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Submissive Whore Bernice Loves the Look and Feel of Pantyhose

submissive whoreThis submissive whore loves pantyhose. And so does her master. When I was a schoolgirl, I wore hose and tights often. My father told me only sluts showed their bare legs. Different generation now. My daughter loathes pantyhose. Plus, her generation thinks a thong is lingerie. However, my master is old school. He appreciates a fine dressed whore, and that includes pantyhose.

When I was a young girl, my father used my hose against me. He would tie me up with pantyhose. And often ball them up and use them to gag me. My master sometimes uses pantyhose for bondage, but he prefers rope. For him, it is the feel and the look of my legs he enjoys. Even though he is still mostly retired, he does manage a few trusts. So, we go into the office almost every Friday. Plus, it is an excuse to see his slave.

I ran late and that put me in a rush to get to the office. This submissive slut needs to be punctual or get punished with spankings or bondage. I did not realize I put a run in my pantyhose with my long fingernails. And master did not appear happy about that. He ripped them off me, tossed me over his old knobby knees and spanked my ass. Harder than he has in a while.

This Submissive Slave is Never Permitted to Be Bare Legged in the Office

Each time his hand came down on my bare bottom, I could feel the sting. Almost cried. Although I am a seasoned whore, pain I have never acclimated too. Never. Master has a new lease on life since starting some new meds. Modern medicine turned out to be both a blessing and curse. Now he thinks he should introduce me to slave training all over again because I have become lax like not noticing the run in my pantyhose.

When he finished the spanking, he decided to whip my cunt with his belt too. Several days later, my pussy and ass still look beet red and swollen. I only have a few more days to rest up before he abuses my holes all over again.

Submissive Phone Sex: There’s a Whore Waiting to be Used

Calling up my Submissive phone sex line is calling up a whore that craves your control and power. It’s then that you realize a few things about me.

First off, My throat is a perfect tool for you throbbing big cock. A good throat fucked cum receptacle is what I enjoy.

When I pleasure my juicy cunt I am thinking about all te wonderful things you are planning to do to me. Like ram your big fat fuck rod up my ass. Taking and using all of my holes for your cocks pleasure.

One guy I enjoyed being owned by had me used by his furry companion. That red rocket was really something else. The fur and knotting all of it made me super fucking wet.

In no time I bacame owned by that furry beast. I was his bitch. And the guy really got off on me being mounted by his good boy. Some day I hope to be used by a new master that is also very kinky.

Submissive Sex

Submissive slut stripped down, collar tight, ready to serve!


Submissive slut

Submissive slut stripped down, collar tight, ready to serve! I love being stripped down, my clothes torn off of me as I am left standing in just my collar. That collar is a constant reminder of my place, my purpose, to serve and pleasure my Master in every way possible.

I crave the feeling of being restrained, tied up and completely at my Master’s mercy. The anticipation of what he will do to me leaves me dripping wet and begging for more. My body is ready, willing to submit to his every command, I am to be bound and gagged for his pleasure.

I live for the moments when my Master takes control, when he tells me what to do and how to do it. Being submissive is not just a role for me, it’s a way of life. I long to be dominated, to be treated like a slut and to be fucked hard until I am left a trembling mess.

My mouth and throat are at your disposal, Master. Use me, gag me, make me choke on your cock. I want to hear you moan and groan as you use my mouth for your own pleasure. And when you’re done, I’ll eagerly swallow every drop of your cum like a good little whore.

But my talents don’t just stop there. My ass is ready and waiting for your punishment. Spank it, slap it, fuck it. I am aching for you to take me from behind and make me scream in pleasure. Use me as your personal fuck toy and I will gladly moan and scream until you are satisfied.

I offer myself to be bound and whipped. The stinging pain is what I deserve Master. Spoil me by beating my sweet little ass black and blue, then it will be ready for your cock to fuck my tight ass! Pound it hard and when you are ready to cum, I want to feel it shooting into my, I mean your pussy. Everything I have is for you, sir, so call me for hot Submissive sex chat!


