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Submissive Slut Milf

submissive slut

Cum, and cum with this submissive slut. My ropes are ready and my tongue is all yours. I will lick that ass hole and make that prostate empty all over my face! See I know that my hubby and offspring love my tongue. Everybody takes turns on my face. I don’t have to be tied up but I love to be bound. Flip me over and bust my ass. Red handprints are my legacy for being a dutiful servant of sexual gratification. My precious angels love when mommy gets spanked, they know when mommy is tied up and no place to go they get to hop on my face and ride my tongue.  My youngest even loves to pinch my nipples and ask when hers will grow this big. I tell her when she learns to deepthroat then her tits will come in. Don’t I sound like the best mommy ever? I know you have what it takes to control this submissive.

Submissive whore for you

submissive whoreYou thought I would fight you on your desires but you were wrong I understand my role in life is to be a submissive whore merely. You need to have me tied up and isolated. Treat me like the fuck slut I am and make me degrade myself. I like it best when you piss all over my face and my body. The way your cock looks right on my face is the best. I know you love to give my pretty face dick slaps. I feel humiliated but I also feel like I am where I belong. My cunt is always filled with your cum. My asshole is bleeding and mixed with your jizz, and my nipples clamped while you bring out the paddle and whip. There is no denying my place is on my knees.

German Furry Dick

Cum slut phone sexMaster surprised me yesterday by bringing home a German furry friend to fuck me. He is so sweet like that! Master stripped me down naked and put me on all fours. He commanded me to crawl over to my furry friend and get his dick in my mouth. Which I did I have been craving the furry dick so I was quick to crawl over and get it in my mouth. Yum! It tasted so good I could have sucked on my furry friend for hours. But Master grabbed me by the hair and jerked off of Rex. Master slammed my face into the ground. Rex got behind me and jumped on my back digging his nails hard on my back. His dick took a few strokes to find a hole but he made his way into my cunt hole. My head still pressed against the floor I moaned out loudly as Rex began to fuck me real fast. Master kept his boot on my head and I could feel Rex starting to knot me. I started to pant like a dog and squirted all over that German furry dick.

My Pussy Owner


Bondage phone sex

He came over to my house Thomas, again tonight being a fucking maniac. I did not know what to do when he walked up to me and grabbed the back of my hair and told me that he misses me and then he planted his huge cock inside of my mouth. I cried a little inside because I am weak for Thomas, I can’t help myself he’s the Lunatic that I love. He bent me over the kitchen table, he ripped my panties right off of me and shoved his already thick solid cock inside of my asshole. Thomas did not even put lubrication on his cock first, he just drove it inside of my asshole which made me fucking dripping wet in my pussy. I rubbed my dripping squirting red pussy juices in my ass so that it could wet me up. Thomas kept telling me how he was the most important man in my life and saying how I could not fuck another man or he will go crazy. I love Thomas, I try not to I tried to be strong and kick him out of my house but at the end of the day, I am lost without him. I love the way he slaps my face and makes me his little torture slut. Last night Thomas fucked me hard in my bloody red pussy and he also fuck me in my asshole he didn’t stop as I screamed with Passion. I am his love slave I am the one that will do whatever he asked me to he is one of those guys with super machismo. I am mad for Thomas I can’t help the way he makes me feel it takes total control over me and then moves me it moves my soul.

Exposed For His Pleasure

Bare bottom spankingsAbsolutely nothing makes a submissive or slave feel more vulnerable then to be placed in a position which exposes their pussies and assholes. I am pretty sure it is due to our conditioning.  We are taught from a young age that we are to keep those areas of ourselves covered.  When you are put into a tied position where you have no control over what happens to them it is a bit exciting and frightening. 

The first time I was ever in a position like that I was spanked. Hard!  Not just on my ass, but my pussy lips, asshole and clit.  Various implements were used as well as a bare hand.  At first I was thinking that it wasn’t so bad because I really enjoyed being spanked. A spanking that starts out slow to only become more and more harsh is my favorite.  However, when I then saw Him grab a crop I tensed up. I knew right away that He was going to punish my pussy with it.

He didn’t go straight to my pussy though.  He struck me once across my asshole.  I howled. I wasn’t expecting it, it hurt so much I almost lost my breath. It was akin to jumping into freezing cold water.  I saw stars.  He waited a little bit, then struck again, not as hard as the first time, but it still hurt.  From there He moved to my pussy lips.  That didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the swats I received intermittently against my tender asshole.  I could see how hard He was becoming.

