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Happy Fathers Day!!


Submissive whore

I was my daddy’s shadow! He was my hero! Then one day after he got into a fight with my mom she left. After that he started drinking. Drank so much he turned into a different man. He turned into his true self. He started punishing me. More than normal. He would pull my panties down and take a switch to spank my pussy lips. Now that I am older I love being a submissive whore who does exactly what her daddy or master tells her to do.

Submissive phone sex

I even dress up for my daddy. I put on a mask so he doesn’t have to look at Submissive whore face as he punishes me for fingering myself. Daddy doesn’t want my pleasing myself. This fathers day I have left my cunt un-touched for an entire week! I am struggling with not fucking myself but my daddy’s gift this year is a untouched pussy that he can punish for hours!! I want to be my daddy’s subby whore ! 

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Submissive Whore

      Submission whore want ads went out everywhere! They had put the advertisement in the paper to find me a master. Wanted a young slut willing to suffer bondage, extreme humiliation, severe whipping and sexual duties. I knew the nuns would be pleased for me to earn my keep. I had been auditioning all week the last Master Applicant had my body in a whirl wind. I stood still as I felt the sting of the lash against my tits. Hurrying to the wall as instructed I could see the chains from above. Suddenly I felt his hands push me into the wall. I felt the tear of my flesh against the stone wall over and over again. Tears ran down my face and blood ran from my tits. I could only cry mercilessly as the whip landed on my back and pussy lips. Was he my Dominate or a punisher of cruelty? Only the nuns and you could decide. My soul purpose now was to be of service and do what you wished. My only question is how will you break me?

Submissive whore Dorthy loves spanking phone sex

Spanking Phone Sex DorthyHow about some spanking phone sex before bed? You know the kind that makes you want to stroke your cock while I spank myself only the way you want me to? How bout we come up with a hot scenario to set the pace. The boss / bad employee was always my favorite. I had been working at the diner for a short while, and I was always looking for a way to get in trouble. The owner I had only heard about, and today I got to meet him. I heard stories about how he loves to discipline the new girls. When he walked in I knew he liked me. I could feel his eyes looking through me. Short changing him on purpose was easy. And when he left I knew he would be back. I was closing the tilll and counting it down when he came in and locked the door behind him. I knew what he wanted and so I pulled up my skirt and bent over the counter. His hand felt like a glove when it cupped my perfect ass. The sting felt amazing as his fingers dove into my pussy. Working me hard and fast he would slap then enter my cunt. Slapping faster and faster.. I spread my legs and felt his cock enter me from behind. He ripped my top off and slapped my tits. And when he exploded inside, I came with him. He smiled at me and told me next time learn how to count. Leaving as quickly as he arrived. I knew I liked this job, and now I need you to come interview me for the next one! Let me be your submissive whore tonight. Submissive Whore Dorthy

Tie Up this Submissive Whore

submissive whore CaseyI woke up. I couldn’t move. I was bound, head to foot, my mouth filled with something, muffling my attempts to cry out. My eyes were bound, and I couldn’t see anything. And then he was there, moving behind me. I heard a “slap, slap, slap” sound, seeming to be a paddle against the side of a leg, and the noise began moving in a circle around from behind me, to my left, to my front. Then, with no warning but a soft hush of air, I felt a sharp CRACK of a paddle smack against the side of my right tit! I jumped and tried to squeal, but all I could make was a *mmphf* sound through the collection of stuff covering my mouth.

I tried to shift in my bonds. I couldn’t, I was bound up so tight. But as I wriggled a bit, I found I was uncomfortable. The more I wriggled, the worse it got, and I kept wriggling to find a less painful position. As I shifted, I heard the familiar sound of a man jerking off. “That’s right, you just try to get out of those bonds, you submissive whore,” he said breathily as he stroked himself. I started writhing and fighting at my bonds, and I started crying behind my blindfold. My audible cries of discomfort and pain went basically unheard in my gag, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because soon I felt the hot stream of cum coat the blindfold and drip over my nose, clogging my holes and making it difficult to breathe.

I just love submissive phone sex, don’t you?

Submissive Slut

submissive slutI am a submissive slut! I can fuck anyone. I am young and cute. But most guys don’t understand what I need! I need a strict daddy! One who is going to spank me when I don’t do things right! My daddy is going to train me to be a good cum dumpster! My daddy is going to teach me to be a perfect whore! And my daddy is going to fuck me when I am really good. And perhaps even let me have his cum! I have had a few daddies who were close! And I loved how they used me! But I am still looking for The right daddy to tie me up and put on my nipple clamps! The right daddy to gape me open and tell me what a fucking slut I am! I want daddy to use me and abuse me. That is what it takes to make my teen subby cunt to cum! Are you there daddy?

Submissive phone sex whore seeks Master

Submissive Phone Sex

     Submissive phone sex breaks me down during the call. I want to lose all mind control and orgasm at your will. This is one of those calls and fantasies I have had Master. If you wish we can continue. My only wish  as your slave is to serve. I hear footsteps master is that you or the nuns?

    The nuns hung me from the ceiling after the games were over I am sure they are preparing for me what is to come master. And so the fantasy starts…

      You came in to see me. My hands are shackled above my head. Smiling, you pick up two tit presses. Ignoring my pleas you take my tit and feed it through the bars. You repeated the procedure with the other tit. Gripping the wing nuts you start turning. Picking up the long pins you press them in my tits. My screams went to racking sobs.

