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Your Submissive Valentine

Submissive SlutValentine’s day, the day that your slut should do exactly what you crave and desire. If she doesn’t, then you know who will, don’t you? I present to you. I’m the perfect submissive Valentine. You want to be sucked and fucked, easily done. However I feel that you don’t want something so simple. No, make me scream, make me choke, make me beg for mercy under your control. I’m just a slut, treat me as such this Valentine’s day. Don’t bring me chocolates, or flowers. Just bring your hard cock, and balls filled with cum. Bring the whips, rope, toys, nipple clamps, and torture devices! Here I am waiting and willing. I know that I’m that slut who should be thankful to be able to have a cock like yours to serve this Valentine’s day.

Spank Me, Slap Me, Cover Me in Bruises

I love being your submissive whore and serving you!

You know there is absolutely nothing I wont do for you!Submissive Whore

Last weekend, when you had that Superbowl party….I loved being your cum eating halftime show!

When you ordered me to suck everyone of your friends chubby hairy cocks, I watched the smile grow on your face as I gagged and choked on thick meat after thick meat!

You encouraged all those men to fuck my face like it was a hole meant only for dumping cum! You even pulled my hair to hold my throat open for each hot chunky load!

I was so proud as I watched your cock grow hard as they held my ankles and wrists and each one of them took turns filling my tight wet pussy with one, or even two pounding hard cocks at a time!

But when everyone left, you called me a worthless whore, full of cum from every man there!

I begged for your forgiveness and pleaded with you to fuck me like you did before!

I needed to feel the touch of your hand, even if it was only to be whipped and tortured, punished and humiliated!

Without you, I am a cheap trashy slut! Please! Please do your worst!

Spank me, slap me, cover me in bruises! Please just touch me and use my body as your cum dumpster fuck whore!

I Love Rape phone sex fantasies

When I get asked what my favorite roleplays are I really must admit the truth. The truth is that I love Rape phone sex fantasies. Seriously this dirty little bratty sub slut is easily excited by that nasty hot fun. My pussy being violated with a big fat cock. The forceful shoving into a non lubricated hole. The ripping of my vagina and the feeling of great pain. That is only the beginning. This is not even the worst part yet. Fuck no, the worst is that taking of my gaping ass. This is again intense fucking pain. No fucking lube just a little lubed up from the blood of my ripped pussy. I scream in agony as I am being violently violated. The shear insane pain is something I learned to turn into pleasure. I close my eyes and put myself elsewhere and just lose myself. I am having my hair pulled or my face shoved into a pillow. I am being strangled in some of my favorite fantasies.

Rape fantasy phone sex

That fantasy rape gets more intense when there are possibly two or three accomplices. Sometimes I think about one being a woman. Women are so fucking evil and mean to other women. Like the bitch would really know how to make me hurt. Fisting my tender bleeding holes and spitting in my face. I know such a mean bitch would pull my hair and yank me around worst than any man. I know she would put on those wrestler moves and force me to eat her ass. Women fantasy rapists are cruel.

The mere thought of a couple taking me, violating and humiliating is hot to me. I have experienced such with my brother and his wife. She had found out about the way they all dominate and use me and wanted a part of it. She is family so I am rightfully her property as well as the men in my family, and of course my mother’s.

Drowning In Load After Load

Bukkake phone sexIt was just a little after the sun was coming up when I was dragged out of bed by my hair to satisfy his dripping cock. From the smell I could tell he was coming back from a night of fucking other women. I was just an afterthought. He dragged me letting the carpet burn set in as he didn’t even let me until my feet dragged me across it. The carpet burned across my ass and legs until he finally stopped and tossed me into a group of his friends. They all grabbed me forcing my arms back and my head up to look at him. The pussy smell off his cock was strong as he started rubbing it all over my face as they held me still. “No be a good bitch, open and clean!”.  

They snickered around me as I opened my mouth, tasting the taste of other women’s cunts that just moments ago were bouncing up and down all over his cock. Now it’s my turn to clean it all up. Licking along the sides while his friends called whore, useless, pathetic cleaning up the sloppy seconds. Soon he just grabbed my face and shoved it deep into my throat gagging me with it as he shot his last load, when he finished he just slapped me and his friends to do whatever they wanted. Leaving me to be stuffed, my throat wrecked by all them shooting load after load. Cum was all I tasted for hours.

Submissive Slut’s Weekend

submissive slut

A few weeks ago, my Master told me that I was going to be his sexual hostage for an entire weekend. I’m used to being his submissive slut, but he rarely ever keeps me at his disposal for an entire 48 hours. I knew that he must be in a mood and that I was really going to get it. I walked into the bedroom that Master had turned into my slave room and saw that he’d had a medieval stockade installed. He’d been talking about it for a while, but I had no idea it was going to become a reality.

He put me in the stockade and blindfolded me. So there I was, on my knees and I couldn’t see anything. I don’t think I’d ever felt more vulnerable in my life. Of course, my mouth was still free and the first thing he made me do was suck his cock. He just walked up to me, told me to open my whore mouth, and fucked my face until he shot a load down my throat. He wasn’t gentle with me, either. There were tears rolling down my cheeks and I couldn’t even grab his cock and beg him to stop. Do you want to hear more about what happened that weekend? I’m ready to tell you, Sir!

