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Submissive Sex Easter

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Happy Easter with submissive sex. This man I hang with on occasion came over for Easter brunch. I have not seen him in a while, so when he called me, I invited him to have Easter brunch with my son and daughter. It quickly became apparent that he only wanted my daughter. I tried to convince him she is not in to dominant men. He said she just had not met the right man yet. I will admit I was jealous. I can’t compete with a teen slut. Gravity loves her. She is cute and perky and tight. Three things this old submissive whore is not anymore. My daughter is not my biggest fan either. I knew if she caught wind of the fact that he wanted to fuck her, she would be his subby whore out of spite. My daughter is no dummy. She picked up on it in minutes. The next thing I knew, she had her shirt off and her tits in his face telling me he should fuck her instead. She didn’t know what she was getting into. He pulled her by her cock teasing hair and threw her on the dining room table. He pulled her panties off and fucked her tight ass. Her face was face down in the mashed potatoes as he gave her such a hardcore ass fucking that she screamed bloody murder. Seeing her in pain made me see the situation differently. I was no longer jealous. I was happy. Happy that my righteous stuck up bitch of a daughter was finally getting the slave training she needs. My cunt daughter has been a cock teaser for years. It was about time that she was shown how to be a cock pleaser. My old friend broke her and now she will be a good subby whore just like her mommy.

On my Knees

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I didn’t do a good enough job of scrubbing the floors, so Master needed to punish me. He put on one of my collars and told me to stay on my knees. I was not allowed to stand up for any reason at all. Master grabbed the back of my head and pushed my lazy slut face into the floor so I could see what a bad job I did. He stuffed my mouth with cleaning sponges until I started to choke and dragged me by my hair close to him. Master used his whole fist to punish my sorry cunt…he didn’t even take off his rings. I could feel them ripping me up inside. Then he shoved his whole cock up my asshole and pumped until runny shit started seeping out. It felt like I was being torn open, but it’s what I deserve for not taking care of Master like I should. I took his anal abuse until he came straight into my asshole. He dragged me to the basement and ordered me to stay there until told otherwise. It’s been a long time and I’m sticky with shit and semen…I wonder when he’ll release me.

Submissive Secretary Slave

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My work as a secretary for a high-power employer isn’t always the greatest part of my day. We just got a new dashing CEO and he called me into his office on his first day. He wanted to outline my new contract and job duties. The first of which was to get down on my knees and have my new CEO/Master tie me up to be his subservient subby cunt. My new contract states that I now belong completely to him and the company and my body is to be used whenever he pleases. He slapped me around in his office and forced his cock down my throat. I always complained that my previous position lacked fun, but be careful what you wish for. The boss then bent me over his desk and wacked my ass with his bare hands until I was bright red and aching. Perhaps being the company subby cunt is just the excitement I needed at work.

Submissive Whore

submissive whoreA submissive whore does as she is told. When my Master wanted me to play with my ass for him, I did my best to give him the show he wanted. I was toying with my ass with a big dildo. He seemed to like it, but he wanted more. He told me to impress him. It was an order. If I had disobeyed, I would be in trouble, maybe not even dead. I had to think of something quick. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I fisted my own ass. I had no lube and I was in an awkward position, but I made it happen. I stuck my fingers in first, then worked my hand in and eventually I was up to my elbow in my ass while master masturbated. He made me call myself a stupid whore. He loved making me shame myself while I fisted myself. When he grew bored with that, I put a baseball bat up my ass. I worked hard to impress him because he is one mean son of a bitch I never want to disappointed. Just like I never want to disappoint you either.

Slave Training with Scat

slave trainingI told him I was not into scat play and he told me I needed slave training. He wanted me to be his toilet. The more I protested, the more he wanted me to worship his dirty ass. When I kept saying that I was not into shit, he tied me up and tossed me on the ground He had me helpless. He said no subby whore was going to tell him no. This was not my master nor my boss. This was my son. He was in another pissed off mood and wanted to humiliate me. He doesn’t understand why his life is a mess. He blames me for everything wrong and refuses to acknowledge that his anger and his oxy addiction is what is to blame for his woes.  He was screaming at me that I do whatever my boss tells me to do. That is because he is a true master. We have safe words, and he respects my limits. My son doesn’t respect anything. As I was down on the floor, he squatted over my face and shit. It was disgusting. His steaming pile of poo was on his mother’s face. I tried to shake my head, but it wasn’t moving anywhere. He told me I could stay tied up with shit on my face, or I could open my mouth, eat it and be released. That was a tough decision to make, honestly. Both options were equally disgusting. After an hour of his shit resting on my face, I ended up eating it. I don’t enjoy scat phone sex. But I could eat his shit and get on with my night. Or, I could lay there for God knows how long with his shit on my face. Now, my son is calling me his shit eating mommy slave.