Cock worshiping whore ready for a throat fuck!

Cock worshiping It was the perfect day to be a Cock worshiping whore for my masters cock. He throbbed in my warm, wet and sticky mouth. He fucked my dirty slut throat as I gagged and dry heaved on him like the perfect little bitch. He was groaning as he watched those tears pour down my face. He slapped across the face as he pumped my throat hole full of dick over and over again. I couldn’t breathe as he used my face because I was retrained; just like he likes it. He loves when I have no control and have no choice but to just sit there and take it. He railed my mouth open for so long; he was craving an oral session so bad.

If you’re craving Submissive sex with a slut; you better give me a call. I can suck and fuck better than any slave whore here. Just whip out that prick and force it down my throat until I am a whimpering mess. Watch me buck my hips and wiggle to try and get away as you violate my nasty skank throat. Fuck my mouth like a pussy baby; I am ready for your nice creamy load!

Spanking phone sex with Jessica the sub slut

spanking phone sexI miss Daddy and our kinky, spanking phone sex calls. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of being his submissive cum gutter slut. I’m hooked on the way he teases me and makes my slut cunt gush! I’ve been a naughty girl and I know that I deserve to be punished so I go out of my way to push Daddy’s buttons. He’s already told me before that I better not talk back to him so I do, every chance that I get. Daddy always reminds me that he deserves a good girl and that when I talk back, I’m not being a very good girl for him. Just hearing him call me a good girl makes my cunt tingle and gets me so turned on. I want to be his good slut but I’m so addicted to the way he treats me when I’m a naughty slut and disobey him. He makes me walk to the closet and choose my own paddle or whip to receive my punishments with. I get so fucking wet when I’m walking back to Daddy with a paddle in my hand and presenting it to him so that he can bend me over and smack me over my bare ass with it. My pussy tingles more with every slap. Daddy whips my bare ass until it’s bright red and then shoved his big dick in and fucks me from behind while my ass is still stinging. He isn’t around to punish me tonight but my cunt is wet and I’m ready to be punished, fucked and put back in my place!

Cock Worshiipping Sub Whore

I am a complete sub. I am very well trained to please my master. I am always respectful and call my master sir. I like to worship my master’s cock. I will kiss it and lick it.  After Master has used every one of my holes to his pleasure and satisfaction I will happily clean his cock for him with my tongue. I feel that the cum that master shoots on me. I love it on my tits, deep inside my pussy or ass, and if I am a good girl he rewards me with his juices all over my face it is even better in my mouth.  My master loves to tie me up  fuck my ass as hard as he can.  After he has used my mouth and ass to his satisfaction he gives me the biggest reward of all his cock in my pussy.

cock worshiping

Submissive Whore to use as fuck toy, tie up, and rough fuck

Submissive WhoreHandcuff me and enslave me! I am nothing more than a worthless Submissive Whore made to be your fuck pig. My body is yours for as long as you’ll allow me to serve you, Sir. Use me as your fuck toy, tie me up, and rough fuck every last one of my holes. A Teen whore like me doesn’t deserve any sympathy. I have a fetish for ruthless maniacs that have no remorse. I deserve all that you have planned for me!

No mercy, rough fuck me, I am meant to be used as your Cum dumpster.

Ravage me before ripping me a brand new asshole… Ass fucked, doggy-style with no lubrication needed… My gaping asshole will already be prepped and ready to drench your cock upon arrival. Bondage and submission is what a whore like me enjoys! I’ve been probing my asshole all while having 4lb weights attached to my labia minora. I am ready to be your sloppy throat slave, I have my gag ring in place. Insert your cock and rough fuck my face.

I promise not to let any of your superior cum load go to waste…

Coat my tonsils in a thick layer of your cock cream or creampie my cunt.. It is up to you, whatever hole it is you decide to use you can abuse and dismantle. whatever you decide on, I promise I won’t spare an inch… I will ensure to swallow up every inch of your throbbing hard cock and relieve you inside of one if not all of my fuckholes. I am the obedient Bondage whore you’ve been searching to find.

