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Submissive Whore Masturbates

Submissive WhoreMaster’s due back from another trip out of town this week, but this sexy slave has been horny as fuck. No parties, no visitors, no playing at all were his rules for while he was gone this time, and I was about to go batshit. Well, a hot sex scene came on in a movie, and I realized I had the house to myself and access to free porn. I set myself up on the bed, and ran my hands over my body as the movie I picked started. Before long, I was engrossed, my hand playing over my tits, my stomach, down over my cunt, and back again. As the movie got more and more heated, my pussy got wetter and wetter. When I finally slid fingers into myself, I felt my juices running down my hand. I knew I was going to cum hard, so I started working myself over. I massaged my clit while my fingers rammed and played as deep inside me as I could force them. Every stroke drove me closer and closer, until I was cumming hard enough to leave a puddle in the bed beneath me. Damn me, I needed that!

BDSM Not just for Men

BDSM phone sexDomme called me up the other day and told me she wants to use me for a session. I was all for it and even my clit and nipples agreed, let the throbbing begin. Unfortunately, it was going to be a few hours and I had asked permission from her to masturbate to cum before she was coming over. I got a “No” of course so I suffered from a wet throbbing pussy for a while. When she arrived she got right down to it. She threw off her long coat and showed her strapon, her cane and the gag for me. She immediately put me into the “expose” position, gagged me. She wasted no time in snapping that cane across my tits and hitting a nipple, sending shivers down to my clit. She pushed my face to the floor, mounted me from behind and fucked my pussy with her strap-on until she started to cum. She sat me back up, removed the gag, put her coat on and left. I sat there for a moment and thought that had never happened before. It got me wondering, is my Domme a dude? Now what, I’m sitting here horny and not sure what to do. I need a Master’s guidance. BDSM just for men? Well, maybe it shouldn’t be with this horseshit happening. Why couldn’t I cum? Going to bed mad and horny.

Bondage Whore Gets Passed Up for Her Teen Daughter

bondage whoreI’m such a bondage whore.  I hooked up with a guy this weekend I met at a bondage club. My ex husband had my daughter for the weekend, so I thought we had the place to ourselves. We did, until she came home unexpectedly. I tried to cut my weekend short with my special friend, but he tied me up in front of her so he could enjoy her teen pussy without interference from mommy dearest. I tried to get him to stop, but I was bound and gagged. He said, “Why would I waste my time on an old bitch, when I can have a tight young thing?” I knew he was right. I should have been upset for my daughter; for what he was going to do to her. I was upset for me. I wanted to play with him. I had a weekend planned around bondage and submission games, but once my hot teen slut daughter came home, it was all about her. I tried to convince him that he would have more fun with me because I was a willing submissive.  “I like them not willing” he smirked. I was forced to watch him tie up my daughter and force fuck her tiny holes.  She cried out for me to help her, but I couldn’t.  I watched as he tied her then put a spreader bar between her legs to keep them open. He fucked her bald cunt and her virgin ass. I know I should have been concerned her, but I was too green with envy. I should have been the one getting abused. He knew I was jealous too. After he was done coming in her holes, he pissed on me saying, “I didn’t forget about the old bitch.” He left me tied up. I asked my daughter to untie me, but she spit in my face and left me tied up for the weekend. It wasn’t until my son came home from his camping trip that I got released.

Special Slave Training For 2

BDSM phone sex Master said that margo and i needed special Slave training from The Masked Man. margo is a sister slave to me. We were blindfolded and put into a back of a van. Our wrists tied tight behind us. We were not permitted to talk to each other in what seemed like a three hour drive. When the van stopped we could hear two Men talking. “He is gonna enjoy these two Submissive slut.” One said to the other. They picked us up and carried us into a room. Flopped us down on a bed. Taking off our blindfolds. And standing before us was The Masked Man. No slave knows his true name or even what he looks like. He is a sadistic son of a bitch. And when you are sent to him, that means Master got something good in return. Anything from a new tight cunny to own. To free services somewhere. And the list goes on. We were told we were the Masked Man’s property for the next two days. Which means we will be tortured. Not allowed to eat, except for what comes out of him. Beaten, broken down, and used like the slave whores we are. margo and i will enjoy the next two days. Being beaten and tortured cause of punishment is not the same as being beaten and tortured for a Man’s pleasure. That excitement he poses in his beatings is what gets my cunt drenching wet. For two days he fucked the shit out of every hole. We drank his piss from dog bowls, Ate his shit and cum for dinner breakfast and lunch. Took five beatings a day for his pure pleasure. He gaped our holes keeping them spread wide open with glass jars. We cried, we screamed, we orgasm over and over. In just the delight of his pleasure.

Sex Slave

Slave training I need to be controlled. I need a strong man to call Master. I’m a submissive. Being dominated makes my pussy wet. I need to be told what to wear, what to say, and how to act. Keep me on my knees and fill my throat with cock. I want to keep you happy. Let me pleasure you until warm semen fills my mouth. I want to suck your cock and all of your friends’ cocks. Your wish is my command. You say jump and I’ll say how high. If I dare say “no”, then bend me over your lap and spank my bare ass red. I must admit sometimes I misbehave on purpose just to feel the hard slap from your hand. I want you to spank me until your arm gets tired. Then fuck my tight wet cunt hard and fast like you hate me. Be my Master and let me be your slave.

