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Bondage Whore Worships Cock

This bondage whore is a total cock worshipping submissive that will take whatever you want to feed her from that beautiful cock.Make me your piss whore urinal or human toilet. I want to take whatever Master wants to give me.

I’m an absolute submissive for home invasion scenes where you bound me and torture me and fantasy rape every hole. You bring your four legged friend along and let them also use me. I’m here to be at your service Master and I have no say in how I am treated. I have no taboos for my Master and am willing to please him by worshipping his cock and taking his golden showers and to beg him for his cum shots to please grace my flesh.

Bondage whore

Slave Training and Punishment

Slave trainingMaster had me tied up and hanging from the ceiling again. He’d already spanked my ass and left welts and bruises up and down my ass and thighs. Master placed a shock collar around my throat, and demanded answers, and every time he suspected my answers were lies, he would shock the fuck out of me. My voice got very raw, very quickly. When Master finished questioning me, I thought he’d flog my ass, maybe take the whip or cat-o-nine to me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Master called out toward the door, and in walked this smug bitch holding a fucking cattle prod! At Master’s direction, she started the prod and slowly moved it closer to my body. I shied away from it as much as the ropes would allow. The first jolt hit my inner thigh, followed quickly by one to my abdomen. I was writhing already, as Master told me that I’d been the most conniving, manipulative little whore he’d seen. She went after my ass cheek next, then my left tit, and I was screaming so much that master put the gag into my mouth. He let her hit me with it 4 more times before he sent her away, smacking her ass on the way out just to show how out-of-favor I’d fallen. I was going to have to work so hard to get back into his good graces. I only hope Master can forgive me…

Scat phone sex

 scat phone sex

I spread myself in front of the mirror and gape my pussy hole right open. My daddy told me to gather shit from other girls and to make sure I had a bunch to stuff myself with. We put a speculum in my cunt and spread the walls of my pussy super wide.

I started taking the shit and stuffing my pussy. I could feel the scat seeping into the walls of my cunt hole. I made sure to get it deep ramming it into me it far into my pussy hole. My pussy looks and feels so good stuffed with other girls scat.

I love being a dirty scat filled whore. My pussy is so filled and dirty. Now I am plugging my pussy up and have to keep it in me until he says I can remove it. Whatever daddy says!

Break me down and abuse me.

Submissive phone sexThere’s nothing like a little Submissive phone sex to make a girl feel loved. Sometimes I think that I defy you just to get your attention. You nearly killed me last time that I was disobedient. It was just a little thing but your red face made me realize that I had gone too far. I had already blown many of your party guests and my stomach ached from swallowing so much cum. You pointed at one more man and I shook my head. He was a huge obese pig known for his cruelty. I’d seen him put his cigar out on a slave’s back, laughing at her pain. I’d also heard the rumor that his cum was like spoiled cream, foul, clotted, and smelly. One of my fellow slaves compared it to eating pet jizz. So I pleaded no.

Master was angry. He dragged me back to his den and locked me in my pet crate. Hours went by and then Master and the Fat One burst into the room, all fucked up. I was dragged out and spread wide open. Master shocked me with the electric dildo until my back arched into the air. Then the hog towered over me, squatted and flopped his fat belly right over my face. The stench from his sweaty underbelly made me choke. His tiny penis barely protruded from the fat roll below. His hairy balls tasted of sweat and filth. I gasped her air as he poked his tiny pecker at my mouth. “Suck it.” he bellowed. I felt Master lash my pussy hard with his crop.

“Beg for it, slut.” I heard Master growl. I begged that lard ass to give me his cum, even as I gagged. His fat little fuckmeat quivered and began to spurt. I stuck out my tongue as it rained all over my face. I swear I heard my hips crack as master spread me wide and fucked me with the Budha still sitting on my head. I felt the vomit rise in my throat but gulped it back down. I knew what my punishment would be if I dared to puke on his vile cock.

Pretzel me anytime Sir

Submissive slut

Internally I feel very submissive. Externally my personality rejects submission. I’m not sure why I have the conflict. I love being a submissive slut. Being used, tied up, clamps, toys, orgasm denial I love it all and then some.
I went to a local Munch and met a nice couple looking to expand their horizons. The wife had been the submissive for many years and they were looking to add another sub, or just have another sub used at the Hubby’s discretion. For the first meet, we decided it would be just me and the Master (the hubby) to play and get acquainted.
I stood naked in front of him, eyes down, hands clasped together, legs slightly apart. “This is for inspection sub.” He ran his hands over my body, I think he was trying to find the most sensitive spots or what areas made me tremble. He commented on my already wet pussy and told me he might just deny my pussy any attention at all. “Yes, Sir” was my response each time. All at once, he picked me up twisted me into a pretzel and propped me up on the side of the bed, spit on my asshole and started using me. It felt so fucking good I came and he was not happy. With every pull outwards he would slap my ass then slam his thick cock deep inside my ass. I could tell when he started to get close, he was fucking me harder and harder and wouldn’t you know it, he pulled out and let out a sexy grunt and came all over my asshole. Pretzel me anytime Sir.