Bondage whore Jessica

bondage whoreI’ve been my son’s personal bondage whore for a very long time now. I wanted him to always feel loved and wanted when he was younger. The attention I showed him very quickly turned into an intense owner/slave relationship. Even now that he lives in another city and doesn’t visit as often, I find myself getting so wet and hot when I think about the way he used to treat me. He would come into my room at any hour of the night and wake me up by shoving his cock into my mouth. He told me that my only purpose in life was to serve him and please his cock. He used me as his cum dump, fuck toy as then would degrade me and treat me like a whore. I never had to tell him how wet my pussy got when he would slap me around and force me to suck his cock. He would reach down and grab my soaked cunt, and laugh at me for being so turned on and then spit in my face before he forced me to take his hard dick in my asshole with no lube or anything. He stretched my shit hole and ripped me open and I still wanted more. I still think about him all the time and look forward to his visits. I still crave his cock and cum and need to be treated like his whore again!


Furry Gangbang Bitch

Submissive WhoreThis group of guys had picked me up on the side of the road …well kidnapped me is more like it.

They forced my face down on their cocks and face fucked me until we got where they were taking me.

I have been here for a few weeks but I don’t know what for. They have kept me in a kennel and come in each night.

They take turns fucking me, filling my round juicy ass with cum or choking me with their meaty cocks as they slam their cum down my throat!

But they never touch my young tight cunt except before they leave, they smear it with blood!

They have been smearing my pussy with blood every night this week and then the howling starts!

It scares me because it is coming from some where close but at least they can’t get me in this cage!

Then the day came when I thought they would let me go!

They through me out into this giant pen, naked and covered in blood. they all gathered around and watched as one of the men released a pack of mans best friend into the pen!

I was their bitch!

They planned this to see which one would get to fuck me!

The mutts growled and snarled as they attacked me, and each other, all of them trying to fuck my bloody cunt!

When all the furry fuckers were finished nutting in my sore torn pussy, they all left me laying on the ground naked like a cum filled bitch expecting half a dozen brats in a couple months!

Face Fucked & Strangled Submissive Sex

Submissive Sex

Daddy and my two brothers made me the submissive sex whore I am. This morning I was pulled out of bed to service daddy’s cock. He throat fucked me, took my pussy and pounded my ass. My big brother then came in with his morning hard on and had to get in on the action. I was late logging into work because I was throat fucked and strangled til I passed out. My brothers continued to fuck my ass and pussy and daddy splattered my face with his seed. I am a whore and a submissive slave for the men in my family and all men for that matter. I haven’t a right to say what they can and can’t do to my body. Daddy owns me. He is in control. I have had miscarriages from daddy and brothers punching me and knocking me down the stairs when they found out I was planted with breeding seed. I am not allowed to take birth control and they all fuck me bare back. I get so confused on what I am supposed to do. I had a miscarriage last week and my daddy and brothers just fucked my bloody cunt after it happened and made me pass out. Kinda like what happened today but I was just throat fucked super hard and strangled. What kind of submissive slut can I be for you, Master? I promise to obey and be a good whore. Well mostly. I am out of control often times and tend to fuck up my obedience training.

Bukkake Phone Sex Cum Slut

bukkake phone sex

Have you ever indulged in bukkake phone sex? If you love it, then I have some stories to tell you. Sometimes my Master likes to invite a bunch of guys over and watch them cover me in cum. He tells me that I’m a whore and that the cum that glazes my face and body is a representation of what my cunt must look like on the inside – cum everywhere, oozing and salty. I know that being called a whore and covered in sticky jizz might make most women feel bad about themselves, but it makes me feel like a million bucks. I’d never tell Master that, though. He might stop letting it happen if he knew it makes me feel that way.

Having man after man walk up to me and spray his load all over me makes my pussy so wet. But not all of them do that. Some love to fuck my mouth, pussy, and cunt and then pull out and spray all over me. Would you love doing that to me? I will kneel before you and beg you to cover me with your glaze. Call me and I’ll tell you what a good girl I’ll be for you.

He Forced Me To My Knees

Submissive Slut

I was roughly pinned against the wall, the grit of the bricks scraping against my bare back. He had cut the shirt and bra off of me mere moments ago, determined that he needed better access to me. His strong had was crushing my windpipe, and with every squeeze my cunt was dripping more and more. I was terrified, but my body was betraying me. It knew better than anyone what it was that I wanted; or more, what I needed. Getting used like this, forced to pleasure a stranger in a dirty, downtown alleyway was so close to the sick fantasies I actually craved.

He lifted me off of the needle littered asphalt. “Let me ask you one more time, bitch. Are you going to be a good girl for Master?” The submissive slut in me screamed “YES!” but my type A personality managed to choke out a “No.” He wasn’t pleased. He dropped me, letting me crumple to the concrete. It tore up my legs, and ripped away my pantyhose. My back scraped down the wall. I screamed, I bled, and my pussy leaked. He was pulling out his thick cock, throbbing and dripping. Grabbing me by the back of my head, he forced my mouth open. I stared up at him with pleading eyes.

Please, use me.

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