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He was so cruel

submissive whoreI fucked up bad, I fell asleep yesterday afternoon and ended up sleeping way past the time that my Master came home from work. I had no dinner ready, the house was a mess and I looked all crazy from sleeping. To say that he was not pleased was an understatement. He dragged me out of bed by my hair and threw me on the floor and began to kick the shit out of me. I was gasping for air and the pain was just huge, it swallowed me whole. He pulled me up and throat fucked me to the point that I was about to pass out and then bent me over the bed and ripped off my panties. He fucked my ass dry until it bled, I was crying so hard but I knew better than to scream or protest, I just laid there and took it. When he finally finished he told me to get up and make his dinner so I thanked him for all the correction and went to cook. I can tell you one thing for sure, I won’t be fucking up like that again!

Submissive Whore

Submissive whoreI was a stubborn little whore when we met.

I needed a lot of training!

I needed a lot of pussy pounding, A lot of punishment.

But he was worth it. I will never submit to another!

To be dominated by his powerful cock is the only way for me to feel pleasure. 

I could finger fuck myself for hours at a time and never cum with out the sting of his hands against my skin!

I could never worship another the way I worship him.

There is nothing I would not do, no humiliation I would not withstand.

To sleep with my face buried in his cock would be a dream come true and if I told you that I love feeling it pressed against my face, covered in cum, that would not even describe how much I worship it!

My body belongs to him, for him to do with as he pleases!

My cunt is his property to fuck and violate in every possible way! 

He knows that I can not control my orgasms when I feel his thick hard cock slamming my fuck hole!

I live for him and for our anniversary, I got a very special tattoo!

What do ya think?Submissive slut


Submissive Slut Serving Cock

Submissive Slut

They like to keep me in a cage and piss on me. They make me worship their dicks and be a good submissive slut for them. It’s my place as a female to be a good whore for men. This party I was used for was full of business men and they all got off on the idea of using this trashy little whore as a urinal. I had ten guys standing around my cage pissing on me. It was a game for them. A couple thought it would be more fun to give me shots of piss and bourbon. Those go terrible together in taste but I was vomiting on myself after all the shots and no food. I was forcefully face fucked and throwing up on the cocks and forced to clean it all up. One guy was ever so kind and gave me some water. He poured an ice bucket over the cage on me. I was sucking down the ice and getting cummed on. What use would I be for you?

Submissive MILF Phone Sex Slut

milf phone sexThis milf phone sex slut has always been submissive. I had my first gang bang before I could drive. My father got me drunk and rented me out to some friends. About ten guys who my father owed money to came over to fuck his young teen daughter. I was scared, which is why daddy got me drunk first. His pals smelled like sweat and whiskey. They grabbed my tits, tore my clothes, slapped my face and shoved fingers in my mouth and pussy. I was pleading with my father to make them stop, but he could have cared less about me. One of the guys pushed me down on the floor. His cohorts stripped me naked and tied me up. I was tied to various pieces of furniture so I would not escape. I was fighting. A couple of the men skull fucked me.  Other guys fucked my ass and my cunt. I was worried I would get pregnant, but no one cared about that. My daddy joked that if I got knocked up, the brat would be sold. I was no virgin. Daddy had been exploring his rape phone sex fantasies for years on me, but this was the first time I fucked more than him or had multiple guys at once. Girls my age were riding bikes with their friends or hanging out at the mall, not getting sodomized by their daddy’s friends. I was anally brutalized. Men put their fists and cocks in my ass, and cunt. I cried harder than I did when daddy force fucked me that first time. I sobered up quickly from the pain.  They brutalized me for hours. They spanked me, skull fucked me, fisted me, double penetrated me, strangled me, slapped me and pissed one me. My ass prolapsed for the first time. I was fucked raw. Decades later, I am a gangbang phone sex whore you and your friends. Just now, I like it.

My Dark Stranger Returns

Submissive whoreI had a long hard day at my new job as a sexy Mrs. Santa, (what can I say, I am a giver).

All I wanted to do is slip out of this naughty dress and step into the shower and wash all the men’s grubby paw marks off me.

I let the hot water run all over my naked body and as I was soaping my self up, I let my fingers explore my body, sliding down my perky tis, over firm flat stomach, and down to my tight wet pussy.

I at least deserved a happy ending!

Then I saw him! But this time, he was completely naked!

He ripped open the curtain and I saw him holding his cock in his hand!

It was intimidatingly enormous and red hot!

In his powerful commanding voice, he ordered me to continue to finger my swollen pussy!

I was shaking and my knees felt weak as he grabbed me and forced me down on my knees!

His thick cock was right in my face and he ordered me to  open my mouth.

I remember how he felt as he fucked my face and did as he asked willingly!

Then he unleashed a never ending flood of piss all over my face and tongue!

I choked and tried to move my face but he held my head in position as he drained his bladder in my face and down my throat!

Just as I thought I would drown, he shoved that thick hard cock down my throat, forcing me to swallow his salty piss!

Before he dragged me to my bedroom, he told me there was no point in continuing my shower because I will always be nothing but a filthy whore!

Cock worshiping slave Jessica

cock worshiping

I answered a personal ad looking for a cock worshiping slut. The details said he was looking for a whore to be degraded and owned as a piece of property. It has been so long since anyone has owned and used me the way I crave. When I arrived at my new master’s house, he instructed me to go change into the uniform that he provided. The uniform was tall, slutty heels with thigh high fishnets, a black thong and a ball gag. Once I was changed, he called me into the living room where he was entertaining a few guests. I was instructed not to look at or speak to any of the people there. He told me to get down on my knees. I did as I was told. My new master let his guests use me however they wanted. They put cigarettes out on my bare ass cheeks and took turns fucking my mouth. They shoved beer bottles in my holes and took pictures of all of the fucked up shit they were doing to me.  All of this had my new master so turned on. His dick got rock hard watching me be such an obedient slut and taking the abuse like a good slave. I could feel my whore cunt get wet when I saw how big and hard his fat dick was. He held onto my hair and force fucked my mouth until I puked from gagging on his cock. Cum and slobber dripped out of my mouth around his hard cock as he held my head in place while he pumped his cum shot into my mouth! I hope he calls me to serve him again!

