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Pretty bitches only daddy

2 girl phone sex

Daddy wants me to find the best sluts for him. The best place to find sluts are raves of course. Drunk and high whores ready to give their worthless wet holes to anyone. Daddy likes that I am willing to bring him pretty bitches only. I need to be a good judge for daddy and supply him with his wants. My job is to make daddy happy and let him relax. I pick out a couple of whores, and I think solely about daddy. What does daddy like and what will get daddy off? Its simple hot cunts who I can manipulate and gather for him. I like ranking these whores. Sometimes it comes down to two and if its a tie both bitches die. I lure them in with some pretty pills and have them all fucked up. My favorite thing to do is to get them hyped and tweaked out. I have great skill in doing so, and once I got them where I want them, I will give daddy a show and fuck them myself. He loves when I inflict hardcore bondage on them. Daddy will piss down their mouths and right in their eyes. Torturing sluts with daddy is my fave.


hardcore bondage

Slave training with Daddy

Slave trainingSubmissive WhoreDaddy has really been slave training me and Shiloh hard. We always obey his commandments and do whatever he tells us to do. Willing or not, we have no choice or say. What Daddy says, goes. We always know our place and if we ever step out of line then Daddy whips us right back to where we belong with no mercy whatsoever. Our reason for existence is to please Daddy and make all of his wishes and fantasies come true. The two of us are such bimbo fuckin sluts, we must always be ready for Daddy any time, any place… no matter what! It doesn’t matter what we may be in the middle of attending to, Daddy cums first, no questions asked. Daddy only wants the hottest little hoes by his side, that’s why he makes sure we are in constant tip-top shape and esthetically pleasing. He only wants to be seen with the sexiest eye candy, nothing less! Daddy has hold of all of our naked photos and videos, he could easily leak them if he wanted to and fuck us over real bad. Daddy’s constant blackmail against our will keeps us wrapped around his finger soooo tightly. We never complain when Daddy has his way with us and if we do then he only inflicts more harm upon us both. Shiloh is a submissive whore and so am I but there is always lots of room for improvement and even more training, Daddy! Hott bimbo skanks like us deserve to be punished by our Daddy.


Bondage phone sex Our bondage phone sex calls are the absolute best! I have finally mastered the inspection positions. When you bring out that hemp rope my pussy gets wet and my clit starts to tingle. Feeling the ropes tighten against my soft skin has my nipples hard as fuck. I love how vulnerable I am to you once you have me secured to this bench. You brought a new whip to spank me. It leaves vicious little welts. But fuck they feel so good. They are also great tools for when I play with myself later. I can look at the red marks they left on my pale skin and remember that feeling of the flesh-ripping open just enough to cause my pussy to squirt when I cum.

Love My Job As A Whore

BDSM chatI went down to the local ma and pa shop to give pa a little release. I go down once a week always dressing like a cheap whore. I give him a little show as he commands my moves. He will tell me to pinch my nipples and twist until the hurt. Or he will tell me to smack my ass and I can’t stop unto I make the ripe red marks. When I see he is a rock hard attention. That is when I crawl over to him and offer one of my 3 whore tight holes. He likes my ass he will pick that one first the most. His wife doesn’t do that. Hehe! All good for me the more dick I get to drain the merrier!

I Worship His Cock

Cock worshipingI know what pleases my master, he’s trained me to pleasure him. I don’t speak without his permission. One of his rules is I have to be naked and ready to fuck at any moment. If during the winter months, no clothes allowed. He loves for me to be cold. He says being chilly makes my nipples hard and ready to be sucked. He is my king, my world, and I worship his cock. I get down on my knees and please him with my mouth. I love having his dick in my mouth, looking up and seeing his eyes rolling back. Sucking on my Master makes my cunt super wet. I want him inside me so bad, but I can’t ask for his dick. He decides when it’s time to fuck. He need my pussy to be sloppy wet. He rewards me with head, I love the way he sucks on my pussy lips. His tongue fights with my clit and it drives me wild. He sucks and licks on my fat pussy until my cum is sliding down my ass cheeks. He takes his big cock and shoves it in pussy. It’s hard to put in words how amazing his cock sends a euphoric current through my body. I adore him. I worship him. He’s my Master, and I’m his slave.

Hurts so good

spanking phone sex Does spanking phone sex make your dick hard? Because it makes my pussy extremely wet. I have always loved to be spanked. Even growing up I would pride myself on guys who smacked my ass and ended up hurting their poor little hands. So hit me hard and please don’t hold back. I can always tell when you’re holding back on me. I’m just saying that if you’re using your hand then your handprint should be red and visible on my white flesh. If you’re using anything else please leave welts. I’m trying to tell you pain is what turns me on baby. The more you inflict on me the more that I become yours. And I am very loyal to my master.

