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Chilly Submission

Submissive WhoreIt was very hot today, a comment I made to my master when I arrived as scheduled. He nodded and told me to not speak unless directed. He lead me to the living room and had me strip down and lay on the floor. He put my hands above my head and tied them tightly together then moved down to my ankles. He left the room and I felt it growing colder as if he had turned down the temperature. I laid there waiting for a while when he finally came back he had a metal bucket he sat down near my head. He said he was going to make sure I never complained about the heat again. He reached into the bucket and pulling out a chunk of ice and begin to rub it around my neck the sudden cold made me gasp. He took it away and moved down to my breast and rub the rough edges of the ice chunk against my nipples it hurt enough to make me whimper a little, he moved down and set the chunk of ice on my belly and instructed it would remain until it melts. He reached until the bucket and pulled out a long icicle and chuckled to himself. He rubbed the tip over my pussy lips making me tremble. He used his finger which in comparison felt hot like fire as he parted my pussy. He slowly inserted the icicle into my cunt, I couldn’t control my body arching upwards from the sensations of being fucked by something so cold. He went faster and faster, as it melted slowly he would lean down and lick some of the water leaking from my cunt. When it completely melted he took off his pants, while I shivered from the cold I felt him enter me slowly. He seemed to be enjoying the cool sensation of my cold but pulsing pussy around his cock.  When he came in me it I felt it a lot more than usually it was hot and powerful I never wanted it to stop. He left me there on floor when he was finished, as the ice on my stomach had not completely melted. I spent the rest of the afternoon shivering, feeling used and dirty before I was released.

submissive whore at the office

submissive whore

I had to learn a lesson. My boss decided to share me with the office this time. I had to wear a butt plug around and a gag ball. My nipples were in so much pain I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Everyone was allowed to have their way with me and I couldn’t make a peep. This was just the ways it was I had to embrace it. I was not prepared to be fucked and used so much but that was the way things were going. My tight holes were stretched to the max. My bare ass got beat with a paddle. They were enjoying my screams and they were loving that it was an all male audience. I was the only girl there and I was the only one who was going to be the cum dump. In other instances I have been lucky enough to have been with other slaves. This was the most I have ever felt like a slave.

Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sexAre you looking for submissive phone sex? I am looking for a Master. My long-term master finally released me from our contract. He is retiring from law. He is married and was my master and my boss. Since he is retiring from law, it is harder to see me. Work was our playground. His wife has always thought I was nothing more than his paralegal. If she only knew about the BDSM office games and bondage play daily for over 20 years she would be shocked. She is not a submissive woman. She is not dominant either. She is just a housewife who would blush at the submissive sex I have been having with her husband for decades. Now, I can be a full-time phone submissive. I can also do anything with any man I want without retribution. My first hook-up as a freed slave was with Tim. I met him at a bar and he knew I was a submissive. He ordered me home with him. I was powerless to say no. When a man takes control of me, I can’t say no. I don’t want to say no. He was more into degrading me than abusing me. He forced my face into his toilet after he made me watch him shit and piss in it. My former master was never into toilet sex, so it was not fun for me. I was hoping for some bondage games, perhaps some bare bottom spankings. Instead I got to drink his piss and eat his shit. Plus, I got to endure hours of humiliation. According to him, I was stupid to think he wanted to fuck me because I was just a fat pig. If I was a pig, I should smell like one too. I went home smelling like a toilet lamenting the fact that my master released me before I wanted to go.

Earning My Collar

Submissive WhoreHe said he was willing to make me his pet. But I had to prove to him I would be deserving, that I would be a loyal and obedient servant. He made me crawl around like a animal for hours fetching things for him. If I was to slow I would get the paddle and if I whimpered I would get the whip. Sometimes I whimpered on purpose cause I could sense how badly he wanted to really punish me. At night he gave me a small cage to get into, he seemed surprise that I did not try to back out at this point. In the morning he dumped food on the floor and made me lick it up like a dog. That afternoon he forced his cock into me ass and filled me with cum like a common bitch. I wasn’t allowed to clean myself. He left for a time that evening and he locked me back up in my cage. When he returned, I was let out and he presented me with a shiny new collar. I felt so proud to have proven myself a good pet. I can only hope to please him more like this every day.

