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You and Your Friends Shit All Over Me

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You and your friends are such nasty fuckers. You want to spray me with your shit? You want to feed it to me, don’t you? You want me to be your toilet slave. You want to degrade me, humiliate me, and treat me like a useless slut. Well, you all can easily overpower me. You can tie me up with ropes, using your shibari techniques so I can never escape. Then, you can put me in an open mouth gag so my mouth stays open the entire time no matter what. After that, you can put me on my knees and shit in my mouth. I have no choice but to be your human toilet now. All I can do is swallow it as it comes in or I’ll choke. Once you have sufficiently made me eat your shit, you’ll get some fiber in your bellies and gear up to shit on my face, my tits, my legs, my back and my ass. My whole body will look like I took a bath in shit once you’re all done with me. So, who wants to go first?  

Submissive Sex is the Only Kind of Sex I Am Allowed to Have

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I do best. I do not really know how to be dominant. Guys ask me to dominate them. I try but I am not very good at it. I prefer to be the slave. I told master about this one caller I had last week who wanted me to be his dominant mommy, and I failed miserably, LOL. My master has a friend, much younger than him, who has a mommy fetish. Master thought I would be perfect for him. I told him I could not be his dominant mommy. I should have known better. Master would never expect me to be anything but a submissive whore for any of his friends. I met the guy over the weekend. He was just about my age. He told me his mother was a redheaded whore just like me. I asked him how mommy could serve him, and he shoved me down on the ground and slapped me with his cock. His cock was way bigger than I expected. This guy was hung like a horse. His own mother was likely afraid of his horse dick and that is why she always rebuffed her son’s advances. This friend of master’s was fed up with milfs dick teasing him. He was ready to get his revenge. And my holes were how he got his aggression out. He fucked my ass and my pussy raw. No lube was used. No protection either. He kept calling me mommy. It turned me on to be called mommy even if it was rough sex. I did not need any slave training to be a submissive mommy. I let my son do whatever he wants to me. He hates me, but occasionally he will fuck the shit out of me to try to break me. This friend of master’s thought he could break me too, but I was broken a long time ago. I just acted the part. He would be so pissed to discover that this mommy whore loved the hardcore fucking he gave all my fuck holes.

Submissive whore wants you stretch each whole

submissive whore


A submissive whore has a thing for men who can make her tight ass pucker up and stretch out with little effort. Tell me I’m yours, and show me you will do whatever it takes to fuck me in the ass. If I say no, you will go deeper I am you’re rag doll. The only way you can cum is if I am in pain. The more pain, the more complex the climax. Please show me who the boss is and put that cock down my throat and shoot that load. Tell me I am your trashy bimbo slut, and all you want is to ram me with that big juicy meat of yours. My mouth salivates thinking about that hard cock of yours, and you’re mean demeanor.


Son Of A Submissive Incest MILF!

 Milf Phone SexMy son is the hottest fuck that a submissive mommy could ever dream of! When my oldest boy comes to visit me and his sisters from Chicago, he makes me take his cock like I’m the best mommy cum dumpster! We do all the normal family things you would expect; a nice family dinner out, a trip to the mall with the girls and even a family movie night. By the time we are all alone my son’s cock is rock hard for me, he’s already leaking precum by the time pop it out of his pants. My mouth gets sloppy as I slurp on the head of his fuck stick teasing him with my tongue; mommy’s favorite flavor is always her own son’s cum! My cunt is slippery wet as I feel him hold the back of my head down on his cock dominantly, making me drool all over his heavy balls. After I submitted to my son’s cock fucking my throat he picked me up and spanked my ass a few times. I kissed him deeply as I wrapped my legs around his young hips feeling him force my thick ass against the edge of the bed. Just as my son buried his throbbing cock inside my needy Milf pussy, I looked over to my bedroom door and saw my two sweet little girls standing there watching us. My pussy pounded like a drum when my older daughter walked in to help her mommy cum hard on her brother’s cock. She stroked my clit expertly just like I showed her sending me over the edge, I creamed like a complete whore all over my own son’s pulsating cock right as he unloaded deep inside me.

Bondage Chat: Just a few clicks away from your dreams.

Bondage ChatWhen there are things to talk about bondage chat is at the top of the list for me. I absolutely love the world of BDSM and truly believe in the power of letting go and being tied up. Likewise, I can see the value of holding the power of submissive individuals. It is a power exchange, that allows both individuals to get deep into their sensual zones and climax like they never have before. The sensations I receive whenever I know that I can give every last bit of myself to Master and know he will push my boundaries to the very edge. The way that the rope ties around my body, my wrist behind my back, my breast tied big and tight, it is like I am presenting as the perfect present for Master, and that is just right. 

Of course, he is free to use and abuse my tied-up body in any way he would like. I love the feeling of my soft white skin opening up from leather floggers being whipped across my back. My pussy drips with its wet juices whenever Master uses paddles to smack across my bare ass. I can feel welts rise on my skin with every thwap that I deserve from Master. Not to mention I love being his toilet. I will take whatever comes from Master’s body with pride. Should I be a good little bondage whore Master will reward me with his milky white. When Master fucks my swollen tied-up body my pussy reaches climax so intensely. Being able to put my orgasm in the hands of a strong alpha male makes them feel so rich.