Erotic Domination

Submissive phone sexI have been waiting for the return of my dark stranger.

The way he dominated me on Halloween was unforgettable.

The way he owned my body, commanded orgasm after orgasm from me, was the most intensely erotic experience of my life.

But its been weeks since then.

I did not even know his name, but that cock…I will never forget that beautiful perfect cock!

But then last night, as I was climbing into bed, I saw my dark stranger in the corner!

I could not see him, just his shadow but his presence was so powerful.

My clit started to twitch and my pussy instantly became moist and I knew he had come back for more!

He stood at the end of my bed, and without speaking, tore my clothes off my body and pushed my legs apart.

I laid there naked and shivering but my cunt was warm and creamy!

I ached for him!

I pleaded with him to control me and own me like he had done before, but he refused and ordered me to finger fuck myself while he watched!

His power over me was sending uncontrollable spasms throughout my body like electric convulsing shock waves!

My back began to arch as my body started to cum and he pushed my hips back down to the bed refusing my release!

Then, a single thrust with the force of a thousand horses sent his massive hard cock to the depths of my pussy and I lost all control!

Feeling his cock expanding the walls of my tight wet pussy sent a rush of cum splattering his cock and balls!

I couldn’t stop!

I could tell he was not happy when he continued to angrily punish my fuck whole with an intense pounding that could only be compared to a battering ram!

I laid there, exhausted in ecstasy and when I opened my eyes, he had vanished and the only evidence he had left was the slow, hot drip of his thick creamy cum out of my gaping twitching cunt!

A Submissive Sex Slut for My Son’s Dealer

submissive sexI am a submissive sex slut mommy. I let my son and his friends do whatever they want to me. For the longest time, I could not bait my son to fuck me. He hates me. Blames me for everything wrong in his world. We have bonded, however, being under quarantine together. He recently turned 18 and I could have legally kicked him out of the house for the way he has treated me. Not my style. He can love or hate me, but he can always live with me. He has a black friend who loves white pussy. My son owes him money for some weed. Instead of asking me, my son pimped me out to settle his debt. I did not have a choice.  Not that I would have protested. I am a submissive whore. His dealer kept telling me I was damn fine for a MILF. He ordered me to open my mouth for his anaconda. He pulled out a big black cock. I mean this was a monster of a cock. I was scared because his cock was at least 2 times the size of any cock I have had yet. He grabbed my ears like they were handlebars and skull fucked me until his balls were flush on my chin. I started gagging, choking and drooling. His cock meat was suffocating me. My son watched and jacked off. He told his dealer to make me earn his money. Cum was oozing out of the corners of my mouth and when he came, it felt like a hole was in the back of my head. I was drowning in his cum.  My son could not take it anymore. He fucked my ass raw and pumped it full of his boy batter. Cum oozed out of my ass and mouth. This was yesterday and I think cum is still oozing out my holes. Going to be a long winter for me if my son keeps pimping me out like this.

A Present For Him

bare bottom spankingI searched for the perfect gift for him, although I knew it would mostly be for my enjoyment. It was a special day, our three-month anniversary. I dressed in patent leather high heeled boots, a corset and a short skirt, sans panties of course. I handed the gift to him and as he opened it his eyes grew wide. A thin, strong switch. He hit it against his hands a few times and the pink marks made my pussy wet in anticipation. He was however not going to give me immediate satisfaction and instead laid it across the table. Between our plates. As we ate, I stared at it imagining how it would feel striking my bare bottom. My pussy was soaking wet and my nipples hard. After dinner he reached for my hand and led me to the bedroom. With the switch in hand he turned on a movie. He continued beating it against the bed and on his arms. My pussy quivering in anticipation. But he was ruthless, making me wait. When he went to get a drink, I closed my eyes for a moment and my hand started rubbing my cunt. I arched my back and fingered my soaking wet hole fast. I heard a laugh and then felt a pain across my chest. Startled I opened my eyes as he grabbed me by my hair, bent me over the chair and began whipping my bare ass. Every hit hurt and my ass was on fire, but my pussy was trembling, and my juices ran from my legs. Once my knees started to wobble, he threw me on my back and lifted my skirt. Smiling an evil smile as I felt the first whip against my bald juicy cunt………………

Bondage whore Jessica serves her master

bondage whoreMy son threw a huge party this past weekend. Everyone he knows was invited. Of course he wanted his bondage whore mommy there for when he got ready to get wild. Most of the guests didn’t even know that I was there. I spent the entire party, tied up in his bedroom. He had bound my legs together and had my hands bound together behind me. He kept me gagged except for when he would come into the room with his friends. Throughout the party, he would bring random friends of his in and make me suck their dicks. He would tell me how he wanted me to suck them harder and faster, while he watched and stroked his hard cock. Every time one of his friends would cum in my whore mouth, he would make me swallow it. He would slap me every time and tell me what a dirty cum slut I am, as he shot his load all over my face and tits. Everyone knows that I would do anything for my son. If he wants me to be his party slut, cum dumpster and take all of his friend’s loads, I will gladly swallow every creamy drop, just to make him happy! I love to serve my master.



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