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Slut Punishment

Submissive slut


Master is a cruel and jealous master. He felt that I was enjoying sucking another man’s cock too much and decided I needed to be punished for being such a whore. He brought me to a dirty glory hole in a seedy fetish club and told me that if I liked sucking other men’s cocks so much, then I would spend the entire night on my knees sucking cock like the whore I am. He handcuffed me and made me kneel on the filthy floor. At first I thought this would be easy punishment. I felt like I was getting off lightly because I love to suck cock! How wrong I was. For the entire night, over 12 hours, I knelt on the floor while my knees throbbed and my body ached. I sucked every single cock that poked through the bathroom wall. When he felt that I wasn’t sucking hard enough, Master would grab me by my hair and force my face down onto the hard cock until I was choking on it. No matter how much I begged, he wouldn’t let me get up or take a break. My jaw was on fire from sucking so much cock. My face, hair, and the front of my body were soaked in cum by the time I was done.

Eventually Master was satisfied I had been punished enough and let me leave. He kissed me on the head and told me I was such a good little slave and he was very pleased I took my punishment so well. I was so happy to earn his praise! I know he can be cruel and fastidious with his rules, but it’s for my own good. Master wants what is best for me and sometimes little sluts like me need to be punished so we know our place.


Submissive WhoreI am ready for when Master gets home. I have been here playing with myself just waiting for the moment for Master to walk thru that door. I already have a huge puddle on the floor I have been finger blasting myself for hours. I hear his steps and his keys in the front door. I gasp and keep my position I will be the first thing he sees when he walks thru the door. He opens the door and sees my cunt with three of my fingers inside of my cunt hole. He walks towards me and I slide my fingers into his mouth as he slides his dick into my cunt. He grabs my hair and slaps me in the face I instantly squirt all over his cock.

Slave in Training

Bondage phone sex

Master says I am almost the perfect little submissive whore for him, he just needs to polish me up and keep training me so that I don’t get slack and start to fall back. His training routine is rather rigorous. Every morning I am to crawl to his bedroom on my knees and wake him up with a blowjob. Cumming in my mouth is how my master likes to start his day. Then I cook him breakfast and clean the house. I am to only speak when spoken to and be ready to submit to him sexually whenever he desires. I wear erotic lingerie and a butt plug while in the house so that I am pleasing for him to look at while I cook his meals and clean his house. Any mistakes I make are met with sever punishment. Sometimes it’s just a hard spanking, other times I’m dragged by hair and thrown into the closet and left there to think about what I did wrong. It depends on how lenient my Master is feeling that day. Sometimes he can be very cruel, but I know it’s for my own good. He wants me to be the perfect little submissive slut, and this is how it’s done.

Force Fuck My Throat

Submissive Phone Sex

I was pleasantly surprised when you responded to my message. I couldn’t wait to meet you and have you dominate my body. When you asked to meet me last night for cup of tea and a chat, I couldn’t contain my arousal. You spoke and walked with command, I knew instantly I wanted to submit to your every whim and deviant desire.

         You were very curt yet stern. I was nervous being in your presence for I am nothing but an unworthy whore. When you commanded me to strip down to nothing but a collar, I complied with every fiber of my being surrendered to you. You told me, “If I am to take on your pathetic cunt as my sub, I will need to see every inch of you and test your filthy mouth.”

         I instantly crumbled at your feet, licking and begging for your cock while licking your boots like the subservient doggy bitch I am. You commanded me to lay on the bed and not move an inch. You latched your strong left hand on my throat over my collar and demanded that I opened my pitiful filthy whore mouth. You wanted to see if I was a worthy cock sucking slave.

         I felt a rush of euphoria when you thrusted your cock straight into my nasty slut mouth, fucking my throat and gripping my neck tightly. Your cock slithered down past my tonsils and you face fucked my pretty face tightening your grip with every thrust. You wanted me to gag and choke on your juicy cock while you squeezed every puff of breath out of my disgusting, slobbering mouth.

I sucked like a hungry whore even when I felt myself begin to lose air and my face turned blue. Your shot of cum breathed life back into me as you released my throat and I pathetically thanked you and cleaned up every drop of milky thick cum left on your cock. My only purpose is to be your submissive whore!


I wanna humiliate you

Submissive sexYou deserve to be humiliated and degrade. I’ve been such a good submissive sex slave slut that Master is now going to allow me the opportunity to turn the tables and have my fun with a pathetic loser that needs to be gawked at. I have you down on your knees rigjt where you belong and that’s where I am gonna keep you! Open your mouth wide and say ahh! I see your cock twitching and begging to me played with! Now spread open those ass cheeks and show me how much you’ve been getting fucked all day long. You’re so sore and tender and full of sloppy seconds cum. You’re oozing out with baby batter sperm and we’re all laughing at you!