Submissive whore Jessica

submissive whore

I was out all night getting used like a submissive whore, cum dump slut once again. I knew that I would have to go home and face my son but, having my whore pussy stuffed with that much cum was worth it! The minute I walked in the door, my son grabbed me and forced his tongue in my mouth. He stuck his hand down my pants and immediately started rubbing my cunt. He pulled back and said that he could taste the jizz in my mouth and he could feel how loose and worn out my pussy was. He demanded to know where I had been and what I was doing. I was ashamed to admit to my son what a cum thirsty whore I had been but we both know that’s exactly what I am. I started to tell him about having drinks with an old friend and how the waiter was flirting with us. Somehow we both ended up back at his place, sucking his fat dick and taking turns riding him. He called a few friends over to share us with and we couldn’t resist so many thick, hard cocks. We ended up being gangbang sluts for them. I gave up my pussy, mouth and asshole to those massive cum cannons. I let every one of those bbcs, ram my hot cunt and bust a big load in me! After hearing what happened, my son was pissed off and turned on at the same time. I could feel how hard his dick was when he bent me over his lap to spank me. Seeing the cum gushing out of my cunt and rolling down my thighs made him even harder! Call me so I can tell you how he punished me for coming home with stretched and dripping cum holes!


I’m The Perfect Submissive Fuck Pig!

Female Bondage

All my life I’ve been waiting to be used and dominated like a real submissive whore! Ever since I was exposed to my daddy and his belt I have been addicted to submissive acts. I ran away from home and I ended up was working as a teen prostitute, I loved being able to sell the one thing my step-father cared about the most. I craved making money on the road and eventually I ended up in a Master’s dungeon, tied up and completely vulnerable. When I submitted completely to a real dominant, I felt whole for the first time in my meaningless existence. He taught me how to let go of my fear, he taught me how to be free of my desperate need for control. Giving that up meant I could obey and serve, making my master a god in my eyes, he owned me absolutely. That is exactly why I am the perfect submissive fuck pig, I love giving up my body, my mind and any control I have over myself. I want to be used in any way Master sees fit, I want to be your perfect submissive fuck pig!

I Deserve Your Cum! I Earned It!

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You put me in elbow cuffs and forced your cock in my mouth. I sucked like a good bondage whore, unable to touch myself or your cock. I need your cum showers but I know I have to be a good BDSM slut for you before you reward me. I suck your cock and fluff your balls while you jerk off. Do I deserve it yet? Of course not! You remove my elbow cuffs so that you can put me in the sex swing. Then,  you give me an open mouth gag just so I won’t forget that I’m your cock sucking whore. You fuck my ass while I am completely helpless, unable to get out of the swing, your cock sliding in and out of my trembling pussy. When you shove your cock in my ass, I scream and can barely take it. You mock me, telling me I need to learn how to take your cock in my ass or I won’t get any cum. I endure it, begging you to fuck me harder to prove my devotion. When you’re ready to cum, you shower my face with your hot juices. 

Submissive Whore disobeys so she can get fucked

A Submissive Whore never questions her master. I did last night only because I missed the way my master punishes me. I have been so obedient that we had our normal training every day of the week but I wanted more. He right away pulled his paddle and beat my ass hard. He knew it was sore and that is when he spread my ass and shoved the paddle handle in my asshole. My master pumped it in and out my ass pushing the paddle deeper in my ass. I was so wet by then i was just begging for my master to fuck me. He finally realized why I had questioned him and decided to give me the best punishment. He pulled the paddle out my asshole and replaced it with his hard meat. He gave me Bare bottom spankings while fucking my asshole and making it gappy. I was so happy to milk his cock with my asshole. I came so hard. My master laughed and filled me up with his load of cum. He told me from now on if i am good throughout the week i would get a load in my ass before the week starts again.

Bare bottom spankings

Sexy bondage whore gets what she deserves

Slave training

I am not allowed to say no during rough roleplay! I have to follow my bosses instructions in order to keep from getting terminated! I totally can’t afford that right now… and he knows it! Verbal face fucking is one of the many things I have to endure while getting slapped, choked and rough fucked! I’ve been his personal cock sucker since my first initial job interview. There’s never been a safe word either, he gets to do whatever he wants to his slave slut. I fucked up and showed up late for my shift today, I got tied up and fucked like a silicone sex doll..

He is so merciless when I upset him.. I was forced to spread my cheeks for him and have my asshole stretched for hours. He will literally fuck me until  my asshole chaffs from the inside out! His cruel words that he instills in my mind during slave training doesn’t help with my self esteem. As you all probably already know I haven’t had much luck with men… Even my daddy used my fuck-holes to his advantage.. I’ve already grown to accept my fate in life as a Bondage whore, I am not a victim!

Submissive slut