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XXX Bondage – How to Spank a Woman

As new as I am to the BDSM lifestyle and local community, one thing I have learned from my experiences is spanking.  Let me tell you how to spank a woman.XXX bondage

I don’t know about OTHER women, but I can tell you what I find erotic. I like being bound on my hands and knees so that I can’t move an inch, no matter how I struggle. Once I am immobile, I love to feel my dom’s hand run over every inch of my bared skin, gently teasing and taunting me. When he runs his hand down my hip and over my ass, I love when he teases my ass and cunt, gently gliding his hand over the slit that runs the length of them. Then, a sudden, hard smack that reverberates through the room, stinging my flesh as it leaves a nice hand print. Another gentle hand stroking over my ass cheeks, massaging the cheeks perhaps, before another harsh smack on the other cheek. Repeat that as many times as you like, until EVERY INCH of my luscious ass is as red as a radish, and welted over nicely. If it bruises, more’s the better!How to Spank a Woman

Submissive Whore Halloween Sex Toy Party

submissive whoreI attended a submissive whore sex toy party. It was a Halloween themed party too. At first I thought that just meant a costume party. I went as a French Maid. Seemed an appropriate costume for a submissive woman. I was actually quite shocked to discover that the sex toys being were Halloween inspired. I fell in love with the Frankenstein collection. You got it. Monster sized dildos with nuts and bolts for added pleasure and really huge green balls. The woman throwing the party was owned too. We drank wine, sampled the products and enjoyed girl time. I felt relieved actually to be away from the watchful eyes of masters for a little bit. That felling didn’t last long, however. All of our masters arrived about an hour into our party. Changed the dynamic drastically. We were no longer women trying out toys for our pleasure. We were submissive pets fucking ourselves for our master’s amusement. I was ordered to use the Frankenstein dildo on my ass. I hesitated too long and got slapped in the face. That was nothing compared to what would happen if I didn’t do as instructed.

rape phone sex fantasiesMy master had a surprise for me. Actually all the master’s had a surprise for us. I was giving a show to a cloaked man. He was in disguise as were several other men. Myself and the other submissive women were shredding our assholes with horrific sex toys for the entertainment of unknown men. I stopped asking questions a long time ago. Whatever my master was up to didn’t matter as long as I complied. I fucked my ass raw, but it was nothing compared to the hardcore ass fucking my maser’s cloaked friend gave me. All of us got the same treatment. My ass was prolapsed by the time he was finished. As if the anal torture was not enough, I discovered that my ass assailant was my teen son. In fact all the cloaked men assembled by our masters were our sons. I still have not decided it that was a trick or a treat. Maybe both? Do you have rape phone sex fantasies about mommy?

Submissive slut

submissive slut

My master has been so upset with me lately, he is tired of me talking back to him, he decided to teach me a little lesson. He smacked me across the face and told me to get on my knees. I obeyed him as I got ready to suck and stoke his cock. My master pulled out his cock and began forcing it down my through telling me to take it deeper and deeper to the point where I was gagging. I begged him to stop which just added to his anger. My master punched me acrooss the face telling me to learn to respect authority. I began bleeding from my nose the more and more he punched me. I begged him asking him to forgive me for being such a bad submissive whore. I was then forced on to the ground and told to keep quiet or else. My master pulled out a needle and thread and began sewing my mouth shut. I screamed and cried in pain as he began threading the needle in and out of my lips. He laughed and smiled at me telling me thats how a whore learns her place and how to be quiet. He then bent me over and began fisting my pussy being as rough and as aweful as he possibly could. I guess I need to just be a submissive whore since that is all that I am good for.

BDSM Phone Sex Fantasies Fulfilled

Let me assist in fulfilling those BDSM phone sex fantasies next time your seeking that need. You know, to humiliate a useless whore? I want to be that submissive whore that you use up, beat up, and tie up. I want to be bound and pleasured to the point of losing it.

Make me your pleasure victim and force face fuck me while my cunt is being invaded by a mechanical cock. Fuck my face while you have my nipples and clit clamped. I am here for you to use and penetrate me however you fill fit.

I want to please my new master and be the best submissive slut I can be! Can you control my perverted needs, and quell that empty hole that needs to be filled?

BDSM Phone Sex

My True Purpose

submissive slut

Look at me! The biggest submissive slut you could ever find. My Daddy raised me right, to enjoy being beaten around, used and fucked like the submissive slut I am. Being treated like shit is my specialty! Cum, piss and shit, bondage, abuse, humiliation, forced rape fantasies, k9 play… I fucking love it all. My cunt is literally dripping writing this because what I crave right now is for more men than I can count will come in and take advantage of this true submissive slut. I want them to pass me around beating me, fucking me, keeping me tied up and completely helpless and at their mercy. Even when I struggle I cum hard because this is how I want and need to be treated. This is how all women should be treated in my opinion…and I only state my opinion because a man is not around to put me in my place. That’s all I crave in life, that is my only true purpose – to be used.

