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Tied Up Games

bondage whore

Master wanted to play a new game and I was intrigued. He picked up a special table for me to lay on. It looked like a massage table but without the head hole. I was to strip down and lay on the table. Laying on the table, Master came in with a rolling side table with all sorts of ropes and toys on it. The long ropes were draped over me, he lined them up with my shoulders, underneath my breast, across my hips, thighs and ankles. “ Now stay completely still” Master commanded. He dropped to his knees and began to tie the rope ends together, they bit into my skin a bit but I enjoyed the little bit of pain. Soon i was unable to move, my master enjoys these types of games where i am helpless, I love them as well.

He hoped up and traced his fingers down my skin playing gently with my nipples making them peak up a bit before he gripped them and twisted them roughly. He reached over and clipped on my nipple clamps. He then grabbed that wonderful and evil toy, a wand vibrator it makes me squirm and cum so fucking hard. He dragged in on low across my hip bones and down my bare pussy and back up and around toying with me. My cunt was dripping wet and aching for that sweet release. “ Beg for me, my sweet girl.” My thighs shook as i begged him to let me cum, i needed that sweet release. He nodded in approval and my hips pushed up as he rubbed and teased faster and faster till he made my little cunt explode and squirt hard as i let out a satisfied groan.

I Secretly Enjoy My Punishments

Submissive WhoreI knew I was in trouble. He had caught me playing with my pussy. My pussy belongs to him and I am to ask permission to touch it. I had snuck and watched porn on my phone, and I was so horny that my hands crept down my panties and rubbed my wet bald clit to climax. I apologized to him and told him it would never happen again but that wasn’t good enough he said. He told me not to plan anything this weekend because I would be busy making amends for my wrong. I never tell him, but I secretly enjoy his punishments. Just thinking about the dirty naughty things, he is going to do to me makes my pussy so wet. When I got home Friday there was a note on the bed telling me to strip down and lay on my stomach. I did as I was told and waited. I heard him walk down the hall and then felt a hard smack on my ass from the straps. He then bound my arms and legs together and left me. I was starting to get cramps from the position, but I would not complain. I had touched his pussy and now I must be punished. Soon the bedroom door opened and as I looked back a long line had formed. He told me I must take each dick wherever they wanted to put it and never complain or cry in pain. My pussy was soaking wet and I was so horny that I climaxed as the first of many dicks was rammed in my pussy. I took them in my mouth, my ass and my pussy that night. Sometimes more than one hole at the same time. When they were done, I was filled with cum and some of it was mine. I never complained once, I enjoyed it.

Submissive Whore on Isolation Gets Self Abuse

submissive whoreThis submissive whore is growing tired of being stuck indoors. My master can’t see me. I can’t go to fetish clubs either. I wanted to go to this adult movie theater and even though it was shut down. I start to feel like a caged animal when I can’t get used. Master has been missing me too. His wife is a stick in the mud. The kind of woman you marry but not the kind of woman you fuck. He has not had a minute alone since the state closed everything down that was not an essential business. Master figured out how to have some fun with his slave while stuck at home with his wife. Video conferencing from his home office. He told his wife he had to do a conference call and he went to his office. He called me up on my computer and ordered me to give him a sex show. I know what he likes to see. He wants my fuck holes gaped open wide. He wants my limits to be pushed.  I got out my biggest dildos and even some rather large garden veggies. I fucked my slave holes and Master masturbated. It wasn’t hardcore BDSM or anything, but it was my first human contact in days, even if the contact was virtual. Master came hard without a blue pill and that almost never happens. We were both super horny. He did order me to spank my ass a couple dozen times and of course, I did as I was told. I was just happy to see master’s face, even if just on my computer. I came many times thanks to master’s generosity. I don’t know how much longer we must stay home, but at least now Master knows how to connect with his office whore. If you find yourself getting cagy and in need of a subby slave too, check out our phone sex specials. Save a few bucks while abusing my ass.

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Slave Training Junkie

slave training

Hello Master. I know that I will never be permitted to call you anything other than that. I might be in desperate need of slave training, but I guess I’m not completely stupid. Are you proud of me for knowing that, Master? I know you probably aren’t, because who could be proud of a stupid slut like me? But it doesn’t keep me from hoping for your approval every second of every day. I can’t wait for you to train me so that I can maybe come close to pleasing you and satisfying you in every sense of the word, Master.
In what ways do you want me to please you, Master? Maybe you will train me to make sure the house is so clean you could eat off of the floor. I hope so because that’s where you told me I will be eating. You told me that if I want to be allowed to use the toilet, I have to clean it with my tongue. And of course, once I am done with all of that, I have to serve you in whatever way you are in the mood to be pleased. I will be waiting for you on my knees for our slave training session, Master.

