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Crazy Hot Summer

Cum slut phone sex

Florida, a crazy hot summer night, I had just pulled my BMW into the parking garage, highest level furthest from everyone. I jump out of my car, set the alarm and made my way to the stairs to head over to the casino. I’m making my way down the stairs; I get to the 3rd floor and a woman is standing in the corner, a bit in the shadows. I nod at her and she flies toward me pins me to the wall suddenly my pants are being unzipped. She stands up, looks me in the eyes “You don’t need to pay me, you fine ass is worth that cock in my mouth and that same cock slamming into my pussy.” I hesitated for about a half second and blurted out “fuck yes.” Her lips get on my cock and I haven’t had a bj in so long that as soon as she sank her throat down over my whole shaft I started to lose it.

I was thinking how pathetic it was that I was cumming so quickly but then realized that she asked me if I wanted to fuck. So I slammed that ho’s pussy doggy style until we had cum enough times that our cock and pussy are slapping like an old waterbed. I shagged that ho and got her close to cumming all over my shit, this is a story almost meant for Penthouse. Even though I came quickly; because the pussy was so hot, I had to keep slamming my cock deep inside her. On my third nut, I am ramming my cock as deep as I can go in that pussy, pull out and shoot my load all over her ass.

As soon as I busted a nut I zipped up and walked away.

Approaching pimp: “here you go, Sir.” “That’s right bitch, you proved yourself now you a ho in my stable. Now go suck more cock you cum slut.

Toilet Slave

slave training

Hey it’s your slave Rosalie. Is it ok if I speak, or will you gag me with your dick for daring to? Oh, please I’m just here to serve you, please don’t burn me. I know I’m a bad girl, so use me like the toilet I am. Yes Master, put the toilet over my face and pee and shit all over me. I’m just a place for you to dump all your cum and piss and shit. Spit on me if it makes you cum more for me. Fuck my pussy until I bleed and cry, and humiliate me by using me as a toilet in front of my friends and your friends. I wanna taste your piss and shit, master. I’m just your toilet and cum dumpster. Anytime you want to use me, call my live phone sex line.

Your slave, Rosalie

Female bondage

female bondage

Me and my friend were messing around and having a sleep over. She talked me into putting ropes around one another, bonding each other up very tightly. We are completely naked and all of the sudden my brother walks in.

I had no idea he had plans of taking advantage of the both of us and told her his plans before hand. He came in with a rock hard dick, ready to abuse us however he saw fit. He whipped his dick out and pissed all over us. He made me take his cock pressed down my throat.

Without any hesitation he jack hammered my throat rough and deep and exploded it right in my tonsils. His warm cum blew and leaked down my throat. He is just getting started.

Submissive Sex Slave

Submissive slutMaster controls everything I say and do. I’m his submissive slut, his play toy, and his sex slave. I’m not allowed to wearing clothing the only thing that I wear is the leash and collar around my neck. He takes a shit and it’s my job to wipe his ass with my tongue. I’m not allowed to ask questions or talk back. When he has guests over he passes me around like a party favor. I have scars on my knees because I’m on my knees sucking cock for hours at a time. My purpose in life is to be used and abused. Master loves to cause me pain and make me cry because he loves the taste of my tears. I’m only allowed to speak when spoken to, and if I break his rules that’s an automatic reason for punishment. He’ll hang me against the wall with my hands above my head and my legs spread and whip me with a leather belt. I love and respect Master and I’ll always be his submissive slut.

seen and not heard whore

My little cunt craves some touching from some strong and sturdy hands. The kind that are rough and know exactly how to treat me. I want to feel a strong grip on my throat and a heavy thrust in to my fuck hole. I am not in to that soft lovey dovey bull shit. I need a stern personality, a strong hand to swat my ass, a hard and fat cock to fuck my cunt and my ass hole, and a huge load to shoot down the back of my throat.

Submissive whore

I love it when my hair is pulled, my legs are open and I am tied up like a pretzel. I love being whipped, spit on and humiliated because I am a submissive little whore and I was taught a long  time ago that I am to be seen and not heard unless I am moaning or choking on a big wad of jizz from a yummy cock and balls.

