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One Woman Dick Sucking Party

Submissive slutMy master had some of his friends and co-workers over to watch the World Series. When everyone arrived he had me walk into the room on my hands and knees with a leash around my neck. He made an announcement that I was the entertainment and my job was to give everyone a blowjob. He walked me over to his boss who was stumbling to pull his fat cock out of his pants. I wrapped my lips around his thick cock and sucked on it like a good girl. The fact that everyone was watching and waiting for their turn was turning me on. I bobbed my head back and forth really fast sucking his cock like a madwoman. I sucked and sucked until warm semen filled my mouth. I moved over to his right and wrapped my lips around the next hard cock. I had 13 more dick to suck…

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

Do you like spanking phone sex? Every guy I meet, even ones who don’t consider themselves master types, want to spank my ass. I was at a new BDSM club over the weekend. I have a current Master; however, he is old and married. He has given me permission to explore the club scene. I am a pain whore. I love a strong hand or two on my bare ass. This club was swank. Much nicer than I am accustomed too or even deserve. The women were all tall like supermodels with great figures. Then there was me. I felt like I had walked on to the set of a Fifty Shades of Gray movie. The women looked as if they were playing a submissive for a night of fun; not living the life of a submissive. Most men there ignored me, but not all of them. Henry approached me first. “Anyone ever tell you that you have an ass meant for bare bottom spankings?” I was flattered. He got us a room. I bent over a table, lifted my skirt and begged to be spanked like a disobedient whore. He had a strong hand. He pulled out his cock, even though the club rules state no sexual encounters, consensual or otherwise, are permitted on the property. He stroked his cock with one hand and spanked my ass with the other. He gave me permission to rub my cunt, which is rare. Most men deny me sexual pleasure. I was so wet. I became wetter with every whack on my ass. I knew at the rate he was going, I would not be sitting for a while. Before I could pull up my panties, he rammed his cock bare back with no lube up my ass. His hands tightened around my throat as he ass fucked me. “I’m not done with you yet whore,” he whispered in my ear as he pumped my asshole full of cum. It is my new favorite club.

Bondage and Submission with Casey

Bondage and Submission

I come to your house at midnight at your request.  I have nothing on but a raincoat and underneath a garter belt, thigh high fish net stockings, 6-inch spiked heels and a fishnet mini dress.  You tell me to enter, you have many things in store for me tonight.  You take me into our special play room and tell me to undress.  You tie each wrist to a manacle in the ceiling set about two feet above my head that allows you to rotate my body. You bring out your studded rubber paddle, turn me so that my ass is facing you and begin spanking my ass five times hard.  You ask me how it feels, and I reply, “It feels wonderful if it pleases you Master.”  You say it does please me.  You bring out the rubber bands and place one over my left breast and release it.  It snaps into place.  You take another and put it on my right breast.  You repeat this again with a much tighter, thicker rubber band around the base of my tit.  My tits are compressed like a balloon being squeezed, standing at attention.  Next you place a sex machine you have devised between my legs, forcing me to open my legs wide.  You place the head of the dildo at the entrance to my cunt and turn the machine on.  It fucks me robotically with force, speed and pressure, bringing me to almost immediate orgasm.  I am moaning in pain and pleasure as you manipulate my body.  You ask again how it feels, and I reply, “It feels wonderful if it pleases you Master.”  You smile.

Submissive Whore Gets Her Pussy Shared

submissive whore

Being my son’s submissive whore makes me feel so proud. He loves to show me off to all his friends and let them see what a kinky slut his mother is. He invites them all over and lets them have their way with me. He will make me get dressed up in the sluttiest outfit I have, thigh highs, heels, red lipstick and everything. Then he ties me up to his bed and lets them come in. They all look like a hungry pack of wolves when they see me laid out for them. My son told them that they can do whatever they want to me. So they each take their turn fucking each hole. My mouth, pussy, and ass are fucked and stretched and filled with cum. Then when they are all done, my son gets on top of me and fucks my face nice and hard. Watching me choke and gag on it makes his cock even harder for his submissive mommy slut. Then he dumps his own load down my throat. He loves sharing his dirty mommy’s fuck holes.

Paying The Bills

BDSM chatTo day I got to pay the bills for Master. He wanted to remodel his dungeon. And it is beautiful completely upgrade. The price my body to do anything as he wished for twenty-four hours. I enjoyed every moment. Knowing the dungeon is mainly for me. I wanted to pay the price back and then some. He kept me on the sex bench. Tied by my wrist he just kept coming back when he wanted to nut again. I got a few whippings with the belt. In between getting his cock shoved in one of my holes. When he would fuck me right after whipping me. His flesh would burn my wounds. Making me squirt even harder. He did not feed me or take me down from the bench the entire time. Doing this for Master made everything worth wild.