Hogtied Hostage

light bondage

I was sleeping an awoke to a group of masked men hungry for my body. I could see them all ready to use all my holes. My master decided he was being to nice with me and I needed to get fucked and used like a dumb slut. They tied me up and they each were so turned on by hearing me cry and beg. The more I plead the more they loved it. They were sick as fuck and were ready to used me. They weren’t about light bondage. They wanted to fuck me and gag me till I bled. i was going to be filled with cum and I was going to like it fully. I had no choice. i was hogtied and tortured. My nipples were bleeding and my ass was red like beets. My pussy was fisted and fucked and my ass didn’t get any type of mercy. My mouth was hurting and bleeding from all the cocks pounding me. I was being recorded and degraded all for my masters entertainment.

Ultimate Submissive Slut

Submissive slut

My master likes to let his friends use my holes for their pleasure too. He enjoys watching them all use me and pass me around like a sex toy. He tells me my only use in life is being a whore for men and a receptacle for their cum. Recently, he had a little party for his friends and I was the center of the entertainment. While the men were inside of the house eating, drinking, and having a good time, I was left tied up in the backyard like a dog. They could come and go as they pleased. One by one they took turns visiting me in the yard to fuck me. The first one stumbled out of the house a bit drunk and horny and removed the rope from my mouth just so he could stick his cock into it and fuck my face. He pumped in and out of my mouth before depositing his cum in my throat and tying me back up and joining the others in the house. I was left outside the whole night while they enjoyed themselves in the nice warm house. Master didn’t even let me in once they had gone, I had been a bad slave and being forced to spend the night in the yard in the cold covered in their cum was my punishment. I was so cold and tired by the end of the night, but I am dedicated to pleasing him like a good little submissive whore. I stayed out there the whole time and when he finally decided to let me come back in, I thanked him for his punishment and begged him to please keep training me even more so I could hopefully someday be the ultimate submissive slut for him and his friends.

Submissive Whore for Daddy Still

submissive whore

I love being a submissive whore.  I got a text that told me to dress up in a specific outfit and be at this fancy hotel downtown. I figured it was my boss. My number is not known by many. I did as I was told. I didn’t recognize the number. When I looked up the phone number, it came back as unknown. My curiosity was piqued. I arrived on time in the outfit I was told to wear and waited.  I waited for awhile before a handsome stranger bought me a drink. I thought he might have been my texter, but I didn’t know him. As I was chit chatting with the handsome stranger, a guy pulled my hair from behind. He dragged me out of the bar kicking and screaming. No one stopped him. He shoved me in an elevator. It was then I saw him. I almost threw up. It was daddy. He was an old man now. I had not seen him since I left home at 18. My last name is different now. I was surprised he found me. I guess it was my fault he did. I did one of those DNA kits. He had done one too, so it revealed what state I lived in and searched all Bernices in the state. He said he had been looking for me for years. Once we were in his hotel room, he told me we had unfinished business. He was strong and mean, just like I remembered, even though he is in his 60s now. He was out for revenge for me running away. He force fucked me all night. He made his anal rape phone sex fantasies cum true by prolapsing my ass. It was a night of revenge fucking. He said I can’t fuck anyone else because I have always belonged to daddy. My boss has competition. Hopefully, he can just buy daddy off because I can’t live with him again. He is the meanest son of a bitch I have ever known.

Masters treat

submissive whore

Riding a big black dick is just my life as a submissive whore. My master will deny me any sexual release for weeks then shows up with this guy. I have to climb on his dick using only my spit for lube. This massive dick is so thick and long I feel my pussy walls screaming to release the stretch. That is until I finally cum. That sweet juicy lube making his cock slide in easier and it looks great dripping down his chocolate balls. He flips me onto all fours and drives his dick even deeper than before. My cunt feels like it is ripping apart. With a hard smack to my ass he finally lets his cum flow all over my backside.


I like it rough

BDSM chat

I can’t help but smile when I think about bdsm. I love bdsm chat! Knowing you are going to put me in my place and do all the nasty things you want to my body turns me on. it really shouldn’t but it does. You wanted to make me a coke whore and that is exactly what happened. I ended up being a high whore in front of your friends. Letting them make me all their personal urinals. It was a high I can’t explain. I loved being on my knees getting streams of piss on my face and mouth. I would of never guessed I would be such a great toilet whore. I like how rough you guys are with me. Tie me up and grab me. I have painful rug burns all over my body. My poor asshole and twat may never go back to normal. I have been stretched out by dozens of horny men wanting a slave like me.

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