Golden Shower Slave

submissive whore

Hey! It’s Rosalie, your slave. Please pee on me again and put me in my place. I love when you bully me! I remember when I was a bit younger a girl I went to school with bullied me in front of a lot of other girls. She made me eat her hairy, unclean pussy, and then she peed all over my face while other girls laughed and mocked me. She made me put my tongue deep into her cunt until I found it hard to breathe. She asked me to spread her lips and moan like I liked it. I tried and it wasn’t good enough, so with my mouth open wide she peed a LOT into my mouth. I thought I was going to drown! Anyway! Please punish me with your piss. If you call me on my live phone sex line, be prepared for golden shower.

Cum slut phone sex

 cum slut phone sex

 My body is held captive by my master and he has no intentions of ever releasing me. My wrist are tied up so tightly that they are a different skin tone then the rest of my body. My legs are bonded in a harness and I am spread so wide that my master can have his way with whatever whole he sees fit.

I am here for his pleasure, his personal little sex toy. He puts a gag in my mouth and slaps his cock across my face. He spits right into my eyeballs leaving them completely sticky and cloudy. He works my legs up more into the harness so that my ass hole is at his reach.

He shoves his cock straight into my ass and hammers his cock balls deep into me. He makes the skin between my pussy hope and ass red with how forcefully he rams his dick into me. He doesn’t stop letting me know how much of a worthless slut I am.

All I am is a bucket where he can dispose of his cum at. You own me master.

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex calls turn me on; especially if I am spanking my unruly daughter for a man’s pleasure. Today, I was spanking my daughter for one of my phone masters. He has been helping me train my daughter to be a cock pleaser. She is only motivated by pain and fear. We may have spanked her bare bottom raw last time, so we used gentle gloves on her bare ass today. She was left in my care this morning, while master worked. Since she is not permitted to wear clothes when in the house, the Amazon delivery man got quite a show. I could see he was aroused. Since my phone master told me my daughter needs to take more cock, I invited the delivery guy to fuck her. He inquired about her age, but I assured him he had parental consent to fuck the shit out of my baby girl. She was hesitant at first to submit, but I held up the paddle I would use on her well beaten ass and she ran to him, unzipped his pants and sucked his cock like a good submissive slut. He enjoyed her jailbait mouth on his cock. I was surprised at his ample cock size. He wanted to fuck her tight teen pussy so I told her she better do it or she would be severely punished. She hopped on his cock like she was riding her bike to the store. Clearly, she was learning to be a good cock pleaser.  I was proud. I knew our master would be too. She still needs a lot of work, like all women, but she is no longer fighting or resisting cock in her fuck holes. It may be just fear of pain, but whatever it is, I am happy to see that slave training is working.

Submissive Sex at the Bridal Shower

Submissive sexI got to attend a bachelorette party, and thought I’d be seeing a stripper. Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting to be the highlight of the show. Not only was I made to strip, dancing and making it as sexy as possible for the bride-to-be and her party, but I was made to get down and dirty for them. Once I was naked for them, they pulled out the 2 dildos the bride had been given, and then had me start fucking her with them. One was in her cunt and the other in her ass. I worked them both in and out of her holes, making sure they bottomed out every time, and getting her all hot and bothered. Instead of cumming, though, the bride had me pull them out, and then I was forced to lick and suck them clean while the bride’s maid of honor licked her cunt and ass. I watched as the bride was driven to orgasm, and wasn’t even allowed to help.

I will be a little whore for you

Cheap phone sex Being a submissive whore is all that I am, and believe me when I say that I will do anything you want. I love feeling your big hard cock sliding into my cunt over and over again, going deeper and deeper as I scream on your cock. You make me feel like a good little slut as I grind your cock and all my juices are squirting all over your big balls. I will take my tongue and clean up your cock and balls, believe me that will feel so good baby. I really want your balls to unleash all your cum all over my cunt and my little asshole. Make me your whore please master? I want to be the perfect little slut for you.

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