Submissive whore: Masters in training

I had run an ad in the paper sometime ago looking for a master and someone who was comfortable giving me all of the pleasurable pain that gets me coming. I had a man answer my a and we met up, hit it off and got right to work. I love being his slave and having him do wonderfully painful things to my body. After we had been sleeping together for some time, he divulged some information to me and said he had 2 boys of his own.

Submissive whore

He told me he wanted his boys to learn how to become masters of the art of bondage and submission as well. I explained to him that I would be honored to be the subject of training for them and that he could use me as whatever they wanted and anyway he needed to. I think it is very important that his boys become masters of the art so they can please subs like me in the future.

Master’s Special Sauce

slave training

I did something very bad… I misheard an order master gave me and did it wrong.. The look on his face told me I was going to be punished severely I tried to convince him it was a simple misunderstanding.  But he would hear none of it. Master told me to get on the bed. He my arms to the bedpost and put a ball gag in my mouth. Then he got out a spray bottle that he called “hot sauce”.  He wouldn’t tell me what it was.  But he aimed at my pussy and said this was going to hurt very badly. The second it hit my pussy I bit down on the ball gag in excruciating pain!  It burned and stung so bad.But as bad as it hurt my pussy begin to drip. Master said “oh does my slut like that?” I nodded yes. BIG MISTAKE. Master than brought a cat of nine tails whip and began lashing my pussy and spraying more of the “hot sauce” into the tiny cuts the whip had left. I arched my back screaming in pain trying to beg him to stop. But he kept going.  By the end of the night, my pussy was throbbing, red, and sore. But it felt so good! Master doesn’t know it but I creamed while he was whipping me. I suppose I’ll keep it my little secret! 😉

Submissive phone sex

Submissive phone sexMaster please take me and my little cum slut in training and help me train her! Master please I want you to make her your little bitch! First we are going to make her watch how mommy Ripley gets all tight up naked for Master. Then you grab one of the many candles around us and pour the hot wax all over my nipples. Fuck yeah thank you Master I love that hot wax on my nipples! Then you open up my pussy crack and make that hot wax drip all over my clit. Then you make them help you open my cunt hole, and you start pouring that hot wax into my pussy fuck hole. Oh yes, yes Master that feels so good. More please! You turn me around bending me over doggy style pouring that hot fucking wax all over my back and asshole! Now time for me to watch you tie the little cum sluts and make them your little slaves!

Submissive Sex with Naughty Slave

Submissive sexMaster came home early, and walked into the kitchen to find me absent-mindedly fingering my cunt. This time, instead of whipping or clamping me, or any such thing, he had a different type of punishment. He laid me down on the bed, climbed between my legs, rubbed his cock over my pussy and clit until he was as hard as he could get. Then, he thrust deep into me, and just stayed there, using his hands and fingers to pluck and twist at my nipples until they were super tender. He let me cover them, and I lay there, torn between wanting to sob about how abused my tits were, and wanting to grind my hips on his big dick thrust deep inside me. He never moved his dick, though, and any time that I tried to start grinding on him, he stilled my hips. I wasn’t allowed to fuck him, masturbate myself on his dick, or anything. He just lay there for over an hour, buried deep inside of me. Then, he did the unthinkable. He stood up, jerked off over me until he was ready to cum, then walked into the bathroom and came into the toilet. He flushed his precious cum down the toilet rather than let me have it. I was heart-broken!

Cage and Collar

cum slut phone sex


I’ve been all gagged and tied for weeks now with my new master. My favorite thing he does to me
is treat me like a little subby doggie. Complete with butt plug tail and collar. He gives me hard
spankings and makes me eat piss and shit out of bowls on the floor. That filthy scat is so delicious
and especially after a long day of waiting for master to let me out to play. I’ve been wondering
what his next idea with be. He loves putting a saddle on me sometimes and making me walk around like
horsey. He even sometimes let’s some of his beasts out so I can lick and suck their red rockets completely
dry. Licking the furry ass right below the tail and sucking the shit from the source has become
one of his many ways of being sexually entertained and pleased. I’ll do anything to make master happy,
literally anything. I don’t have a single say and the word “no” doesn’t exist in our sub/dom world for sure.
Did you have any ideas I should tell master for what to do to me next?

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