Jerk it for us Daddy

2 girl phone sexSubmissive sexShiloh and I like totally want to have submissive 2 girl phone sex with you Daddy, we are for sure crazily fiending for your perfect dick to take control of our slutty pussies! Of course we want you to jerk your throbbing rock hard cock for us, Daddy! We’re just a couple of dumb cum whores who are good for nothing besides having our fuck holes abused and used by you, aren’t we Daddy?!? Are you jerking that pulsating dick for me and Shiloh, Daddy? You better fucking focus Daddy and stroke it as hard as you possibly can! Let us drain your balls Daddy, we’re totally craving that delicious creamy cum oozing down our skanky throats. You taste so damn good Daddy, for sure the best tasting cock juice that we have ever guzzled down. We are totally the most nasty and naughtiest little sluts that you have ever fucked with Daddy. I’m a bimbo and Shiloh is a major bimbo for you Daddy. We talk super fast & we’re gonna show you what the fuck you like Daddy. Give me and Shiloh the rough throatfucking that we deserve, Daddy. We’re for sure going to punish you Daddy, and you’re going to totally love it! Shiloh and I definitely want to learn everything Daddy and we want you to teach us. We love porn so fucking much Daddy, just wait until you see all of the hott photos that we are going to send to you for your pure pleasure. You’re for sure going to be the horniest that you have ever been in your whole entire life Daddy! We’re the two dumbest whores alive and we’re the only ones who know which perfect pics to give to you Daddy, hehe. I’m a very hard worker Daddy and so is Shiloh, we take a lot of orders and we don’t have any limits. We totally know how nasty and twisted you are Daddy but you don’t scare us at all, if anything you only make us want to be more obedient and learn even more! The two of us totally want to hurt another bitch for you Daddy, you’d for sure love that… wouldn’t you!! Shiloh loves how super strict, degrading and demanding you are Daddy and so do I! I can’t believe how wet our dumb cunts are for you Daddy, for sure the wettest that they have ever been! We can totally handle anything Daddy so please don’t hold back with us, okay?! I can’t believe we are totally the most speedy little fuck toys ever Daddy, will you piss in our mouths please??? We want you to smother us in your fresh urine Daddy, so yummy! You’re different from the rest Daddy, that’s why we totally love you soooo much! Shiloh and I get so fucking horny when we’re having submissive sex, Daddy. Throw the two of us together and we are totally the perfect package dream team, hehe.


Submissive phone sexMaster has these women superhero fetishes. I get all dressed up and act all tough fighting with him. Only for him to break me a superhero and turn me into his whore. I am his whore no matter what. But when he breaks my superhero spirit this whore loves it. He has this wicked sadist side that only comes out at certain times and this is one of those times. The bruises he will leave will last for weeks. And the degrading things he makes me do turns my cunt into mush. Like cleaning the bathroom floor with my tongue and hair only. Or the way he puts his boot on my face as he fucks my ass into it is a raw gaping mess.

Submissive fun

submissive slut  I was raised to be a submissive slut. My father taught me that from a very young age my whole reason for existence is to make a man happy. If we are laying on the couch and you want a blow job. It’ is yours baby. Any request you make I will serve you and you alone. Other than when we make another girl our slave for the night. I always enjoy that. I still prefer being the one taking orders instead of giving them though. When I am a good girl I get a reward. And my master is always very generous with the things that he gives me. I give my total loyalty and eternal trust in return.

My Sad Submission is So Good

I keep myself wanting him and he I hope want’s me but he’s lost in his downbeat so my clouds can’t be not cloudy I’m hoping he gets his shit together, yea or I’m leaving his ass forever. I can’t take being last anymore while he’s laid up with all his whores. I come in screaming and he don’t care while he’s fucking Tammy there like I’m not standing here at all. I start cussing I start crying he keeps fucking even harder. Break my heart and make my pussy wet as well. You’re not my man you belong to everyone with fat pussy lips and I can’t make you faithful no I can’t make you right. Now he’s snatching his pussy wet soaked cock out of Tammy’s gaping pussy hole and threw it down her throat fucking her face driving his solid rock-hard pole in an out with super force choking her. At that moment my pussy started to jump, he looked me in my eyes and said do you want me to cream down her stupid slutty cum catcher for you? I walked over to him weak and thirsty for his everything I said, I want to sit on this slut face and make her eat my ass while you fuck my cunt. Look what he’s done to me. Do you want to do it too?


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