Crime and Punishment

Bondage whore

Sometimes I can be an insolent bondage whore. Then again I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a crabby bug up their ass once in a while. I know some of the most submissive women and men you could ever meet, and every so often I hear stories of the punishment that came with a crabby attitude. Last week, I got myself a little taste.
*Masturbation* isn’t all that big of a deal for most, but for a submissive with rules that you are not allowed to without permission, makes it a big deal. My Master knows that most types of punishment actually turn me on, but he does know what I don’t like. As simplistic as it is, I do not like being cold. I grew up in a very cold part of the country, and I live in continuously warm weather for that reason.
Master had been gone for a few weeks and I was lonely and horny, so I invited my bestie over for dinner and watch a flick. We ended up having a few too many glasses of wine and we ended up licking each other’s pussy until we both had a few orgasms. It was a night that I really needed with a companion and cumming. Master came home about 12 days later and when I picked him up at the airport he didn’t say much on the way back. I parked the car and all he said was for me to go to the basement and wait.
I made a straight line to the basement and he followed shortly after. He cuffed my wrists behind my back, left my t-shirt on and cut my panties off. I watched him walk to the washing machine, take the cold water hose off of it and turn the water on. I know from washing clothes that the water gets incredibly cold. He puts a nozzle on the end of it and starts to spray me down from head to toe. I am screaming from the cold, cold water while he tells me to tell him what I have been doing lately. I had totally forgotten by this time, the encounter I had with my bestie. “Have you cum while I was gone without permission whore?” he said. My mouth dropped open suddenly remembering the night and shit… the webcams. He continued spraying the freezing water all over me, but he abruptly put the hose down and picked up a flogger and began lashing my tits. I tried to make “pain” noises but it was hard to hide that I was enjoying his attention. After a while, he put his hands on his sides and told me I was a useless pain whore. Well, yeah… I usually enjoy it. I didn’t say that but I am sure he could tell what I was thinking. He frowned and took the cuffs off and told me to prepare his dinner. “Yes Sir,” I said with a bit of a grin. Maybe I got away with this one?

Cheap Phone Sex Slave Slut

I love party nights!! Master was out of town, and he knew I was going to the party, so I was free to do as I pleased. I had a few drinks, took a few pills, smoked a J with a friend. I was feeling good by the time he got to me. I’d seen him watching me, had even hoped he would come over. So, when he did, I was excited straight through my buzz. My friend had spread blankets all over the furniture so that anyone could do anything, and he chose to make use of the couch. Cheap phone sexHe had me bent over it before I could even register that he wanted me. His dick was inside me, thrusting, and suddenly, I was full and horny and my pussy was hungry. I held on to that couch for dear life as I begged him to fuck the shit out of me. He grabbed my hips, then, and started driving into me as if his life depended on it. My orgasm was fast and hard enough to knock me off my feet. I hadn’t realized I wasn’t breathing til he patted my face and told me to breathe. I felt completely euphoric, and I cannot WAIT to do that again!

Cock Worshiping Takes Style, Skill, and Training


Cock worshipingI personally believe that cock worshiping takes style, skill, and training. Blowjobs are a pretty standard event in this type of situation but there are a lot more details someone might miss if not properly trained. There is one little secret I have when it comes to blowjobs. As a Master maybe you don’t see that me worshiping your cock is my way of being in control to a certain extent. I can set the pace; I can get you close and stop or change positions. I can get your cock aching so badly you can see the veins pulsing and your balls tight to your body needing to cum. The ultimate in cock worship and I love to do it. Lying next to you, playing with you stroking you is all fun too, but nothing beats the taste of your precum in my mouth and your groans and heavy breathing in my ear. That’s what I call the perfect dinner with music.

A little Tied Up At The Moment

bondage and submission


I am worthless piece of shit submissive whore who only lives to be treated like a object. I love being kept busy- all tied up that is! The way those ropes feel against my skin, completely triggering all those memories of growing up as a target of objectification. I don’t know any other way to be than submissive. Laying back and taking it, even though my eyes are begging you to stop, is just the way my life was meant to be. Punch me in my pussy- tenderize that cunt. Bend me over and force fuck my asshole till it bleeds. Spank and slap the bottoms of my feet until they are purple. I am your human punching bag sex doll who cannot stop you even if she wanted to. Make me wish I had never been born. I am your toy now.

Submissive whore loves anal

I have an extreme love of being fucked up the ass. I love it when I am bent over a couch or a bed, a guy takes his foot and spreads my legs apart. He then pushes my ass cheeks apart, spits a big old hawking spit wad on my ass hole and pushes into me real slow but hard at first. As I arch my back in pleasure and he grabs my hair while he is thrusting into me,  when he grabs my hair and pulls back enough to expose all the tender curves of my neck.

Submissive whore

While he gets to pushing harder and faster because my ass hole is so tight and he hears me moaning because I love the way it feels. I love to feel his cock penetrate over and over and the warm shot of come that releases inside me is a fucking awesome feeling. I then explode myself and come all over as he pulls my hair harder and flips me around to suck the come off of his cock.

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