Submissive Whore Naomi

submissive whore

Master’s construction crew really had it in for me. I was a lousy little brat with attitude and trying to use my teeth on their cocks when they face fucked me. I really got what I deserved when the crew decided they wanted to see how much I could take and would make me their submissive whore. I overheard them talking and going on about how I needed to be taught right. I just hate it so much when their cocks blow their loads in my mouth. They have foul tasting cum from so much drinking, smoking and eating their garlicky sausages. I hated the smell and taste of their cum. But that really doesn’t matter, now does it? I’m just the thing that is there for them to beat off to, fuck and beat up. These guys work hard and need an outlet. My master does to and I owe him this much for providing me with a home and necessities. So that’s why I am the way I am now. I have been structured to be the good quiet submissive. I am a victim to provide relief to hard working guys like you. I want you to use me like master and his crew use me, as their sex slave.

Totally locked down

submissive whoreMy Master is taking this whole lock down thing very seriously. I am literally locked down only allowed up to use the bathroom, tied to a post all day and all night too. He is bored under quarantine so he is taking it all out on me. What can I do about it? Nothing, I just have to suffer! He has been beating me, force fucking me, abusing me in every way possible. I am bruised from head to toe, my pussy is so sore and I don’t even want to talk about my poor little asshole. But I persevere because there is nothing else I can do. I am his slave, he owns me and can use my poor broken body however he wishes. I only hope that this quarantine doesn’t last too much longer, my poor body won’t be able to take much more of this, I hope that Master doesn’t just end up killing me!

Humiliate Me With Your Cum

It’s been a few days since I have had a good humiliation with lots of bukkake from my brothers and their friends. This quarantine shit is killing me and my brothers nor my dad have been around. I can’t get my Master’s to visit due to this insanity and a couple of them are RN’s and Doctors. So I have been stuck with an occasional visit from a neighbor that loves to make me his bitch. He has jerked off to the options he has with that premium porn sub. so this subby doesn’t get as much torture. But he needs to have me to interact with and we made a deal that he would jerk off and collect his cum for me. He came over, put my collar on and made me beg like a bitch for a treat before he sprayed my whore face with his build up load from his balls and made me suck what he saved for me from a bottle like a fucking baby.

Bukkake phone sex

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore I love being a Submissive Whore. I am turned on by being controlled, owned and degraded. I couldn’t ask for a better master he knows just how to treat me and I could never ask for more. Tonight is going to be a night that he will focus on hurting me and degrading and extreme torture for my tits as well. I love these kind of nights, he starves me all day and keeps me locked up with porn playing. He includes porn of me being fucked as well and I am chain in position, unable to move at all. I am 100% helpless and knowing that alone makes my pussy starts to get wetter and wetter. He leaves toys inside of me, really big ones and fucks my mouth when he wants. He uses whips on my tits and makes my nipples raw as I scream and scream which only eggs him on more. He is giving me a brutal fucking in both my holes and makes me gag as he shoves his fingers down my throat. He wraps his hands around my throat right before he cums choking me till I lose consciousness.

Xxx Bondage with Bo

xxx bondage

Master told me that he had sinful plans for me. I waited in anticipation all day and then finally it was time for him to pick me up. He told me to be prepared for a long week of use. I went out in my red dress and black and red spiked heels and he chained my wrists to the bars in the backseat. He pushed his hand up my dress to check for my butt plug that he told me to wear upon his arrival.
Master put his dirty fuck slut through a long week. He did exactly as he said that he would. Bondage with him was different this time. It was some XXX bondage in which he showed me off to his colleagues and friends over the webcam that he set up. He let them suggest things to do to me while I was bound. I was fucked, brutally, in every hole. My nipples were raw and swollen from bites and blades. He stretched my ass until it was nearly unrecognizable and it had a steady drip of blood and come seeping out of it. His jaw ached and my cunt burned. Call me to hear more.

Young mommy cum dumpster

Submissive phone sex


My son has turned me into his cum dumpster.  He is so young but most the time his balls just shoot air instead of actual cum.  However, a time or two the real thing has squirted out. So now he is obsessed with the idea of trying to make cum shoot out of his little boy cock either on me or in me. I find it quite entertaining.

My husband punishes me if I actually laugh at our son but sometimes, I simply can’t help it. On one hand the vigor that my son seems to have in regard to treating me like come dumpster is entertaining but on the other hand it’s a huge turn on. I’m really expecting one day to laugh so hard I climax.

This mommy is always willing to let him practice learning how to shoot his load properly. Even if my husband wasn’t forcing me to be my sons pleasured doll I would still gladly do it.  The simple fact that all I have to do is think about my son’s baby boy cock or how his little fingers shove in an out of my mommy cunt and I get soaking wet……

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