Submissive Slut Jacqueline Loves Pleasing Masters Cock

“You are my submissive slut and I love that I am the one to dominate you.” You declare as you run your fingers along my jawline, feeling the softness of my skin beneath them as they trace their way down to where our bodies meet – that sweet spot between my legs that gets dripping wet at each small touch. I

submissive slut jacqueline

can sense your excitement through your hard cock with you  knowing how much power you have over me right now just by brushing against my pussy like you are.

The sound of leather against wood fills the air as you lead me into “the room” – filled with an array of BDSM paraphernalia designed specifically for moments like these: whips, floggers…even some restraints dangling from hooks on walls  I get excited knowing my master is in control of my body and I’m at his mercy to be a slaveto his cock.

I look from the floggers hanging on hooks to the whips coiled neatly on shelves. It’s clear that this isn’t new territory for you; in fact, it seems like quite a turn-on! The thought of being able to control someone so willing and open makes your cock throb inside those pants and my pussy already dripping with excitement..

 Brushing your fingers against my clit while sucking on my tits. You grab the back of my hair and you bite my neck and whisper into my ear “You are mine tonight, you understand” as he then shoves a huge ball gag into my mouth. I choke and gag as it’s far too big for my mouth. Drool running down the sides but alas, I oblige, I am his whore and nothing more.

“You are such a sexy slut,” you whisper in your ear as your hand traces along the line of your jaw again back down my ass crack and under my panties this time, this time more forcefully than before.  You push your fingers on the outside of my sluthole making me want more and more.  I thrust my hips up as a sign I want you in me.

The sound of zippers being lowered echoes through the room followed by panties taken off forcefully. I am an eager submissive whore for what is coming next!

Submissive sex with your fav ginger slave trainer!

Submissive sexMy all time favorite Submissive sex is with a sweetie little teen who is new to the domination and submissive world. My master made me in charge of breaking in all the new meat. I am pretty great at training and there is nothing I like more that pretty teen pussy. It is especially fun when a sweet little whore like this has never been with another woman before. I get so excited to show her the ropes and make good use of her holes and body. My master is always so proud when I bring out a fresh piece of holes for him. 

I always tell her that the way to a dominant man’s heart AKA “Master” is by Cock worshiping him whenever he is around. He gets off on sluts who throw themselves at him and praise him. He knows he is doing good in the world; one slut at time. This is why I always have to make sure my bitches are trained and ready for daddy. If they aren’t prepped correctly I will be punish fucked and used until he is happy. Sometimes he likes to abuse and force me to do anything just to get his cock nice and hard so he can spray a big load. 

It’s time for some fun BDSM chat with your favorite ginger whore. Call me so I can tell you all about breaking this little sweetie in. I get another cunt to train soon too! I can’t wait to have all my bitches lined up and ready to be fucked by daddy dick in no time!

Hardcore bondage with a red headed slave doll!

Hardcore bondageMaster told me he has a lot of friends who love Hardcore bondage. I as very scared at first but very soon after I became used to it. Once you get tied up and used like a piece of meat the first time; it all becomes so easy afterwards. It is not as painful as it looks; some pain and pleasure make for a great time. I have been a slave cunt for such a long time now; I can’t even remember the last time I felt enjoyment with sex. Most of the time I am in pain or totally numb from all the fucking and torture to my pathetic body. 

That’s totally normal though and once you get used to it you won’t even care. The enjoyment I get is when I see my superiors feeling good. When you are soaking wet from a cock being jammed down your throat you know you are a proper Submissive slut. I love my tits bouncing back and forth as my mouth is being used like a cunt. Feeling my throat close up and barely being able to breathe makes me so horny. I love when all my nasty throat slime is dripping down to my fat tits. Listening to man moan and groan as he busts his nut down my nasty wet throat is the best feeling ever! I want to make you cum baby; call me so I can make you feel good like a good set of fuck holes.