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Let me be Your Cum Bucket Slut

Cock worshiping



Do you want to let me do the nastiest things in the world to you? Last night wanted to fuck you I wanted to let you fuck me but tonight is different because we’re going through with our wants. You like this black lace thong panty suit this is real fucking hot. I know you like the lace on it don’t you I wore this just for you. You like my long little t-shirt and if you were wondering why I wore something so loose well because it’s going to be on. We’re at the drive-in movies you’re looking so fucking hot tonight your dick is bulging out of your jeans it really wants me. You’re going to fuck me like a prostitute, fuck me good at the movies and yes I mean let’s fuck at the drive-in and get it all the way in. I am your nasty little fucking trash slut. I am your nasty little fucking whore I’ll do the worst things for you and even if you want me to I’ll lick your asshole clean. Yeah, I’m an alley cat slut a lot lizard tramp and I love it. It’s what I want to be, and I can’t take it if you just tried to stop me because I need the dick. I need your big fat cock everywhere in all of my holes fuck me really good. Bend me over the fucking steering wheel and fucking drive your cock into my asshole. I need to fill your snake sliding in and out of my asshole I want it more than anything in the entire world right now. We are going to fog up all these windows with ourfucking slutty Behavior it’s okay it’s alright I don’t mind tonight.


Dominant Masters

Extreme fetish phone sexWhat I love most is the dominant Masters who call to take control of my whore body and make me their little sweet fuck toy. I love those special callers who get on the phone and tell me exactly how it is going to be. Using every inch of my worthless body until they have no more use for it, and then tossing me aside. When that phone rings, my cunt drips. When I hear your dominate voice on the other end of the line. My cunt gushes. When you begin to control me, my cunt squirts like Niagra falls. The way you degrade my body I yearn for the pain that brings you to the point of great pleasure. I will obey all your demands without any thought.

Office Bondage Whore

bondage whoreI am such a bondage whore, even at work. My master is also my boss. I was hired a little over 20 years ago to be his office plaything. Think Maggie Gyllenhaal in the movie “Secretary.” She gets spanked and tied up at work. Gives the boss head under his desk. She brings the mail to him in her mouth crawling on the floor. Your kind of secretary, right? Master has been on a bondage kick lately. That is fine by me because I love being tied up at work, literally tied up at work. Yesterday, I went into the office for a few hours to type up some client notes. Master was not there at first. He came in pissed at the world. He lost a big case. Master hates to lose because losing costs money. I like it when he is pissed because he takes it out on his office slut. He used a pair of my old stockings he keeps on the desk. He tied me to my office chair and even gagged my mouth. When I saw him unzip his pants, I got excited. Master rarely can cum these days due to his age and all the medicine he takes for his blood pressure.  My excitement was short lived when he pissed on me. That is rare for master. He is not a big watersports man, luckily for me. Yesterday, he was. He was pissed off and pissing. Pissing all over me.  He left me marinating in his urine for a few hours. It was a humiliating day to be an office bitch.

Gag me

Bondage and submissionI sat down on a chair looking all sexy for the master, and he gave me a bling fold to put over my eyes. Then he handed me some handcuffs to put by my self behind my back, then tied me up to a chair. Made me lean forward grabbed me by my head and started to face fuck me so fucking hard I was slobbering all over his dick like a bitch in heat! Yes, master fuck my throat harder! He makes me get on my knees and starts to face fuck me in deep, taking my little dress off. Then he makes me lay over a chair and comes behind my head and begins throat fucking me pinching my nipple with one hand and putting a massager at full speed on my clit calling me his fucking slut! When he took his dick out my throat, I came so fucking hard while he grabbed me by the neck!


submissive whore

Payback, my boss, wanted payback after all the torture he brought to me the other day he wasn’t finished. He had something up his sleeve. He tried to bring a helper this time. The same thing happened today, He sent me a text, and I immediately stopped what I was doing and made it into his office. To my surprise, I saw he had another girl there. She was a young blonde, and she looked disheveled and nervous. He was going to have fun with both of us tonight he let us know.


He immediately started to bark orders; We did everything he asked, there was an array of toys and rope and gag balls on the ottoman, He came to us and clamped us and handed us a paddle that said slut. He told us a submissive whore will get put in her place always. Today I have two of you bitches. He made us gag each other and started to make us put pins on our tits, He was erect and stroking off. After hours of torture, he made us come close to his cock and service it till we couldn’t breathe no more. He started to choke us one at a time until he was satisfied. He kicked us out and told us he would be seeing us real soon.

