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Submissive whore loves anal

I have an extreme love of being fucked up the ass. I love it when I am bent over a couch or a bed, a guy takes his foot and spreads my legs apart. He then pushes my ass cheeks apart, spits a big old hawking spit wad on my ass hole and pushes into me real slow but hard at first. As I arch my back in pleasure and he grabs my hair while he is thrusting into me,  when he grabs my hair and pulls back enough to expose all the tender curves of my neck.

Submissive whore

While he gets to pushing harder and faster because my ass hole is so tight and he hears me moaning because I love the way it feels. I love to feel his cock penetrate over and over and the warm shot of come that releases inside me is a fucking awesome feeling. I then explode myself and come all over as he pulls my hair harder and flips me around to suck the come off of his cock.

Submissive Slut at the Office and at Home

submissive slutI’m a submissive slut at work and at home. At work, I am submissive for my Master, my boss. He likes me to wear professional, yet sexy clothes. We don’t get many visitors at the office, but when we do, he wants them knowing I am a whore, if they are the sort of person to enjoy a whore. My clothes from above the waist look professional if you see me at a desk. When Master wants me to entertain his clients, I always know because he has me get up from my desk to do a task, revealing my slutty appearance from the waist down. Master asked me to get his client a cup of coffee, so I knew that meant please him in any way he desires. Master successfully landed a big client yesterday thanks to my slutty school girl outfit and my sexy under garments. I took the client to the back room and let him know that we would do anything for his business. I had to suck his cock for hours, take it up the ass, receive some nipple torture and a few bare bottom spankings, not to mention a jet blast of cum to the face, but I secured the deal with my body. I am a good submissive. I do what I need to do for my Master. At home, when I am working the phones, I wear slutty clothes so you know I am your whore. At my day job or my phone job, I am always willing to do whatever the man wants.

Bondage Whore Bo

“Bondage whore Bo” he says to me with a chuckle when I first met this new Master (to me) from an online community for BDSM. He grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back as he whispered in my ear “let’s see how worthy you are of this title, Slut”. He then grabbed some rope and started some intricately done Shibari techniques with the soft but sturdy rope. Removing my panties to complete the bondage art and securely doing the knots up and finished with a ball gag strapped around my chin and head.

He took a wand vibrator and on full power started rubbing my clit with it before penetrating this wet cunt. Watching me trying to not writhe, with a bit of a chuckle he slapped my face. pulling out his cock he pulled my gag from my mouth and started to slide his cock in telling me to suck.

Forcibly face fucking me he continued to hold the high powered wand to my clit and it was so hard to not squirm and trying to not let him know how badly I wanted to cum. Throat fucking me really good he started to cum in my mouth. He released his spunk in me and slapped his cock across my face a few times telling me I was a good little cock sucker. Telling me I couldn’t cum yet he thrust his cock in my sopping wet cunt and pounded me hard and deep as he spanked my ass. Thrusting that load in me he pinched my nipples hard and demanded that I cum.

Bondage Whore

My pussy gushed so much as I convulsed into orgasm. “Yes, you are a good little whore Bo”.

Bukkake phone sex

Bukkake phone sexI’m your fucking dirty fucking cum slut Master. Your wishes are my demands. I love how you tie my tits with the rope and let them get all purple and then you slap my tits super hard with your cock and then you get the broom stick and ass fuck me! My favorite though is when you pull on my nipple rings with your teeth as your are fucking my cunt with your huge 15 inch cock, telling me I’m your dirty little cum slut and I deserve to be torture! Yes I do Master, I’m your cum slut little cunt and I deserve to get forced fucked by you and all your friends. I’m a whore and I deserve all this pain! I fucking love it. I’m your slut and I want you to fuck me brutally hard and rough every single time you fuck me! You own me!

Submissive phone sex; Please, I will do anything

Submissive phone sexI was at my other job today and I woke up really fucking horny. So I decided to take my favorite pink vibrator to work with me so when I get the chance I could fuck my little throbbing cunt. My manager told me he was going out for lunch and I thought it would be a perfect time, so I pulled out my 8 inch vibrator and slid my panties to the side and started playing with my wet pussy hole. I started to move the end in circles teasing my little cunt until it was dripping all over my desk chair.

Then I decided to take of my panties and gag myself with them while I fucked my cunt faster and faster. You could hear how wet my cunt was, that made me hornier so I fucked myself as fast as I could till I exploded all over my desk. Like a good little submissive slut I got on my hands and knees and licked up every drop of my cum.

