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Submissive Slut And Cock Worshiping

Cock worshiping

Taking my place between his legs, my breast grazing his thighs while I wrapped my head around his thick base, my lips pressing against his swollen head. It’s a privilege to have such free range of a cock so big. Submissive sluts like me rarely have to opportunity to really worship the beauty of such amazing cocks. Cock worshiping is my favorite task if it’s allowed to me. Letting my hands caress and massage the balls while my mouth and tongue survey his mighty shaft. Using his reactions to gauge what pleases him and what does not. Sucking his cock intensely slurping, slobbering all over it cause I know just how much he likes it wet, and messy. Knowing it pleases him to choke on his cock without being forced to. Listening to him praise me for being a good cocksucking slut. Working to earn the deposit of cum for me to swallow as a reward for being a good cock worshiping whore.

Erotic Submissive Stories Go Back Decades to Share

erotic submissive storiesI am full of erotic submissive stories. Would you like to hear some? Some go way back to when I was a little girl, and I was daddy’s little whore. I was never the princess type. As much as I hate talking about my past, I know many of you relish in the details. My introduction into the submissive lifestyle began over 30 years ago when my mother left us for another man. My guess is she either thought my father would not abuse such a young girl or she simply did not care because she found a way out. I woke up one morning and she was just gone. In hindsight, it is possible my father killed her and disposed of her body because all I know is what he told me. I never saw or heard from her again after my father told me she run off with another man. Daddy was rough on her. She was his submissive whore before I was. I was young, but I grew up seeing my father slap her around and fuck her violently, even in front of me. And when my mother went MIA, daddy replaced her with me. I remember that first night my mother was not home sleeping in bed with daddy because he came into my room and dragged me out of bed. He violated my little holes so bad I could not go to school for a week. I was pissing blood and could not sit. My little butthole was prolapsed. It was awful. I never new love from my father. And if he could be so brutal to his own super young daughter, he could have killed my mother and told me she left us for another man easily. I will never know because I ran away when I entered my teen years giving me even more erotic BDSM stories to share.

submissive sex makes me wet

I always have a big smile whenever I get to have my boyfriend beat me in my cheer uniform. He has some mega trust issues and always tells me I’m a whore. Even though I am not fucking anyone behind his back, it always gets me wet thinking about how he knows I’m a vulnerable slave.

I’m always begging him to stop and to leave me alone when he gets in his moods, but I have gotten quite used to the sex that comes from it, and I’m the first to say I love submissive sex now.

My cunt is always wet as fuck, and I am always ready to get rammed by my boyfriend. Whenever he has a bad day, he makes me get my cheer outfit on cause he knows what kind of girl I was in high school and wants to punish me for it.

Golden showers phone sex

Bondage whore

I Am a submissive whore who will take any sized dick and make you feel like a king as you give it to me. I want you to slap me and beat my pussy up. I don’t care if you stick a baseball bat in my pussy as long as you make me submit.. I want to scream loudly for you as you do what you do best master daddy. Just now my daddy told me to put my face in toilet water and bend my ass over for him.

He wanted to fuck me hard from behind as I suffocated my self trying to breathe under water. It was so freaky, naughty, and difficult! As per his request… He wanted me to moan loudly as I kept my head in the water. I was only allowed to pick my head up for 3 seconds to catch a breather. He also wanted me to flush the toilet as I kept my head in the water.

In the end he came so hard and I wasn’t allowed to cum. But then I got a little naughty and came all over his dick… My final submissive order which was supposed to be a “punishment” was him pissing in my mouth over the toilet. He pissed in my mouth till it was mouth full then he made me turn my head he pissed all over the back of my head. To me that was “pleasure” not a “punishment” but who can argue with daddy! I fucking love my master, and I would do anything to please his cock!

Bukkake Party

Bukkake phone sex

Having my face plastered in cum is a good reminder of what a slut I am. With no thought, I stayed all night on my knees like a good whore opening my mouth to cock, and stroking off more until they blast thick loads of cum all over my face. I wasn’t the only whore in attendance but there were so many big dicks surrounding me. I felt like the only submissive bitch there, with nothing to see but throbbing cock, and the cream that leaked from them. Even now hours later I can still feel the sticky hot feel of cum dripping on my face. Still taste the salty, thick cream lingering and teasing my taste buds. I want to be a good cum eating slut, that bukkake party left a real craving for it in me.