Master shares me with BBC

Cock worshipingBeing such an abused little cock worshiping submissive cum slut has it’s perks, I get to try out all sorts of dicks and endure the wild and crazy shit that they want to do with me. Getting bound and fucked hard is already a lot for my body to take, let alone when it’s done by a huge, big black cock! Master decided that he wanted to whore me out to one of his tall, dark and handsome black friends, and best believe he has a monster BBC! I’m such a stupid ass cum swallowing whore and Master’s friend is full of lots of fresh jizz, eager to fill me the fuck up like I deserve to be filled. Throating that BBC balls deep was such a sensation, my oxygen supply was cut off and I was gagging and gasping for air as he skull-fucked me hard and deep. He bent me over like a filthy animal and pounded my tight asshole from behind, slapping his balls against my cheeks and making my booty clap while he thrusted as fast as he could. I’ve never been more destroyed and ripped the fuck open, my ass juices and blood were smeared all over me. That’s what happens when a black cock slut worships a pulsating BBC!

Cock worshiping

cock worshiping

I was in my brothers car with a bunch of his friends and they were all telling me to be a good cock sucking whore. They wanted to see how I would embarrass myself in  front of them, by pleasing my brother. My brother was in the passenger seat. I climbed up in his seat to sit on the floor bed in between his legs. I took his cock out and fucked him down my throat rough and hard. I did not come up for hair. I choked on my spit and let it run down my neck unto my tits. I made his balls dripping wet. Everyone kept saying how much of a dirty cunt I was, beating him into my face. My lips were stretched so wide open, I could not even help to him truing me into a nasty puke whore. I let puke gush out of my mouth and run down his cock. I guess I got a big mess to clean up. I hope the cum is a good treat.

Bad Girl, Bad Girl, Bad Girl

Bare bottom spankings When Master came home and did his daily inspection of my house cleaning he wasn’t happy. There was a thumbprint on the bathroom mirror and he was pissed. I stood there with my face facing the floor as he yelled at my stupidity.
“You stupid, stupid girl, you can’t do anything right except sucking my cock”, he screamed.
I accidentally looked him in the eye and that was my second mistake. He gripped my arm and forced me over his lap. He pulled my panties down and my skirt to waist baring my creamy white ass. I could see in the mirror his hand raising high into the air and braced myself for impact. He made contact and the stinging pain brought tears to my eyes. Over and over again he slammed his hand against my ass.
“Bad girl, bad girl, bad girl”, he said with each spank.
But the thing is… I knew what I was doing when I left that thumbprint on the mirror. Nothing gets my pussy wetter than a spanking from my Master. Pain equals pleasure sometimes.

Position of power

bare bottom spankings

I caved and called my old boss to apologize for the scene I made when I quit last month, He was less than thrilled to hear from me and sounded annoyed as can be. I told him I would speak to corporate and let them know I wasn’t seeking any legal actions. He was over me and told me to go fuck myself. I pleaded I would do anything he wanted. I just needed to show him I was sincerely sorry for the way I acted and the trouble I caused.

My ex-boss told me to be at his office in an hour. I replied ” The office is closed,” He said to me If I was going to waste his time to forget it. I responded  I would be there in forty-five minutes. I go their quickly, and he was sitting in a chair looking intimidating as ever. He told me you were a little bitch last month. He slid a bag in front of me and told me to put this on slut. I was a bit timid, and he was growing angrier.

You heard me bitch get to it! Something just clicked I knew I was his pet. I automatically began to put the outfit on. He came to my face slapped me and made me lay on a center ottoman, He tied my hands and propped me like a slave slut and exposed my pussy. He was fucking me with dildos and all sorts of toys. He brought a large paddle and gave me seven bare bottom spankings. He like seeing me squirm in pain and pleasure. I was loving being used, and I felt this was my calling all along. The position of power he had over me just being dominant had me excited and in pleasure.

Strange Love is Great Lust

Milf phone sex



Oh, you nasty little motherfucker I just want to strip you naked you deserve for me to show you how I can suck that cock Like A Champion cock sucking porn star. I love to play with Wilson’s big fat cock, Wilson is a nasty man he really gets kinky he loves to stick his tongue deep inside of my wet fat cunt. Let me suck you like a superstar I can fuck you really good you can fuck me too you can shove your big dick in my fucking ass right now. Bend me over spank my pretty little tight ass before you fuck me before you open me up and give me all your dick and your cock I wanted I really needed I just can’t wait oh my god let’s play right now. I want to be your cum guzzling whore your porn star you’re fucking sloppy wet nasty dick taking fuck puppet fuck slut. I know you think we have a strange love but it’s okay because I love us we’re very strange and its okay babe you’re going to suck me with the rage of a crazy man on cocaine. You know you are my bad habit let me have you I really want to do all those crazy things that we always do I need you I really do I cannot help but lust after what you do. Can you fuck me lick my forehead can you fuck me lick my toes suck me from feet to head put your head in my mouth I’ll suck it good I just can’t take trying to wait I need you right now I need you yes I want you to shove my fucking face I want you to come all over my face I need it good I need it sloppy I need it bad I need it yes I do I really do God can’t get enough.

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