Spanking Phone Sex: I Need Punished

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex anyone? I need some strong, swift discipline. I have been a very bad woman. I have done a few things that my master doesn’t know about. I can go to BDSM and spanking clubs if he grants me prior permission, however, he denied me permission to this new underground club I wanted to visit over the weekend. He said I had not been a good office slave for him that week, therefore anything fun I wanted to do, I was denied.  He doesn’t live with me. He lives with his wife, who thinks I am just his paralegal. For 25 years, she has never suspected that I am his slave or his mistress. There was no way for him to know I snuck out without permission. The club was wicked fun. I got spanked by hot strangers. I got tied up by a few too. I met several men who wanted to hook up outside of the club, so there would be no rules. I should have known I would get spotted leaving by someone I knew. A lawyer that sometimes works on cases with my Master was there. I played it off that my “boss” had no idea about my lifestyle. I agreed to keep his secret if he agreed to keep mine. Monday morning, Master was not happy. The lawyer I ran into, knew about my arrangement with my boss. He knew I was being a disobedient submissive slut. Master tied me naked to my desk. The other lawyer was there. Master whipped me 100 times for being a bad whore. He granted his colleague access to my holes. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for years, Bernie,” he seethed to me as he rammed his cock up my ass. I was tied up and bound by rope while another lawyer fucked me like a dirty whore. My Master’s dick may not work well, but he sure as fuck can still punish me.

Submissive phone sex with Jenn

Submissive phone sex Submissive phone sex is exactly what I was meant for.  I love being treated like a nasty little fucking slut and I sure enough act like one all the time. I love going to the local truck stop or a bath house and sucking all the random cocks that go through the glory holes. I love seeing all the different size cocks that I get to put in my little slutty mouth. I love getting them sloppy wet, so I shove it down my throat till I am balls deep and all fucking spit and slobber run down my mouth. I will make sure to clean up all my spit off the floor like a good little bitch. I will hold my head still and let you face fuck me as hard as you want baby.

Submissive Whore Bo Loves Torturous Fun

Master loves to edge and tease his submissive whore and knows how much it drives me mad to not be allowed to cum. I am so turned on by being a pain slut and the mere notion of not being allowed to cum has me so fucking worked up. I get forcibly face fucked by Master with his big fuck rod and it is so good to gag and choke down that I am dripping thinking about how good Master’s cock in my throbbing wet cunt.

Master pinches my clit and rubs at it while he attaches nipple clamps to my big ole breasts and erect sensitive nipples and all of this drives me so fucking insane to the brink of squirting but Master doesn’t allow me to cum until he says so. Sometimes that is like never! He torments me so much and I just want to worship Masters beautiful cock.

Submissive Whore

Im your naughty slut whore

I am such a good whore. When my master says jump I enjoy doing whatever he tells me to do. I will suck his cock for hours as he whips my ass until it is red and welted. I enjoy it when my master takes his big head and rams it into my ass hole because I was misbehaving and did not follow his instructions exactly. I feel like he shows me exactly how a woman should be treated and he fucks me silly when I do not do what I am told. I am great at taking a beating and being a good little submissive whore. I want to be fucked, hit, slapped, punched, kicked and any other abuse you want to dish out to me I will take like a good little whore. I am here to serve and please.  Fuck me hard or soft, whatever you want I am here to please your cock. Let me be your your good naughty little whore.


Bare bottom spankings

Submissive Whore and Daughter

submissive whoreI’m a submissive whore. My daughter was not a natural born submissive like me. She is receiving some submissive training from one of my masters. He has taken her from cock teaser to cock pleaser in mere months. Guess what? She is knocked up now too. She has been told that if she has a boy, he will be raised to dominate her and me. However, if she has a daughter, she will be a cock pleasing slut like us. She will be raised to be submissive like her mommy and granny. I like the ideas of having a cock pleasing submissive slut from the beginning. I know I screwed up with my daughter. I am the reason she was a cock teasing slut. I never raised her submissive like I was raised. I raised her on my own, which is challenging when a submissive mommy. My regular master never wanted anything to do with jail bait pussy. Luckily my other master has no problem training a teen girl to take cock and love it. It was rough on my daughter initially. She was not used to being a slut. She was accustomed to being a little spoiled bitch. Now that she is pregnant, she must abide by a whole new set of rules. She must work to save money for the baby. She is working in a strip club where anything goes. Men can grab her milk filled tits, fuck her in the VIP room, do what ever they want as long as they don’t physically harm her or the baby. I just know its going to be a good little slut. She will watch her mommy and granny get treated like cock sucking sluts and fuck toys. She will learn to keep the house clean and cook like women should. She will learn that clothes are never worn in the house as females and a slew of other slave training necessities. My daughter will be a better mother than I was for raising a submissive girl.

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