Submissive Phone Sex with Mommy

submissive phone sexDo you like submissive phone sex?  That is all I do. My life is 24/7 submissive.  I have not been expose to much extreme  BDSM, humiliation or torture. Why? Because I am older and have been with an old school master for decades. Think Madmen. Think 50 Shades of Gray. I am the kind of woman who knows her place. I bring you your coffee, your slippers, your drink… I do all your cooking and cleaning. You get to fuck me when you want and how you want. In my generation, women were subservient to men and their elders. It is so foreign to me that younger men want to dominate me. And dominate me in extreme ways. Same with guys of all ages on the phone. I see a trend of extreme pain and degradation being inflicted on women. I don’t know if it is misogyny, revenge, anger or a little of all three. It scares me as I search for a new master. I have had guys on the phone ask why be a submissive whore if I don’t like the way the modern dominant man treats his submissive pet? Because I don’t know how to survive in this word without a man to take care of me. I went from daddy to my husband to my boss/master. All three men owned me. All three men provided for me financially. I don’t go from dominant relationship to the next. I have had a series of 3 long term master servant relationships so it is all I know. I think I have decided my son needs to be my new master. Sure he is young, and quite capricious, but I think it is hot to be owned by a member of your own family. Think about it. Wouldn’t you have loved to force fuck your mother whenever you wanted? Share her with your friends? Pimp her out for money? And humiliate and degrade her? Maybe you can help prepare me for a world of being my son’s submissive milf phone sex slut?

Submissive Phone Sex with Dorthy

submissive phone sex

I love it when my Masters call me and tell me all about what they want to do to me, making me call them Daddy and beg for their cum. Playing out a fantasy is fun, I really am a submissive whore and like pleasing my men. I am a little cum dumpster for you and will do anything, anything, to get you off. I get so hot doing it too, even talking about it. With your permission I will play with my pussy as we tell each other stories. We will cum together, though I know you will leave me wanting more. I always do. This whore can never get enough of her Master’s cock or cum, and I’ll beg you to give it to me. Won’t you call me now, Daddy? Please?! I need your cum and I’m waiting to get off with you. Help me to get off and I’ll make sure to drain your balls like a good little whore for you.

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Lonely whore

Milf phone sexThere’s just something about milf phone sex that adds a certain luster to getting off, wouldn’t you say? Someone who knows how to be the perfect submissive slut just for you? I just love it when someone dresses me up. Picks my clothes, orders me to wear them, and how to wear them.

Take my choices away, and make me your total submissive whore. Tell me to stay on my knees till you give me permission to get up. Order me to hurt myself, shove a baseball bat up my cunt till I bleed, I’ll do exactly as I’m told. That’s what a good little cum slut is supposed to do, obey her master! Maybe you have a good idea for a game to play with me? I love playing “how many dicks can we fit in this cunt?”

Have I been a good little whore? Will you give me your cock if I have been? Maybe even your cum? Your marks on my milky flesh, and your sticky cum in my hair are my badges of honor, sir.

Please, sir, I beg you, if I’ve been bad, will you punish me really, really hard? Please?

submissive slut

Master Daddy

milf phone sex

My master loves when I submit to him most by giving him all my little ones. He ties me up and gags me and I am helpless to watch his brutal torture as he makes them his too. Truth be told I am dripping and all slippery watching his ruthless thrusts. I love watching him pound their little faces AND their little bodies. Squirming and their wailing makes me crazy cuz I love everything he is doing to them. I love giving him every part of me, he owns me. I struggle and he knows it’s time to let me help him, sitting on her face so she can taste what her cries do for Mommy. Cry all you want because Mommy and her Master love it. Master Daddy, Master Cock, Master Master Master. He owns us, our bodies and our minds just submit and stop fighting…or fight and turn us on more. That’s the life I live with my Master, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sexy Bondage Lady Has Needs

Sexy bondageI had a date last night. He was sexy, a sweet man, and I really enjoyed the date, but there was one. Little. Problem. He was vanilla as fuck, and I am just ridding my life of all of the vanilla. So, when he finally dropped me off, I allowed him to kiss my cheek before I bid him goodnight. I walked in, picked up my phone, and immediately dialed one of my party friends. I begged as prettily as I knew how. When I hung up the phone, I hurried to my room to change. I put on my sexiest lingerie, made sure my stockings were properly connected to their garters, and then waited patiently. When the guys got there, I was already in position, waiting by the door. They walked in and smiled at me there, on my knees, back straight, hands palms down on my thighs, looking at the floor. One of them grabbed my hair and led me to the couch. At that point, they stuffed my mouth full of cock, and my pussy and ass full of fingers. My breasts were pinched, poked, prodded, and smacked. My ass was abused. Finally they lifted me up onto the ready and waiting cock of one of them. I started to stroke the other 2 off, until they decided I needed to be completely stuffed. I’m still not entirely sure they didn’t rip me apart, but they stuffed 2 cocks in my pussy, and one in my ass. They pummeled me until I was screaming, all the while pinching, twisting, and smacking various parts of my body. At last, I felt their cocks all hardening up for that amazing finale. All at once, I was filled with cum, leaking it back out almost as quickly as they were shooting it off into me. The full sensation of their seed and cocks sent me flying in one final orgasm.