I am not sure how long this went on.  It seemed like hours, but in actuality, it was more like a few minutes. He turned me on my side on the bench I was on so that He could remove my gag and shove His cock into my mouth.  When I could taste His pre-cum He rolled me onto my back, stepped to the end of the bench and shoved His extremely hard cock into my ass.

I was whimpering, trying to hold back tears from the pain.  Then He placed His thumb onto my clit so that He could make me cum as He was unloading his jizz into my ass. 

Humiliated by Female Domme

Submissive Whore

Master invited another Dom over to play with us today. She was a female Domme who loved to abuse and humilate Submissive Whores like me. She wrote degrading things on my body in marker and tied me to a chair with my panties still on and strapped a vibrator to my clit. I came over and over until my clit was numb and my panties were soaked with cum. The whole time I was strapped to the chair and cumming, she humiliated me smacked me across the face. She pulled my soaked panties off of me and stuffed them into my mouth. I could taste my cum and my pussy juice on them. She made me hold the soaked panties in my mouth while she fucked my pussy with her strap on. I was humiliated and ashamed by how much I loved being dominated and abused by her and how many times she made me cum.

I know My Place

hardcore bondage

It has been said that sluts no longer know their place in this world. This subby Hardcore bondage slut does though. I know that I am supposed to adorn my cuffs and shackles. My collar I wear proudly.  My ball gag is looped to my nipple clamps as I stay in perfect form. I have been in position a while now. My husband and son love to watch me teeter on my heels. One wrong move my nipple and pussy clamps will be pulled off. I am a good sex slave. I am teaching my brat daughters the meaning of being a good mom and slave.

There is no line between me being a mother and a sex slave. I do all my duties extremely well. And if I mess up I will be subject to punishment. I love punishment. I must always be reminded of my place. When I am released and make my men cum I will fold the laundry and make sure our home is in perfect order.  I am that subby Milf that may wear a red handprint on her ass under her skirt at the checkout line. But I know my place as every woman should.

Cum Guzzling Slut


Erotic submissive stories

I want to fuck, and I want you to take my body and control it. Do you like the way I look in this negligee I’m so sexy don’t you think I know you’re hungry when you see me, and I will feed you. I’m a nasty fucking freak cum guzzling slut, and I love to fuck all the time my cunt is so wet I can’t get enough of you I really want you, babe, too. I have been dreaming of your hot, warm, strong hands grabbing me around my waist doggy style and you put your big fat hard cock inside of me. I’m begging I need it, I want you so severely babe be with me, give me all of you don’t take your love away from me. Your stupid wife doesn’t know how to please you like I do she’s not worth it babe don’t you know it. I am your everything I will suck you until your cream it’s all gone and down my throat. I will gag on your big fat cock, and I just won’t stop until you’re screaming in pleasure. You’re the only important person in the world to me, you give me happiness you provide me with joy I cannot get enough of you. I want you all the time I worship your cock, and you can do it in the anal place if you want to I won’t hold you back because that’s what kind of whore I am. I am going to make this short and sweet and tell you plainly I would do anything for you there are no limits no taboos. I’m a dream for you, and you are my every fantasy you make me feel like a real woman should. So listen to me loud and clear bring your cock over to my house and wear me out completely.

Bare Bottom Spankings Make My Cunt Wet

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings feel wonderful on my ample ass. I love being spanked. I am a naughty girl and I love being punished. Friday, I knew my boss was in a mood. It doesn’t take long to prompt him to give me what I want. He gets pissed off easily. I made a typo in a legal brief, and the next thing I knew, I was over his lap with my panties off getting spanked.  My pussy was getting wet. He could feel me dripping on his leg. My pussy was so wet that I saturated his pants with my cunt juice. He knew I liked it too much. That pissed him off. He was on to me. He knew I tricked him, and he was not going to be happy. In fact, he was so pissed off he flogged my ass. He rammed the end of the flogger up my ass too. I was still wet. The angrier he got, the harder he punished me and the wetter I became. He should have known better. His office secretary is a pain and submissive whore.

Daddy has a new doll

Bare bottom spankings

Daddy brought over a cute blonde today. Naomi is a hot piece of ass. I was able to get acquainted with her. Daddy told me I could treat her however I wanted. I knew he was testing me and seeing how far I would take things. I was going to show him that I have been a slave pet that has learned a thing or two from her great master. I wasted no time I got right to it and slapped Naomi so hard I’m sure the whole building heard her screeching screams. It was filled with pain and no pleasure. I proceeded and finished her off with a few more bare bottom spankings and moved on to her twat. I pounded it until she was in tears. I think the master is proud of the ruthless slut I have become. I may be shy and timid as his submissive princess but, I am a dominant mistress to all other slave sluts.

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