Submissive whore

 submissive whore

Of course I crave to be a kinky cunt for my master. I worship the ground he walks on. I know my routine. I follow him around and his the bottom of his feet and ask him if there is anything I can do for him. I follow him to the bathroom just so I can hold his cock while he pisses.

If I am lucky I get to help his piss land in the toilet with my face. I wipe his ass and take his loogies in my face. When it comes to his cum loads it is always super special what he decides to do. Sometimes he will fuck my best friend and have me eat his warm jizz out of her whore holes.

Other times I am lucky to keep his cum coated all over my face.

Writhing delightful

My wrists and ankles are so soar from being tied up last night, they are still raw and the rope even cut threw a little bit. My pussy is still convulsing from how many times I came last night as well, my knees wont stop shaking and all I can do is think about how good its gonna feel to do it all over again tonight. I want my legs to be hogtied behind me while my hands and writs are behind my back.


I want to feel the rope dig into my skin as I wiggle and try to get away from the delightful pain that my master applies in whatever manner he sees fit to my body. I want to feel like the dirty little slut I know I am. I need to be punished for being this horny. and I want my body to feel every ounce of the pounding and pain that I knoBDSM phone sexw I am gonna get.

Tied Up with Bondage Phone Sex

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex ties me up on the phone all day! Sometimes, quite literally too. My son is becoming more and more dominant with me. In the past, normally I had to push his buttons to get him to snap. Now, he just snaps if I breath funny. I am not complaining. I have long hoped he would take over master duties when my current master becomes too feeble to care for me properly. The problem is that my son knows nothing about the lifestyle I live. He just likes to abuse his stupid whore mother on occasion. That is the problem I have discovered. There are too few lifestyle masters anymore. Most guys fall into the category of misogynistic sadistics. Guys who just like abusing women. No code.  No lifestyle. Just periodic abuse with no rhyme or reason.  My son got pissed at something trivial last night. He slapped me around and tied me up naked on the couch. He left me to go out with his friends drinking, but not before he fucked my ass and filled it with cum. He let off a litany of humiliating slurs before vacating the house and leaving me literally tied up. He knew I was working so he left the phone near me. Now, I can answer my phone with my Bluetooth, but my hands were bound, which made taking credit card information impossible. He deliberately wanted to humiliate me and deny me money. He enjoyed the fact that I could answer the phone but couldn’t take a call. I missed several hours of being a submissive whore on the phone because my son thought it was funny to leave me tied up on the couch for a few hours.  What would you do if I was your slave? Why is it I ca only find men who want to straight out abuse me?

Punished for Masturbating

Bondage and Submission

Master caught me touching myself, which made him very angry. I’m never supposed to play with my pussy without his permission, but I was just so horny and I knew if I woke him up in the middle of the night just to ask him that, he would be very angry with me. So I took the risk, but I ended up regretting that.

Wearing nothing but my panties, I was dragged by my hair to his bedroom. He threw me to the floor and held me down by stepping on my back. The pressure of his weight made it hard for me to breathe, so there was no doubt that he was really leaning down on my chest. I must have made him furious, I grimaced. He had dug out the rope from his drawer and fastened my wrists behind me, bringing the rope around my torso.

With amazing strength, he threw me to the bed and ripped off panties. Using clothes pins, he clamped my pussy lips and nipples. The pinching was almost too much to bare! Then forcing me to roll over, stick my ass up in the air with my face buried in the blankets, he spanked me until my cheeks were throbbing and red.

He shoved his cock into my ass, making me scream. But he didn’t care because I deserved the pain for what I had done. When he was close to cumming, he tossed me back onto the ground and made me eat his cum as it fell from the tip of his dick. I have now learned my lesson about touching myself without permission!

Skillful Master Wanted … needed

Erotic BDSM stories

I’ve had a few Masters in my life. Ones that I always cherish are the ones who use me to their fullest and walk away an extremely satisfied Man, and that is how it should be.
A previous Master was very strict about how I would present myself. Upon entering the dungeon there would be a word taped to the inside of the door. That is how He wanted the session to start. Whether it was kneeling or the enduring position I made sure I was ready and willing for service and use. I really love being a submissive whore; I get such intense orgasms and pleasure just from serving.
Anytime He would walk in, the room would fill with intense vibes and my pussy would start to ache. His presence was so intoxicating and sexual I was usually dripping by the time I was trussed up like He desired. The most memorable was on a Saint Andrews Cross. Legs and arms bound to each of the four posts, exposed and ready. He would start with impact play, He had great control even while fingering my pussy, but He would still be hard as a rock no matter how He was using me. Weighted nipples and orgasm denial were his favorites to have me gushing everywhere. Of course, I needed to clean my own squirting pussy juices off His immaculate floor. How many ways can I be of service to You?

Submissive sex cha

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