    You told me to bend over so you could fuck my ass. Shackling my ankles to the floor, you force my tits to hang down as you puncture more needles in them. I beg you to use lubricant on my ass or it would cause more pain. Putting a hand on my bruised clit the nuns said I was lying that this would cause the most pleasure. Walking over to a shelf they pick up a box with a salve in it to apply to my pussy. It would cause it to itch but would be perfectly fine for you as long as you wore a condom.

    Taking a condom out of the box the nuns sheath your cock inside of it. They were made for my master’s substantial cock. Your cock! The nuns scooped a large amount of gob onto my cunt and I was ready! Your fat cock rammed into my pussy stretching the cunt walls. The condom was rubbing the walls of my raw pussy.

    Placing your cock against my tight asshole ,you ram it all the way in up to my sphincter .You will not let me beg for mercy! I am mind fucked. I am just a lump of flesh being used and abused for the pleasure! I am a broken submissive slut ready for Master.

Submissive Whore Here to Serve You

submissive whore CaseyWhat makes me more than just any other submissive whore ready to serve your every desire? I am earnest and sincere, and I have been a submissive since before I knew that such a thing existed. As soon as I started dating, I was being dominated by lovers, and it always seemed right. But when I met my first Master (even though we didn’t use titles), I knew finally what I was – someone who needed to be owned. I realized that I need someone, not to abuse me thoughtlessly, but to take ownership of me and command me for my own good, and for HIS own good.

I will do more than please you sexually. I am here to serve you in any way you please. I will cook for you, do your laundry, and keep the house clean. Then, when you come home, I will kneel for you so you can tie me up to keep me from moving, then you can do with me as you please. Put a gag in my mouth to keep me quiet – otherwise, I can be quite noisy.

Bondage Submission Of a whore

Bondage Submission

      “Of course it will hurt doll face.” He said. Master will open your pussy with his cock for the first time. Always remember that his pain means that he is feeling a great pleasure. Mentally because he is fucking you for the first time and  physically because he is violating you for the first time. Their former slave had died from fulfilling their duty to you Master. She had died a good death by fulfill her obligations to these bastards. I remember their former slave locked in the cage. I had heard that they had fucked her and forced her to suck cock until she bled internally. She cried and wailed at the end the guy that was trained to be her master had pushed his cock into her eye socket she screamed out in terrible pain and she died from what I was told. But again our reason in life is to be used so I guess that it was only fair that they took her life for pleasure. What mind frame a couple days here had gotten me!

     I have been taught to give a lot of pleasure with my pain and possible death. I am getting my ass lubricated ready for master. He may want to take me in the ass as usual they say or fuck my pussy. They have not decided what will be pleasing. Perhaps maybe you can decide my fate! After all, I am here to serve as your submissive slut!

Submissive Slut for Phone and Life

submissive slut bondageI’m a submissive slut and damn proud of it. I don’t get bitchy women who try to emasculate or control their men. My place is on my knees catering to my Master’s every whim and need. I never say no. I never make demands. I never argue or fight. If Master has had a bad day, well I am ready and willing to be his punching bag so he can relieve some stress. Some people do not believe I am truly submissive. My girlfriends think phone sex is just a job for me, or that I somehow get paid for being abused.

BDSM phone sex trashy milfI am a submissive phone slut, because I want to please more men. Share my BDSM lifestyle with men who understand how to treat a worthless whore like me. In fact, I am so dedicated to this alternative lifestyle that I got the BDSM symbol tattooed on my body. The BDSM Emblem is a design based on a Triskele. Three “arms” curve out to from the center and merge with an encompassing circle. The three divisions represent the 3 major components of BDSM . The three divisions of BDSM itself: B&D, D&S, and S&M. The three-way creed of BDSM behavior: Safe, Sane, and Consensual. And, the three divisions of the community: Tops, Bottoms, and Switches. I am of course always a bottom.

sexy bondage slutMany submissives wear jewelry with the symbol to let other folks into the BDSM lifestyle know they share their fetish. I went as far as to ink it on my body because I was born a slave. I will always be a slave. This is not a phase for me because of the popularity of the stupid Fifty Shades of Gray novels. I am a full time bondage whore. I am your willing slave to use. Nothing is off limits to me.

2 Girl Phone Sex: Two Submissive Whores

I was invited by a fellow sub Casey to play with a Master/ Mistress the other night for 2 girl phone sex fun. We arrived at the couples home and were escorted to their Master Bedroom where the two awaited us. I haven’t had many Masters and have never had a Mistress so this would be fun. I’ll be honest I have had reservations about serving with another sub, however if I haven’t tried it…

2 Girl Phone Sex
We were ordered to undress and stand before our Mistress while Master circles us looking us up and down and running his hand over out asses giving them a little slap. He was inspecting his investment Mistress tells us, with a chuckle as she tosses Master something rolled in a ball.

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Master starts grabbing our wrists and bind them behind our backs with some leather strapping. They both then came and looked us over in the dresses they requested we wear. I am in the red while Casey is in Black. Our session started with them forcing us to make out, rub our boobs together and eat each other out. Mistress and Master came in behind us as we were forced face to face with our tits rubbing together. Mistress had a big strap-on and Master had a raging hard on. It was evident they wanted to try the inventory out completely before committing to making us their playmates.