and making me ass red. The way my ass jiggles when his hand or paddle hits it, makes his cock twitch. I am a hungry whore for my master so I open my mouth up very easily and take his cock in my mouth. Every time it goes deep my throat he spanks my ass hard, making sure to leave his paddle or hand print. When his cock starts leaking pre-cum I better be a good bitch and be ready for him to sit on my face and ride me. He lowered himself on me and spread his ass. I don’t ever want to disappoint my master, so I stuck my tongue out and licked his ass hard. He slammed his ass on me slamming but head on the floor but I took every blow as long as I was going to make him cum by giving him the best Prostate milking i could. I have to work hard to earn my place with my master so I reached around over me and started stroking his hard cock while licking his hole as fast as i could. When he was about to cum, he stood up over me and sprayed my face and body with his thick load.

Bare bottom spankings

Slave training is what I was raised on

Slave training is what I was made for. My neck has always been leashed since I can remember. Daddy was the first one to leash me up. He has groomed me since I was young. Anytime I sat on his lap he would hold my hands behind my back and grope me. One night he showed me what little girls do for daddy. He tied my hands and feet with his belt. When I cried he spanked my bare bottom and told me to stop. It didn’t matter. I knew mom could hear me but my father is very dominant. He forced my mouth open and choked me with his big daddy meat. He told me to suck it like a lollipop and I would do anything daddy wanted. That was the beginning of our Submissive sex sessions. I grew up being submissive and being used in any way my master daddy wanted. That is why he leashed me. Daddy claimed me as his property and he was the first one I belonged to. Whenever daddy was around i had to crawl around with my leash on and now i do it for my master.

Slave training

Cheap phone sex before slut opens Cunt

Cheap phone sex

I love providing Cheap phone sex to my neighbor when his wife is gone. I just love fucking with him. I call him up and start with my sultry voice dragging out asking for a cup of sugar. He knows when I start saying sugar slow I really mean something else and I can hear him take that cock out and start playing with it. He gets so worked up he starts telling me about what a filthy cum whore I am to call a married man and get him aroused and how I need to be punished for messing with married men. But I can’t help myself. I’m a glutton for punishment and he comes over and gives it to me just the way I need it. Being a submissive slut has always served my purposes righteously and no married man passes by a chance to have a dirty whore on her knees.

Scat Phone Sex: I’ll give anything a try!

Scat Phone SexI love being a good toilet slut for any Master who wants to take control of me. There is no limit when it comes to the scat phone sex adventures that we could go on. I fantasize about being taken in the middle of my walk home from work. I will be tied up and beaten in the back of the van, unaware of where we are going only to go out into the middle of the woods. Not only will I be my capture punching bag for the night but his camping toilet too. I would love to take every last whip and slap of paddle against my soft unscathed skin for my capture. Only when he relives himself in my mouth I will suck and swallow the human waste I have been blessed to receive from him. I am a good little toilet girl here to recycle Master’s poo however he wants me to, and the honor will always be mine. 

Submissive Slut Quinlynn Will Please You In Every Way!

Submissive Slut

I love being a slut, but the absolute best thing in the world is getting to be a super submissive slut! When I find that one guy who knows how to take care of women and knows exactly where to touch and what to say, he will be my master and I will be his slut.

I will be bound to him, soul and all, because he is without a doubt the last piece of me that I have been missing. I long to please him in every way that I possibly can. Even staying up at night touching myself to the thought of him drives me closer to him.

I want him to tie me us and use my body as he pleases. Use a candle to melt hot wax onto my tits and on my clit. Then use an ice cube to sooth the other parts of my body longing for pleasure. I don’t even mind if you use a bit of pain and pleasure combo.

Put nipple clamps on my nipples and clit, tie them together so I cant move without pain. I need it, I need you to control me. I want you to have your way with me master. I have longed for it for so long. I have waited for this moment for years, to finally find you.

So, do as you please with my pussy, gill it with ice or your delicious cock, I don’t mind. I simply want to please you in every way possible.