Submissive Whore Jessica

submissive whore

I pissed off master. He was not happy with me. When I came home, he made me strip for him. He put my collar on my neck that says “Slut.” He made me go in the dog cage. That was just the beginning. He left me in the cage while he gathered a small posse of men to sodomize me. He knows I hate rough anal. I try not to fuck up because if I do, I get a hardcore ass fucking, usually by multiple cocks. I was nervous. I had no idea what was in store for me until it happened. Twenty two men showed up to fuck the bad pet. They gang banged my ass.  Multiple cocks in my asshole at once stretched it and gaped it wide open. They didn’t just use their cocks either. I got fists in my ass as well as beer bottles and other objects not made for the asshole. Master was super mad at me. This was the worse he had ever had me fucked. Once I thought it was done, they pissed on me. Master had this sick giggle as they all drenched me in piss. I was sore and I smelled like a toilet. I am still unsure what I did, but I know I didn’t deserve such hardcore treatment. Don’t let Master know I said that. I am sore enough already.

Master’s Submissive Whore Lessons

I could hear my master coming home from his work trip. He was loud when entering the home, slamming the door right behind him. His friend was still in the house sitting in the living area. I knew I was in so much trouble. I always fuck up, I should have known better than to put my fucking whore lips on another man’s cock. I have never seen my master’s violent side. Not until today, I could hear him and his friend chatting but I am not sure what it was about. Then I hear both men walking up the stairway. They bust in my room, and my master looks at me so deep it looks like he is looking right into my pathetic submissive slut soul. He said to me “You want to be a fucking Cum eating Cum slut whore, don’t you? I just sat there like the stupid dumb bitch I was, I looked like I went brain dead I was so scared. My master yelled at me to answer him. I lightly shook my head, trying so hard to please him and show him he is the only cock and the only one I want to submit to. He took me by my hair and threw me down on the wooden floor. He ripped the little dress I was wearing with his pocket knife right off my body. My master and his friend then hog tied me like I was a fucking pig ready to get roasted for a family meal.

Slave training

Once I was all tied up, my master whispered in my ear. Well since your whore ass wants to be so fucking submissive, you are going to submit to this shit and love every second of it you little bitch! He picked me up around my waist, god I had no idea how strong my master really was. I was tied with my legs and arms behind my back. My master started fucking me in my slut cunt as hard as he could. There was nothing I could do but scream and take it. Then he yelled. Open wide for your Daddy you fucking whore! His best friends fucking cock was so hard I could see the veins popping right out. He shoved his hard dick in my mouth letting it slide all the way to the back of my throat. Every time my master would thrust his hard dick into my slut cunt, his best friends cock went deeper down my throat. They fucked me like this for hours, switching who was in my mouth, ass, and throbbing cunt. Once they filled my holes up with there thick cock spit, they threw me on the ground, still tied up. All I can remember is my master squatting down next to me, whispering, maybe next time you will know you only submit to me, you fucking whore. My master’s lessons are really getting intense. My pussy, ass, and throat are still aching in pain.

Master’s Bitch

submissive phone sex

Master loves when I service him like a bitch in heat. My hunger for Master’s seed is purely carnal. Master has been training me brutally for the longest time. It was my destiny to eventually become his prized breeding bitch. Like the foul piggy whore that I am, I have craved Master’s semen in my trembling cunt for ages. Thankfully, my time has finally come to become the ultimate subby whore and breed my Master’s whore spawn. It is my turn to becoming a breeding bitch for master to whip into making the perfect cock sucking, slave army for him. I am tasked to breed the next generation of cock worshipping little sluts for daddy master, perfect little subservient fuck toys to worship his cock every day of their little pathetic lives. It is such an honor to be gagged and bound to master’s breeding bench with my raw cunt propped and prepared for master to pump full of his seed.

Age Play Punishment

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Daddy Master loves BDSM age play with his little subby whore. I love slurping on Daddy Master’s cock begging for his warm cummies with my little pink tongue. But I’m also such a naughty little subby. I got in big trouble yesterday for rubbing my young bald pink cunnie with my magic wand yesterday without his explicit permission. I needed to be punished! Daddy Master grabbed me by my pigtails and dragged me out to the yard. He stripped my frilly pink dress off of me and made me parade around the yard naked. Then he made me beg for forgiveness, but not before he bound my young school girl hands together behind my back. Daddy Master forced me to get on my knees and slurp on his cock in broad daylight for his forgiveness. My little bald cunnie got so wet having Daddy Master’s cock fuck my throat nice and deep. I begged for sweet release, I even began rubbing my clitty on the grass but Daddy Master slapped me and commanded me to stop. “Naughty whores are not allowed any release.”

Anal Slave

Submissive Whore

Any Submissive Whore that’s worth her salt should be prepared to take her Master’s cock in her ass at any time. I never know when my dom will bend me over and fuck me in the ass, so I need to be ready at all times. Master keeps my asshole relaxed and ready to take his cock by having me wear a butt plug at all times. I’m not allowed to leave the house or do anything without my plug in my ass. The only time I’m allowed to not wear it, is when his cock is already in my ass. At first it was a little uncomfortable and really humiliating to have my ass constantly filled, but soon I actually started to like it. When he fucks my pussy with my plug in my ass, I cum harder than I ever did before. And now, just walking around doing nothing makes my pussy wet because I can feel the big plug buried deep in my ass while I move.

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