Cam-Cam See You Bad Man


Submissive sex

I want to drag him by his tiny little idiot cock until he squeals like a fucking pig. This motherfucker Reginald is the worst human alive, he gets off by dominating women in horrible ways. I hate the smirk on his fat musty face when he talks about how he is better than every other woman and me. I have got a trick for this fuckwad tonight after what he did to Marcie. About two weeks ago Marcie my El Salvadorian roommate was home alone. Marcie doesn’t speak very much English, so when Reginald came over, he took advantage of that fact. The pervert knew I would be away and I had a new roommate Mr. Sadistic, also had an old spare key to my house from when I lived alone. I forgot to get my spare key from the idiot, and I had no idea he would use it. I only gave my key to Reginald in case of emergencies like if I lost my keys or something. Mr. Fuckwad was opening the door to my house at three o’clock in the morning. Marcie, my roommate, was asleep in her bedroom when she was awakened by a lucid wet dream of a man sucking her pussy. The truth is, Reginald had his head between Marcie’s thighs, and his tongue was diving in her squirting cum filled cunt. He slid his cock-long tongue in her cunt-slit and fucked her with his massive tongue like it was a four-inch cock on his face. This was going to be the beginning of a night of sex and torture that still causes me to cringe. After Marcie was entirely coherent, Reginald pretended she was me, and he forced her onto her tummy calling her my name pulling her hair as he drove his hard pulsating enormous cock in her vibrating asshole. In and out his cock went rushing, while she moaned and let him sink more in-depth with each pump. Every time he thrust inside of her his hips would curve deeper and more passionately. Cum poured from her spicy wet cunt all over his meaty dick making his cock even harder and more forceful. All of a sudden Reginald slammed his mad cock in Marcie’s face slapping back and forth on her battered red cheeks. He forced his bone-hard ass cream covered cock into Marcie’s mouth causing her to gag it. Marcie did all she could do to take all of Reginald’s throbbing monster cock, but it was too hard, and fat to all go in without him fucking her face. As Reginald’s cock juice poured out of him all hot and sticky, it drained down Marcie’s throat and, she swallowed every drop. That was the right side of the night, and I’ll bet you want to know what else went down. I watched the whole thing from my security cams set-up on my wireless feed. Marcie is in love now, she can’t get enough of Reginald’s hard demanding cock and his night time visits.

I Need To Be Owned

Submissive WhoreI need a real man to step up to the plate. My cheeks haven’t been made red in weeks, all my bruises are healed. No aches or pains but yet I feel so numb. I don’t want a sweet gentle touch, I need a firm and cruel hand. I’m breakable and want to be broken. I promise I’m a delight to play with and control. I follow all my orders and never complain. I know my place as a submissive whore and it’s one of absolute surrender to your every command. I’m ready for your twisted abuse and torturous games, I crave your dark desires. So here I am served up to you on a silver platter. What are you going to do? Can you take total control? I’m ready to submit.

Brought him a slut

bondage whore

I have become quite the good little helper. I got a new job at a talent scout agency and I have already started representing some young talent. My sick master put a task in my hand that I couldn’t turn down. I had to bring him a slut so he could have his way with her. I knew if I didn’t come through with his order I would suffer greatly. I set the thing up quickly. I brought over one of my clients. Tiffany was a cute spunky blonde down for anything to get roles. I told her she was going to be put through the ultimate test. Young dumb and naive. The idiot fell for it. My master got a bondage whore for the night and Tiffany spread her legs for opportunity. It wasn’t too hard of a task but it surely wasn’t my proudest moment either.

A Fantasy Nightmare

Rape phone sex fantasies


I had a wild and engaging dream last night. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a man telling me my house was on fire. The man picked me up and carry me to my window where he took me out. I was very groggy all I remembered was leaving away from my house my house getting farther and farther away and entering the woods. When we were far away from my house the man put me down on the ground and told me to take my shorts off ice cream no and the man stuff they leather glove into my mouth since I would not take my shorts off the man ripped them off of me. I was screaming and fighting but the man in my rape fantasy would not stop forcing his hard cum-filled cock into my wet steaming hot country. The man in my dreams ground his cock inside of me so goddamn deep that I came all over his bone-hard dick. This was the wettest dream that I had ever had the man in my dreams, I couldn’t see his face his face looked blurred but his cock his cock was massive. He banged in and out of me over and over again he was out of control. Right, when my cunt started to squirt cum all over the place is when I woke up what a nightmare dream that was. Now, I’m so horny and I need to drink some tasty jizz juice.

Happy fourth whore

submissive whore

I was going to be the entertainment on July fourth. My master always has lavish parties because his wife is a huge premadonna who loves to show out and show off for the world. They have an agreement and she knows all about his slave pets like me. They throw a mini slave party where the slaves like me end up serving all the masters. Al his buddies have slave sluts and on their get together they bring all the pets over and the wives watch ass they give bare bottom spankings to us and treat us like total hookers. Its a huge turn on for these men. They have power and they have everything the desire. This july the fourth I had to attend and had to experience first hand episodes of fisting and gang bangs left and right. The fireworks weren’t the only thing getting off that’s for sure.

Submissive Slut

Submissive slutMaster got mad because I didn’t jump fast enough when he called my name. He wants and wishes come first. It’s my job to make his life easy and pleasurable. When I anger him it’s his job to punish me. He said I can’t talk or eat for two whole days. He says the only thing coming and going in my mouth is his dick. My pussy gets wet when he’s cruel. When he uses a stern voice my panties get soaked. I know it’s supposed to be a punishment but I love sucking Master’s cock. I stroke him into my mouth and I can feel a heartbeat between my legs. I’ve even had orgasms just from sucking his dick. Being on my knees making Master happy is my greatest joy. I love looking up and seeing his grimace from sexual pleasure. I think I do things on purpose to anger him because I crave his punishments.

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