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Captive whore

hardcore bondageI was not out of the hook just yet that date night from hell turns into a weekend of hell. The guy that I met on the dating site was a wicked and cruel and had only one purpose, and that was to make me his pet. He was into all sorts of hardcore bondage. Ron had tons of gadgets he was using on me. He tied me up and raised me high, he took pictures and force-fed me different cocks. Ron invited a lot of his poker buddies to show me I was just a cum slut that was meant to be used. I liked having all the cocks in my mouth. They were all different kinds. I was the actual whore of the night with all the big black cocks and all the short and long ones. I had to serve each one. I was whipped and fucked till I couldn’t take anymore. I liked how far they were pushing me. I loved being violated and used as a slave. I never say no I’m always a yes girl.

Let me be Your Cum Bucket Slut

Cock worshiping



Do you want to let me do the nastiest things in the world to you? Last night wanted to fuck you I wanted to let you fuck me but tonight is different because we’re going through with our wants. You like this black lace thong panty suit this is real fucking hot. I know you like the lace on it don’t you I wore this just for you. You like my long little t-shirt and if you were wondering why I wore something so loose well because it’s going to be on. We’re at the drive-in movies you’re looking so fucking hot tonight your dick is bulging out of your jeans it really wants me. You’re going to fuck me like a prostitute, fuck me good at the movies and yes I mean let’s fuck at the drive-in and get it all the way in. I am your nasty little fucking trash slut. I am your nasty little fucking whore I’ll do the worst things for you and even if you want me to I’ll lick your asshole clean. Yeah, I’m an alley cat slut a lot lizard tramp and I love it. It’s what I want to be, and I can’t take it if you just tried to stop me because I need the dick. I need your big fat cock everywhere in all of my holes fuck me really good. Bend me over the fucking steering wheel and fucking drive your cock into my asshole. I need to fill your snake sliding in and out of my asshole I want it more than anything in the entire world right now. We are going to fog up all these windows with ourfucking slutty Behavior it’s okay it’s alright I don’t mind tonight.


Bad Girl, Bad Girl, Bad Girl

Bare bottom spankings When Master came home and did his daily inspection of my house cleaning he wasn’t happy. There was a thumbprint on the bathroom mirror and he was pissed. I stood there with my face facing the floor as he yelled at my stupidity.
“You stupid, stupid girl, you can’t do anything right except sucking my cock”, he screamed.
I accidentally looked him in the eye and that was my second mistake. He gripped my arm and forced me over his lap. He pulled my panties down and my skirt to waist baring my creamy white ass. I could see in the mirror his hand raising high into the air and braced myself for impact. He made contact and the stinging pain brought tears to my eyes. Over and over again he slammed his hand against my ass.
“Bad girl, bad girl, bad girl”, he said with each spank.
But the thing is… I knew what I was doing when I left that thumbprint on the mirror. Nothing gets my pussy wetter than a spanking from my Master. Pain equals pleasure sometimes.

Position of power

bare bottom spankings

I caved and called my old boss to apologize for the scene I made when I quit last month, He was less than thrilled to hear from me and sounded annoyed as can be. I told him I would speak to corporate and let them know I wasn’t seeking any legal actions. He was over me and told me to go fuck myself. I pleaded I would do anything he wanted. I just needed to show him I was sincerely sorry for the way I acted and the trouble I caused.

My ex-boss told me to be at his office in an hour. I replied ” The office is closed,” He said to me If I was going to waste his time to forget it. I responded  I would be there in forty-five minutes. I go their quickly, and he was sitting in a chair looking intimidating as ever. He told me you were a little bitch last month. He slid a bag in front of me and told me to put this on slut. I was a bit timid, and he was growing angrier.

You heard me bitch get to it! Something just clicked I knew I was his pet. I automatically began to put the outfit on. He came to my face slapped me and made me lay on a center ottoman, He tied my hands and propped me like a slave slut and exposed my pussy. He was fucking me with dildos and all sorts of toys. He brought a large paddle and gave me seven bare bottom spankings. He like seeing me squirm in pain and pleasure. I was loving being used, and I felt this was my calling all along. The position of power he had over me just being dominant had me excited and in pleasure.