Submissive Slut When I am Not Even Trying To Be One

submissive slutI am a submissive slut. I pretty much do whatever a man wants. I went to a club the other day. It was a normal club, not a fetish club. I was meeting a girlfriend for drinks. I normally do not go out like that. I am a home body or a fetish club kind of a woman. But my friend pleaded with me. I had fun with her. I drank fruity drinks and danced with some younger men who had no clue what a subby whore I am. Well, I thought they did not know. I said goodbye to my friend and went to my car. The young guys followed me. I was tipsy. I am not a big drinker, so a few drinks and I am anyone’s submissive whore. I do not think they knew about my lifestyle. They just saw a drunk milf and decided to have some fun with her. I do as I am told so when they told me to show them my cunt, I did. They pulled out their cocks and pissed on me. They pissed all over me as I was sitting in my car. I tried to get away. It was like the hot piss hitting me started to sober me up quickly. One of them grabbed me by the hair and pulled me out of my car onto the gravel of the parking lot. They gang banged me on the gravel. I have road rash now. It was just two guys at first, but then a crowd gathered. The guys started sodomizing too. I was just a bitch on the gravel getting gang banged. They smacked me around a bit too. When I got home, I was covered in cum and piss. I have a bunch of scabs too from the road rash. Even when I am trying to be a normal woman out with a girlfriend, I am still a submissive sex whore.

Consent Non Consent

Submissive sex

“Please daddy no more “I begged as he rammed his massive black cock inside of me. I’m so small that the overbearing weight of a grown man holding down my tiny body makes it impossible to escape. I had no choice but to lay there and open my legs more to allow him to assault my virgin asshole. My pussy started tingling from the submissive sex anal busting that I was receiving. I wanted his sludge-covered cock in my filthy nigger pussy. I try not to moan but feeling his stomach massage my clip as he rammed into my ass hole felt so good! I started thrusting my hips at my abuser until my pussy almost exploded all over his stomach. I love didn’t want him to fill me with jizz but my rectum getting painted white sent me over the edge! I felt my juices trickling down my thigh as his massive cock flopped out of my blown out asshole.

Submissive Whore Fucked With Blades

Submissive WhoreI have a stalker and he knows what a submissive whore I am. He showed up the first night, telling me to answer his questions correctly and everyone I got wrong he removed a piece of my clothing but I was in bed, already not wearing enough for his sick game, My tits and cunt were out after just a few questions and I was embarrassed at how wet I was at this. The next night he demanded a game of hide and seek and if he found me then I would be punished for not being naked when he showed up. He hid his face every time he came over behind horror characters. He found me in my closet and cut all of my clothes off with a knife with a smooth handle. He held the knife by the blade and pressed it up into me. He had me screaming for him, humiliating me by being a stranger and making me cum all over a thick knife!

Naughty Submissive Whore Phone sex

Bondage whore

Master, took me out to the bar and got pissed off because I was acting like a whore… I got super fucking drunk and couldn’t resist the temptation of a big black dick! My master caught me under the bar table sucking him off! This had to of been my worst fucking nightmare! My master hates niggers… he thinks they are dirty fucking monkeys and “America needs to be made great again.”

I was dragged out of the bar by my hair and across the parking lot… he made sure I was showing white skin from the deep scuffs of the pavement digging into me. He brought me to a motel and even offered me more liquor when we got there.. he started shouting “You want to be a coon fucker?” “You worthless bitch, how fucking dare you.” “I should have chopped his nigger cock off and shoved it down your fucking throat.”

Next thing you know he shoved a handkerchief in a bottle and shoved it into my pussy. He tied me to the bed with a harness and threatened to kill me… I didn’t believe he would do such a thing until I suddenly got a whiff of gasoline. I started screaming, begging and crying! Begging him to please give me another chance… He struck a match and lit his homemade Molotov cocktail that was shoved in my pussy on fire.

Luckily the front desk came knocking on the door checking if everything was okay or else I would be dead!

 Bare bottom spankings

Submissive slut loves to relinquish all control!

Submissive slutSubmission is letting a man take complete control of me. I love to be a Submissive slut and relinquish the control. I am his toy to use for his pleasure. I love to be dominated and told to stay in my place. To be abused and told I am a dumb slut to my face. it makes me wet to be use like a whore. i love how you are spreading my legs and forcing me to take more!

I love to be tied up and whipped and embarrassed. Punish me master you know I deserve it. I am nothing but a little fuck toy for you to use. So show me worth baby but please don’t leave a bruise. Let me know my place and keep me in it. if I try to step a single tone over the line make sure I feel it.

Punish my round ass and make it cheery red. Tell me I am worthless com in baby get in my head. Force me to edge while you watch me squirm. You know I am nothing to you I am less than a worm. But I will be your punching ag. And I will not swing back. Hit me while you are pounding my cunt from the back. I am tied up and suspended and I can not make a sound. So, go ahead master make squirt, soak the ground. I am yours and you keep making me cum. My muscles are weak and you called in your son. A family affair to punish the queen of pain? Ok master I will do it remove the gag ill scream his name!