Strange Love is Great Lust

Milf phone sex



Oh, you nasty little motherfucker I just want to strip you naked you deserve for me to show you how I can suck that cock Like A Champion cock sucking porn star. I love to play with Wilson’s big fat cock, Wilson is a nasty man he really gets kinky he loves to stick his tongue deep inside of my wet fat cunt. Let me suck you like a superstar I can fuck you really good you can fuck me too you can shove your big dick in my fucking ass right now. Bend me over spank my pretty little tight ass before you fuck me before you open me up and give me all your dick and your cock I wanted I really needed I just can’t wait oh my god let’s play right now. I want to be your cum guzzling whore your porn star you’re fucking sloppy wet nasty dick taking fuck puppet fuck slut. I know you think we have a strange love but it’s okay because I love us we’re very strange and its okay babe you’re going to suck me with the rage of a crazy man on cocaine. You know you are my bad habit let me have you I really want to do all those crazy things that we always do I need you I really do I cannot help but lust after what you do. Can you fuck me lick my forehead can you fuck me lick my toes suck me from feet to head put your head in my mouth I’ll suck it good I just can’t take trying to wait I need you right now I need you yes I want you to shove my fucking face I want you to come all over my face I need it good I need it sloppy I need it bad I need it yes I do I really do God can’t get enough.

Fun Calls With A Client


I get these calls from an eccentric client to say the least lol. He is very interesting to me because he loves me to picture myself in a role that I am not by nature. I am naturally a very submissive individual. When he calls me he loves to go over these scenarios where I am a villain, a very dominant type person. I love these calls and he asks me to do dialogue and asks how I would feel about certain things like I play a racist nazi and I am a slave driver that puts these people through misery. He has it where one of the slave girls gets me and humiliates  me by choking me with dirty, crusty panties and sits on my face while I am trying to yell at her. She has me hogtied and then has these raw eggs and they are slimy so through the dirty panties of hers I am trying to plead with her not to break those on me and she even makes me cry.

Humiliation Submissive Whore

submissive whore

Do you want to know what kind of submissive whore I am? My master ordered me to humiliate myself last night. He texts me commands. He knows I will do it because I must take pictures as proof I followed through. Master is married. His wife thinks I am his paralegal, which I am; but I am so much more too. It is below zero where I live. Fucking freezing. Yet, I went out in slut clothes to expose myself to strangers. I had to ask them to spank my fat ass and tell these random men that I was a submissive slut in need of punishment. The first place I visited I got no takers. But, the second place was a hopping nightclub. I pulled up to the valet area, bent over and showed my ass. I heard the valet guys talking smack, but when I begged to be spanked, one guy took off his belt. He gave me a few hard whacks.  Harder than master has ever whacked me with his leather belt. They were taking pictures of me and posting it on Instagram. I must admit, it turned me on to be publicly humiliated again. Master loved hearing all about it. Perhaps, you could give me humiliating tasks to do too?

He owns me

Slave training

Our first session was amazing because Mr. David did things to me that brought back old memories of when I was a wide eyed perky pussy lip daisy. Mr. David let me know right away that he owned me, and I must do everything he told me to without question. I let my new owner Mr. David know that he could be confident in me because I wanted nothing more than to please him because right away I loved Mr. David. As far as I’m concerned if Mr. David wants me to fuck 15 guys at once then that is what I will do and I will do it to the maximum like a really good slut should. I was so excited because my hard cock owner wanted me to fuck seven guys to start off with one guy would be pounding my asshole one guy fucking my pussy so hard while the third guy is making me swallow his hard-erupting dick two other guys with my hands full with their cocks on hard waiting to fuck me and two other guys slapping my cheeks waiting to double fuck me in my ass and my cunt. That is what my owner Mr. David wanted and that is what he got because I live to satisfy him.


If You Don’t Fuck Me I Will Tell Your Wife

Cum slut phone sex


So, Andrew thought he could fuck me like a beast and parade his big ass cock in my gushy squishy pussy then just say fuck me and leave. This motherfucker is about to feel pain for real because that big dick bastard is married to a rich whore whose daddy’s money is paying for everything that Andrew has. If this fucker wants to stop taking my calls I will fix him. I will just leave this message about how I know where he lives, and I know that pretty little tramp he calls a wife. Andrew if you don’t bring your ass to my house ready to power drive my wet cunt with your coke hard cock I’m calling your Main Slut and I’m going to tell her everything you bitch, this is no joke. You can’t just fuck me like that and then leave! I sucked your cock to the fucking balls, you came in my mouth and I swallowed every fucking drop! Andrew, you said you would fuck me every night and you fucking lied. Twenty minutes later guess who was at my door greeting my hungry mouth with his bone hard cock.

Master got my a toy

Cheap phone sexOne of my masters bought me a new toy, it sits on something and I can turn it on and I sit my sweet little slit right ontop of it. I love that my master can control how fast it vibrates and how good it feels. My fucking cunny gets so creamy playing with my new toy as I talk to you and describe every feeling I have. I love riding it and pretending its your thick cock sliding in and out of my cunny while my juices are flowing down your cock and your big fat balls. Mhm, then I would get on my knees and suck you clean, wouldn’t you like that master? Having you little submissive slut taking care of you daddy.

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